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'Inner thoughts'

{Other Inner Voice}


Chapter Seventy-Eight



Saito is in his library at his mansion. He is currently draped along the sofa that is in there with his eyes closed. Hanging off the sofa is his right leg.

Aimee is leaning against the woodworking of the doorway into the library with a serene facial expression as she glances as Saito every now and then.

'Is immortality that bothersome to you?' Asks Serena.

'It does seem to be bothering me a bit, especially with all of the other girls in my life. I suppose that it might be kind of hard for someone like you to understand.'

'We spirits are timeless beings after all.'

He lets out a soft sigh.

'Just think, though. You will get to see not only your loved ones, your children, but also your grandchildren live their lives.'

'I suppose so.'

'I think that there is something that I could tell you to cheer you up.' Says Nero.

'And what could that possible be?'

'Here is something to think about. Yes, most of the women you are with have normal human life spans, but not everyone that you are with or could be with, are.'

This peaks Saito's curiosity a little bit.

'What do you mean?'

'It is exactly as I said. Not everyone in your harem is human.'

'You mean Tiffania?'

'She is one of them, yes. Elves can live for over 700 years.'

'I knew that they could live long, but I didn't think that long. You also made the comment, one of them.'

'There is another member that will live far longer that you could even suspect.'

'Who, and how long? I thought everyone else was human'

'Now, you can't expect me to give you all of the answers, would you?'

'That would be nice.'

Nero laughs at his remark.

'That would take all the fun out of things. I will tell you this. If you really think about it, there is only one person that it could be.'

He grumbles a little bit in annoyance.

'I will have to think about that sometime. And, what did you mean by could be with?'

'There is another being that you could be with that is not in your harem yet. Then there is always the option of dating one of the spirits.'

"I could date one of the spirits?" He mumbles aloud.

'I most certainly wouldn't mind if you dated me.' Serena adds.

'I would and wouldn't mind if you dated Zephira.' Vsuman adds.

'Why is it that I feel that your motives aren't just.' Saito replies to Vasuman.


Oriana walks into the mansion and then over to the library entrance where she meets Aimee.

"He's been lying there for a little while. I thought I heard him mumble to himself a couple of times. Maybe he was dreaming or talking to the spirits."

"Thanks, Aimee."

Aimee lets her through.

As Oriana walks over to her master and lover, she smiles at him. The light that is entering the room gives her white outfit a bit of a glow.

Feeling her presence, he shits slightly so that there was a little bit of room for her to sit. He opens his eyes and sees her smiling down at him. She sits down at the space that he managed to make for her.

"It is almost noon, Saito. Are you planning on spending the day in here?"

"Not all day. I just had some things on my mind."

"I could tell, especially after you skipped out on morning training. I also felt it."

"I kind of figured. I think that I am feeling a little better now, thank you for coming to check on me."

She leans over and gives him a kiss on the lips.

"I think that today will be a good day to do something that I have been wanting to do."

"What is that, my lord?"

"What brought on the 'my lord' thing?"

"Would you rather me call you master?"

He huffs.

"I don't win with you, do I?"

"Sometimes you do."

"You are a cheeky one, aren't you?"

She gives him a playful smile.

"Whatever do you mean?"

He rolls his eyes.

"Never mind."

She giggles a little bit.

"So, what are we up to?"

"I will tell you in a bit. First, let's gather up all of my wives, lovers, mistresses, or whatever you want to call them."

Oriana raises a finger.

"Remember, Eleonore is your 'kept woman'."

He waves her off.

"Yeah, yeah. So troublesome."

She giggles again.


After a few hours, and a lot of hoping back and forth between cities, he managed to gather everyone in the library of his mansion.

Eleven women were standing there, looking at him and wondering what was going on.

Henrietta seems to have a rather odd glow about her.

Eleonore shifts her glasses and is the first to speak up.

"Now that everyone is here, would you mind telling us now what we are here for?"

He gives them all a simple smile.

"I have been pretty busy, and every time I wanted to do it, something came up. I finally mastered the spell with a lot of help from Gotama."

"What spell?" Chimes in Tiffania.

"His world door spell." Tabitha says.

Siesta pouts while she puts her hands on her hips.

"And how did you know?"

"Because she is my bib sister, yeah!" Sylphid nearly shouts out.

Saito shakes his head.

'That's probably about it. Almost creepy though. I will have to ask her about that another time.'

"She is right, though. I have perfected the world door. I gathered all of you here so that I can take you to my world, my home."

Everyone gives various forms of surprise and delight. Tabitha is the only exception. She stands there stoically.

'So, you're finally going to go see your home.'

'Yes, and I want to take all of you with me.'

"I want all of you to meet my family, and maybe we can go to a mall."

"What's a mall?" Aimee asks.

"It is basically an outrageously sized building with lots of shops in it that you can buy goods and food from."

"That sounds like a lot of fun." Says Henrietta.

'And probably expensive.' He worries.

Drool nearly escapes Sylphid's mouth at the thought of trying new food.

"Are you sure that it will be alright if we all up at your house like this, especially with you being gone so long?" Agnes wisely asks.

"I am sure that there will be a lot of explaining, but I am sure it will be okay. If not, then I can always use my spell to bring us back here."

"I am glad that I have my hat with me." Tiffania says in a worried tone.

He scratches the back of his head.

'It will be alright, Tiffa. I will be there with you.'

His words seem to calm her down a little bit.

'Sorry we can't take Weylyn, but it would be hard to cover for his presence. Wolves aren't exactly common in the cities where I come from.'

'That's a shame, but I understand.'

"If any of you don't want to go, then I understand. You don't have to go."

"I would love to go. I want to see what your world is like. And I would also like to meet your parents. Especially now." Says Henrietta with a rather warm tone.

Eleonore looks at her questioningly for a moment, but it gets unnoticed by Henrietta as she looks at Saito.

Everyone else gives various forms of agreement with the queen as well.

He holds out his right hand and begins chanting the world door spell. The words are slightly different, and the chant seems to take longer than his usual casting of the spell.

When he finally finishes the spell, the portal slowly opens to his world. Through the portal opening, he can see into his room and his parent's house.

"Alright, everybody. Go through the portal."

As he says this, he uses his lifdrasir runes to empower his spell. The door opens wider and more stable for everyone to go through.

Everyone begins going through the door and piling into his former bedroom.

Tabitha is the last one of the girls to go through with him trailing right behind her.


With everyone finally in the room, it is rather crowded considering it was only an average sized bedroom to begin with. Saito tries to catch his breath from using his runes.

'I might not die from their use, but I still feel a bit of a drain.'

He also notices something else.

'I still feel like I have my powers, but they seem a little weaker.'

'That is rightfully so.' Nero communicates to him.

'What do you mean?'

'Not only are you in a different world, but you are in a different time. You won't be able to communicate with the other spirits, but I can if necessary.'

'How is it that I can communicate with you?'

'I am the spirit of time.' He says to Saito as though he should have already known the answer.

Saito gets pulled from his thoughts he hears the commotion all around him. Everyone is starting to look all around his room at the various things in his room.

"Let's try to keep it down guys. If we get loud without me seeing my parents first, we might scare the shit out of them." He says in a low tone.

Just then, Tiffania trips and falls on top of him as they land on his bed. The action causes Aimee to stumble backwards into one of his bookshelves. This makes a loud thump. Some anime figures fall off the shelf and onto the floor. A globe also starts to fall, but Agnes catches it before it his Aimee in the head.

Tabitha backs up against the wall to avoid getting hurt herself.

Siesta frantically looks around to make sure nothing more happens, when she bumped into by Eleonore. Oriana tries to stop them from going into his desk, but all of them end up crashing into it and snapping it. The items on his desk (along with his already broken computer) fall to the floor.

Sylphid, after seeing Tiffania and Saito on the bed, decides that it would also be fun to jump on the bed.

Henrietta watches this as she peers around Julia, whom is protecting her in a corner.

Guinevere stands there stupefied by the whole situation.

A few thumps are heard and Saito's door flies open, hitting Guinevere in the face.

Saito's head dangles over his bed and he looks at his dad from an upside-down view while Tiffania's ample bosom presses against his chest.

His father is wearing a simple polo shirt with khaki pants on. He has dark hair that is parted to one side, and he is about 40.

A brief moment of pause.

"Hi dad." He says with an unsteady smile.

"Hello son."

Another set of thumps can be heard as his mother runs up the steps and peers into her son's room.

Saito waves from his awkward position.

"Hi mom." He joyfully says.

His mother, whom seems to be the same age as her husband, is wearing an apron because she was about ready to start cooking. The also has black hair. It is down to just past her ears. Underneath the apron, she is wearing a white, button up shirt and a red skirt.

She starts to wave at her son while in a state of confusion.

Derflinger pops out of his hilt.

"Hello, Saito's mom!"

His mom finally hits her limit when Derflinger finally speaks to her and she turns very pale. Then, she faints.


His mom begins to wake up. She is lying on the couch in the living room. Saito's dad is kneeling next to her on the floor. As she opens her eyes, he is there with a glass of water. She sits up slowly and looks around at everyone in the room.

She takes note of everyone's attire but doesn't say anything right away. Sitting there, she drinks up the water that her husband gave her.

"Are you alright, Chizuru? You fainted."

She nods.

"Son, I think that you have a lot of explaining to do. Where have you been? Have you been eating well? Who are all of these girls? How did everyone get into your room without us knowing? And, did I really have a sword talk to me?" Chizuru rapid fires these questions at him.

Before Derflinger could even think about popping out again, Saito wraps his hand around Derflinger.

"Yes, I do have a lot of explaining to do. I hope that you have some time to listen."

"Maybe I should make some tea." His mom says.

"Can I help?" Siesta and Tiffania both chime in.

"Maybe you two should let her do it for now. You aren't used to the cooking utensils here."

His mom and dad both raise their eyebrows at what he said.


After making a huge batch of tea, everyone is settled in various spots around the living room. Some are leaning against the walls, sitting on the floor, and some are in chairs scattered about.

"To start answering your questions. I am fine. I wasn't kidnapped. Well, maybe I kind of was, but it's okay now."

Everyone stares at him as fumbles over himself.

His mom gives a bit of a huff.

"How about you tell us who all of these girls are first." His dad says.

"They are all his wives and mistresses, Yeah."

Everyone stares at Sylphid in shock after her blunt and tactless statement.

"Sylphid!" Everyone shouts.

"All of them?" His mom asks in disbelief.

He nervously smiles and nods.

"Pretty much."

She faints again.


After she wakes up again, he goes into explaining what happened to him and how he got sucked into another world. He summed up what seemed like a fairytale to his parents. He gave minor descriptions of who each of the girls were and what Derflinger was. He even performed some minor magic help make them believe in his story.

With glasses of sake in their hands at this point, his parents look at each other and then him.

"Saito, we have something to tell you as well."

Saito gets a puzzled look on his face.

"What is it, dad?"

"When you went missing, your mother and I were scared and worried about you. We've had it really hard here since you were gone."

His parents link hands.

"We have had a lot of emotional ups and downs, especially with every hour that you were gone in the beginning. Getting your broken computer back and filing a missing persons report on you was devastating. We had so many different things running through our heads and life around here had become quite chaotic."

"I'm sorry that I had you so worried."

He could tell that his mom was getting a little teary-eyed. So, he goes to sit next to her on the couch and she embraces him.

"There was something that we were told long ago that was keeping our faith up that you were still alive."

"What could that have possible been?" Siesta interjects.

The father gives an odd expression.

"Your great grandfather had passed down a warning for each generation. A warning to not worry if one day someone that is a descendent of his disappears without a trace. And, that he or she is being called to another world. We thought it was a joke or some kind of old folktale, but it was the only thing that was holding us together."

"Well, as you can see, it really wasn't just an old folktale. My great grandfather must have been Brimir from the other world."

"This is great that you are back. We can get you off of that missing persons list."

Saito shakes his head.

"I'm sorry mom, but no. I have to go back. I can't stay here. My home is Halkeginia now. I have my wives, my kingdoms, and my army there. I am also the guardian of that world."

"But, what about here?"

"I will come visit whenever I get a chance. There is also another option."

"What is that, son?"

"You could come live in Halkeginia, too. You don't have to make your decision now though."


Later on, after a huge fiasco of a dinner was eaten (that Siesta also helped cook with Saito's mother), everyone was relaxing in various spots around the house again.

Chizuru was going around to all of the women and asking them about their relationship with her son, and eventually she comes up to Sylphid.

"Sylphid, right?"

She gives a very happy nod to the mother.

"You said that the others were all his wives, and mistresses, but what about you? You're not one of his mistresses."

"Oh, no. I still think that I am a little young for that. I do like him though. He is really nice to me and Tabitha. He is also with far too many people right now. I can just wait about 60 years or so."

Chizuru gets a perplexed look on her face.

"but, wouldn't he be a bit too old by that point? You might be a dragon, but he is a human."

"It's no problem. He is immortal. So, we will have lots of time together during my 4000 year life span."

She said this to her without thinking about the fact that he hadn't mentioned that to his mom just yet.

Everyone stops in their tracks and stares at the dragon in human form in awe and shock. This was for the fact that not only did she spill the beans about his immortality but also that she is interested in him.

'So that's who Nero was referring to that wasn't a part of harem yet. That still doesn't answer who isn't exactly human that is in my harem.' Saito thinks to himself.

She gets slightly pale again.

"He's . . . . . immortal?"

Sylphid nods her head happily up and down again. With that, Saito's mother passes out again. Agnes catches her before she hits the floor.


That night.

Everyone had decided to have a slumber party at his mother's house. Chizuru was going around and checking on everyone. She had stopped at her son's room.

She looks inside and sees inside the room. Aimee was on a futon on the floor. Saito was in his bed with Tiffania and Eleonore.

"Now look, my son, just because I am allowing girls to sleep in the same room with you, doesn't mean you can do any hanky-panky with them. You might be a king, but this is still mine and your father's house."

"Yes, mom."

Aimee giggles a little bit while the other two inwardly pout.


In the middle of the night.

Siesta was in a nightgown that Saito's mom had provided for her. She was currently sneaking down the hallway from a guest room to Saito's room.

She was a few feet away from the door when she feels a dark presence behind her. She slowly turns her head around to see whom is behind her.

It was Chizuru.

She was in her own purple nightgown and she was holding a cooking ladle in one hand and tapping it against the other. She is currently giving Siesta a knowing glare.

"And, where do you think that you are going?"

"The bathroom?" Siesta says sheepishly.

"No lewd acts in my home, especially in my nightgown."

She then proceeds to whop the maid on the head with the ladle.


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