sneak, sneak, sneak


startle, jump Shhhhhhhhhhhh.

whisper Whar are we doing?

open backpack, display snoozing little yellow lozenge shaped figure in overalls with spiky hair Gift.

You're giving someone a minion?

nods vigorously, nearly dislodging glasses yep

Who? and don't you think it will be missed? considers the number of minions and the possibility of someone actually counting and figuring out one is missing. shrugs


No. Mom, just no. Don't you think the poor man has suffered enough?

considers and shakes head Besides, I'm giving one to Straker as well.

Keith Ford arrived home sometime later to a dust explosion caused by a small yellow being in overalls and goggles surrounding a single blue eye.

It waived at him, babbled something incomprehensible ending in "banana" which made it laugh uproariously before going back to dusting


"Foster, you have a minute?"

Paul Foster looked around at his nominal superior with the craggy face. "Sure."

"Do you have any idea how THEY do it?"

Paul looked confused for a moment before he caught Alec looking downward.

Minion. Ah. "Do what exactly?" he asked before potentially sticking his foot in it badly.


Apparently one of the little fellows overheard the question and whipped out a calculator, demonstrating the multiplication process and whipping it back into whatever pocket universe they carried things in. Leaving both men to laugh helplessly while striving for sanity in a minion populated world.

'They're clones," the sinuous tones of Dr. Jackson answered them, quelling most of the laughter.

"Of what?" Paul asked, regaining his equilibrium a fraction of a second before Alec did.

"Who. We're compiling the genetic code but it will take a while. So far, the only answer we have is that most of the DNA is human, not alien."

Alec and Paul exchanged a look. Given that the aliens were genetically compatible with humans, otherwise the organ transplant process wouldn't work at all, what the heck did he mean by that comment?

Jackson smiled benevolently at both men and walked on.

"I'm not certain whether I prefer the smary version to the benevolent one ..."

"Here, here," Alec agreed with his junior for once.

In another dimension of UFO and vamires:

"Eddie! I have minions!" Harmony smiled brightly at the pale man who had changed her world even before she brought him across to the life of a vampire.