I Should Have Listened to My Little Sister (There, I Said It) by Ron Weasley

The scarlet background faded and Ron's room appeared. Pigwidgeon gnawed on an owl nut on top of the dresser, and Ron and Ginny sat in the floor on either side of a chessboard in the space usually occupied by Harry's camp bed.

"Hermione wrote me about the trip she took with her parents, but she didn't say when she was coming here," Ginny said. "I hope it's soon."

"Fifty-eight hours and thirteen minutes," Ron said, then flushed bright red. "Er, I mean Thursday."

In the ballroom, Hermione turned to Ron. "I used to count down the time too," she said, and they exchanged a smile.

Ginny raised one eyebrow. "That's three days before Harry."

"Is it?"

"You do know when your best mate is arriving, yeah? The one who's actually going to be staying in this pigsty you call a room?" She wrinkled her nose and nudged a pile of dirty laundry with one foot.

"Course I do. It's your move."

Ginny waved a pawn forward. "Wonder why that is."

"Why what is?" Ron studied the chessboard, avoiding his sister's gaze.

"Hermione. Wonder why she's coming three days before Harry. I told her Dumbledore said Sunday."

"No idea," Ron said, advancing his knight.

Ginny sighed and flipped her hair behind her shoulder. "She did mention helping me revise for O.W.L.s this year. Maybe she wants to get an early start."

"That's probably it."

Pig fluttered down onto the windowsill, and Ginny fed him another owl nut from her pocket.

"Or it could be because she wants to spend time with you without Harry, you daft git."

"We are friends," Ron said defensively.

"You should ask her to Hogsmeade."

"On Thursday?"

Ginny rolled her eyes. "No, you idiot, once we get to school. When the notices go up, you should ask her to go to Hogsmeade with you. She'd like that."

"We always go to Hogsmeade together."

"Yeah, with Harry. That's not what I meant and you know it."

Ron looked his sister in the face for the first time since Hermione's name was mentioned. "Is this a plot to get Harry on his own so you can go with him?"

"It's not a plot at all. It's advice from someone who knows what Hermione says about you when you're not around." Ginny shrugged. "But if you're not interested, that's okay." She ignored the jeering of Ron's queen and made a play.

Several moves passed in silence.

"What does she say?"

"I'm not telling."

Ron flung a captured pawn at her, which Ginny caught in one hand.

"Thanks a lot," he said.

"I won't repeat what she's said to me in confidence, but I do think you should ask her out. What does that tell you, eh?" Seeing she was going to lose, Ginny tipped her king over and leaned back on both hands.

"She deserves someone better. Someone smarter." Ron pulled over the box and began packing the chess pieces away.

"Like who? And don't say Harry. She's not coming three days early to see him."

Ron shrugged.

"So, Hermione's too good for you and no one else is good enough for her. That's stupid, Ron."

"If you're just going to insult me, then get out."

Ginny sighed and passed him the folded chessboard. "I'm just saying … you may think you're not good enough, but Hermione's chosen you. And she's the smartest person I know. Think about that, why don't you."

She stood and left the room, leaving Ron gaping after her.

"See, Hermione? I tried," Ginny said as the screen faded.

"So did I," Harry said. "He wouldn't listen to me, either."

"We needed to do it on our own, that's all," Hermione said.

"You're both bloody stubborn, is all," Harry retorted.

Sisters Are the Best Cheerleaders by Ron Weasley

Ron gave the Fat Lady the password and climbed into the Gryffindor Common Room, careful not to knock his broomstick against the frame.

"Where have you been?" Ginny popped out of an armchair that had hidden her small figure completely.

Ron jumped. "Bloody hell, Ginny!"

She crossed her arms. "So? Where have you been?"

"None of your business." Ron brushed by her.

"Tell me where you've been or I'll tell Hermione you're meeting a girl."

He turned. "It's not a girl!"

"I know that, but Hermione won't." She eyed the broomstick in his hand. "Have you been practicing Quidditch?"

"No, Divination," Ron said. "It helps me connect with my inner eye, flying by moonlight."

"Are you going to try out for Keeper now that Oliver's gone?" Ginny said with interest.


"Which position? Keeper?"

"I was thinking about it, yeah," Ron said gruffly. "Charlie and the twins used to—"

"I remember. You weren't bad. Want some help?"


"Do you want some help?" she repeated. "Someone to throw Quaffles at you so you can practice blocking them?"

"You can't fly."

"I can too. Just because you lot never let me play with you doesn't mean I don't know how. At the very least, I can charm the Quaffle for you."

"I can do that myself," Ron said, turning towards the stairs again.

"I won't tell Harry. Or Hermione. If you decide not to try out, I won't tell anyone."

He stopped.

"Tomorrow, while everyone's at dinner?" Ginny said.

"All right," Ron said after a moment. "Harry has detention at five. Meet me on the pitch?"

"I'll be there."

The scene changed and became a montage of practices. Ron and Ginny flying at dusk, she darting in every direction and throwing Quaffles by hand. Ron and Ginny flying in the rain, their robes plastered to them and Ginny charming the Quaffle because it was too wet to grasp. Ginny cheering when he made a good save. Ron teasing her as they walked back to the castle. Ginny making up a believable excuse when they met Fred and George in the hallway. Ginny lying to Hermione when she asked her to go to the library. A small, red blob in the crowd at try-outs, jumping and waving her arms and whistling with every catch Ron made. And finally, the week of the Slytherin match, a mysterious malady among various heckling Slytherins in which their nasal mucus transformed to take flight and beat them about the head and face.

"He talks about you all the time," Harry said to Ginny. "He always has. I swear, I knew more about you before I came to the Burrow that first time than any of your brothers."

"Hogwarts was the first time we'd ever been separated," Ginny said. "Being friends with Ron was a requirement for your position, you know. I'd never exclude him from my life."

"Lucky for me I ticked that box early, then," Harry said, and leaned in and kissed her.

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