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-Hours Later, Med Bay-

Harry woke with a gasp, torn from nightmares that he immediately forgot. But he knew they were important somehow. If only he could remember…

A throat cleared, catching Harry's attention. Sitting in a chair across from his bed was an older man with hair graying at the temples. His clothes screamed sorcerer.

"Doctor Strange. It's been a while, old friend. What brings you here?" Harry asked recognizing the Sorcerer Supreme. He eased himself into a sitting position, surprised to find that his body ached in a way that he was no longer used to. Pain, wounds, sure. But aching fatigue? Not for many, many years.

"You. A worldwide incident has occurred. Every seer, prophet, and even those with almost no foresight have all spouted the same words. I came straight here to find you unconscious and your comrades telling me that you said the same prophecy."

The door opened to reveal Tony and the strange being Harry met just before collapsing.

Sparing them a glance, Harry returned his gaze to the sorcerer and stared at him in confusion, "I am no prophet. I have no gift for prophecy. Never have."

"Well apparently you do now," Tony chimed in glancing over to the far wall, "JARVIS, please bring up the last five minutes before Grim blacked out."

"Right away, sir," JARVIS' smooth accents came from somewhere above.

One of Tony's hologram screens burst to life, showing security footage of Harry facing the stranger with the yellow jewel. When it began to glow, Harry heard the words that chilled him to the bone.

He spun to stare at the stranger in question. "Who are you? And what precisely is in your forehead?" Harry asked, fists balling in the sheets on either side of his body.

"I am Vision. I was created by Ultron and JARVIS. I am… an organic cyborg, I believe would be the best way to sum up what I am," Vision's very human blue eyes seemed to pierce right into Harry's soul.

"I see...but you didn't answer my second question. What is that jewel? Where did you get it?" Harry asked pointedly, something about it seemed to make him uncomfortable. It made his heart race just as his nightmares did. As if he should know what it is but was too stupid to put the clues together. At moments like this he missed Hermione and Neville.

"I am to blame for that. We took apart Loki's staff. When we did, we found data that was so advanced I barely understand it and that jewel is the key to that data. When Ultron went amok, he managed to place it into a body he was creating. Luckily, we managed to get some of JARVIS' personality added in to balance him out," Tony explained, looking uncharacteristically sheepish.

Harry paled and seemed to deflate in shock as he slumped against the pillows. "That was in Loki's staff?" Harry murmured almost to himself.

Doctor Strange stood to get a closer look at the jewel in question. "It can't be…"

"Strange?" Harry asked noticing his old friend's tone.

"It's one of the Infinity Stones," Strange said turning to face Harry, "it's one of six. Extremely powerful artifacts. A single one could destroy a planet. If gathered together, whoever can control them could rule all the known universes."

"Please tell me you are being dramatic," Harry said, green eyes glowing with an eerie light as they bore into the sorcerer's.

"It's the Mind Stone. No wonder people are prophesying. This stone can create sentient beings from almost any living thing." Doctor Strange began to pace the room, his long lean legs crossing the room in only a few steps each way. His robes and cape swishing around him with each turn, hands behind him in thought.

Harry swung his legs off the side of the bed watching the sorcerer but his thoughts elsewhere lost in the idea that he could really die. Truly die. He had lost hope. But what would be the cost of my death? The loss of the Earth. The death of my comrades, my friends. What about my children and grandchildren. Would they be in danger? Would this Titan destroy everything I worked so hard to protect and preserve? If that was the cost, then I will not pay it. But who is the reborn who supposedly can stop this Titan? What is with these stones? Why does my magic react so strongly to them?

Harry's thoughts spun round and round in his head until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Jerking his gaze upward he found Tony sitting next to him and watching him with a concerned expression. "You ok?" Tony asked with unusual seriousness.

"I must look awful if you are asking me that," Harry quipped, his smile not quite reaching his eyes.
Tony smirked but his eyes remained serious. "Just answer the question."

"No," Harry sighed, "No, I am not ok. I feel nothing. Just this sense that I should know something that I can't figure out. It's eating away at me. I am missing something huge and I cannot fathom what that might be. It is what is causing Death to not answer my summons, why I have not been called to Witness, why I feel that this is just the calm before a storm that may be the end of everything I fought to protect. I might die and if I do, everything dies with me. I do not think I can carry this burden. As much as I hate immortality, the loss of the Earth or my family and friends should not be the price to be paid for my death."

"You know you aren't alone. You have the Avengers to help. I'm sure your family would help too and whatever other friends you have hidden away. You don't have to do this alone. In fact, we won't let you," Tony grinned, shoving his shoulder into Harry's.

"Stark is right. You have many allies, Harry. We will figure this out and together we will face whatever may come," Strange said, pausing in his pacing to stand in front of Harry. "Besides, what student would I be if I let one of my Masters die? And an immortal one at that?"

This caused Harry to chuckle. "Yeah, I could see how that would be pretty embarrassing."

Tony laughed, "I keep forgetting how old you are. That you had students just blows me away. So is he a wizard too?"

"Nope, sorcerer. Different type of magic. Mine is more tied to the earth in the form of magical artifacts, memorized spells, creatures, potions, lay lines, and cores. His is tied to ethereal energies such as space, time, and reality. However, our kind of focusing techniques were needed to help control his energies and channel his magic. I am the only known wizard who uses dual wands of different strengths and types. In order to be any good at this, I needed to learn how to efficiently channel my spells into each wand and make sure I did not give the wand more than it could handle," Harry explained but all he received was Tony's lost expression.
"I think I understand," Vision finally spoke up receiving a shocked gaze from all three humans. "Harry's magic is of the natural world. It plays by those rules except for his duties related to death. Strange's magic is tied to the supernatural world and its rules by bending ours. Two sides of the same coin as it were," Vision explained, his gaze curious.

"Exactly," Strange said, wonder filling his voice. "If it is acceptable, I would like to discuss your creation with you in depth."

"I will give what answers I can," Vision stated calmly, his strange electric blue eyes watching Strange but glancing over at Harry. Turning to the smaller man, Vision bowed slightly, "I apologize. I did not know that this gem would injure you."

Harry stood, holding out a hand, "It was not your fault."

Vision looked down at the outstretched hand before looking up, staring down into green eyes. "Do you not fear that it may happen again?"

Harry grinned, "That has never stopped me before."

Vision stared into Harry's eyes, trying to decide when Harry reached out and grabbed his hand. Shocked, Vision jumped slightly, afraid to hurt this young looking man once again. But nothing happened.

"See? Sometimes it's worth it," Harry said, shaking his hand firmly before letting go. "Now enough chit chat. Let's go save the world." With that, Harry magicked his clothes from the hospital scrubs to his normal dark outfit before marching out of the room.

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