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Hermione deciding to take action, steeled herself. She extended the chain around her neck so that it hung around Sirius's neck too. "Alright, sir. We will go, of course we will. Back to the future. How many turns?"


Dumbledore smiled at Hermione, eager to do what she could to help her children, even though she didn't know them yet, and he shook his head. "Sorry, Miss Granger, you won't be able to use that time turner to get to where we are going."

Hermione nodded, a bit put out at her nervousness, that she would commit such an error. "Of course, my turner won't turn forward." She took the chain off of her and Sirius, before standing up from the bed and walking, hand in hand with Sirius over to Dumbledore. "It's wonderful to hear that in the future time travel technology has improved to the point that you can go backwards and forwards."

Dumbledore smiled at Hermione. "Of course, you helped my dear, with your little jaunt back to the future." He told her, referencing her recent trip.

Sirius was cautious when this new Dumbledore stretched the chain of his time turner to envelop the three of them, his neon purple robes nearly blinding him. "How far...um, forward are we going this time?" He asked, tentatively.

"Twenty six years!" Dumbledore said, proudly, beginning to twirl the time turner patiently.

"Are you sure it's safe for Hermione to go traveling so soon after she just got back? It's more than a forty year swing in like...an hour!" Harry called over from the bed he was waiting on. Sirius, of course, was worrying the same thing, and grabbed Hermione's hand in what he hoped was a reassuring way.

"Don't worry, my boy, I will have Hermione and Sirius back in the blink of an eye." Dumbledore said, stopping the turning motion, but holding it in place. "Now, here we go, back to the future!" He let the time turner go, and Sirius watched, curiously, as the time turner spun faster and faster.

All around them the world spun until it was all one colorful blur. Sirius felt Hermione squeeze his hand tightly, and he hoped that she wasn't afraid. Soon, though, things seemed to slow down, and then, they were standing in the infirmary, except Madame Pomfrey seemed much older. "Good to see you back, Headmaster." She greeted quietly.

Sirius quickly threw the chain of the time turner up over his head, his stomach protesting the motion through time. He ran over to the edge of the room, where a little waste basket was waiting for him, and promptly threw up into it. When he finished, he stood up, performing a breath freshening charm on himself. Not the impression he wanted to make on Hermione, but he supposed it couldn't be helped.

After the trio of time travelers put off Pomfrey's offered vials of antiemetics, Dumbledore guided them out of the infirmary. "Shall we move to my office?" He asked.

Hermione and Sirius followed dutifully, seeing that Hogwarts had barely changed in the twenty six years since they had just left it. It seemed that it was just about time for Christmas hols, based on the decorations they encountered.

When they entered the Headmaster's office, Dumbledore took the seat behind the desk and Hermione and Sirius slipped into the two chairs. Sirius looked over the old man, surprised by how much frailer he seemed. "Wow, Albus, I didn't think you'd still have this job, so many years on. Just how old are you anyway?" Sirius ignored the hiss of his name and elbow from Hermione.

"Well, I will be celebrating my 141st birthday this summer." Dumbledore replied with a smile. "But to be honest, it does get tiring. I think I will be retiring soon."

Hermione pursed her lips together. "Perhaps we could discuss the reason that we are here today. You said that there was a possibility that someone was trying to bring Voldemort back?"

"Oh yes, of course." Dumbledore said. "Something of interest was stolen from the Department of Mysteries recently. It's a method to bring someone back from the dead, using a Veil that's housed in the Department of Mysteries as a conduit. We have intelligence to believe that whoever stole it, would like to use it to bring Voldemort back from the beyond."

Hermione frowned. Of course that was troublesome information to hear, but she failed to see how that had to do with her future children. "And just what does this have to do with our children?" She asked indicating between herself and Sirius.

"Well, as you may know...oh, of course you don't know. Your second son, Regulus, works as an unspeakable in the Death Chamber at the Department of Mysteries." Dumbledore said. Seeing Sirius about to start to talk, Dumbledore held up his hand to stop him from talking. "Although we do not think that Regulus has anything to do with stealing the document, he was one of two Unspeakables that discovered the document. We think that whoever has the document might be after Regulus."

Hermione smiled at that, hearing how accomplished her son was, and proud of his achievements, even if she hadn't met him. Yet. "And where are we - in this time I mean?" Hermione asked, wondering what she and Sirius could possibly be doing that would prevent them from helping.

"Well, the Blacks are off on a desolate island for the Christmas holidays to celebrate...well, I suppose I can't tell you that." Dumbledore certainly couldn't tell Hermione that she'd just come up with a potion that nearly completely reversed the effects of lycanthropy during the full moon, able to be taken in one dose. "But they have been gone for over a month and don't plan on returning until the end of January. We have tried to reach them, but with no success so far."

Hermione frowned, unable to believe that she would participate in such lavish trips. But then, she remembered that it was Sirius that she was married to, and he always liked the finer things in life, not to mention how persuasive he could be. It was positive to hear that she and Sirius were still happy together, so many years on. She was surprised to see that they had stayed together, gotten married and even had children, but she knew that she loved the young Sirius she'd dated.

Sirius looked at Dumbledore, not at all surprised by the lavish trip, and trying to keep the smirk off of his face. Oh, he could just imagine all the sex that older Sirius was getting up to with his little wife on a desolate island. He wondered if older Sirius had been able to convince Hermione to go clothesless for the trip.

"So, what can we do to help?" Hermione asked, her mind on the business end of their little vacation into the future.

Dumbledore frowned. "Well, we aren't really sure where all of the pieces are going to fall, yet. We don't know how involved your children are in this situation. Just, try to figure out what Regulus knows and keep your ears on the ground for more information."

Before Hermione could answer Dumbledore's instructions, a woman's voice broke up their conversation. "Professor Dumbledore, you asked to see me?"

Hermione and Sirius turned to look, and were surprised to see a girl who could be none other than their daughter - Isla Black. She had messy black curls and gray eyes, but most of Hermione's features. Hermione could admit that she was a very beautiful girl, getting the most of the Black family genes.

The girl's eyes widened seeing the pair sitting on the couch. She moved first, running over to Sirius. "Papa!" She gave him a fierce hug and a kiss on the cheek, before turning to Hermione. "Mum?" She asked, surprise at seeing her mother looking so young.

"Er, yes, I am Hermione." She introduced herself, awkwardly.

Isla smiled at her sweetly before looking over at Dumbledore. "What are my parents doing here? Was there some kind of accident?" She asked, suddenly worried.

"No, Miss Black." Dumbledore reassured her with a smile. "These people are not quite your parents...yet anyways. They have just traveled with me, from 1997, to help me out with a little project."

Isla looked surprised. "Merlin! Mum, you must be younger than me!"

Hermione gave her an awkward smile. "I am eighteen right now." She admitted to her daughter. God it was weird to have a daughter. And one such a perfect mixture of herself and Sirius. It brought to the surface all kinds of emotions.

Sirius's mouth had formed into a hard little line. His eyes had barely left the young man that was standing in the corner of the room, looking awkward. He had dark brown hair, and brown eyes, but was for the most part unremarkable. "Why don't you introduce us to your...little friend, Isla?" He asked, frowning.

Hermione then took the time to notice the young man in the room. It was slightly funny to her to see Sirius acting so, well...serious, but she was also eager to met Isla's friend.

Isla beamed at them, pulling on the young man's hand, pulling him forward to stand in front of her parents. "Mum, dad, this is my boyfriend, Maksim." She said with a grin. "He's a transfer this year from Durmstrang. Of course, I told you about him in letters home, but we only just started dating."

"It's...nice to meet you, Maksim." Hermione said, looking the boy over. There was something about him that seemed so familiar, but she just couldn't put her finger on it. Shaking her head, she figured that it was just due to the fact that she was so unsettled, being the same age as the pair.

"Well, Miss Black, why don't you go get your trunk from Gryffindor tower, so that you might accompany your parents by floo back to Grimmauld Place for the Christmas holiday?" Dumbledore offered, breaking up the awkward situation. Isla nodded and headed back down the spiral staircase, Maksim in tow.

"Wow, she's a Gryffindor." Hermione said, with a smile on her face. It was so unusual. She felt so proud of her children, even though she didn't really know them and they were really her children yet.

"I don't like him." Sirius said, quietly next to her, glaring at the door that Isla had flounced through moments before.

"Maksim?" Hermione asked surprised. Seeing Sirius's subtle nod, Hermione tried not to roll her eyes. "How can you be so protective over her? You've only just met her! You shouldn't be threatening her boyfriends already."

"Doesn't something about him seem a little bit off?" Sirius asked, turning to look at her. When she didn't automatically agree, he ran his hand through his hair, feeling a bit silly for the way that he was acting. But, he still couldn't shake the skin-crawling feeling that something just wasn't right about him.

"He does seem a bit...familiar." Hermione agreed, though she didn't automatically not like the boy. "But I can't place it. Maybe he's related to Viktor Krum. We can ask Isla all about him when we get home." Hermione took his hand and gave it a little squeeze in reassurance.

Things were going to be so odd now, seeing as everyone expected them to already know things, but they were going to have to learn to navigate this world together, while they were here. It meant keeping their children safe, and Hermione would do anything to make sure that happened.

Before they could discuss it move, Isla reemerged, towing her trunk behind her. "I can't wait to get home." She told them with a shy smile. "I was planning on staying here while...mum and dad...are on holiday, but now I can spend it with you. I have so many questions for the two of you."

Hermione didn't know if she should be concerned or pleased that Isla was so interested in her parents' lives before children, but she was happy to answer any questions that she could.

Sirius ushered his two girls towards the fireplace, and the three of them each took generous handfuls of floo powder. Throwing the green dust into the fireplace, they each stated their destination, excited to get home.