Hey so lately i've been really into tmnt and I just love how protective Raph is Is over Mikey, so I thought of this. (This is my first fanfic XD) plz plz plz review! And enjoy...

Mikey woke up just like any other day and put on his mask - still half asleep. He flopped out of bed and rubbed his eyes whilst yawning. He could here voices coming from the kitchen down stairs, then he heard Raph screaming his name, "MIKEY! GET YOUR SHELL DOWN HERE AND MAKE US BREAKFAST!"

Mikey opened the door, eyes still half shut, it normally took about 20 minuets or so before he properly woke up. He walked down stairs, posture like a zombie and didn't even notice Leo heading his way, before he walked right into him, "whoa! Um s-sorry Leo! I was just walkin and um heh oops" Leo huffed and barged passed him to head up the stairs, " ugh whatever Michelangelo just stay outta my way".

Mikey furrowed his eyebrows, " Leo, dude, what's up?"

Leo turned on his heels, a face like thunder, "what's up!? WHATS UP!? You Mikey! That's what's up! You're constantly messing things up!"

Mikey took a step back slightly wounded by his brother's words, it wasn't like Leo to explode at him, he was used to it from Raph but that's Raph! "L-Leo I- I'm s-sorry bro, I wasn't fully awake, I didn't mean to bump into you" Mikey stuttered.

Leo just scowled and looked at him in disgust, " I'm not talking about that!" Leo began moving closer to Mikey until he was towering over him, " I mean every day! Every time we get into a fight! Or training! Or anything you ever do EVER! You never treat things seriously! LIFE ISNT A GAME MIKE!"

Mikey started to feel tears burn in his eyes and let his mouth fall open slightly as Leo continued his rant, " ONE DAY YOU'RE GONNA GET US ALL KILLED! WHY WONT YOU JUST GROW UP!? I'M SO SICK OF IT! IM SO SICK OF YOU! Raph is strong , Don is smart, I am the leader and then there

Is you! You are just a liability! An accident waiting to happen!"

Mikey couldn't take it anymore and let his tears spill over the edge and trickle down his cheeks whilst his lip quivered, "l-Leo p-please s-stop! You don't mean it you're just angry" Leo shoved him forwards roughly, almost sending him flying down the stairs, "NO MIKEY! I do mean it! I Hate you! I wish you were never born! Never bought into this family! YOU SHAME THE HAMATO NAME! We'd all be better off without you! Raph! Donnie! Splinter! We'd all be better off if YOU DIDNT EXIST!" Leo couldn't control himself anymore and threw a right hook straight at Mikey's jaw, sending him falling down the stairs.

Suddenly Raph and Donnie came running in after hearing the bangs of a shell thumping down the stairs. Leo quickly ran down after Mikey and pulled him to his feet along with Raph. "Mikey, what happened!?" asked the purple masked turtle.

"I-I was just w-walking down stairs and and-" before he could continue his story he felt Leo's hand dig into his arm and then Leo jumped in, "yeah and then walked right into me and fell right down the stairs! Are you okay Mikey?"

Mikey looked up at him with confused and frightened eyes. Leo looked down at him a fake concerned look on his face but Mikey could see the hatred and the warning in his dagger - like - eyes . "Yeah" Mikey mumbled, "that".

Donnie shrugged, "well um okay, anything hurt?" Mikey shook his head, "no I'm fine, honest" he planted the realist smile he could muster on his face. Donnie stared at him for a bit longer but bought his act, "okay Mike, but you should really be more careful" Mikey nodded, "will do Don". On that note Donnie walked back into the kitchen.

Raph then stood in front of him, only pure concern on his face, "Mikey, are you sure you're okay? If you're not you can talk to us you know? You seem a little...off" Mikey gasped a little as Leo's nails dug further into the skin of his arm, "yeah, yeah I'm fine Raph!" The words seemed so rushed to Raph, he narrowed his eyes and put a hand on Mikey's shoulder, "as long as you're sure" Raph turned away and walked to the kitchen,his voice showing that he wasn't buying Mikey's act in the slightest.

Now Mikey was left alone with Leo once again and once Leo was sure nobody else was there he put his forearm up against Mikey's throat and pushed him into the wall, Mikey's feet leaving the floor.

Mikey tried to pull Leo's arm from him, trying desperately to get oxygen into his system, "l-Leo" was all he could manage in a horse voice.

Leo just pushed Mikey harder into the wall, " if you tell anyone about anything, they won't believe you and I'll make sure of it that you'll never be able to speak again...you are no brother of mine! Stay away from me!"

Leo released his hold and walked into the kitchen like nothing happened. Mikey fell to the floor, stunned by horror, shock and confusion, why did Leo hate him so much? And how was he supposed to keep it to himself? Normally he'd go to splinter if something was upsetting him, but he couldn't, splinter had went away for a couple of weeks, nobody knew why, something to do with 'the ancient one' or something. But when he was gone, Leo was in charge. And he couldn't talk to Casey or April, they went to the farm house with their families for who knows how long!? Leo never left Donnie's side these days, so he was out of the question. And Raph...Raph wouldn't believe him...would he? Well, he did look concerned before...but...no! Mikey was too scared, what if Leo found out that he told someone!? He threw him down the stairs just for bumping into him!

Hey, maybe it was just a one off! Mikey thought, maybe he'll come around and apologise later on, that's what Raph always did.


The day went on normally, accept Mikey kept a bit more distance between him and Leo, when it came to dinner Mikey sat opposite him, not by choice of cause, but it was the only seat left. He ate his pizza normally and Leo didn't look at him weirdly or anything so Mikey figured it was okay.

After tea Mikey went in his room to get a comic book whilst Raph pounded his punching bag and Donnie hid away in his lab, and Leo continued his training...or so he thought.

The light that shone into Mikey's room through the door way was cut off by a really pissed Leonardo, as soon as Mikey saw the threatening figure in his door way he backed away slowly to the corner of the room, Leo edging his way closer to him, his hands bawled into fists and a steal frown on his face, " I thought I told you to KEEP AWAY FROM ME!"


The first blow struck him at the side of his face

"LEO! STOP! Please!" Mikey begged

But he didn't. The blows just kept coming, each one just as hard as the last, until finally Leo ran out of steam and walked back out of he room

Mikey lay still curled up in a ball in the conner of he room, his whole body trembling in fear and pain. He didn't move for the rest of the night, just stayed in that spot sobbing silently, every harsh word Leo spat at him replaying in his mind, each letter taken to heart. He was just an accident waiting to happen.