…Julia Hoffman! Brian and Susie both smiled at her. Julia then spoke to them.

"Yes, can I help you?" She said them in a suspicious voice.

"Um yes. Our car broke down outside of town and was wondering if we could borrow your phone?" Brian asked her.

"Yes you can. Please come in." She said with a smile on her face.

They entered the Old House, and saw a lot of the same things that the Old House that they knew were here as well. Brian went over to where the phone was, and picked it up and held down the buttons on the phone cradle while pretending to call someone. Susie in the meantime looked at some of the books on the shelf and at the portrait of Barnabas over the fireplace. It looked the same as in their time band, hopefully they will get back and soon!

Brian put the phone down once he was done with the 'phone call', and started to sense something! He saw Julia was about to attack Susie from behind and grabbed her and she turned around to reveal her fangs! Brian wished he had his sword with him, but would make do with what was around! He grabbed to fire pokers and formed a cross from which Julia backed away from! Susie grabbed two candles and formed a cross as well to prevent Julia from escaping as well! Brian then decided to do the only thing he could do was to reveal himself as well! He changed into his vampire half and Julia was shocked to see him holding the fire pokers in a cross form without any harm at all!

Susie then went closer to Julia in hoping that maybe Julia would get closer to Brian so he can either talk to her or possibly destroy her! Julia started to feel her strength starting to fade, but Brian knew that he could not kill her! He changed back to his human self and started to talk to her.

"Listen Julia, I know what you are! You're a vampire, and you need to feed. We're not here to harm you though. We're here to find a way back to our own time band and be back with our friends and family." Brian told Julia in a sympathetic voice.

"Listen to him, he knows what he's talking about." Susie said to Julia.

"How is it that you can hold a cross and not get hurt by it or feel your strength leaving you?" Julia asked Brian.

"It's a long and complicated story Julia. But if you're interested in hearing it, I'll tell you." Brian said with a slight smile on his face.

Julia nodded her head, and the three of them sat down on couch and chairs facing one another. Brian began his life story on who and what he was, and everything he has done so far. Julia had never heard of a Dhamphir before, but now knew of one now. When Brian was finished, Susie went next about her life about living in Ancient Egypt to present day Collinsport, and meeting Brian. Brian blushed a bit at Susie then.

Julia then started her story on who and what she was as well. She told them that she and Barnabas Collins are married and had been since 1795! They had met and married before Barnabas had gone to Martinique to talk about setting up trade routes between Martinique and Collinsport. When Barnabas was in Martinique, a house servant by the name of Angelique Bouchard tried to seduce Barnabas, but he refused her every chance he got!

When it was time for Barnabas to return, Andre du Pres and his family came over with Barnabas to finalize the agreements. Angelique did her best to win Barnabas over, but he refused her again stating that he was in love with his wife, and nothing would ever change that! Angelique vowed that Barnabas would pay dearly for his denial! One night as Angelique was casting spell to put on Barnabas's sister Sarah, both Julia and Barnabas stopped her and had her arrested for witchcraft! On the day that she was to be hung, she had cast a spell on both Barnabas and Julia, and that there was no way to stop it from happening!

The night after she was hung, two vampire bats came in and attacked them! They had died a few days later from the attacks, and were placed in the secret room in the family crypt. The next night, they rose from their coffins and attacked two townspeople for their blood! Joshua Collins found them and went with them to their coffins! He vowed to them that at sunrise he would destroy them so they could finally have peace at last! But when sunrise came, he could not bring himself to destroy his son and daughter-in-law! He had Ben Stokes place a cross to the inside top lid of their coffins, and to chain them up so they could never attack anyone again!

If it wasn't for one Will Loomis, they would have stayed in their coffins for all eternity! But he had unknowingly released them thinking that there might be antiques that could be sent to the museums to be put on display for all to look at! They had first made him into their slave, but soon realized that he was better being a free person to help them or he could leave of his own free will. He decided to stay seeing they needed someone to watch over them during the day. Julia and Barnabas decided to make Will a part of their family, and were glad they did so! Once Julia was done, Brian then asked a question.

"So where's Barnabas now?" Brian asked.

"He and Will went over to Collinwood to see if Roger had changed his mind on helping out the orphanage. It's in need of funding, and Elizabeth if all for it, but Roger hates the idea of helping anyone if it's not to his benefit." Julia explained to them.

"He's no different here than in our time band. I had a hard time with him as well, and he's finally accepting what his son David wants to do with his life once he's done with college." Brian told Julia.

"David and Daniel could be twins." Susie told Julia.

"So Daniel is the same as David in your time band, but with Roger as his father. Poor boy." Julia said with a little bit of laughter coming from her.

Both Brian and Susie joined in the laughter as well. Both Barnabas and Will came in with exhausted looks on their face from dealing with Roger Collins now! They saw they had guesses, and Barnabas looked to Julia for answers. She explained who and what they were. After finishing their stories, everyone sat down and talked some more on what to do next! Both Brian and Susie had on clothes except for the ones on their backs! And the currency issue is what worried the two of them, but Will pulled out some money, and both Brian and Susie were relieved when it was the same type that they use! Brian decided to do something that he should have done before any of this happened!

"Susie, I know that we've had our disagreements at times…" He started to say to her.

"Which I won of course!" She said with a smile on her face.

"Of course." Brian said while winking at her.

Barnabas, Julia and Will knew what Brian was going to do and kept quiet for the time being.

"It's like this Susie. Will you marry me?" Brian asked while getting down on one knee to purpose to her!

"Um, let me think. My answer is…"