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The kiss came so fast that he was dazed by it. So unexpected, Pyrrha Nikos, his gorgeous partner who happened to be a four time Minstral tournament champion, a celebrity, she who was so far out of his league that he was surprised she even became his friend, just kissed him. Him, the inexperienced kid who cheated his way into beacon and probably only got to be team leader because of blind luck.

Washed away were all the protests on his lips about her plan to confront Cinder. Gone were all his worries and pains. For that moment, he was in bliss.

But all that is good must end. Suddenly Pyrrha pulled out of the kiss. A happy but hard look on her face.

"I'm sorry."

I got a second to be confused before she pushed me away. Right into a metal box.


She shut the lid on the box with her semblance. Making me realize where I was pushed into. A rocket locker. Immediately I understand her plan. She will rocket me away and fight Cinder alone.

"Wait. Stop. Stop. Pyrrha, please don't do this."

My pleas fell on deaf ears. She just typed in the destination of the rocket locker and took a long, loving, look at me before triggering the launch sequence of the locker.

The contraption took off at a fast pace, pushing me down on my knees. The sheer pressure of being inside a rocket threatened to kill me, and probably would have, if not for my aura.

The trip was a rather short one, lasting only half a minute at most. But when it's a rocket you are traveling on, half a minute could mean miles and miles of distance between you and your starting point. I realized that as the pod slammed into the ground and ejected me into a neighborhood that I knew was on the other side of Vale from Beacon.

The pod door opened automatically and I fell into a pile on the ground. I found strength within me to get up and moving despite everything that had happened in the last hour or so.

My first priority was to look around for any grimm, if I was going to help Pyrrha I needed to be alive myself.

After making sure that there were no Grimm in my vicinity I pulled out my scroll and dialed the first person that came to my mind and who I knew were still at Beacon. Weiss.

The scroll rang only for a couple of moments before she picked up.

"Where are you?" Came the worried voice of Weiss

I ignored her question entirely. Pyrrha was my main concern, damnit.

"Weiss, please, you have to stop her."


"Pyrrha, she's going after that woman…. At the top of the tower. She doesn't stand a chance."

She paused for a few seconds, probably trying to make sense of his rambling.

"Jaune, what are you talking about? Where are you?"

She was in danger, not him. And they were worried about HIM?

"Don't worry about me!... Please. You have to save Pyrrha!"

I devolved into slight sobbing.

"We will. Are you okay?"

I stared at the scroll for a moment. Incredulously looking at it. Pyrrha was in danger, and they were not acting? The tears I had shed moments ago were forgotten, the rage inside of me was released. I threw the scroll down in rage. Shattering it.

I collapsed to the ground, devolving into crying again now that some of my rage had dissipated. I meant what I said, Cinder was too powerful. Pyrrha had no chance. But I couldn't dwell on that. Even if the chance for her to succeed was miniscule, I couldn't give up. So I got up and collected the weapons I had dropped in my despair.

Despite being driven by my anger, a logical part of my brain still had some power over my body. So when I wanted to get up and start running towards Beacon my mind had enough power to belay that action.

I needed to calm down, hasty actions now could cost a lot later. I thought of the one thing that was guaranteed to bring back calm to me, the kiss and what it had meant. Was it real and meant as a testimony of her love or was it to distract me so that she could push me into that locker she had showed me into… the locker….. The locker had been launched before, judging by the crater where it stood in when I was shoved into it.

Suddenly it felt like a light had been lighted in my darkened mind. The idea was so crazy, so stupid that I don't think anyone has done anything like it before. But I didn't care, it was for Pyrrha, and I was ready to go anywhere and do anything for her.

I scrambled over to the control panel of the pod. The access code was still active. Good. The fuel gauge was still over half full. Perfect.

The only problem would be getting the coordinates for the tower. Goddammit, and I just destroyed my scroll so I could not look them up on the map.

I started to scan the UI of the thing, looking for anything and everything that could help me get back to Pyrrha. It was during that frantic search that a button caught my eye. It was the return button. It was generally used to return the pod to its last location, usually Beacon itself, to have the school resupply it and then have the pod relaunched to the hunter/huntress who needed it. But now it would be used to get me to Pyrrha.

I clicked it and it gave me a message on the interface.

Do you wish to return pod to last position. Y/N

Below the text was a line of coordinates that made me thank my old geography teacher who had made me learn how to read them and how to input them. I needed to change the coordinates a bit to land where I wanted, but still, it was better than nothing.

Pyrrha and I had exited the tower to the south. So a small modification to the North coordinates should get me on the tower itself with some luck.

I tapped the last position bit that allowed me to change the destination and changed them to land a bit more north. With the coordinates modified, I could only get in and pray that my guess was correct.

Now I needed to figure out how to activate the pod from the inside. Or have someone else activate it for me.

Seeing as there was nobody around, the second option was out, so I needed to figure out how to trigger the launch from the inside. The touchscreen on the panel only reacted to certain things, a human hand being one of them.

The button was on the top right corner of the screen, and it was rather close to one of the holes in the door.

At that I sighed. I had a decision to make, I either took more time to find a better way, or I climbed into the pod and locked myself into it with no way to get out if I don't manage to reach the button.

In the end, I knew the correct choice. I had to go. I had to go NOW. Every second I wasted could mean Pyrrhas death.

So I got into the pod and closed the door behind me. Hearing it's locks click into place.

No going back now.

I snaked my hand through the hole, trying to reach the panel. I was so close. I could feel the tip of my middle finger touching the edge of it. Just a bit more. I pushed so hard that my hand actually started to move forward. I ignored the pain that crept up my arm as the metal ate through the skin on my hand and dug into muscle and blood vessels. Finally, as the blood started to flow freely from my hand, I reached where the return button was on the screen and jammed my finger on it.

The chime that came from the pod, signaling the launch, was music to my ears. Along with the sound of the pod taking off.

I wrenched my hand from the hole, noting how my aura was healing it and stopping the bleeding.

The now familiar feeling of being pressed to the bottom of the pod was not as frightening as it was before. Although I had the pressure keeping me down, it still couldn't stop me from drawing my sword and readying my scabbard shield for deployment.

The flight only lasted a fraction of a second longer than before, not usually a noticeable amount of time, but one that I felt as the pod finally impacted the top of Ozpins tower.


The locks disengaged automatically, releasing me from the pod and revealing to me a scary sight. Pyrrha, on the ground and on her knees before Cinder. Her weapon and shield out of her reach and hope gone from her eyes. The only thing left in her was pure defiance that turned into fear as soon as she understood who the crazy person who rocketed in was.

Cinder was in the middle of forming a bow out of nothing. Her concentration now split between three sources, forming her bow, Pyrrha and me.

Both of them were shocked at my entrance, so I did what Pyrrha taught me to do in a situation like this. I took advantage of it.

Taking off in a sprint towards Cinder, all exhaustion gone from my body, replaced with pure adrenaline, I unfolded my shield and rammed her, hard.

She tried to move out of my way but was too slow, catching my shield with her face. She went flying, flipping head first into a pillar that somehow still stood in the ruined remains of Ozpins office.

She was dazed for only a moment, too short of a time for me to keep capitalizing on my advantage. She snapped up her now fully formed bow and in a split second had formed an arrow and was drawing it back.

That moment she took to aim gave me enough time to turtle behind my shield and cover Pyrrha as well as me with it.


The arrow impacted on my shield, throwing me off balance and heating up my shield.

I regained my stance, knowing that moving would expose both me and Pyrrha to her arrows.

As I held my ground Pyrrha was behind me. Staring at me with shock written all over her face.

"Jaune? What are you doing here? You are suppose to be safe at Vale."


Another arrow impacted my shield, but now that I knew how hard it would hit it didn't stagger me as much and I was able to hold my ground.

"A little busy here Pyrrha."


Another arrow hit my shield, but this time it didn't fall to the ground. I had a moment to be confused before something exploded on my shield and threw me over Pyrrha and into the low part of the wall that was still standing.

As I flew through the air I saw Ruby landing on a ledge that was once the balcony. Then I hit the wall and everything went blurry for a second. Once sharp shapes turning into splashes of color in my eyes.

I had barely slid to the ground when a piercing pain shot through my chest. I gasped for breath, trying to get some air into my lungs. I opened my eyes to see clearly once again. What greeted me was a shaft sticking from my chest, having pierced my chestplate with ease but slowing down for it.

The pain triggered another wave of adrenaline to shoot through my body and I started to get up again, ignoring the pain it caused me, only for another black shaft to pierce my ribcage and push me down again.

I felt tired, too tired to attempt getting up again. I let myself limp, feeling the pain course through my chest and strength leaving my body.

I could hear two screams. One filled with anger and sorrow. The other with pure rage.

Then it all went white as a flash and a single voice drowned out everything else.

The whiteness lasted but a few seconds before I faded into darkness.