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Eyes On You

Bloody Flower


The first time he sees her is at an auction.

Contrary to what most people think, he isn't there for the slaves.

He is a pirate for fuck's sake, he doesn't need to buy one. If he wants one, he could just take one as spoils during a raid, some may even come voluntarily for his looks.


He's here for recruitment. Believe it or not, he finds most of his crew members either from the dumps or auctions he attends on a whim. They are always grateful to be taken in after being "saved" by him, giving him unquestionable loyalty.

Law was considering this auction a waste of time, seeing slave after slave brought out and sold, yet not a single one catching his eye.

"Next is a rare beauty! Entry #18!"

A woman is led to the auction block by the chains around her wrists and neck. She's dressed in a fine silk kimono, her red hair done up in an elaborate style with wisps of hair left down to frame her face, emphasizing the contrast of her pure emerald eyes and rosy white skin.

"Feast your eyes upon this beautiful maiden by the name of Rose! What a lovely name to suit a lovely girl, don't you agree?" There were shouts of approval. "This girl has such addicting silky smooth skin to touch! With her remarkable red hair and stunning green eyes, she would make a wondering addition to your collection! And best of all...she has never been touched! A pure maiden through and through! You could train her however you wish!"

All the males were roaring by now, eager to get their hands on the woman.

Even Law has to admit that she is a thing of beauty, he wouldn't mind having her all to himself, but that wasn't what caught his interest. It is how her eyes, though downcast, are clear and darting from side to side, taking note of all the exits and the number of people.

Right as the bid caller was about to start the sale, her foot lashes out at the one holding her chains. When the chain loosens from the unconscious man's hold, she whirls, smashing the end of her chain at the guard's head. Then she wraps the chain that links her wrists together around the bid caller's neck and yanks, the body slumps, neck twisted at an unnatural angle.

Law wants her. For what he isn't sure yet, but he knows he wants her.

He continues to watch as the rest of the bidders descend into chaos, wailing and screaming, stampeding for the exit.

"Captain...aren't we leaving?"

Law smirks, shaking his head. "Not yet, Bepo."

There is a rush of guards onto the stage but the woman, Rose, charges right at them.

'Why haven't they using the bomb on her neck?' His eyes widen. 'When did she—?'

The clamp isn't even around her neck anymore, instead it's on a guard's who she uses as a shield as she disposes of the others.

When the guards are all taken care of, she glances up, green eyes boring into his. Law sits there, waiting for her to make a move at him, instead the woman turns and runs behind stage. There's a pang of disappointment at that.

"This way." Surprise and amusement immediately replace the disappointment when Law sees her leading the rest of the slaves, all freed from their chains, towards the exit. One of them turns and shrieks when they catch sight of Law and his crew. Rose also turns towards him, her eyes meeting his in a silent challenge. Law simply dips his head marginally, staring at her through half-lidded eyes.

"Don't worry about him." Rose murmurs, "Just do as I said and get out of here. Men, look after the girls. Don't do anything stupid that'll make me have to come after you. Stay safe." With that, she starts walking towards him. They glance between her and Law before running out the door, some even calling out 'thank you' as they leave.

The woman comes to a stop before him. "Any reason why you're still here? You haven't made a move to stop or aid us, so what is it that you want?"

Law waves aside Bepo who had moved in front of him when the woman approached, his stormy grey eyes fixed on her piercing green ones.

He answers honestly, "You." Surprise flickers in her eyes before she closes them and huff.

"Well if you want something from me then you better make it quick. They..." she jerks her head at the pile of men on the stage, "...don't exactly feed us well so I haven't eaten anything decent in a month."

"Why don't you come aboard my ship so we could discuss this over a meal."

He sees her eyes narrow in suspicion before she shrugs, "Sounds good."

Law smirks in satisfaction, she is coming aboard his ship voluntarily. When he stands up to lead her, she suddenly pitches forward in a dead faint, his arms immediately come up to catch her. Why did she—? Did she get hurt?

He is about to lay her down and search for any injuries when a loud growl stops his administration.

"She fainted from hunger, Captain." Bepo supplies helpfully.

Law lets out a sigh before sliding one arm behind her back and the other under her knees, he straightens with her in his arms before turning to his crew.

"We're leaving."



Back on the submarine, Law walks past the infirmary and brings her to his room. He wants her nearby. She's interesting, in more ways than one. What better way to observe her than having her right beside him?

He places her on the bed and briefly considers removing her kimono before quickly deciding against it. Law doesn't need her angry at him before he even gives the recruitment pitch or whatever it is he wants from her.

Drawing the sheets up to cover her, he gives one last lingering look before heading towards the kitchen to get the cook started on dinner.

Law promised her a meal after all.



When Law re-enters his room carrying a tray of food, he comes to a halt at the sight before him. It was true that he asked Bepo earlier to keep an eye on her but that still didn't explain why the woman is currently snuggling—with an arm and leg thrown over—up to a frozen Bepo in his bed.


"C-c-ca-ca-captain!" The polar bear turns pleading eyes towards Law, "Sa-save me!"

Law sets the tray down before muttering, "Room..." A light blue sphere expands across the room. "..shambles."

Bepo is replaced with a pillow that had fallen to the floor. The bear quickly scrambles to his feet and rushes behind Law.

"What happened?" Law turns to ask his first mate.

"Sorry..." The orange-clad bear hangs his head in gloom. "She smelled so sad captain! I was petting her when she suddenly pulled me down. She smelt better afterwards so I didn't dare move captain. Sorry."

Law merely nods in understanding before facing the girl again, he receives another shock when he gets another look.

"Why is she wearing my shirt?"

"Ah...she woke up a while ago and asked to shower. She didn't have any clothes so she took one of yours captain."

Law doesn't know whether to feel irritated that the woman dared to take his shirt without permission or...pleased. She's only clad in a shirt so her long pale legs are displayed for his pleasure.


Bepo answers with an 'aye aye captain' before leaving the room.

Law walks towards the head of the bed and stares down at the figure clutching his pillow.

"How long do you plan on looking?"

"Depends. How long do you plan on sleeping?" He continues to stare at her.

The girl sighs before sitting up, "Sorry I took your clothes without asking."

"It's fine." Law hands her a bowl of soup before sitting down.

Law watches as she starts eating without a care—without even the slightest bit of suspicion that he might be poisoning her.

As if reading his mind she answers, "I'm immune to poison due to certain events, and because of that my blood can either kill or heal someone, depending on my wish."


A Devil Fruit power?

"So what is it you want from me?" She puts down her finished bowl and gives him her full attention.

Law still isn't sure what he wants from her. She is interesting but it isn't only that. If he wants to figure out what it is, Law needs to keep her on his ship so, "Join my crew."


He grits his teeth in annoyance. "I think you misunderstood. That wasn't a request."

"I have no reason to join you."

"If you join my crew, you won't be caught and put up for auction...Virgin-san."

"And I think you've mistaken something. I wasn't just caught, I allowed myself to be caught."

Law scowls, "Don't be ridiculous."

"Ever heard of the Bloody Flower?" She wiggles her fingers at him. "You're looking right at her."

Bloody Flower…

There are whispers of someone going around freeing slaves from auctions and slave owners. A three hundred fifty million beli bounty was set for the Bloody Flower's capture after they freed slaves from a Tenryubito, but since no one was ever able to capture a picture or describe them, a bounty poster was never made. He'd even passed if it off as a false rumor since the Bloody Flower never showed up at the auctions he's been to.

Yet here she is.

Law found this highly amusing, "The Bloody Flower..."

The girl seems to take offense in that. "Hey, it's not like I chose that name. It's the bloody World Government that has no imagination whatsoever...and the auction house's fault too for not figuring it out. I use a flower name every time yet soon as they see my face, all they can think about is the money they can get from selling me."

"So why do you do this...Virgin-ya?"

She glowers, "Stop that. It's Miyako, Miya for short."

Miyako. Beautiful night child.

"Trafalgar Law."

Miyako-ya's eyes shoot over to the tattoos on his hands, then up and down his form before smiling. "Not too shabby looking for the Surgeon of Death."

He's about to call her 'Virgin-ya' again when a knock sounds on his door.


"Captain, the chef wants the bowls back." Bepo's furry head pops in.

"A Mink! You're from the Mink Tribe aren't you?" Miyako-ya stares at Bepo in wonder. "I thought I felt fur in my sleep. It was you wasn't it?"

Bepo immediately hangs his head, "Sorry."

The redhead shakes her head, "No, I was happy. I haven't been to Zou in a while. I freed a couple of Minks a while back and sorta got adopted into the Mink Tribe when I took them home." Seeing Law's interest, she brings out a hairpin from her folded kimono and hands it to him. "We exchanged clothes and all that as well but I didn't bring that with me."

What Law had thought was a simple hairpin, is a bone, intricate designs carved into it and finely sanded, one end sharpened to a fine point.

"The canines gave me a bone but I don't exactly chew bone so I made that instead." The woman makes her way to Bepo and throws her arms around the bear. "I've missed skinship with Minks."

Law wasn't sure he liked that.

He was angry at the sight of the woman hugging his first mate but he couldn't exactly lash out at Bepo. Law knows that Bepo is kind and definitely likes female bears, but that doesn't stop him from cutting off the embrace by shoving the tray of empty bowls at his first mate and shutting the door.

"Not nice." Her bottom lip juts out in a pout, Law finds himself staring at it.

"Join my crew and you could see Bepo all you want."

"Hmmm, not good enough."

Law stands and pulls at a lock of her hair, "Then you'll be staying aboard this ship until you find a good enough reason."

"Only until the next auction."

He gives her a sly smile, quickly snapping one end of the handcuff to her wrist and the other end to the bedpost. "I guess you'll be staying here for a while." He strides out the door.



The girl seems to be a willing enough prisoner. She never screams or complains at being cuffed to his bed. Even when he lays down to sleep, the woman doesn't claim indecency and try to kick him off. Instead, Law always wakes up to find her burrowed into his side or chest.

He doesn't dislike it...but he also doesn't practically like it either.

Is he merely a substitute for Bepo?

When Law is on deck, he has Bepo guarding Virgin-ya so she wouldn't try anything, but when he returns, she's always chatting happily while running her fingers through Bepo's fur.

Her complaints are more along the lines of, "What is your chef feeding Bepo? His fur isn't glossy at all!" or "Your dark circles are getting worse. You aren't getting enough sleep, come to bed."

At first, Law teases her about the invitation to bed, "Aren't you afraid I'll destroy your selling point? Never-been-touched-san?"

She gave a withering look in response. "If I wasn't able to defend myself, I wouldn't be going around messing with auction houses in the first place."

Bepo even came up to him and confessed that he liked her scent. Law would never admit it, but he agrees.

Law is rather used to only getting a few short naps at random points of the day, but with Miyako-ya now attached to his bed, he finds himself heading there to turn in every night. Her scent easily soothing his ragged nerves.

It's nearing the end of the second week when he enters his room to find Miyako-ya dressed in her kimono again, her hand no longer cuffed.

He could only stare in bewilderment as she sketches a bow, "Thank you for your hospitality. See you around." Then she vanishes with a crack.


The bear bursts in through the door and takes up a defensive stance in front of him, beady eyes scanning the room.

"Huh? Captain, where'd she go?"

"Search the ship for her." Bepo salutes and leaves.

Law picks up his folded shirt from the corner of the bed and brings it to his nose, inhaling deeply.

It is the scent he's grown used to...the smell of flowers and snow.

When Bepo reports that no sign of the woman is found, Law already expected it.

But that was fine, he'll find her again. If he has to attend every auction he comes across in order to see her, then so be it.

Next time, he isn't letting her go.

So here it is.

I don't think I've seen a single LawxFemHarry story out there, only ones where Law IS Harry.

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