"You look like shit, dude," Nino informed his best friend as soon as he stepped out of his car in front of the school. "Did you sleep at all last night?"

Adrien shook his head as he pulled his shoulder bag and a pillow out of the car and shut the door. Seconds later, it pulled away. "No, I-" He yawned widely. "I was too excited. I couldn't sleep, and so I turned the news on and Ladybug was fighting an akuma, so..."

"So you stayed up and watched her," Nino finished. He shook his head. "You're such a fanboy. Couldn't you have recorded the news and watched it after the trip?"

Adrien grinned sheepishly. "Didn't think of that. Besides, I didn't think the fight would go on so long."

Nino groaned. "Dude. You're not going to be any fun to sit next to on the bus ride, are you? You're going to sleep the whole way there."


They piled onto the bus, which was already half-filled despite the early hour. Most of the students had headed for the back of the bus, far from the teachers' watchful eyes. Adrien slid into the second row, stashing his bag under the seat in front of him. His pillow went up against the window and it only took part of a minute for his eyes to droop shut. He already drifted completely off when Nino, already bored, spotted Marinette and Alya headed for the bus. Marinette looked dead on her feet.

"You, too?" Nino asked as soon as the girls climbed onto the bus, headed for the seat in front of the boys. "All right, Alya and I are sitting together, and you two sleepyheads can snooze in the same row."

The fact that Marinette didn't react to that at all was a true indicator of how incredibly tired she really was. Nino guided her into the seat next to Adrien, taking the blanket Alya carried and tossing it over both Adrien and Marinette. When he glanced back a minute later, Marinette was already asleep, curled up against Adrien's side with her cheek squished up against his shoulder.

He took a picture.

"Why was Marinette up so late?" Nino asked Alya as they settled into their own seats in front of their sleeping friends. "Adrien apparently got too caught up in watching Ladybug's fight last night that he forgot that he could just record it and watch it at a normal time."

"She got some really good design ideas and apparently just had to write them down. She even had tape on her dress form, so whatever idea it was must have been a doozy." Alya rolled her eyes. "Honestly, it's a good thing it's not a regular school day. At least they can sleep on the bus."

"I'm so glad I'm not into anything that keeps me up all night. I don't know how either of them even manages." Nino twisted around to look at the sleeping duo again. They had somehow shifted even closer to each other.

He took another picture.

Both he and Alya tensed up as Chloe and Sabrina boarded the bus. Thankfully, the blonde was too busy relaying a story to Sabrina as she passed to notice Adrien and Marinette, and her simpering shadow was too busy hanging on her every word to notice either. They both breathed out sighs of relief as Chloe and Sabrina settled halfway back on the bus, keeping away from both the louder kids in back and the watchful eyes of the teachers on the trip.

At seven thirty on the dot, the teachers climbed on the bus, took a quick head count, and sat down as the bus rumbled to a start.

"I'm excited for the trip," Nino said as the bus wound through the streets of Paris. The sun was just starting to rise higher in the sky. "No regular classes for the day..."

"No homework," Alya chimed in in agreement. "It'll be fabulous."

Nino nodded in fervent agreement.

An hour into the trip, the city had fallen away to suburbs and countryside. Nino and Alya were still chattering away, occasionally glancing back at their friends. Marinette's head was pillowed on Adrien's chest, her hand clutching at his jacket. From the way the blanket sat, it looked like Adrien's arm was probably wrapped around her back.

"You're not going to have any space left on your phone if you take pictures of them the entire way there," Alya joked as Nino snapped a couple more pictures of Marinette and Adrien. "They're cute, though, aren't they?"

"Rest stop in ten minutes, is anyone interested?" Miss Bustier asked loudly. There were several affirmative noises from the students.

"Adrien is such a cuddler, it's ridiculous," Nino said as they glanced over their shoulders again. "And he's clingy when he gets up. I learned that the hard way."

Alya couldn't completely smother the giggles from that particular statement. "Okay, I need to know. Details, please."

"We had a sleepover and fell asleep playing video games. I woke up with Adrien practically on top of me." Nino mock-glared at Alya's snort. "I was traumatized, all right? And when I tried to wake him up, he was acting like I was his teddy bear or something!"

"So what you're saying is that we should wake Mari up first, so she can enjoy the entirety of Adrien's sleepy cuddles?"

Nino laughed at that. "Oh, man, you gotta record that. It'll be great." He glanced over at Alya. "So, is Marinette a cuddler as well? I told you my cuddly Adrien story. You two have had enough sleepovers that you have to have a funny story or two."

Alya rolled her eyes. "Oh, yeah, Marinette's a cuddler all right. And I need my space to sleep. Having too many blankets on top of me bugs me, so imagine what it was like for me to wake up to have a person half on top of me. Mari has a chaise in her room, so I always sleep there whenever we do sleepovers." She got cut off as the bus pulled sharply off the highway, headed for the rest station.

"Tell me I'm not the only one who wants to take advantage of them being dead to the world," Nino said suddenly, turning to Alya. "This opportunity is just too good to pass up."

"What are you thinking?" Alya asked cautiously. "We're not drawing on their faces. The teachers would kill us, and Adrien's photographers would as well. Besides, that's just mean."

"No, no. I was thinking about taking advantage of their tendency to cuddle. What if we moved Marinette into Adrien's lap, then turned Adrien a bit so he's reclining-"

"Oh my god, that would be adorable." They exchanged a fist bump. As the bus slowed to a stop and several students piled out, Madam Mendeleiev close behind, Nino set to work rearranging their friends. Alya hung over the back of the seat taking pictures and giggling as Marinette snuggled up against Adrien. The blond boy's hand curled up over Marinette's hip just as Nino tossed Marinette's blanket back over both of them. Job done, they scooted back to their seats just as students started returning from the bathroom.

"I'm so glad no one has alerted Chloe," Nino whispered as students passed. Most were focused on getting back to their friends and passed by without a glance. While no one in their class would rat them out- with the exception of Chloe and Sabrina- their class had been combined with another for the field trip, and there were more than a couple Adrien Agreste fangirls in the other class. They would positively die of jealousy if they saw the position he and Marinette were in right now.

"We'll be to our destination soon," Miss Bustier announced from the front of the bus as it pulled out onto the highway once again. She glanced at Marinette and Adrien, then at Nino and Alya. "Are Marinette and Adrien still sleeping? Can you two wake them up?"

"It can wait until we've gotten to Normandy," Nino assured her. "Where are we going first? Monet's house? I've been there before; I can start waking them up when we get close."

Miss Bustier nodded and turned around to face the front again. Alya and Nino exchanged a fist bump.

"They might wake up before we get there," Alya said as they glanced at their sleeping friends again. "I mean, the trip takes what? Three hours?"

"They both seemed pretty out of it, though," Nino argued. "I bet they'll still be sound asleep."

As it turned out, Nino was right. Adrien and Marinette were very much out of it as the bus entered Normandy and headed from their first stop. Nino hung over the back of the seat with his phone filming as Alya slid back to rouse their sleeping friends. Marinette had her head pillowed on Adrien's chest again, her fingers snagged in the collar of Adrien's shirt. Alya lifted Marinette's blanket to find that Adrien's arms were wrapped around Marinette, one hand resting on her stomach and the other cupping her shoulder. Alya let Nino get a good view before dropping the blanket again and poking Marinette.

"Marinette, time to get up," Alya singsonged.

There was a pause, then- "No. Already got up today."

"Yes, but you fell asleep again."

"Don't wanna."

"But aren't you uncomfortable right now?" Alya prompted as Marinette tried to burrow deeper into Adrien's chest. Marinette shook her head.

"No, this is cozy and my pillow is warm. I wanna keep it."

Both Alya and Nino laughed at that, waking Marinette up fully just as Adrien started to stir. She let out a squeak of alarm as soon as she saw just who she had been sleeping on and tried to pull away. Adrien immediately tightened his arms, pulling her back onto him while he slowly woke up. Marinette squirmed in his arms, blushing brightly.

"It's too briiiiight," Adrien complained as he woke up, releasing Marinette to cover his eyes. Marinette immediately broke away from him, stumbling into Alya and clutching her blanket. Adrien blinked owlishly at them as he woke up further. "What's going on?"

"We're almost to our first stop," Nino informed his friend. "We thought it was time you got up."

"Yeah, of course." Adrien struggled his way upright. "Um, Nino? Why is your phone pointed at me? Are you filming something?"

Nino snickered. "You're a cute sleeper, especially when you're cuddling with someone who's not me."

It only took seconds for Adrien's brain to wake up enough for him to put the pieces together. His eyes flashed to Marinette as a flush overtook his cheeks. "Nino."

"Don't worry, I got lots of pictures!"