Grey Wolves Series

Name: Victoria Gwen Jacobson

Nickname: Tori, Gwen

Nationality: Australian

Age: 17

Looks: messy mid back brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, slender face, 5'4, tan, glasses, flat stomach

Personality: Sarcastic, geek, stubborn, loyal, bossy, bubbly, smart arse, intimidating, adorable, sugar sweet

Talents: reading, doing a cartwheel, putting up with Jen, losing her glasses, sleeping, eating, gymnastics

Likes: Doritos, coke, flannel, make up, music, tea, hugs, turtles, YouTube, Wi-Fi

Dislikes: pickles, lotion, snakes, slow connection,

Background: Tori moved to Cold springs Texas from Sydney Australia where she meets Sally, Jen and Jacque, now three years later their lives change forever.

Prince of Wolves Series

I Hate Waiting

That was all I could think as I laid on my Doctor Who bed spread tracing the faces of Sam and Dean Winchester on my ceiling with my converse covered foot. Rolling over to check my phone for the 100th time in the last ten minutes, "Come on Jacque" I grumbled shoving my head in my pillow.

"Victoria!" I heard my mum yell from downstairs, "Yeah?!" I yelled back "Come here!" She ordered.

Yup this was pretty much how we conversed in this household, "Coming!" I rolled off my bed narrowly missing my bedside table and scurried out of my room to the living room.

"Yes mother?" I asked somewhat sarcastically while plopping down on the couch facing my mum who was watching Netflix, that's right I got my awesomeness from her.

"Lilly wants me to ask you if you can help out at the bookstore on Saturday." She informed me as she paused her show turning to look at me.

"Yeah that should be fine" I shrugged getting up to get a drink from the kitchen, "what time?!" I called through the doorway as I opened the fridge pulling out a bottle of coke ignoring the sweet tea my sister was obsessed with.

"Nine till three" she answered unpausing her show, "Get me a coke will you?" She asked turning her head towards me as I started filling up my cup. "What no sweet tea?" I asked getting another cup,

"Shut up, only Taylor likes that crap" She grimaced making me snort, "You'd think we would be used to it by now" I told her handing her cup over, "You'd also think our accents would be gone by now".

"What accents?" I asked laying my Australian accent on thick, "Okay, go away. Let me finish this episode" She ordered turning back to her show.

"Fine" I groaned dragging the word out, "I get it, you don't love me" I mock sighed shaking my head. "Scat" she laughed throwing a pillow at my face, "Later!" I shouted before running upstairs as fast as I could without spilling my coke.

As soon as I stepped into my room my phone started going off, "Ello?" I answered doing a belly flop on my bed.

"Get your Aussie butt over here" I heard the familiar growl of Jacque's voice, "Comin" I simply said before hanging up. I jumped up grabbing my phone and keys before running downstairs,

"I'm going to Jaqs will probably sleep over, love you, Bye!" I said all in one breathe kissing my mum on the cheek before running out the door.

"What's the sitch?" I asked strutting through Jaqs bedroom door seeing my three besties spread out on the floor in various positions, "Bout time you got here your teas getting cold" Sally said motioning to the cup of tea sitting on a tray in the middle of the three girls.

"Must have been some stake out considering the binoculars on the window seat, the cuppa and the hot choco" I mused sitting down plopping my feet in Jen's lap.

"Hey get your stinking feet outa my face!" She exclaimed pushing my feet off while attempting to balance her Hot Chocolate, "Guys!" Jacque Yelled making our heads snap towards her.

"Can we please focus on the topic" She growled out making me frown, "What crawled up your butt and died?" I asked sarcastically but I was sure they all heard the concerned note to my question.

"Okay," Jacque said taking a deep breath, "so I'm sitting in my window seat, shades cracked lights odd, binoculars in hand,"

"Binoculars, really, you honestly were using binoculars?" Sally interrupted.

"Well you said you wanted details, so I was getting you details," Jacque defended.

"Oooh, did you have the "Mission Impossible" sound track playing in the back ground cuz that would have been spy-tastic," Jen said enthusiastically.

"Actually," Jacque said distracted, "I was thinking more James Bond-ish, you know with the whole stake out thing,"

"No, huh-uh that would be more Dog the Bounty Hunter type stuff. But you couldn't be Beth cause you're not stacked enough on top, so you would have to be baby Lisa the daughter…." Jen rattled on.

"No way!" I exclaimed now laying on my stomach my empty cup to my side, "Jacque is in no way baby Lisa" I jumped into the pow-wow getting an annoyed look from Sally who was used to our antics by now.

"You are so, so not comparing me to Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughter right now and why are we even talking about this anyway because it is soooo not the point!" Jacque growled in frustration.

"Spy analogies aside, I was sitting there about an hour when finally a black stretch limo pulls up to the curb in front of the Henry's house."

"A limo? What foreign exchange student shows up in a limo?" Jen asked.

"I know right, that's what I was thinking," Jacque stated. "I assure you the limo is of no consequence once the person inside stepped out. Ladies, I saw the most gorgeous guy to ever grace my line of site."

"When you say gorgeous," Jen started, "are we talking Brad Pitt boyish good looks, or Johnny Depp make ya want to slap somebody?"

"No we are talking Brad and Johnny need to bow down and recognize," Jacque answered.

I started to open my mouth about to add something when Jaq talked over me, "yes he was hotter than Jensen Ackles" She rolled her eyes.

"Dayyum" Was the only thing I said before I rolled over to put my head in Sally's lap, poking her until she started to play with my hair.

"Aside from him being dropped off in a limo, and besides the fact he is a walking Calvin Cline ad, it begins to get strange at this point in our story boys and girls," Jacque says in a spooky narrative voice.

"Like it wasn't strange already?" Sally asked looking up from where she had started to braid my hair.

"Well, okay strang-er. Just as he is about to walk up the path he suddenly turns and looks straight at me, like he could sense I was watching him! Like, right in my eyes. I literally couldn't move; it was like I was mesmerized by him or something. Man when did I start using the word "like" so freaking much?" Jacque said in exasperation. "Up until now it was strange, but now we are entering the world of "what the hell." As he is staring at me I hear a voice in my head and it said "At last my Jacquelyn," then as he turned to go in the house and I hear the voice again say, "Soon."

Jacque stared at us as expectantly waiting for us to say something, when it became obvious we weren't about to say anything she asked, "Well?"

Finally Jen stirs taking a deep breath in, she looks down at her empty mug, "We're gonna need more hot chocolate"

"Agreed" Sally, Jacque and I all say at the same time.