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The next time Nino and Alya struck, the four of them had gone to a beach, accompanied by Nino's parents. It was sunny, it was hot, and the day was absolutely gorgeous. Adrien had bounced excitedly in his seat for the entire drive from Paris, despite how early they had to get up in order to get to the ocean at a reasonable time of day. He had never been to the beach before for the sole purpose of hanging out.

Of course, all the fun started once they got to the beach. Both girls had opted to wear their swimsuits under their clothes, and both Adrien and Nino wore their swim trunks. Nino and Alya stripped as soon as their towels were set up on the ground, tossing shirts and shorts into their bags. Adrien hesitated, glancing around the beach for any lurking fangirls before tugging his shirt off.

Marinette was frozen, her eyes locked on Adrien's bare back as her cheeks heated up. She had expected that Adrien would be in pretty good shape, given all of his activities. She had not been expecting him to be as incredibly fit as he was. Lean muscles crisscrossed his back and ran down his arms, and those legs...

"Girl, close your mouth and stop drooling," Alya hissed, elbowing Marinette until her mouth snapped shut. "Are you taking your shirt and shorts off?"

"I can't just strip in front of-" Marinette waved her hand frantically in Adrien's direction. The boy in question was not helping matters at all by stretching his arms over his head, his muscles standing out in high definition as he rolled his shoulders. Alya snickered.

"Of course you can. You're wearing your swimsuit, right?" Alya pulled out the sunscreen and quickly spread it up and down her arms. Marinette let out a small squeak. Alya took that as an affirmative. "He's not going to judge you or anything."

Adrien turned to watch the girls as he applied sunscreen to his face. Marinette was bright pink, and he wasn't sure if the sun was already getting to her or if Alya was teasing Marinette about something. Marinette was toying with the edge of her shirt nervously as Alya said something. All of a sudden, the dark-haired girl tugged her shirt up over her head and Adrien had to force himself to yank his gaze away so he wouldn't stare. Marinette was just as in shape as he was, and her swimsuit was adorable.

Two minutes later, Adrien looked up to ask Nino for help applying sunscreen to his back, only to find both Nino and Alya missing.

"Oh, he's going to ask Marinette for help," Alya said delightedly as she peered around a bush near the bathroom, camera in hand. She zoomed in, focusing on their friends. Marinette was going steadily redder as she took the bottle of sunscreen from Adrien and started spreading it over his back. "Ooh, you go, girl! Feel up those muscles!"

"Alya!" Nino scolded, laughing despite himself. "You're awful, honestly."

"Oh, come on. Adrien is ripped. Marinette's a lucky girl to be able to run her hands all over that." Alya wriggled her eyebrows at Nino, who only rolled his eyes in response. Alya turned back to her phone, snapping a few pictures so she could tease Marinette later. Her best friend was going even redder as Adrien took the sunscreen back and started running his hands over the exposed expanse of Marinette's back.

Nino snickered. "More blackmail material?"

"You know it."

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the four friends played in the water and swam around, doing more splashing than actual swimming. Marinette was having trouble keeping her eyes off Adrien, who looked impossibly hotter soaking wet and laughing than he did normally.

By the time lunch rolled around, they were all starting to drag. Adrien was the first to nod off on his towel, followed quickly by Marinette. Alya was the first to notice her snoozing friends and her devious grin tipped Nino off. He followed her gaze and grinned as well.

"How deeply asleep do you think they are?" Nino asked, dropping his voice. "Like, if we moved them, would they wake up?"

"Let's give them ten more minutes," Alya suggested. She pulled her sunscreen bottle out of her bag and started covering her legs again. "Weren't they both awake the whole drive down? They're probably exhausted."

"I know Adrien was awake the whole time since he was so excited. I didn't know Marinette was as well."

Alya giggled as she rubbed the sunscreen into her arms. "Marinette was busy watching Adrien be excited. Apparently it was adorable enough to entertain her the whole ride down." She tossed her bottle to Nino. "Screen up. Being in the water makes it wear off faster."

"No thanks, I'm good." Nino tossed the bottle back to Alya. "It just feels so greasy and I already have dark skin, what are the chances I'm going to burn?"

Alya snickered. "I mean, if you really want skin cancer, go ahead and skip the sunscreen. It's no skin off my nose." She dabbed some sunscreen on her face as she spoke.

"I put sunscreen on earlier. I'll be fine."

"Sunscreen can wear off."

Nino made a face. "It was the fancy waterproof stuff. What are you, my mom?"

Alya rolled her eyes at him again. "No, I just didn't want to have to hear your whining for the rest of the trip just because you got a little pink."

"I'm not going to whine."

They shook on it, then glanced at their sleeping friends.

"Do you think they would snuggle in this weather? It's absolutely boiling out," Nino pointed out. "Like, no offense, but I wouldn't want to even sit too close to you right now. I might melt."

"It wouldn't hurt to try! Don't back out on me now." Alya grinned as she watched their friends sleep. Sure, they had gotten Adrien and Marinette to snuggle before and even share a sleeping bag. But it never got old watching Marinette flail when she realized how close she had gotten to Adrien once again, and their half-asleep mumblings were always amusing. Besides, Adrien was still shirtless and Marinette was only wearing her red and black two-piece swimsuit. Alya couldn't resist. The towels that their two friends were laying on were just begging to be dragged closer together.

"I wasn't going to back out." Nino lurched to his feet, tossing the sunscreen back in his bag. "Do you want to move them now?"

"If they ask, we moved the towels so other people would have more space," Alya proposed, getting up in answer to Nino's question. They took hold of Marinette's towel's corners and started tugging it slowly closer to Adrien. Marinette didn't stir at all.

Nino paused to let his gaze slowly cross the mostly-barren beach, raising an eyebrow as he turned back to face Alya. "Yeah, to make space for all of the nonexistent people."

Alya shrugged. "Someone might show up and want space."

"And that meter of sand between Adrien and Marinette was real prime estate." Nino nodded seriously, hiding a grin. "That is the most awful lie you've ever come up with. I hope you know that."

As it turned out, even the heat couldn't keep Marinette and Adrien from instinctively curving closer to each other. Even only fifteen minutes in, Adrien's arm curved around Marinette's back as her head rested on his shoulder and one of her arms draped across his chest.

"You guys should probably apply sunscreen again if you haven't already," Nino's mom called from her spot further up on the beach. "It wears off after a couple of hours, especially if you've been in the water."

"Okay, okay," Nino called back, sighing as he turned back to Alya in defeat. He rolled his eyes as soon as his back was turned on his parents, tossing his phone back in his bag. "It's not like I never burn or anything- oh, wait, that's right. I don't ever burn."

"That's because your parents make you wear sunscreen, stupid." Alya paused, sunscreen bottle in hand as she offered it to Nino. "But I just thought of something. Adrien and Marinette are more likely to get burned than we are."

Nino groaned. "Don't say that we have to wake them up."

"We should..." Alya started, glancing over at her sleeping friends. In her sleep, Marinette made a contented noise and moved closer to Adrien. His hand tightened around her hip.

"They don't look burned yet..." Nino tried, absently wondering just when he'd turned into such a sap. Normally he wouldn't even hesitate to dump a bucket of cold water over his friend to wake him up, but now...

"Marinette usually doesn't even show until after she get out of the sun," Alya said, letting out a sigh. Then she perked up. "But neither of them spent as much time in the water as we did and I think being in the water makes the sun rays more intense... and I know at least Marinette had stronger sunscreen than I do. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Pale Model here had super-strong 'screen."

"Yeah yeah yeah," Nino said quickly, nodding his head almost frantically. "Of course. So they should be good for a bit longer. And they probably won't nap for long, right? They'll be fine for a little longer."

As it turned out, Adrien and Marinette should have put on sunscreen. By the time Alya and Nino woke them up several hours later, their skin was just starting to turn a light pink color.

"I almost don't want to touch them," Alya said as she reached out to shake Marinette awake. Her hand hovered centimeters from her friend's arm. "Sunburns can hurt so much."

"Maybe they can help each other put aloe on," Nino said gleefully. "Did you see the color Marinette turned earlier when Adrien was putting her sunscreen on?"

Alya glanced down at her sleeping friend. Marinette was sleeping mostly on her stomach, meaning that her burn was mostly in places that she wouldn't be able to easily reach by herself. Someone would have to help her. That someone might as well be Adrien. Marinette would probably try to get Alya to help her, but Alya was getting really good at making convenient excuses to push the two of them together whenever possible.

Marinette would forgive her eventually. Probably.

"Are Adrien and Marinette awake yet?" Nino's dad called. He stood by the walkway to the beach, towel over his shoulder and picnic basket in hand. "We need to get going soon."

"We're getting them up," Nino called back. Both Adrien and Marinette stirred at the yell. A second later, they bolted awake and apart with twin loud yelps. Their friends stared in surprise.

"Yowtch," Marinette groaned. She rubbed her eyes before glancing down at herself. "Why does my back hurt so much?"

"And my chest hurts," Adrien grumbled. Marinette glanced over at him and immediately blushed at the sight of his bare chest, the muscles in his stomach clearly defined.

"You might have gotten a bit sunburned," Nino started, before Alya's peal of laughter cut him off. She was standing behind Marinette, snickering loudly as she inspected her friend's burn. "What's so funny, Alya?"

"You can see where Adrien's arm was," Alya got out between loud guffaws. She carefully traced the unburnt section of Marinette's back and side where, sure enough, the outline of an arm and hand showed faintly.

Nino cackled. "Adrien has marks too! Look!" He reached out to point to the fuzzy outline of a head and an arm across Adrien's shoulder and chest. "You two were sleeping on each other for a long time, eh?"

"Funny thing, that," Adrien said dryly, even as Marinette's face flamed up as she realized that she had been sleeping on Adrien's bare chest. "I distinctly remember having a good meter of space between us when we lay down. And now-" he gestured to their towels, side-by-side and even overlapping a little bit "-that space has mysteriously vanished. I don't suppose you know anything about that?" He gave Nino a very clear stink eye.

"No idea, bro. I guess you and Marinette here are just drawn together like magnets, huh?" Nino winked, ignoring Adrien's eye-roll.

The car ride back to their hotel was painful, for Marinette more than Adrien. Since it was Marinette's back that had sunburned, it pressed uncomfortably against both her shirt and the car seat. Adrien was trying to keep his own seatbelt from pressing against his chest.

"We'll stop by the store and pick up some aloe," Nino's mother said, turning in her seat to look back at the four of them. "Put it on before we go to dinner, all right? You should probably reapply before bed as well."

Adrien and Marinette both nodded.

"What's the room situation, Mom?" Nino asked, exchanging a non-too-subtle glance with Alya before he faced his mother again. "How many rooms do we have?"

"Your father and I are in one room, and the four of you are in another. Your room has two bedrooms, but you'll have to double up on beds." Nino's mom grinned at them. "We were lucky to get your room, really. We figured you guys might want to hang out right before bed and you wouldn't want to be wandering around in the hall in your pajamas. Besides, then it lessens the chance that you'll forget your room key and get locked out."

Undoubtedly, Nino's parents meant for the boys to be in one room and the girls in another. Predictably, that didn't happen.

"I propose we put the two sticky people in the same bed," Nino said as soon as they got into their room and his parents had left.

"I second the motion," Alya said immediately.

Adrien groaned. He could have seen that coming a mile away. "Haven't you guys gotten tired of doing this yet? Surely you have enough pictures of us already."

"The aloe will make the sheets sticky, and I don't want to sleep with sticky sheets," Alya immediately claimed, following Nino into their claimed room. "You two had already slept all over each other a zillion times. How is this any different?"

"It's a bed," Marinette muttered under her breath, knowing full well that it wouldn't do any good to complain. Alya and Nino were clearly set on pushing her and Adrien together.

"Well, shall we?" Adrien asked, gesturing to the other bedroom's door. Blushing (not that it was noticeable with her steadily reddening burn), Marinette led the way into the second bedroom and set her bag down.

Thankfully, the bed was a double. In theory, they should be able to share without ending up on top of each other.

Somehow, Marinette suspected that they still wouldn't manage to keep the space between them.

Adrien winced as he pulled a shirt over his sunburn, the fabric rubbing uncomfortably on his tender skin. The pale pink burn from earlier had darkened, and Adrien cringed as he imagined his father's reaction. Thankfully, it seemed that the sunscreen he had applied to his face had lasted longer than the sunscreen over the rest of his body, but he would definitely have to either put off his modelling for a bit or there would have to be a significant amount of Photoshop involved to make his skin look normal.

He had rubbed aloe into his burn, making it feel significantly better, but putting a shirt back on over the tacky residue from the gel just felt weird. Across the room, Marinette was struggling to apply aloe to her own burns. It was easy enough to put the gel on her side, shoulders, and neck, but the burn made it painful to twist around and get most of her back treated.

"I'll help," Adrien volunteered after several seconds of watching Marinette try to twist her arm back far enough to rub the gel in. He took the bottle of aloe before Marinette could protest and started working, beginning at her shoulders and working down. She had kept her swimsuit top on, and Adrien guessed that it was probably because it didn't press against her burned skin. Thankfully for her, it was a very conservative top and it covered a fair amount of skin; unfortunately, the cut of the suit in the back and on the shoulders meant that it probably wouldn't line up very well with a normal bra's straps.

"I really should have remembered to put on sunscreen again before I fell asleep," Marinette grumbled as Adrien worked his way down her back, trying to exert enough pressure to work the gel in but not so much that it would make her burn hurt. "Mom even reminded me about it before I left, because I always forget that water washes the sunscreen off faster."

Adrien laughed. "I definitely should have remembered, but in my defense I tend not to spend a whole lot of time outside. I mean, school is inside, piano lessons are inside, fencing is inside, Chinese lessons are inside unless I can persuade my professor to go outside..."

"Modeling is outside though, right?" Marinette asked as Adrien finished her back and handed the aloe back to her. She started rubbing it into her legs, thankful that her swimsuit bottoms had a short skirt that pushed the burn line down a little bit. "I mean, some are inside but I've seen ones that were outside- I mean-"

"Some are outside," Adrien admitted, trying not to grin as Marinette stumbled over her words. "But I'm rarely in direct sun for long. My photographer always complains about the lighting not being right, and of course no one wants me to burn." He winced down at his very red arms and legs. "Too late for that now. Hopefully I'll actually tan and it won't look too bad."

"Five minutes until we leave for dinner!" Alya called from the other room. "Be decent! You can't wear your swimsuit to dinner!"

"Watch me," Marinette muttered rebelliously, covering the last of her burn in aloe and setting the bottle on the bedside table.

Adrien laughed. "Did you pack any skirts? They wouldn't feel awful against a burn."

"I brought two. Would you like to borrow one?" Marinette asked cheekily, pulling both skirts out of her suitcase and waving them at him. "I think the green one would go well with your eyes."

The model eyed the skirt Marinette held up dubiously. "Thanks, but I think it might come scandalously short on my frame since I'm taller than you are." He snatched the green skirt and held it up to his waist. Sure enough, it ended well before the knee. He handed it back to Marinette as she giggled. "I think my swimsuit and shorts are close enough in length that I should be fine."

Marinette ducked into the bathroom to change as Adrien got ready. She was keeping her swimsuit top on, even though there was some sand stuck in it. Over the top went a soft, flowy shirt that wouldn't press down on her burns too much, and then the green skirt to finish the ensemble. Marinette wished she had had the time to shower before dinner, since her hair was a salty mess, but there was no time. She'd have to fight Adrien for the shower once they got back.

"You guys coming?" Nino called from the main part of the room. "You don't need to try to look too pretty, we're not going anywhere too fancy."

"You mean I brought my best suit for nothing?" Adrien called back as Marinette emerged from the bathroom. He grinned at her and offered his arm. "Shall we?"

As it turned out, there was no need to fight Adrien for the shower. He volunteered to let her go first, since her hair was longer and would take more time to dry.

"I can always try to steal Alya and Nino's shower, too," Adrien pointed out with a shrug when Marinette opened her mouth to- protest? No, she wasn't going to protest him being a gentleman. She was just going to assure him that she wasn't going to take too long, that was all. "I mean, I think Alya showered earlier while we were putting the aloe on and Nino will take five minutes tops. I'll just grab my stuff out of there before you start showering."

Marinette let out a nod of agreement, and soon both of them were showered and salt-free as they could get. Marinette winced as she toweled herself off- hotel towels were not the softest things out there and the aloe she had put on earlier had completely washed off, leaving her skin throbbing. The loose pair of sleep shorts she had packed thankfully didn't rub against the burn, but all of the shirts Marinette had packed did. Even the sleep shirt that Marinette had packed was uncomfortable. It was an old cotton shirt, perfect for travel and normally decently comfortable, but it felt far too rough against her sunburn. If she was in her own room, she might be tempted to sleep topless in her soft sheets, but she didn't have that option here.

Sighing, Marinette pulled her swimsuit top back on. She winced as she adjusted the straps until they were sitting exactly where they had been when she got burned. Finally satisfied that none of the straps were digging into sensitive skin, Marinette stepped back out into the bedroom. Adrien was already dressed for bed- well, partially dressed. He still hadn't put a shirt on.

Marinette tried not to stare too much at Adrien's exposed chest, but gave up within moments as she watched Adrien rub aloe into his sunburn. The paler outline of where Marinette's head and arm had been was well-defined now and looked a bit ridiculous, but it didn't take away from that fact that Adrien was shirtless and oh my god he has awesome abs and his hands looked so. incredibly. sinful. wandering over the bare skin as he rubbed the aloe in.

Marinette was fairly certain that she had managed not to drool. Too much, at least.

"Do you need help rubbing the aloe in again?" Adrien asked, turning around and shoving his hair out of his face. Even without his hair gelled into its normal swoop and a sunburn, he was unfairly hot. "I can do it while my hands are already sticky."

"Y-yeah, that would be good," Marinette managed, offering up her back before she could stammer any more. She had slept on that godlike chest. Gah. Within seconds, Adrien's cool fingers were on her back, rubbing the sticky gel in with little circular motions. Marinette managed not to flinch away from the sensation, doing her best to ignore that it was Adrien Agreste's fingers on her mostly-bare back. She tried to distract herself by working on treating the parts of the sunburn she could reach, like the back of her neck and her legs. It didn't work very well.

"Do you want to borrow my sleep shirt?" Adrien offered as his fingers worked downwards, briefly dipping under Marinette's swimsuit strap before continuing to her lower back. "It's really soft, but it's a bit too small to be comfortable on me with my burn."

Marinette's eyes widened as she tried to turn Adrien down. "But the aloe will get it all sticky! I don't want to ruin your shirt."

"It's old and on the small side. I was about to get rid of it anyway." Adrien finished rubbing the aloe in and reached into his suitcase, pulling out a shirt and offering it to Marinette. When she hesitated, Adrien added, "Besides, sleeping in your swimsuit top can't be comfortable. Just take my shirt, really."

"O- okay," Marinette said, finally reaching out and taking the shirt Adrien was offering. It definitely was soft, and well-worn as well. The pattern in the front was faded, and the collar was starting to wear a little thin. She slipped it on as Adrien ducked into the bathroom to brush his teeth. As soon as she was certain that he wasn't going to suddenly pop back out, she twisted her way out of the swimsuit top and dropped it on top of the desk with the rest of her swimsuit.

"Does the shirt fit?" Adrien called from the bathroom. His voice sounded somewhat muffled, making Marinette suspect that he was speaking through a mouthful of toothpaste foam. There was a spitting sound, and then Adrien spoke again, his voice clearer. "Does it feel all right against the burn?"

"It's perfect, thank you," Marinette called back. The shirt didn't chafe at her burns, though it did stick a little uncomfortably against the aloe residue. She quashed her internal squeal of oh my god I'm wearing Adrien's shirt(it smelled amazing, not that she was sniffing it or anything) and stuck a cookie in her bag for Tikki (there was a quiet, muffled thank-you from her bag) before she perched on the edge of the bed to wait for Adrien.

"I can't believe I'm still tired after sleeping so long this afternoon," Adrien commented as he exited the bathroom, turning the light off behind him. He sat down on the opposite side of the bed and stretched. Marinette tried and failed to ignore it. "We'll probably wake up way before Alya and Nino."

"They slept on the ride down," Marinette reminded him. "We didn't. I'd bet on them waking up first."

"Do you think Alya and Nino have realized that they'll actually have to share a bed?" Adrien asked as they slid under the sheets. He reached over to turn on the bedside light. "I don't think they actually thought about it at all."

"They've been dating for a while, though. Wouldn't they be fine with it?" Marinette lay down, then flipped over onto her stomach with a wince as the burn on her back protested.

Adrien shook his head. "I think they've been really casual about it for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up finding them hanging off opposite sides of the bed." He settled on his back, just like he had been at the beach. "Do you want to just curl up like we were earlier? That way we'll both stay off our burns and we should be less likely to end up on top of each other in some really uncomfortable position."

"I- guess? S-sure." Marinette scooted over until she was right next to Adrien. They fumbled a little in the dark as they maneuvered into place, carefully placing arms and hands so that they wouldn't press against sunburned skin. Marinette's cheek rested against Adrien's chest again, her damp hair falling onto his shoulder. His arm wrapped around her back, his hand resting lightly on her hip. It felt comfortable and not at all awkward.

"Do you think Alya and Nino will ever get bored with setting us up like this?" Adrien's voice cut through the dark air, even though he was talking quietly. He shifted slightly under Marinette's head. "Not that I'm complaining about this at all. I like snuggling and Nino objects to it."

Marinette snorted. "I think they'll get tired of it eventually. I think they like the overreactions when we get up."

"Mmm. We've stopped doing that, I think." Adrien tugged Marinette closer, careful to avoid the worst of her sunburn. "I like sleeping like this. Good night, Mari."

"Night, Adrien."

"Pssst, Mari," Adrien hissed the next morning, giving the still-sleeping girl a light shake. She grumbled at him. "Want to go see how Alya and Nino are doing?"


"Pretty please?"

Marinette cracked open an eye to glare at him. "Why do you care so much?"

Adrien grinned up at her sheepishly. "I want to see if I can get any blackmail on them."

"And if they're sleeping like normal people?"

"Then we'll come back to bed and sleep for a bit longer." Adrien grinned at the disgruntled look on Marinette's face. "And I'll buy you a smoothie later."

Marinette perked up. "Deal."

They slid off the bed ("The back of my knees hurt," Marinette complained) and headed into Nino and Alya's room. There, as Adrien had predicted the night before, were a very awkward-looking Nino and Alya, clearly trying to keep as much space between them as possible. Alya was curled up only inches from her side of the bed, facing away from Nino. It was a miracle that Nino hadn't fallen off his side of the bed, since the boy was hanging partway over the side. A wall of pillows and blankets divided the bed into two.

Adrien was doing a fairly poor job of muffling his snickers. "Oh my god, this is even better than I thought it would be."

"I vote we keep last night's sleeping arrangements tonight as well, just so we can tease them about this."

Adrien grinned at Marinette as he pulled out his phone to take some pictures. "Revenge time?"

"Oh, you know it." Marinette grinned back, hopping up on a chair to get her pictures from the best angle. Adrien steadied her as she straightened, keeping a close eye on the rolling wheels on the bottom of the chair. His hands stayed on her hips (where he knew she wasn't burned) as Marinette first took pictures with her own phone, and then with his. She hopped down, whispering an apology as the chair rolled backward into Adrien. He only shrugged and grinned, his attention going to the pictures on his phone.

"So how should we wake them up?" Adrien asked, pocketing the phone. "Turning the lights on? Noisemakers? Are there any pots and pans in our room?"

Marinette only grinned.

The siren that cut through the air was loud, obnoxious, and was accompanied by poorly concealed cackling from two sunburnt teenagers. Nino let out a shriek as he startled awake and fell onto the floor with a thud. Alya nearly did the same thing on her side of the bed before she caught herself and sat up, glaring at Adrien and Marinette as they silenced the alarm on Adrien's phone.

"Bro, I just fell asleep," Nino complained, climbing back up onto the bed. "Did you really have to do that?"

Adrien smirked. "Of course we did. But what do you mean, you just fell asleep? We went to bed hours ago. Was the bed not comfortable enough for you, or did you just spend all of your time building that lovely blanket wall there?"

"It's almost as if they didn't want to accidentally end up cuddling each other in their sleep!" Marinette exclaimed in false confusion, coming up behind Adrien and staring down their friends. "Funny, I always thought that they would be fond of cuddling, considering how much they like watching us do it."

Adrien nodded enthusiastically, playing along. "Maybe they just need tips on how to do it correctly. First, you need to get rid of the blanket wall." He pointed at it, smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "And you need to actually sleep close to each other, not on far sides of the bed."

Nino's jaw worked wordlessly as he exchanged a slightly panicked glance with Alya.

"At least they have another night to practice," Marinette added on, looping her arm around Adrien's. Their friends looked horrified.

"This is cruel and unusual punishment," Nino whined, sending an imploring look at Adrien and Marinette. "What do you two want?"

Marinette and Adrien smirked in almost disturbing unison.


So, this is the end of the Sleepy Cuddles series! Thank you for reading! :)