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Iji's Phone Inventory:

Dog Salad, Dog Residue, Instant Noodles, Hush Puppy, Mystery Key, [Empty], [Empty], [Empty], [Empty]

Satchel inventory:

Supplies, Canteen, Water-Purifying Pills, Flashlight, Pen, Tasen Logbook, Flares, Stick, Barbs of Wire, Bookmark, Box of Raisins, Toy Knife, Worn Glove, Worn Glove, Manly Bandanna, Ballet Shoes, Bag Of Misc. Junk, Torn Notebook, Stained Apron, Empty Gun, Cowboy Hat, Heart Locket, Worn Dagger

Box Storage/Dimensional Box A:

Butterscotch-Cinnamon Pie, Snowman Piece, Old Tutu, Cloudy Glasses, Note from Iji, Starfait, Legendary Hero, Steak In The Shape Of Mettaton's Face, [Empty], [Empty]

Tasen Logbook Records:

directions_to_snowdin, ascii_catgirl, color_tile_puzzle_guide, monster_compendium, temmie_village_directions, gaster_note, the_undertale, underground_compilation, ask_gerson_about_the_king_later, negotiation_proposal_(draft), business_advice_to_mettaton, the_fallen_children

Dimensional Box B:

Beans Can, Spaghetti, Bisicle, Sea Tea, [Empty], [Empty], [Empty], [Empty], [Empty], [Empty]

Ansaksie's Phone Inventory:

Abandoned Quiche, Crab Apple, Bisicle, Bisicle, Cinnamon Bunny, Sea Tea, [Empty], [Empty]

To ?:

Back at the throne room, Ansaksie was idling at a corner when she heard the signs of battle. Alerted, she ran over to where Iji and King Asgore had gone before hearing a voice in her radio.

"Ansaksie, if you can hear me, please don't intervene! Keep watch for Flowey!"

Back at the Barrier border…

She knows she can't hold back, yet she still believes she'll need as much ammo as possible for breaking the Barrier by force. And so after putting away the Frying Pan, Iji drew her Nanogun, and marched right at the King of the Monsters, Shotgun mode set.

Just like with Tor, the time for words is over. The only way he's willing to talk is if he's unable to fight, so that's what she's going to do.

As soon as she got into maximum effective range, she let loose a Shotgun blast, trusting in her unwillingness to kill him to reduce the damage. It certainly knocked the king back, though it seemed to do little by itself. Okay.

Asgore's response to this was to free one hand and swing it at empty air… only for that to herald a series of fireballs from above him that flew straight at Iji. Having evaded far tougher projectiles from Tor, she dodged them easily as she let loose another blast.

The next attack consisted of more flames emerging from I'm front of her opponent as ye swung his trident. These flames were smaller this time, and four waves of them converged on to her position in a double helix pattern. She managed to weave around and between them easily before firing her Nanogun again at his general direction.

The attack that followed was a few smaller waves of small fireballs, interspersed with massive clouds of projectiles that moved her way as if meant to limit her mobility. She took hits from these, and found that the latter did a little more damage than the former.

After firing her Nanogun again at Asgore, she could swear his eyes flickered orange, then blue, before he gripped his trident tight. He then swung it at her direction and a giant thick wave of orange energy sped her way. Memorizing the colors, Iji jumped back as it phased through her harmlessly, just in time to see his follow up blue attack, which she stood still for in time to avoid getting hurt. She loosed another round, and she could tell that he was getting weaker from them.

She attempted to close the distance to try and disarm the king and/or get more Shotgun bullets into him to end the fight faster. And thus she almost didn't notice the circle of flames closing in on them. She did, though, and saw that not only were there more, they also had vacant gaps for her to pass through… if it weren't for the fact that they were only hovering at chest height.

She jumped the ring easily, and focused on doing so before aiming at Asgore again; she wasn't yet skilled enough to do both, and she can't fire mid-air due to its weight and potential knockback.

His next move was to send loose rings of fireballs from above that expanded down to her position. Fortunately, the gaps between them were wide enough for her to slip between.

And that's how the battle basically went; Asgore performs one of the attacks he's done as above, Iji finds an opening and shoots him, rinse and repeat. Not a word was exchanged, he because he had nothing to say, she because she knew there was no point to it here. At no point Did Iji need to stop and heal herself; she's taken so little damage, and the Temmie Armor was doing enough recovery to offset that.

Eventually, one more blast brought Asgore to one knee as his trident vanished and he clutched his chest where she had shot him. And with that, she knew he was no longer in any condition to fight.

"Ah… … so that's how it is," he said.

"Finally willing to listen now?" asked Iji as he returned her Nanogun to its holster, showing that she wasn't going to fight either. He nodded in response. "Why did you attack me out of the blue like that?"

"I remember the day after my son died. The entire underground was devoid of hope. The future had once again been taken from us by the humans… In a fit of anger, I declared war. I said I would destroy any human that came here. I would use their souls to become godlike… and free us from this terrible prison. Then, I would destroy humanity, and let the monsters rule the surface in peace. Soon, the people's hopes returned.

"My wife however became disgusted with my actions. She left this place, never to be seen again. Truthfully… I do not want power. I do not want to hurt anyone. I just wanted everyone to have hope…

"And then, just recently, strange creatures came here with the intent to kill us all. That day, I wondered what had happened to the humans, since the last soul we claimed was not that many years ago. Had they befriended this other race? Had humanity died out? Were these invaders the cause?

"I didn't get to ponder it for long as they soon attacked again, and I heard they appeared all over the city. We were able to stop them all, but we suffered so many losses. I'm not certain how my people hadn't fallen further into despair after the attack, but I'm grateful… and ashamed… that their belief in my promise kept them going. I think Captain Undyne also gave a rousing speech that day after our costly victory."

"What of their SOULs?" Iji asked. "Did you consider using them to substitute for human SOULs? Surely there was more than enough of them."

"We did collect a lot of them that day, but it turns out that the souls have an adverse effect on monsters, at least those from the ones that attacked the city. When the alien souls fused with a few curious monsters, it drove them mad and violent and we suffered more losses. We were more careful in collecting the remaining souls after that.

"Have you tested if those SOULs can substitute for the human ones in regards to breaking the Barrier?"

The king shook his head. "I remember the day when the Barrier was set up. The mages specifically stated that only seven human SOULs could break the Barrier."

"So you never tried? Because I would assume that humans from times before never met aliens." From what I know, these aliens actually came from here before leaving prior to either of our kind evolving to what we are today.

"I can't say that we have." He took a deep breath, then let it out. "I cannot take this any longer. I just want to see my wife. I just want to see my child. Please… Iji… This war has gone on long enough."

"That's what I've been trying to tell you," she replied. Do I tell him about Toriel? Probably later. "And as for breaking the Barrier, just leave that to me." Iji stood up as she aimed her weapon at the Barrier's boundary. "Even if it had withstood the Alpha Strike, I'm sure it's weakened enough for brute force to make a hole in it. My weapon actually has a lot of power in it; I just happened to use the weakest setting all this time."

This surprised Asgore. "You believe… there's another way to break the Barrier?"

"It's just one plan I have. Should that fail, however, you do know you can just take one of the human SOULs, cross the Barrier, and collect the last one you need, right?"

"...That… never crossed my mind, actually," the king admitted, clearly very ashamed of it.

While bewildered by this, she shrugged. "Well, it's probably for the best. Your kind would've been wiped out had that happened. The reason I asked is so that you can let my team know, and then we can all meet at the boundary. Umm… is the Barrier transparent or at least translucent? 'Cause by backup plan was kinda banking on that."

Before he could respond, a familiar circle of white projectiles formed behind Asgore. Sensing the danger, Iji grabbed his hand and attempted to pull him away. However, despite her enhanced strength, she couldn't get him out of the way fast enough and the "bullets" struck. Due to his weakened state, and likely due to the killing intent behind the attack, his body quickly crumbled into dust, some of it catching in her hand and her body.

No! Not again! Iji was in shock from seeing him die, but having seen too much of it already, it wasn't as painful as it could've been. And then she saw a gray upside-down heart shape appear in front of her. Is this a Boss Monster's SOUL?

And then she noticed one more bullet make its way to what remained of Asgore. Before she knew it, perhaps out of hopes of finding a way to get him back, Iji quickly reached for the SOUL and was able to grab it.

However, upon contact with her hand, it vanished as it entered her body, and she could feel it do something to her, and it was an internal burning sensation so intense that she fell on her knees and almost fell face-down had she not caught herself.

And then a familiar face surfaced right on front of her, and it looked annoyed.

"You idiot," Flowey greeted. "You think taking his SOUL will make a difference? I already have the human SOULs." As if to demonstrate, six colored heart shapes began to appear and circle around Flowey. Three of them were in colors her own SOUL had taken on at certain points; the blue as a result of Papyrus' blue attack, green from Undyne's magic, and yellow from Alphys' phone. The others were a light blue, orange, and purple respectively. "To think that they were hidden beneath this area all this time."

And then a flash of light came and Ansaksie was on top of Flowey, her laser dagger already pointed downwards to pierce his body. However, Flowey responded by vines erupting from around him and grabbing the Komato's legs and pulling her up before the blade could so much as scratch one of his petals.

Ansaksie immediately teleported out of his grip and right at Iji's side as she attempted to get the human to her feet. But she had to teleport away as Flowey fired more bullets, and unfortunately it doesn't allow her to take other living beings with her, so Iji fell to the floor again, the burning feeling from Asgore's SOUL persisting and keeping her from helping.

She couldn't see the rest of the fight between the two, but it went by so fast before she heard and felt an enormous explosion overhead that shook the entire area. Remembering one logbook she read about Komato Assassins, she feared the worst as the burning faded and she was able to stand up.

"Well, good riddance to that," said Flowey with malice as he surfaced in front of Iji and faced her once again. "She's not the first of her kind I've faced. Let me tell ya, I had quite some fun with those invaders. Unfortunately, their SOULs just didn't do for me."

He brought down a purple glowing orb to her level with an extensive vine, presumably Ansaksie's SOUL, and then shattered it.

Before Iji could make a move against Flowey, all of a sudden, the entire area flashed white, rendering Iji unable to see. Almost as if she'd been hit by a shockwave, she lost all form of movement, all sense of feeling, and eventually all sense of consciousness.

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, they all disappeared without a trace—

Flowey LV 9999 9999:99

My World

Continue Restart



nightelf37: Sorry. I have no idea where I was going with this. Up until this point, I've been trying to keep the game elements to a minimum. So I had no real way to properly transition to the next scenario in a way that really fit, so here we are. Also, FF dot net doesn't allow more than one space at a time, so that's why this looks like what it is.

…Let's just move on.

Without a means to ascertain time within the abyssal darkness surrounding her, Iji awoke. She blinked, repeatedly so, groggy and confused at the lack of any particular scenery in front of her. "What the..." Her memories were hazy, along with her thoughts. "Where..." She looked to her left, and to her right. Then, she turned around.

Nothing. There was nothing surrounding her.

And then she noticed she was carrying nothing. No satchel, no holster, no Nanogun, and the last made her panic immensely.

Ever since she awoke after the Alpha Strike, she never once parted with it, as per her brother's advice. It had become quite her "security blanket", so it was really alarming now that it was no longer with her. Even if she probably still had her Nanofield, she still felt absolutely vulnerable without it.

Where did it go?! How do I get it back?! Who— And then she remembered what happened. Flowey! I have to stop him!

And then in the far off distance, she could see a yellow star shape. With nothing else to do, she walked towards it, uneasiness plaguing her every step. After a minute, she reached it and it shortly showed the following on a rectangular shape akin to a small billboard.

Chara LV 14 4163:52 (2)

The End

Save Return

Chara? Chara! She immediately remembered them and thought, Chara, are you here?!

And then red cracks began to appear on the middle of the "sign". Another crack, and the entire text was replaced by File erased.

Wait, erased? Why does this look like a video game save file?

A third crack followed, and then the pieces blew apart as a giant TV screen screen replaced it. A screen that depicted—

"Howdy! It's me, FLOWEY," he introduced himself to Iji as the screen flickered in static occasionally. "FLOWEY the FLOWER! I owe you a HUGE thanks. You really did a number on that old fool. Without you, I NEVER could have gotten past him."

As if to mock her, his face then took on the old king's visage. "But now, with YOUR help…" That face then became zombie-ish. "He's DEAD." The face then returned to his usual self, the maniacal one he took on when he tried to surround her with his "friendliness pellets" before Toriel intervened. "And I'VE got the human SOULS!"

The screen then turned static before going black.

No! All this time, the earth's got an omnicidal maniac like him this powerful? Peace will be impossible as long as he's alive.

And then the screen turned static again before showing Flowey once more. "Boy! I've been empty for so long… It feels great to have a SOUL inside me again. Mmmm, I can feel them wriggling…" He then looked directly at her with faux concern. "Awww, you're feeling left out, aren't you? Well, that's just perfect. After all, I only have six souls. I still need one more…" His face then became nightmarish just like when she had dodged his third "friendliness pellet" offering when she first met him. "Before I become GOD."

"And then, with my newfound powers…" His face took on Toriel's for some reason. "Monsters." And then her own. "Humans." The eyes and mouth became circles that circled and 'blinked'. "Everyone." And then his face became a black smiling face. "I'll show them all the REAL meaning of this world."

Once again, the screen then turned static before going black.

I will have to fight Flowey, Iji thought to herself. I'll have to kill him. For the sake of the Earth. But how do I stop him without any weapons?

Think of the hottest thing you can think of, and imagine it in your hand.

Wait. Chara?

Yes. Just try it. Hurry.

With nothing else to do, Iji immediately did as they said. She thought it would take a long time, but the instant she put her mind to it, a small fireball appeared in her right hand, crackling with supernatural heat.

Naturally, this was a surprise for her. What?! Since when did I get powers?

And then the screen turned static yet again before showing Flowey once again. "Oh, and forget about escaping to your old SAVE FILE. It's gone FOREVER." And then he noticed the flame in Iji's free hand. "So… you already learned how to use the old fool's SOUL and his powers."

Yes, Chara agreed, though Flowey didn't hear them. Those powers are from dad's SOUL.

"But don't worry," Flowey continued. "Your old friend FLOWEY… Has worked out a replacement for you!" His face turned into a lot more frightening one. "I'll SAVE over your own death. So you can watch me tear you to bloody pieces… Over, and over, and over…"

Having had enough of this, Iji took a step forward.

He noticed. "...what? Do you really think you can stop ME?" Flowey resumed his normal face as he closed his eyes. "Hee hee hee…" And then he opened them again. "You really ARE an idiot."

The screen projecting Flowey flickered and faded from existence the very moment he stopped speaking. Iji looked around, attempting to locate Flowey in middle of the pure darkness she was presently in, to no luck.

Flashes of red surged in a manner as sudden and ephemeral as the screen that had come before her, along them a blaring sound akin to an alarm horn. Iji clenched her fists, the fire in the right proceeding to burn around it, and a second manifesting in her left. The monstrosity slowly approached her, colossal in size.

Without her Nanogun, she would have to get used to her new magic powers fast. Resolute, and finally through with playing nice, Iji stared straight at the figure about to be illuminated into sight amidst its own dark environment.

Chara, anything else I need to know about my new powers?

Usually, using magic requires a lot of concentration, Chara explained. Right now, I'm doing part of the work. You just focus on the flames part. I'll tell you the rest later.

I'm guessing you know this from when your SOUL fused with Asriel's, right?

Yes. Umm… are you really going to kill him?

For the sake of everyone else, I must. I'm sorry, Chara.

And then, the red light faded and what beheld her became clear. This creature right in front of her had to be Flowey. Various silver cables and tubes stood behind him, all of them connecting to his otherworldly body. On top of what seemed to be a mound of flesh with a mouth protruding forth was a strangely slim monitor displaying a deranged grin surpassing even its borders, and eerie eyes colored red and green. Four light blue eyes placed in between oddly-arranged tubing look down at Iji as they convulsed in place. Supporting this main body was an overwhelmingly thick, thorny vine, and from it hung two paw-shaped extensions on Iji's right and left, moderately distanced from her. Colored green and with leaves covering some parts, they seemed almost like plants themselves, with the reddened ends, resembling claws, perhaps being more akin to deadly thorns. And he was cackling as he looked forward to this torture. (3)

Flowey opened with a barrage of X-shaped bullets in sevens from each lower eye that covered a wide arc of the available area. Iji easily got between two of the bullets and hurled a fireball at the screen, which showed a strange convulsing grainy human face whose expressions were eerie in nature, and the fireball did negligible damage. She then had to evade the next attack, which came from the upper eyes in the form of X-shaped bullets in triplets and aimed right at her. These were marginally harder, but she's faced harder projectiles before. The flamethrowers near his arms almost caught her off guard and she barely escaped getting burnt.

All this dodging meant she couldn't concentrate enough to re-manifest the flames in her other hand, even as circles appeared around her. She immediately escaped these as "friendliness pellets" traced them before closing in on the middle, and flying away in their travelling directions. These managed to scratch her, and she winced as more of the same attacks followed.

After a few seconds, however, they stopped as a "WARNING" message and the light blue Human SOUL appeared on the TV head while accompanied by a siren. One of Flowey's gray roots then flashed a light blue as well before the screen turned static and Flowey's form save for the TV faded to black. And then it was as if he wasn't even there anymore, but in his place a furry of gigantic knives, rotating slowly and moving in random unpredictable directions. The TV was still there, but it only showed the light blue SOUL.

As Iji weaved around the knives, all she could think was, What the hell is going on?

I think it's the SOULs, Chara supplied. They still have their own will even now. I think you can reach out to them.


To your left. Iji glanced there, and saw something else spinning there in place of a knife. It looked like a rectangle shape, and it depicted the word ACT and a trio of curved lines next to the A. Reach that button and interact with it.

Button? She couldn't comprehend it as a button, but she approached it anyway, and upon her body entering the rectangle's borders, it faded as Chara made a general call for help, though it didn't seem to be directed at her. Seven seconds later, the knives stopped flying and shuddered in place before flashing and turning into green bandages that converged into her position and took away all the injuries she's taken so far. Also, the SOUL on the screen was now the orange one.

Before long though, before Iji could think of asking Chara about this, the screen turned static and she found herself facing Flowey once again, the bandages seemed to be gone, and he seemed to be unaware of what was going on as he resumed his assault. This came in the form of three dentata, which were circular, cactus-like snakes with mouths, and they ricocheted off invisible walls a few times as Iji moved out of their path before they vanished. Within that time, Iji was able to concentrate and summon another fireball in her hand, after which she threw both of them at Flowey, still doing negligible damage.

Flowey followed up by growing a venus flytrap from one of his cactus hands. Giant flies then appeared out of nowhere as they were vacuumed into the flytrap, damaging Iji as they brushed past her. He then proceeded to do the same with his other hand, and another horde of flies flew straight into it.

She still couldn't relax however as numerous small nuclear bombs came raining in from above. Thankfully for her, their explosions were tiny, only making momentary pillars of flame before disappearing. It almost made her unable to notice the glowing flashing red-and-yellow lines from all over Flowey's body that aimed straight at her like laser sights. Upon seeing vines with orange gloves at their ends fly straight at her, she barely managed to dodge them all, one of them grazing her as she then dodged the next wave of vines.

Another trio of dentata followed that before the attacks stopped and the siren sounded as the "WARNING" message appeared on the screen, this time heralding the orange Human SOUL. One of Flowey's gray roots, a different one from before, then flashed orange as well before the screen turned static once more and Flowey's form save for the TV again faded to black.

This time, with the orange SOUL on the screen, its "attack" consisted of rings of hands that moved around the area and headed in her general direction. The group of hands slowly spun clockwise or anti-clockwise, and all reached outward and inward at specified intervals, giving Iji time to slip into the safe zones within.

Chara, what is going on here? she asked. Why does this feel like a game? The ACT button, the combat phases, SAVE files?

Flowey's clearly crazy, Chara answered. Who knows what he's thinking?

That response sounded evasive and blame-shifting, so she pressed the issue. Is there something you're not telling me?

For the sake of your sanity, it's best if I don't. We can talk another time.

Iji shortly found another ACT button and plowed through a hand as she went over to reach it. A few seconds later, after listening to Chara's cries for help, the hands changed from their open positions into green thumbs-ups that took away her injuries for a few seconds as she charged up her own hands with magic fire and noted the dark blue SOUL on the TV, the same color her SOUL assumed when affected by Papyrus' magic.

Before long, the TV screen turned static as the area changed again, beholding Flowey once more. Like before, he seemed unaware of what had just transpired as he alternated between shooting X-bullets her way and firing vines at her location. Periodically, Iji would get disorienting notions that she's moved to certain positions before despite clearly not. But she powered through as she found another chance to toss her salvo at Flowey.

It didn't take long before the "WARNING" message appeared once more on the screen, this time heralding the dark blue Human SOUL. One of Flowey's gray roots, a different one from last time, then flashed the same color as well before the screen turned static once more and Flowey's form save for the TV again faded to black.

This time, with the dark blue SOUL on the screen, its "attack" consisted of an impenetrable wall of star bullets above her, just low enough to barely not brush her head. Similar walls blocked every other direction until there was just a long hallway's worth of area for her to navigate. In addition, giant ballet shoes rose up and down from one end of the hallway and moved to her side, but they did so in such a pattern (and just widely spread enough) that allowed her to slip past and between them.

After a few seconds of this, she found another ACT button, reached for it, and let Chara do her thing. A few more seconds later, the ballet shoes rose out of reach as the stars turned into green musical notes that undid the damage from Flowey's vine and bullet attacks. The TV also showed a purple SOUL as Iji charged up her hands with fire in preparation for what's coming next.

Before long, the TV screen turned static the area changed yet again, beholding Flowey once again, again seemingly ignorant of the previous phase. He opened with a barrage of black mini-nukes, followed by a flytrap on his right hand and flies flying towards it. Iji weaved around them easily even as a series of bullets heralded by circles appeared in her position as she moved out of the way, eventually finding an opportune time to sling her fireballs at him again.

This however gave her too little time to dodge the vine attacks that came after that, but it did turn her attention to Flowey's mouth as he charged energy in it. All too familiar with beam attacks, Iji made sure to get out of the way, even as Flowey grew plant stems with finger guns at the end behind his arms but in her view. Flowers with a face on them were seen on the ends of the fingers as these were shot in her general direction. She nearly got grazed by one as she also kept out of the way of the beam attack, only for the X bullets from Flowey's eyes to shower her location, and some of those did hit her.

Upon seeing the flytrap next to her open again, she promptly weaved around the flies that appeared and flew their way towards the flytrap. Right after that, the siren sounded as the "WARNING" message appeared on the screen, this time heralding the purple Human SOUL. One of Flowey's gray roots, a different one like always, then flashed purple as well before the screen turned static once more and Flowey's form save for the TV again faded to black.

This time, with the purple SOUL on the screen, its "attack" consisted of moving library shelves of notebooks blocking her off in all four directions, and just like the last one, there was only a hallway's worth of area for her to navigate, though wider than before. In addition, from the shelves emerged giant words all reading something negative, which Iji naturally got out of the way of. There was barely enough space to slip past them if she ended up trapped between three of them.

Eventually, one of those ACT buttons showed up from the bookshelves and she interacted with it. Chara shortly did their thing, and the negative words shook before transforming into green positive-reading words, which she wasted no time claiming as she charged up her hands yet again with fire, noting the green SOUL on the screen, the same color her SOUL assumed when pinned down by Undyne's magic.

Soon, the TV screen once again turned static the area changed yet again, beholding Flowey as he opened with bullet attacks. As the vines and disorienting feeling came, It soon became apparent that it was a repeat of the pattern he used between the orange and blue SOULs helping her. She endured the entire barrage before the siren sounded, ending the attack as the "WARNING" message appeared on the screen, this time heralding the green Human SOUL. One of Flowey's gray roots, a different one, this time one of the ones on top, then flashed green as well before the screen turned static once more and Flowey's form save for the TV again faded to black.

This time, with the green SOUL on the screen, its "attack" consisted of frying pans covering the area above her like so many flying saucers. Or white lights before heralding an Alpha Strike. These pans began to flip and send fireballs down on her location. Compared to all the crap Flowey's been slinging at her, these were fairly easy to evade, and the ACT button eventually made itself known as it fell off one of the pans.

Like before, she reached out to it. Like before, Chara called for help as soon as she did. And like before, the attacks turned green. This time, the pans were flinging green fried eggs. Or were they donuts? Either way, they cured her of her injuries as she charged up her hands yet again with fireballs courtesy of Asgore's SOUL inside her, and Chara helping with the process. The SOUL on the TV was now the yellow one, the color hers assumed when she used Alphys' phone feature during the mock fight against Mettaton.

Soon, the TV screen turned static and the area changed, beholding Flowey as he opened with a wide barrage of X bullets from his eyes. By this point, Iji got accustomed to the attacks. What followed were circles heralding bullers, the pair of flamethrowers, the shower of mini-nukes (during this, she found the time to fling her fireballs, which were seemingly steadily doing more damage, but it still wasn't enough for her), the barrage of finger guns, and yet another focused blast of X bullets.

As soon as that ended, the siren sounded as the "WARNING" message appeared on the screen, this time heralding the yellow Human SOUL. One of Flowey's gray roots, the one that had yet to flash a color, was now flashing yellow as well before the screen turned static once again and Flowey's form save for the TV again faded to black.

This time, with the yellow SOUL on the screen, its "attack" consisted of a giant revolver pointed directly at her. Red reticles appeared in places in front of her, and as the revolver moved to face them, she immediately figured that it would shoot at those areas. And indeed it did as giant bullets flew out of the gun, which she ran the risk of getting in its trajectory as she moved out of the way. She also had to look in all directions lest she find out too late that a reticle spawned right behind her.

After eleven seconds of dodging bullets, the ACT button was shot out. Iji dashed for the button, interacted with it, and Chara called for help. After five more seconds, the gun began to shake, and then the shaking stopped as it began shooting four leaf clovers, which she had to move in the way of to catch. The TV also showed the light blue SOUL, the one that heralded the knives attack and the healing bandages near the start of the fight.

And then the screen as Iji prepared to throw down with Flowey once more, charging up fire once again. However, the TV screen showed the yellow SOUL instead, and then it floated off and revealed all the other SOULs "behind" it as they flew towards and encircled her. They then began to shower her with beneficial objects, the purple one dispensing the word HOPE. Feeling rejuvenated, and taking advantage of this, Iji cupped her hands together and a fireball appeared. She began to focus on it some more as it slowly became larger, growing to the size of her own head as she raised it high.

Chara, how big of a fireball can I charge?

I don't know. Dad never did charge up his attacks to the size you're trying to make.

I see. I'll just make it as big as I can manage.

Eventually, the human SOULs flew away from her as the screen turned static and she beheld Flowey for what would hopefully by the last time she had to see that ugly form. She remained focused as the X bullets started flying out of his eyes and coming her way. However, they seemed slower than before and she wasted no time hurling her fireball at him, and then charging up her powers again, this time cupping her hands close to her hips like those fighting video game characters.

Between dodging X bullets and shooting fireballs at Flowey, she found green healing objects during those human SOUL attack periods sneaking their way to her location and she moved over to them at every possible opportunity. After a full minute, though, he seemed to get his act together and started using his other attacks, such as the flamethrowers, the mini-nukes, vines, bullet circles, flytraps and flies, flying dentata, and finger guns. But Iji held her ground as she continued her barrage, since besides dodging attacks, that was all she could do.

After another minute of all this, her last fireball seemed to do it as Flowey's upper eyes shuddered and the TV shook violently.

"No… NO!" he was screaming. "This CAN'T be happening! You… YOU…"

And then Iji woke up from the strange vision she just had. And for some reason a "troll smile" face was on the screen. The fireballs she had prepared have vanished due to her broken concentration.

Wha… what was that all about?

Inside her head, Chara was all too aware of what just happened. Flowey used his power to turn back time to before this battle began, undoing most everything.

"You IDIOT," he said right before annihilating Iji with a beam attack from his mouth.

He impaled her with a surge of vine attacks. Due to their magical nature, they bypassed her Nanofield very easily.

A beam of light disintegrated her, leaving her SOUL floating in its place for a moment before it shattered.

nightelf37: You know he does this over and over and over again, so I'll skip past those shenanigans to the "real-time" part.

Getting impaled by so many vines proved to be too much for Iji to take and she fell over to the invisible ground in exhaustion as a thick dome of bullets surrounded her.

"Hee hee hee. Did you REALLY think you could defeat ME!?" His face changed to his monstrous flower face. "I am the GOD of this world. And YOU?" His face shifted into one of those strange faces on the screen that she's seen in that strange daydream. You're HOPELESS. Hopeless and alone…" The face changed to his default flower face. "Golly, that's right! Your WORTHLESS friends can't save you now. Call for help. I dare you. Cry into the darkness! "Mommy! Daddy!" "Somebody help!" See what good it does you!"

Tired of all this business, yet not willing to just give up, not with everything that's at stake, not after everything she had to deal with before this point, Iji just groaned as she struggled to get to her feet, the dome being large enough for her to stand if she could, and she mentally called for Chara's name. But she could only get onto one knee.

"But nobody came," Flowey suddenly said before giving a mocking playful wink. "Boy! What a shame! Nobody else…" HIs face resumed the face it assumed when she first beheld Flowey's form. "Is gonna get to see you DIE!"

The bullets then drew back for a bit before slowly converging into her location. It was too late to do anything else as the first bullets made to end her life and destroy her SOUL.

However, they then all disappeared, and all of her energy returned, allowing her to stand up.

Naturally, Flowey wasn't happy with this. "What? How'd you...? Well, I'll just…" He seemed to try something, but from the look on his face, and the beads of sweat on them (for some reason), it didn't seem to be working.

"Wh... Where are my powers!?" In a flash of light, the other six SOULs appeared all around Flowey. "The souls...? What are they doing?" And then they started to rapidly fly in a circle around Flowey, who began to wildly convulse. "NO! NO!" Each part flashed a different color from from the human SOULs and shook uncontrollably, seemingly getting torn apart. "YOU CAN'T DO THAT! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO OBEY ME! STOP! STOP IT! STOOOOPPPP!"

As that happened, everything started to fade into white, leaving Iji unable to see the aftermath.

All of a sudden, Iji found herself back in the edge of the Barrier. Flowey was now in front of her, in a withered state. And more importantly, she had all her items back, including her precious Nanogun. But everything that had just happened left her dazed for a few moments.

What. The hell. Just happened? That felt too real to just be a mental trip. She took a resolute look at Flowey. Maybe he got his power from the human SOULs, but I can't let him be. He murdered King Asgore. He killed Ansaksie. He's tried to kill me. He might have been manipulating Papyrus. And who knows who else he's killed?

She aimed her Nanogun at Flowey, set into Shotgun mode.

"I believe violence is a tool that should be used sparingly, but with utmost force", Iji remembered Ansaksie say. For the sake of the planet, Flowey has to die.

And then, with her mind and heart resolute, she fired at the flower. He seemed shocked when that occurred, but he seemed…very happy. In a maniacal way. In that she proved him right.

"I knew you had it in you!" he said.

"I always did," replied Iji. "I just hid it behind a mask. But no more."

And then, Flowey's face vanished into dust, leaving behind a regular flower. But Iji wasn't taking chances and immediately shot the flower over and over and stomped on the pieces until there was nothing left.

Finally, after calming herself down, she thought to what had just transpired, as well as the consequences. With King Asgore dead and me still here, and no proof of Flowey's existence, I think most of monsterkind will assume I was an assassin all along. Better call Alphys now to assuage her.

Taking out her phone Iji called the Royal Scientist. Thankfully, it didn't take long before she picked up.

"Dr. Alphys?"

"I-I-Iji! Did you meet the king?"

"Yes. But…"

After explaining everything that has happened, Alphys was in shock over it.

"O-o-oh! A-a-are there any witnesses? Perhaps that friend of yours?"

"Unfortunately, Flowey killed her. I don't know what to do now. With no other witnesses, I will be assumed as the murderer, and that will seriously put a hamper on any further diplomacy missions."

"You won't have to worry about that," a different voice came.

Iji turned to the source as she put the phone on speaker, and found a feminine child-like figure at the doorway where she and the king crossed to enter this place. She wore a dress with the Delta Rune on it, a cape with a long curved hood, a bow at the neck, and boots with heels. Her eyes were glowing. She had a mask over her face, curly blond hair, with one of the curls sticking out from under the hood, and a sword in a scabbard attached to her belt. (5)

"I am Red, one of the surviving Royal Guards in the Underground," she introduced herself. "I witnessed the murder, and you killing them after that, but I'm not sure what happened in between. It was all… a blur. I know of you through the Canine unit in Snowdin and Captain Undyne, and they speak fondly of you."

"Thank you for being a witness," Iji replied to Red. "I truly wish for peace between our kinds, and Flowey posed a threat to that peace."

"I see. What do you plan on doing now?"

"Well, given what just happened here, it's probably best that I disappear for a while. I also want to check the Barrier's boundary, see if people can talk across it."

"Why would you want to know that?"

"Well, given how different monsters are to humans in mindsets, especially given folks like the Vulkins, we wouldn't want any misunderstandings to start another war. So ideally, I would want the Barrier up a little longer to keep anyone from sneaking out while both our sides talk. May you come with me so we can make sure?"

Red shrugged her shoulders and replied, "All right."

"Umm… Iji?" a voice came.

"Shoot. Sorry I forgot you were there, Dr. Alphys."

"Are the human SOULs still there?"

"Let me check." Red walked toward a spot somewhere, knelt down, took out her sword, and then started drawing a few runes with the pommel. A few seconds later, seven thin yet considerably tall vials surged from the floor, lined side-to-side with Red; three on her right, four on her left.

And all of them were empty.

"They're gone, doctor," Red spoke. "And no one knows where they went after Flowey stole them. I'm afraid we'll have to wait for more humans to fall in here again. Though if what the human said about the surface is true, that will take a long time, if it ever comes."

"Or, I could collect the needed SOULs from humans on the brink of death," Iji suggested an alternative. "Somehow. Perhaps with Dr. Alphys' help. But I planned on breaking it myself with my weapon. I still haven't used all of its features, since I wasn't completely sure if it would be enough to break the Barrier, even after what the Alpha Strike did to it."

"Alpha Strike?"

"Basically, an attack that has devastated the entire planet. It's one reason why I'm here in the first place."

"Umm, Iji? You said you were going to collect the SOULs? Well, you see the canisters that held them?"


"Well, could you please take one of those on your way out? You can store one human SOUL inside one of those."

"Are they safe to store in the phone?"

"A-a-absolutely! A-a-and the SOULs will be safe, too."

"Can the phone hold these canisters? Assuming the storage system even works outside the Barrier."

"I guess the only way to know is to go and try. We… never really got around to testing it for obvious reasons. …You will come back, right?"

As they talked, Iji was already testing the phone's storage as she and Red picked up the canisters and stored some of them successfully in the phone. One would be carried by Iji herself, over her shoulder.

"If Ansaksie were still alive, I'd ask her to stay here as insurance. And you know I can't surrender my Nanogun to you; I promised my brother to never let go of it, and I already almost lost it to Flowey. But even so, I've made a few friends I'd like to see again. Captain Undyne, Papyrus and Sans in Snowdin, you, and of course Mettaton as well."

"Umm, weren't you going to break the Barrier with your weapon? What happened to that plan?"

"With the Underground currently deprived of a ruler, I don't think that's a wise decision at the moment. And if it's possible to do it as the prophecy asks, then I might as well try it. But before I go, can I assume you can make more of these canisters if I ever lose them?"

"O-o-of course I can."

" Thanks. Hope we meet again."

"Bye, Iji."

With that, the call was ended and the monster guard and human walked together to the border, the former also carrying a canister. As it was, Iji had thrown the Dog Residue much farther than she thought, and she had ended up back near the entrance when she and Flowey returned to wherever he had taken her.

"So, Red. Given the lack of an heir, and assuming the queen doesn't somehow return here to resume her rule, who's next in line?"

"Given how popular she is with the populace, especially after her rousing speech after the alien attacks, I think Undyne would be next in line. Failing that, I think Mettaton would make a claim."

"I don't think Mettaton would be a good ruler."

"Yeah…" Red agreed, then proceeded with another question. "Why would you go through so much just to garner our favor, with no guarantees for backup, with only your word to support your claims?"

"To be honest, we didn't really believe there was a civilization still surviving in here despite sending me as an ambassador. Or at least one as sophisticated as this. Of course, that was proven wrong now. And communication across the barrier proved impossible for us, so I couldn't tell them."

Before long, as the two reached the Barrier's boundary, it started to look like a silver translucent wall of energy. Past it was a tunnel of rock, and it looked artificially widened, enough for a Komato Annihilator to walk in it without bumping into the walls or ceiling. To the sides seemed to be an assortment of tools she didn't recognize, probably Tasen and/or Komato digging equipment.

While Red was indeed halted from proceeding past the Barrier, proving its power, Iji phased through it with no resistance, but the canister she carried got stuck on the other side and she was forced to drop it. After checking her phone's inventory system, which miraculously was still operational (though the extra storage systems were inaccessible), at least the canisters there made it out. Iji then turned around to face Red.

"Can you hear me?" she asked.

"It's a little muffled, but I can understand you perfectly," replied Red. "You'll need the rest of the canisters, right?"


Iji's Phone Inventory:

Snowman Piece, SOUL Canister, SOUL Canister, SOUL Canister, SOUL Canister, SOUL Canister, SOUL Canister, SOUL Canister

Satchel inventory:

Supplies, Canteen, Water-Purifying Pills, Flashlight, Pen, Tasen Logbook, Flares, Stick, Barbs of Wire, Bookmark, Box of Raisins, Toy Knife, Worn Glove, Worn Glove, Manly Bandanna, Ballet Shoes, Bag Of Misc. Junk, Torn Notebook, Stained Apron, Empty Gun, Cowboy Hat, Heart Locket, Worn Dagger, Instant Noodles, Hush Puppy

Box Storage/Dimensional Box A:

Butterscotch-Cinnamon Pie, Old Tutu, Cloudy Glasses, Note from Iji, Starfait, Legendary Hero, Steak In The Shape Of Mettaton's Face, Dog Salad, Dog Residue,[Empty]

Tasen Logbook Records:

directions_to_snowdin, ascii_catgirl, color_tile_puzzle_guide, monster_compendium, temmie_village_directions, gaster_note, the_undertale, underground_compilation, ask_gerson_about_the_king_later, negotiation_proposal_(draft), business_advice_to_mettaton, the_fallen_children

Dimensional Box B:

Beans Can, Spaghetti, Bisicle, Sea Tea, Mystery Key, [Empty], [Empty], [Empty], [Empty], [Empty]

A few more trips across the Barrier later, and sorting out her stuff, Iji was ready to leave.

"So, I guess this is goodbye, then?" said Red.

"Yeah. Sorry. I have to let my friends outside know everything that's happened here. But I shall return."

"Get going. We'll see each other again one day, if fate permits."

And with that, Iji walked away from the Barrier, and back to the Surface. But this won't be the last time the Underground will hear of her. She fully intended to return someday.


After reaching the end of the tunnel leading back to the outside world, beholding an afternoon sky, Iji shot the flare gun to signal that she was done in her mission. She was eventually met up by Dan's group, and they returned to the village that sat at the foot Mt. Ebony, which barely survived thanks to a barrier reportedly from a resident warlock (he passed away shortly after).

On the way back, thanks to Asgore's SOUL inside her, finding SOULs was surprisingly depressingly easier than she thought. Human (and Tasen and Komato) SOULs were scattered wherever she looked, all likely through violent deaths, though she was thankfully not swamped in them. She didn't tell anyone about this.

Once back in the village, she relayed all relevant intel that she learned regarding the Underground monsters to the village council, Dan, and the Tasen leader Elite Ann Amasova. A decision to negotiate with the monsters was eventually reached, as soon as Iji can convince them to do the same.

The next day, just as she planned on collecting the Human SOULs needed to break the Barrier, the cellphone she got from there rang, and she took the call. It was from Sans, and he had a lot to say.

As it turns out, Toriel returned to New Home and reinstated herself as queen, and issued a policy of mercy to any humans who end up in the Underground (aliens are to be treated with a lot more caution). Papyrus was promoted to Royal Guard, a certain snowman is happy, Alphys is continuing to find a way out just in case, and Undyne has become her assistant.

Iji also asked Toriel over the phone that the truth of the fate of the previous children must be kept hidden lest war spark again. She agreed, and the following story was to be as follows; the human children who fell in the Underground lived peaceful lives before dying of natural causes (age, disease, accidents, etc.) or the alien attacks in Mt. Ebott.

A week later, after she collected seven human SOULs (and let Dr. Alphys know), Iji finally returned to Mt. Ebott, with human and Tasen delegates accompanying her as they stopped at the Barrier boundaries. On the other side, Queen Toriel and her guards awaited them and negotiations began.

It took two weeks, with Iji often needing to keep things calm between sides, especially in regards to the Tasen remnants, but an understanding was reached, and cooperation was made a possibility. The day after that, the new alliance was celebrated with Iji delivering the Human SOULs, and the Barrier was broken, freeing monsterkind at long last.

Within the next few months…

Toriel founded a new monster village at the foot of the mountain, christened Ebott. With the CORE, electricity was returned in full to civilization.

After she and Dan decided to settle in Ebott, Iji continued to do ambassador trips in the surrounding lands to better unite humanity, Tasen, and monsterkind. Eventually, faster methods of travel would be rediscovered, and Iji would go farther each mission. Undyne decided to accompany her and see what the human world has left to offer.

Mettaton became a new celebrity for humankind. He sometimes gets Shyren to join in performances, and somehow Napstablook gets roped in too on occasion.

Alphys worked with Yukabacera, and other human scientists to rebuild human technology lost from the Alpha Strike, and get a few Tasen innovations, too. She would also release a secret she had been hiding in her own time.

Somehow, Mad Dummy still gets his wish and becomes a dummy for a clothing store.

With time to do further research on the Nanofield, with help from Alphys, the process was eventually replicated for monsters, with Undyne as the first to get one, Papyrus the second, and Mettaton the third.

The future of humanity, monsterkind, and the Tasen remnants will eventually longer entirely rest on Iji, yet that would partly be a relief; there's only so much burden one person could take.

After that, the future remains uncertain. Iji's done all she can to give Earth a chance to recover. The rest is up to those she has helped. And sometimes, that has to be enough.

nightelf37: I… don't really know where I was going with this ending, just that I wanted something better than the Neutral ending from the original Undertale; the idea that even this path is still a good one, even if not really ideal.

(1) Originally, Ansaksie was supposed to fight Flowey alongside Iji, but I couldn't figure out what to do with her after that, so I decided to kill her off (in this timeline) so as to avoid certain issues.

(2) The ridiculously long in-game time represents how much time (approximately) Iji spent on the underground. Almost 5 days, counting the afternoon she arrived, and the morning and day until she finally met the king.

(3) I'll confess. I took this description straight from Touhou: Unsubstantial Underground Adventure (an amazing Touhou/Undertale crossover, by the way, you should totally check it out) by Aines445 (ID number 4708889, in case they change their alias, mine's 1943667). Don't you know how difficult it is to describe Photoshop Flowey in detail?

(4) I needed a witness so as to not make this a total downer, so I decided to add her. As for why she was there, she was about to return and report until the battle with the King began.

(5) Red is from a fan game titled Undertale RED. As for her character, I most likely didn't get it right, but I wanted a placeholder witness and didn't feel like bothering with an original OC.

Up next: An alternate timeline. Maybe it'll be better than this one. Maybe this one was fine as is. If you think the latter is the case, then feel free to stop reading. Or consider the other ending "non-canon".

See ya on Third!