June that year after what happened in Parallel Time

After explaining what happened in parallel time to everyone in the Collins family, Brian and Susie had announced their engagement! Everyone was happy for them, including Roger! Brian and Susie decided to keep it an informal for just the members of the family. During this time, Barnabas had finally been cured of the curse that Angelique had placed on him so long ago! Susie had asked if he would be willing to give her away at the wedding. Barnabas was more than willing to do so. Julia was going to be Susie's Maid of Honor while both Maverick and Willie were still deciding on who was going to be Brian's Best Man!

The Drawing Room in Collinwood had been set up for the wedding, and a small reception afterwards. Elizabeth was smiling when she saw how everything turned out because she was a stickler for details on how things should be, even at weddings! She then thought of both Quentin and Maggie had decided to get engaged as well, and smiled at the thought of hopefully there would be little Collins running around here in the near future that she could spoil!

Speaking of Quentin, she saw both he and Roger coming down the stairs with ice bags to their heads because of the Bachelor party they had thrown Brian the night before! She knew that Brian could hold his own when it came to drinking, but these two were amateurs to him, and it showed! She told them that they had better get themselves cleaned up and ready for the wedding! They acknowledged her with a couple of grunts and headed to the kitchen to get some coffee in them! She wondered at times how she had ever become related to the people in the family. The she remembered Brian's conditioned, and wondered that as well since he was cursed as well to be in this family as well!

Susie came down the stair next because she wanted to make sure that Brian didn't see her before the wedding. Elizabeth went over to her and hugged her, and to welcome her into the family. Susie thanked her, and went to get something to eat before going back upstairs to get ready.

A couple of hours later, everyone was gathered into the Drawing Room to witness the wedding of Brian and Susie. It was decided that since both Maverick and Willie were acting like children, that David would be Brian's Best Man! The two of them conceded, and behaved themselves. Barnabas was standing next to Susie to give her away at the proper moment to marry Brian. It was sad in a way that neither he nor Brian could reveal their real relationship as father and son. But he was happy to be here to see his son marry the person that he loves. Barnabas then thought of maybe having a double wedding for when not only for he and Julia, but to include Quentin and Maggie for everyone to enjoy as well!

The wedding ceremony ended with Brian and Susie giving a quick kiss and the Minister announced that they were joined now. The reception was very small and informal with everyone in the Collins family enjoying themselves. Brian and Susie were planning a long Honeymoon to travel a bit around the world. Susie wanted to see her homeland of Egypt to show Brian where it all began for her on the day that she was cursed as well. He suggested to see if there were any descendants that might be alive, but Susie told him as far as she knew, there weren't any. He suggested that they give it a shot anyway just to see. She decided that maybe it was a good idea.

Everyone asked what they were planning to do when they came back. Brian said that they would play it by ear, and see what happens next. He then took Susie by the hand and led her to the car that would take them to the airport, and to see what adventures would await them.

The End?