He ducked.

The tyrant's burning fist skimmed through the spines of his golden hair. He curled up his bloodied hand and jolted it blindly upwards; hardened flesh tore beneath his knuckles, and he felt the mutant organs shudder. The tyrant coughed violently. A fountain of royal blood erupted from his gaping mouth. He darted forwards as his opponent collapsed, desperately clutching his stomach in a fruitless attempt to ease the searing pain of the irreparable haemorrhage.

The emperor slowly raised his gaze from the sodden ground, gasping for air and shivering with hatred and fear as he locked eyes with the man who stood before him.
Those eyes… those shining, blue-green whirlpools of pure and utter rage… they saw more in him than just an opponent. More than just an obstacle. More than just an enemy.

They saw a monster.

He ignited it.

The streak of brilliant blue extended rapidly from its metal hilt as his opponent descended from above, twirling in mid-air. He stepped to the side, barely evading the similarly-coloured sabre, and sparks flew from the ground where it struck. The apprentice stood up to face him and furiously began to spin his trusted weapon with expert precision; the master brought his arms up and tightened his grip on the hilt as the fiery edge of the young man's blade came crashing down.

The two cobalt streaks bounced off of each other in a flash, and the men clashed again. The apprentice unleashed a barrage of jabs and swings at his old master, scowling with newly-wrought hatred; the master struggled to parry his apprentice's furious attacks, fighting the overwhelming sadness that threatened to engulf him completely. The two men collided once more.

They were suddenly mere inches apart, and each studied the other, both their faces partially obscured by the dazzling blue light of their crossing sabres.
Neither of them noticed that the sky was darkening rapidly; that lava was starting to trickle into the luscious green waters; and that the expansive, verdant horizon was beginning to ripple violently in the blazing heat of the surface.

"Please… you can't leave me to die like this… I'm begging you, please have mercy…"

"You? Mercy? After all the countless people you murdered in cold blood?! You're a fool to expect mercy, even from me!"

"Please… you can't… do… this… I'm sorry… for what it's worth… I'm sorry…"

"NO! I would never accept an apology from a monster like you."

"But… but Vegeta was… the same way and y-"

"I sensed the good in Vegeta's heart. I knew that his hatred was your construct, your tool to make him do whatever you wanted! But you… you will never change! And now… the fate of the planet that you yourself destroyed will be your own.
I'm done with fighting."

"S-simian… bastard! You dare to walk away from me?! I am the r-ruler of the known universe… Frieza, the conqueror of galaxies! Frieza, the destroyer of worlds! None surpass me! No-one even comes close! And now, you filthy, inbred, insubordinate Saiyan wretch…
You will perish, at the hands of your master!"

"Anakin. Stop this. It doesn't have to be this way!"

"The Jedi… blinded to the truth by their own complacency. You're no different."

"What truth? Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine is evil!"

"Evil? EVIL?! From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!"

"Well, then you are lost. The dark side will consume you, Anakin… it will squeeze you until not a single drop of compassion is left. The Force has always been strong with you… if you fall to the darkness you will become something that surpasses even your worst nightmares."

"All this talk of compassion, but what do the Jedi know of compassion?! They stand by and watch as the galaxy falls into chaos… they shun all attachments because of some stupid, ancient code… and now they want to take over and make every word of their meaningless drivel into absolute law!"

"Anakin, I-"

"I am Anakin Skywalker no more! I am Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, and you… are my enemy!"

Scalding wind blew against Goku's face as he flew into the sky.
The air thinned as he rose higher, and the sky around him darkened with clouds of microscopic ash. His spiked, golden locks whipped to the sides of his head, rustling violently, disturbed as though worried by a premonition of danger. His eyes narrowed. He thought he had felt a surge of ki behind him. He turned around, mid-flight, and sure enough, a thick beam of purple flame was rapidly approaching. Goku drew back a fist, and around it, a radiant sphere of fluctuating yellow light came into being.
He growled like a savage and thrust his hand forward.


He screamed the words as a brilliant wave of golden plasma cascaded from his open palm, swallowing the incoming beam whole as it went. His bisected assailant floated with his bloodied mouth agape for mere moments before he was simultaneously crushed and burned to a crisp. The ground fractured beneath the sheer force of the unstoppable attack. A cloud of hot dust and rocks was thrown into the air. The surrounding near-boiling water soon began to rush into the well of stone and earth, and Goku watched as Frieza's helpless half-corpse sank beneath the surface, unmoving and lifeless.

The tyrant's rule was over.

Obi-Wan crouched and leapt backwards across the lava. He twirled skilfully, thudded into the hot rubble of the crumbling riverbank and turned to face his old apprentice.

"It's over, Anakin. Don't try it."

"You underestimate my power, Jedi."

Anakin screamed at the top of his lungs and spun through the air towards Obi-Wan, drawing his lightsabre mid-jump. In a flash, Obi-Wan ignited his own. The familiar hum was only interrupted by the sound of three limbs being severed and instantaneously cauterised.
Anakin cried out as his dismembered torso smacked into the debris and began to slide down on the shifting, scorching rocks. His remaining hand stayed outstretched, and the melting electronics of his artificial fingers were laid bare against the blazing earth.

"You were the chosen one!" Obi-Wan cried out, with an insoluble mixture of suppressed anger and regret in his voice. "It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them… bring balance to the Force, not… not leave it in darkness!"

Anakin stared at deep into his former master's eyes, and with a single blink, his irises became a hue of bright, sickly yellow; the colour of a Sith Lord.


"You were my brother, Anakin. I… I loved you."

He screamed as one of the stumps of his legs began to dip into the river of lava. His torn, black Jedi robes caught fire within seconds, and the flames tickled the ends of his long, brown hair. Soon the blaze had engulfed his entire body; his skin reddened and his face was charred to the point of unrecognizability. Obi-Wan couldn't watch any longer. He picked up Anakin's fallen lightsabre and turned swiftly on his heels, not daring to look back.


A single tear began to roll down his face as he walked away, and it instantly evaporated in the searing heat.

Goku cursed to himself as he sped across surface of the dying world.

The Namek he knew was gone. Only lava and charred rock filled the landscape, and huge columns of sprouting fire were met with blood-red lightning bolts that briefly illuminated the pitch-black sky. He needed a ship. And fast. The planet was going to explode at any minute, and he wasn't going to survive. Even if the explosion didn't kill him, the vacuum of space certainly would.
In the corner of his eye, he saw something. A glimmer of light. Upon closer inspection he saw that it was part of a circular vessel. Frieza's ship!

Goku turned towards it, ready to dash, but to his dismay it was already almost fully submerged in a huge body of trickling lava. He watched, dumbfounded, as it rapidly disappeared into the thick, orange lake. He came to his senses. Bulma's ship was gone. Frieza's ship was gone. He couldn't see any pods or other vessels anywhere, and he was fairly certain that the Namekians didn't have ships. But just as he was about to give up all hope, he spotted something… a shiny chrome sparkle that stood out on the rippling horizon.

Obi-Wan picked up the dying young woman.

He raised a hand to the entrance of her chrome-coloured Naboo ship and with a hiss of gas it began to open. He began to jog, trying to be as gentle as possible with the fragile body. C-3PO, the gold-plated protocol droid, was already there with a wheeled bed, and he laid her down slowly. C-3PO began to pull her away.

"Oh my! I'll see to her right away! Master Kenobi, where is young Master Skywalker? I'm sure I saw him here not ten minutes ago!"

Obi-Wan's face darkened. "He's…"

He stopped abruptly and lashed around. Something… no, someone was approaching, and fast. He gestured for C-3PO to hurry on inside, and he drew the hilt of his lightsabre, not yet igniting the blade. And sure enough, a brilliant, human-shaped, yellowish beacon of light was fast descending towards the ship. The radiant figure twirled majestically through the air as it fell, and landed poised on the ground nearby. The figure's golden aura dissipated.

Before Obi-Wan stood a tall, pale-skinned man. The man wore what looked like orange Jedi robes. Huge, sculpted muscles bulged visibly under his torn, dark-blue undershirt, and a dark-blue cloth belt hung from his waist. His hair was a shade of glistening gold, and it protruded from his head, both hanging over his face and splaying up into the air. The man's eyes were a piercing, maddened shade of blue, and thick blood dripped from his chiselled features which were contorted into a deep frown.
The Force that emanated from him was overwhelming, and unlike anything he'd ever felt before.

"Who are you?!" Obi-Wan demanded.

"I'm Goku." The man replied. Suddenly, the man's facial expression softened, and his hair and eyes immediately lost their colour, changing instead to an inconceivably dark black. His pelt sagged downwards until it only protruded at the sides, but it still remained impossibly spiky.

"Your name is none of my concern. What is your business with me?" Obi-Wan struggled to maintain his composure.

"I have no business with you, stranger. I just need your ship. Now."

"What for?"

"What for?! Are you blind?! Can't you see that this whole place is gonna explode any minute now?! Hurry up and let me get on the damned ship!"


"Yeah, explode! Don't tell me you haven't noticed…?!" The man turned and pointed behind him, gesturing frantically at the spurts of lava and steam that caked the landscape for miles and beyond.

"I wasn't aware that — well, even if it were to explode, why would I give you my ship? Surely, I would need it as well?"

The man raised his voice, growing frustrated quickly. "I'm not taking it. I just need it to get off this planet before it blows! C'mon!"

"Why should I trust you?" Obi-Wan said as his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

The man shook his head and clenched his fists, and a wispy layer of soft yellow light spread across every inch of his body. A gust of electrified air burst from the man named Goku's core. Obi-Wan stumbled backwards.

"I don't think you have a choice, stranger."