A/N: The real genre for this story is "sweet, tooth-rotting fluff," but since that's not an official option... I came across a fan art by Leela Starsky about three years ago, and it inspired this whole fic. You can view it here: leelastarsky dot deviantart dot com/art/It-s-a-Girl-31228420 (please let me know if the link doesn't work!). This fic is long for a one-shot but makes very short chapters, so I decided I'd do one update a day for each brother. Enjoy!

15 September, 2001

The Excalibur Hotel Ballroom

Diagon Alley, London

George stood up, tapping his goblet with a fork. "Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please!"

The room filled with Weasleys, Aurors, professional Quidditch players, former Dumbledore's Army members, and Hogwarts professors gradually quieted as everyone turned their attention to the head table, where the wedding party and the bride's immediate family were seated in a long line. George waited until the silence was absolute, until every eye was on him, before lowering his hands.

"Thank you," he said, and sat down—then grinned and stood up again when everyone laughed.

"When Ginny asked me to be Master of Ceremonies for her and Harry's reception, she made me promise not to say anything bad about Harry, but she forgot to include herself." He grinned down at his sister as the guests laughed again. "So, it is with great pleasure, and the assistance of my brilliant eventual sister-in-law, Miss Hermione Granger-Someday-Weasley—" More laughter, mostly at Ron's and Hermione's expressions this time— "that we present a collection of memories of my baby sister, Mrs. Ginevra Molly Weasley Potter." He winked at Harry, who beamed at this first use of Ginny's married name.

"Hermione figured out how to modify a Muggle technology to allow us to record and edit Pensieve memories. What you're about to see is some of our favorite memories of growing up with Gin-Gin." He dodged Ginny's first slap at the use of the childhood nickname, but since he was standing right beside her, she landed the second one.

George cleared his throat and waved his wand. "Nox."

As the room went dark, Hermione pointed a modified remote at a VCR hidden behind a topiary, and with a flicker, writing appeared on the blank white wall behind them: The Day EVERYTHING Changed by Bill Weasley. The guests chuckled and the writing faded to reveal Molly and Arthur's bedroom. A soft murmur swept over the crowd and Hermione smiled. Ron squeezed her shoulder.

A much younger Molly Weasley sat up in bed with her husband beside her and a pink-wrapped bundle in her arms. Bill, Charlie (carrying Ron), Percy, Fred, and George gathered in the doorway.

"It's all right," Molly said. "Come in and meet your new sister."

Bill stopped in his tracks. "Sister? It really is a girl?"

"It's a girl. We've named her Ginevra."

The boys approached the bed slowly, climbing up and surrounding their mother only after repeated reassurances. Molly laid the baby in her lap and unwrapped her for the boys to see.

"She's so tiny," Charlie said. "Smaller than the twins, even."

Percy laid one finger in the baby's palm, and she clutched it tightly. "She's strong," he said in surprise.

"Where's our brother?" Fred demanded, arms crossed. "You said we were getting another brother. Where is he?"

"We said you would have a new brother or sister," Arthur said. "This time, you have a little sister. Would you like to hold her?"

Fred's arms remained stubbornly crossed but George held his out, and Arthur carefully transferred the baby to him.

"Hi, Ginver."


"Hi, Gin-vra."


George's little face creased into a frown.

Fred put a hand on his twin's shoulder and leaned over the baby. "Hi, Gin-Gin. I'm your brother Fred. That's George."

Ginny gasped and leaned towards George. "Why didn't you ever tell me it was Fred who came up with that name?"

George smiled at her but said nothing.

Ginny was passed from brother to brother, finally ending up in Bill's arms, where she started to fuss. He bounced her gently and she calmed, sucking on one tiny fist. Ron had been following her progress around the bed and crawled up Bill's legs for a closer look.

"See, Ronnie?" Bill said, turning the baby towards the toddler. "It's your turn to be a big brother now. This is your baby sister."

"Thith-ter?" Ron said hesitantly. This was obviously a new word in his vocabulary.

"It's what you call a girl brother," Percy informed him.

The guests, and the wedding party, laughed.

Ron patted the baby on the chest. "Hi, Gin-Gin. Luv you."

As everyone "awww'd," Ginny looked past Harry to Ron, whose ears were red but who was smiling at her. "Love you too," she mouthed as the bedroom scene faded away.

The Day My Baby Brother Became a Big Brother by Bill Weasley

Ron and Ginny trailed behind their brothers as the seven children walked down a Muggle street. The older boys talked and carried on, paying no attention to the preschoolers, both of whom were sucking happily on sweets. As they passed a playground, a boy stepped forward and bumped Ginny, sending her fistful of peppermints flying.

"Tha's mine!" Ginny said, scrambling after the boy's friends, who were pocketing the sweets. One of them gave her a hard shove, sending her toppling into the dirt.

"Oi!" Ron said angrily, squaring off with the boy nearly twice his size. "That's my baby sister!"

Ginny picked herself up and stood beside Ron. "Mine," she said, pointing to the boy's pocket. "Give them back!"

"Who's gonna make me?" the boy sneered. "A ginger runt like you?"

"BILL!" Ron bellowed, his protective stance unchanging. "CHARLIE!"

Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, and George came barreling down the street.

"What did you do to my brother and sister?" Bill demanded.

"He knocked Ginny's sweets out of her hand—" Ron pointed at the offending boy, hanging back at the arrival of three boys older than all of them— "and he knocked Ginny down."

"My sweets, Bill," Ginny said, pointing at the bully's pocket again. "Mine!"

"Give them back." Charlie crossed his arms over his chest.

"What are you, seven?" Bill said as the boy held the mints out to Ginny. "She's just a baby! Pick on somebody your own size next time."

Ginny blew a raspberry as the boys ran off.

"C'mere, Gin-Gin," Percy said, kneeling down on the pavement.

Ginny ran over to him as Bill reached down and ruffled Ron's hair.

"Well done, Ronnie."

Ron's face shone with pride. Ginny had climbed up to sit on Percy's shoulders with a new peppermint in her mouth and one sticky hand on Percy's forehead for balance.

"Ron too," she said, and Charlie lifted Ron to his shoulders, walking beside Percy so Ginny and Ron could trade sweets as the children walked back home.

"Do you remember that?" Harry said to Ginny.

"Not at all," she said, bemused. "Ron?"

He shook his head. "Me neither."