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Bella - Age five

Bella did not like her tattoo.

Everyone had them. Some of them were very pretty. Gianna Gage's looked like a flower. Eric Yorkie had two diamonds. She would have liked that very much.

Bella supposed her tattoo was pretty enough. It was a vine. The trouble was, it was a very big vine that curled all the way up the inside of her leg. She hadn't thought much of it until she went to school. It was still hot in August. She wore shorts, so everyone could see it, and all the kids made fun. No one had one as big as hers, and it wasn't fair.

She hated her tattoo.

On the playground, she ran away before the girl who had been teasing her could see her crying. She always cried when she was very angry.

"Ah, it's okay."

Bella yelped as a boy from the other kindergarten class hopped down from where he had been up in a tree. He landed beside her and flashed her a big grin. "Katie's kind of mean," he said. "She doesn't like my tattoo either. She says it's too scary. She's just a big fraidy-cat." He turned his leg so she could see his tattoo.

"Oh. It looks like a doggy," she said, delighted.

"My dad says it looks like a wolf howling at the moon. A-woooo." The boy giggled. "So you don't think it's creepy?"

Bella shook her head.

The boy nodded. "My sister said that, when I'm older, girls will think it's very manly."

Bella shrugged. She really didn't know what that meant.

"I'm Jacob, by the way," he said, smiling at her again. "And I think it's cool that your tattoo is so big. I think it looks like it's climbing up your leg."

Bella sniffled, feeling loads better. "My name's Bella."

Edward - Age Fifteen

Edward used to hate his tattoo. When he was young, in grade school, all the kids were jealous. They all thought his tattoo was the coolest thing—a flicker of flame. The girls thought it was beautiful—almost mystical. The boys thought it was wicked-cool.

One boy, Mike Newton, had liked to touch the backs of his legs—for the flame tattoo licked all the way up from his ankle to the back of his knee. Edward thought that kid was kind of creepy.

"Hey, maybe we'll fall in love one day. Then I'll have a flame tattoo too," Mike had said, his eyes all dreamy.

Edward thought he was really, really creepy.

But now, he was revising his opinion. Not on Mike Newton; the kid was still creepy. Tattoos, though. He couldn't really stop thinking about them. It was hard not to, really

Some of their classmates had begun sporting others' tattoos. It was all anyone could talk about. More than that, the lack of a tattoo had become an issue for some couples. Just the other week, Edward had witnessed a hilarious fight between his older brother Emmett and his girlfriend, Heidi. It seemed that despite all the things they did together, Emmett had yet to find her tattoo anywhere on his body.

Really, that had been the funniest part of the argument. Because how could Heidi have known for sure that Emmett didn't have her tattoo somewhere...private? Edward had stored that information away for blackmail use.

It had been kind of sad, though. Heidi had Emmett's tattoo on her arm. That was something she'd screamed at him. She would have to see his mark on her for the rest of her life. That sucked pretty hard.

Anyway, whenever Edward saw Tanya Ivanova talking with a guy, he always wondered if she had his tattoo on her. The thought made him kind of angry. Emmett said he should grow a pair and just talk to her, for fuck's sake. But what did he have to talk about with one of the most popular girls in school?

"Hey, genius. It's not exactly like you're the school pariah," Emmett said, rolling his eyes.

Sure, Edward was popular in his own right, but Tanya…

She had a dragon tattoo. A dragon tattoo would look badass with his flame. Like it was meant to be or something.

Well, maybe someday.

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