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After an awkward encounter with Hermione's parents, and an explanation of how their daughter had been back and forth in the past, nearly fifty years, Sirius had their approval to date Hermione, on the condition that they allow her to finish her schooling before the wedding. Because, of course there would be a wedding.

With their approval obtained, Sirius whisked Hermione away to Grimmauld Place to spend the holidays with Harry, Remus and Tonks. It was a pleasant experience, though Tonks was surprised to learn that her cousin was dating such a young woman. After some good natured teasing, though, she understood that Sirius was actually quite serious about Hermione.

Sirius did wait, though, for Grimmauld Place to be empty before asking Hermione to marry him. Harry had gone off to the Burrow to visit Ron and Ginny, and left Hermione and Sirius all alone with themselves. After an enjoyable dinner together, they retired to the library for a fire and some wine, and discussion.

Hermione had let her head fall to one side and hit his shoulder, while staring into the fire. He'd relished the feeling of her resting against him, before finally getting up the courage to just say what he was thinking. "Hermione, I know that we agreed to give dating a go, but...I just think that we have been through so much together, and I now know that I couldn't love anyone the way that I love you."

Hermione had looked at him, surprised. "I love you too Sirius. When we were in the future I realized that you really aren't that different. You still care about the people you love, and...I really liked what we had in the future." Hermione confessed with a weak smile.

Sirius smiled back at her broadly. "Great, then I hope you won't think me too forward." He slipped off of the couch and down on one knee, pulling a little velvet box from the back pocket of his jeans. Opening the box to reveal a gorgeous diamond ring, he asked her. "Hermione Jean Granger, will you marry me?"

Hermione bit her lower lip, but her joy was evident on her face. Feeling tears spring to her eyes in happiness, she enthusiastically nodded. "Yes, yes, Sirius, I will marry you!" He slipped the ring onto her finger.

Then they eagerly celebrated right there on the couch in front of the fireplace.

When she returned to Hogwarts for her final year of schooling, it was a bit of a scandal that Hermione Granger was engaged. And to Harry Potter's godfather no less! It seemed that she was the number one topic of conversation for the first few weeks of term.

Ron Weasley was incredibly put out that she hadn't told him. "What the hell, Hermione?" He asked her when they got into the compartment on the Hogwarts Express. "You go home with Harry for winter break, you don't visit the Burrow even once, and then you get engaged to Sirius? Didn't you only just meet him?"

Hermione nearly burst out giggling at his confusion, but she and Harry were quick to fill him in on her time-traveling experiences. "Well, as long as you are happy and he treats you right, Hermione." Ron told her. "You aren't...you aren't in a bad way, are you?" He asked, trying to be delicate.

"What? No!" Hermione insisted, her cheeks turning bright red at the prospect of discussing her having sex with Sirius with her two best male friends.

Instead, Ron switched the topic to what he was doing in the future. Hermione wanted to be quite tight lipped about it, because she didn't want to inadvertently change anything. But Ron couldn't leave it be, so finally, she just snapped at him that he married Lavender and they had seven children all named after flowers. Thinking that she was joking, Ron scoffed and let the conversation drop. Judging by Harry's smirk, though, Hermione figured that he knew exactly how true it was.

After a few weeks, though, the gossip died down and Hermione was able to carry on with her studies as usual. She was taking an ungodly number of N.E.W.T.s - according to Harry and Ron - but still managed to find time to plan her wedding, via correspondence and trips to Hogsmeade.

They got married right after Hermione graduated in June, in the garden at Grimmauld Place, surrounded by select family and friends. It was a beautiful ceremony, and Hermione and Sirius had spent the night dancing and laughing.

Harry told him that his gift to them would be him moving out. Hermione and Sirius protested, saying that he was welcome to live with them as long as he liked, but he politely declined. Apparently, he wanted to get a flat so that he'd be able to ask Ginny to move in with him after he graduated the following summer.

After the party was over, Sirius used a portkey to take Hermione to their honeymoon destination, a little chalet in the Swiss Alps that had been in his family for generations. Kreacher had happily cleaned it up the month before.

Hermione fell in love with it instantly, sighing in delight at the sight of the huge bed in the center of the room. Sirius fell in love with, when he laid back on the bed, and Hermione, done up in her bridal lingerie crawled across the bed and up his body, only to perch on top of him, her core pressed tightly against his.

He could have stayed in that position forever, loving the sight of her, once he'd gotten them both naked. He loved watching her breasts bounce and the muscles of her legs bunch when she lifted and dropped herself again and again onto his cock.

In the next two weeks, Sirius thought he'd had her in nearly every way and every place in the privacy of their chalet, making extremely good use of their honeymoon. But eventually, the real world was calling for them, and they had to return to England.

Hermione had several jobs offers waiting for her when she returned. She hadn't gotten any hint of what her job might be in the future, so she decided to go with just what sounded like the most fun. Surprising everyone, she took up a post at a consulting firm, working on potions development.

In July, one night when Remus and Tonks were over for dinner, Tonks proudly announced that she was pregnant and that they were due in November. After celebratory hugs and kisses, Sirius smirked at Remus and just said, "I told you Moony. Tell your son to keep his dirty hands off my daughter."

Hermione laughed at that with Tonks, while Remus's face did become notably pale. "Don't worry, Prof-Remus." Hermione told him with a smile. She was still getting used to calling him Remus again after six months under his tutelage. "It's many many years off."

But then, Hermione herself became very pale, when she just remembered something. "They were in the same year at Hogwarts." She suddenly felt very dizzy and sat down suddenly on the couch, while she rapidly counted out when she should have gotten her period.

"Who were in the same year?" Tonks said, confused about the situation.

"They were in the same year!" Hermione said, this time glaring at Sirius. "You knew didn't you! Don't answer that." She ordered just as quickly. Feeling a bit panicked, she looked to the other woman in the room. "Tonks, do you um...know a pregnancy detecting spell?"

Everything clicked into place for the other couple, but Tonks dutifully waved her wand over Hermione's abdomen, revealing that Hermione was in fact very early in her first pregnancy. "Congratulations!" Tonks said, unaware of the lingering tension.

"You knew!" She accused Sirius, who just gave her a guilty looking smirk.

"It's not my fault you didn't ask Alphard when his birthday was!" He said holding his hands up, not at all sorry about having Alphard in his life once again. "You aren't too upset are you?" He asked, all joking aside. He hoped that Hermione wanted this as much as he did.

"Well, it's so early." Hermione whined. "But, no I am not upset that I will get to have Alphard again, but I just you would have told me before hand, so that I could better prepare!" She insisted.

Feeling that the tension had passed, the four of them celebrated what was sure to be an eventful year.

In the next months, Hermione was quickly easing into the role of expectant mother, especially with little Teddy to hold and babysit. It made Sirius disgustingly happy to see her belly swelling with his child, and he couldn't wait to be able to hold little Alphard. He'd helped her every step of the way, attending every appointment, rubbing feet, and helping to decorate the room that would become Alphard's in light blue paint.

He'd been there for every kick and punch that the baby performed, often smiling and bragging about how his son was obviously going to be a beater for England with his skill. Harry thought that he was just fibbing, but Sirius and Hermione knew the truth.

It wasn't until January 24th, though, that Sirius remembered the day that Alphard had given as his birthday. And, of course, he was only reminded of that fact when Hermione's water broke in the middle of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes after Ron scared her with one of their pranks. She wasn't due for two more weeks.

After quickly getting her to St. Mungo's, he was able to call all the appropriate people, and was able to send Harry to get Hermione's parents. Her labor took ten hours, and she actually didn't even threaten Sirius or any parts of his anatomy once. He remembered when Harry was born, Lily had told James that he wasn't allowed to touch her again. Instead, she went through her labor with the quiet determination that she approached all tasks with.

In the end, she was presented with a tiny bundle, wrapped in warm blue fabric - their son, Alphard Remus. She looked up from the boy with teary, happy eyes, at Sirius and told him how happy she was. "I am just so glad to have him back again. But this time I will get to watch him grow, teach him things, and try to minimize his womanizing."

Sirius scoffed and thought back about some of the descriptions of his son's girlfriend. "He wasn't a womanizer."

"Don't think for one minute I didn't catch wind of what the two of you were always talking about." Hermione scolded. They passed the baby around the room, and Hermione looked on fondly as Molly Weasley, her mother, and Ginny - who she selected as the baby's godmother - gushed over his dark curls and milky blue eyes, which Hermione knew would soon darken to her brown. "Look it, he's already got them wrapped around his finger."

Sirius smirked at that. "Well, he is a Black after all. It's not surprising."

"I am so lucky to have this." Hermione told him, surrounded by friends and family.

"Thank you for giving me this, love. It's much more than I ever could have imagined." Sirius told her, hand tightly wrapped around her's, his eyes revealing how emotional he was about the situation.

Hermione smiled. She knew that her life was nothing like she ever could have imagined, that she'd have found a love that could last over half a century of time, but she was so happy that she got to experience. She'd never be able to look at a time turner the same again.