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He had enough! After everything that happened those past weeks he was done. He felt numb sitting here on his bed at the Dursley's and staring at the wall. He was lost in thought. After being back in Privet Drive for just one week, he had come to the decision that he couldn't continue like this.

He had been barely eating due to still mourning for his godfather. Sirius Black had died merely two weeks earlier and Harry knew it was his own fault. He had spent the past two weeks sitting or lying staring into nothingness only two thoughts in his head. It was his fault that he lost his godfather and that he was done with it all.

Sighing loudly, he rolled over to lie on his back. He now starred at the ceiling. His eyes followed a small spider that hung from the ceiling. After lying like this for a couple of minutes he sat back up. He sighed again. He really was done with it all, but rotting here at the Dursley's wasn't going to help him one bit. No. After two weeks in which the world seemed to stay still it was time that something was changed. If he continued like this he would follow his guardian sooner rather than later and even if he longed to be back together with Sirius, Harry knew he had a responsibility to the people that cared for him. Namely his two best friends in the world: Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. He couldn't just bail on them now. Not after everything they went through together. They had been with him from his first year at Hogwarts even though he had given them plenty of opportunities to back out. After all this was his battle and not theirs. The prophecy had made him the "Chosen One" and therefore he was the only one who had to fight in this war. But Ron and Hermione had always been there. Right beside him. Even two weeks ago when they had accompanied him to the Ministry to free Sirius.

Harry groaned loudly.

What if he had just listened to Hermione. She had said that this was just a trap after all. Maybe Sirius would still be alive then.

Punching his fist at the wall he groaned again when the pain registered in his brain. Blood was forming on his knuckles where they had come in contact with the solid wall. It felt oddly good. For just some seconds the pain of Sirius' death had been replaced by the throbbing pain coming from his fingers. Looking at his hand he sighed again. No this wasn't helping in the slightest.

He stood up. He wanted to do something. Just anything really that would keep his mind of the prophecy and his godfather. But as usually there was nothing to do in Privet Drive. He thought about going out for a bit but he had promised to stay in the house for his own safety. He was a prisoner again. Just like last year. His temper flared. It felt good. And he came to a quick decision that he was not having it.

Crossing the room to his trunk he started tossing all his belongings in. He decided that this was going to be the end of his imprisonment with his relatives. He was leaving for good and not even Dumbledore could force him to go back here.

He was packed within minutes, since he hadn't really unpacked anyways. He had put his wand in his jeans pocket and pushed his father's cloak under his jumper.

Now what? Ever since he had started packing he had wondered where he would run off to. Certainly not Grimauld Place, just thinking of this place made him sick. The Burrow? That sounded good. But he would probably endanger everyone there just with his presence. And since the Weasleys had always treated him as a part of their family he was not going to be so ungrateful. No. But where else could he go? He didn't have any other home. Well aside from Hogwarts. But students weren't allowed to be there during the summers. Then again Dumbledore would be there and he could tell him that he was done with hiding. He was ready to fight! Yes, Hogwarts would be the place to go. And the wards there where one of the best in whole Britain.

His mind set he marched over to Hedwig telling her to meet him in Hogwarts. He opened the window and let her fly out in the already darkening sky. Closing the window again he grabbed the trunk and Hedwig's cage and without another glance back he left the room.

The trunk thudded down the stairs as he dragged it downstairs. His uncle came stomping out of the living room, red-faced and yelling at Harry: "What on earth do you think you are doing?!"

Harry just looked at him and turned around for the door. "Answer me!" his uncle bellowed.

Harry slowly turned back around. "What does it look like? I am leaving. For good."

"You are what?" his uncle stuttered wide-eyed. Behind him Petunia and Dudley came out of the living room as well.

"What is the meaning of this?" Harry's aunt asked.

"Yes" Dudley chirped in, "What are you doing Harry?" Ever since last summer Dudley had become sort of nice to Harry. Apparently the Dementor attack had had a greater effect on him.

"I am leaving" Harry said again. "I am sure you are happy to have your room back, Dudley." He looked at the shocked faces and then chuckled slightly. "You know, I always guessed you would be over the moon the day you would finally get rid of me for good."

He turned back towards the door and opened it. He stepped through and turned to close the door. He had one last glance at the Dursleys and their flabbergasted faces. "Bye" he muttered and then pulled the door shut. He then proceeded down the street. After walking for a bit he deemed it save to summon the Knights bus.

Seconds later the noisy bus came to a stop in front of him. Stan Shunpike leaned out on the back and grinned at Harry. "Thought it would be you, Neville."

Harry huffed a bit at that, after all the joke was a bit old. But then again no one had to know Harry Potter was traveling with the Knights bus. He boarded the bus and paid Stan to take him to Hogsmeade. Then he proceeded to sit down on a bed further down to not have to talk with Stan. He really wasn't in the mood to talk at all. The bus continued its route and suddenly they were driving down a street in London. Harry was pushed into a lying position on his bed. He decided there really wasn't much point in sitting up so remained lying.

About 20 minutes later Harry hopped off the bus with his belongings. He had made it to Hogsmeade. Now he only had to walk up to the castle. For good measure he put the invisibility cloak over himself. Then he shrunk his trunk and Hedwig's cage to fit in his pocket. He was fairly sure no one was able to tell an under-aged wizard had performed magic here. After all, Hogsmeade was the only wizard village in Britain and Hogwarts was close by as well.

He started the familiar trek up to the school gates. While walking he kept glancing around for possible attackers but everything was quiet. After ten minutes under the cloak on the upwards going path he felt his skin become clammy from sweating. He sighed a bit. Apparently sitting around not moving hadn't really improved his fitness. He would have to do something about that. But one thing at a time.

After a couple of more minutes he was happy to see the familiar gates in the distance. Finally, he arrived at the gates, panting slightly. He paused a bit to get his breathing on a normal level again. While he stood there he began to wonder if he could even enter. After all the gates could be locked. Come to think of it, was Dumbledore even going to be here? Where did the headmaster go during the holidays?

Harry groaned at his stupidity. He had run head long in a situation that could end in a disaster for him. What was he going to do if he couldn't enter the grounds? He couldn't remain here outside. Angrily he kicked the gate. He was so stupid. Snape was right. He should think his actions through and not just run off.

When his foot contacted with the gate there was a noise like a bell and Harry could feel the magic radiating from the gate. He was sure there was no way in for him, after all Hogwarts was full with ancient magic and Dumbledore certainly added his own protection. Harry knew there was no way he was going to be able to get past this sort of protection. He was about to walk away when he heard a soft clicking noise. He slowly turned around and stared at the gate.

It had opened.

Just like that. He gulped and slowly reached out to touch the gate and pulled it open. Then he stepped through. Nothing happened. He sighed out of relief and pulled the gate shut. He watched the magic lighten up when it warded the gate again.

He turned around looking for someone who helped him. But there was no one. Slowly he continued on his trek towards the castle. After a minute he pulled off the cloak reasoning that there would no harm for him within Hogwarts grounds. Breathing more freely he continued towards the castle.

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