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The next morning started out just as the other days had. Snape let Harry run more laps than before since he had gotten back to his old fitness level due to eating properly and sleeping regularly. He also added more complex dodging elements. By now, Harry had to dodge the green balls and catch the red ones and drop them into a large basket in front of him. A task that was incredibly hard but would be a useful skill for dueling as not all curses could be blocked easily. And as the killing curse was not only green but also one of Voldemort's favorite, Snape said it would be useful to be able to dodge them as efficiently as possible. To give Harry further motivation, or so Snape had claimed, for every green ball that hit its target Harry had to do ten burpees, and for every red ball that wasn't in the basket he had to do 15 sit-ups. Needless to say, that as much as Harry approved of this exercise he loathed it when Snape started counting out the balls that were not in the basket or had hit him. The smirk on Snape's face didn't make it better either.

During breakfast, Dumbledore updated Harry on the Order meeting. Some Order members had successfully evacuated the Dursleys into a safe hiding place, as Dumbledore hadn't been sure if they were in any danger. Since the blood wards were about to fail because Harry wouldn't come back any longer, they had deemed it better to move them as soon as possible. Even though that 4 Privet Drive was now empty, the Order had put up some strong wards around the house to fool the Death Eaters long enough, because no one knew that Harry had left Surrey and everyone much preferred it that way. Harry had just nodded to this bit of news. He was happy to know that his relatives wouldn't be involved in any Death Eaters attacks soon. Even though he had never been particularly fond of his relatives, he still didn't want them to be dead and especially not on his account.

Dumbledore told him his letters had been delivered and that Remus Lupin had reported back from his mission and had asked to visit sometime soon. They had scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. He then indicated that he had further information which they would discuss this afternoon.

Throughout the defense practice with Snape, Snape made him present everything Harry had found out about shield charms. At first, Harry felt highly uncomfortable, but the longer he kept talking and presenting the different spells the more comfortable he got. He felt himself get back into the groove he had had with the DA. By the end of his presentation, Snape had nodded, his face betraying no emotions, and had then started firing questions at him, demanding for the right shields for different curses. Harry had been able to answer all questions correctly, which got rewarded with another nod.

"I see, that without distractions and the right motivation you can actually do some proper research, Potter. I do expect all further assignments to be up to this level." Snape had said with a warning tone, and his eyes firmly fixed on Harry. Harry nodded and quickly added "Yes, sir" when Snape kept staring at him.

"Very well, I will read over your assignment to make sure you can also form a well-structured essay," Snape commented while summoning the role of parchment towards him. "You are dismissed."

After lunch, Harry followed Dumbledore into the living room area where the headmaster continued the conversation from breakfast. "So, Harry, as I have already told you at breakfast, Remus will come for a visit tomorrow afternoon, so we will likely not have our lesson. Remus has however planned something exciting for you, so don't worry you will have your chance to work on your fighting skills. But back to what I wanted to tell you more about."

"I have been thinking about our agreement to trust each other more, and I think it is my time now to show you that I trust you and see you as much of an equal as I do see you as a beloved grandson."

At this point, Harry's head snapped up from where he had been looking out of the window to meet Dumbledore's eyes. The surprise was clearly visible in his face.

"Oh yes, Harry, as I have said before, I do care quite a lot about you, and over the years you have not only grown into a strong and independent young man with a knack for throwing yourself into adventure, but you have also become very dear to me. I might not have a family of my own, but as I have stated before, this is our own odd little family, and I definitely love you as if you were my grandson."

"Thank you." Harry stammered. He was feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the praise and the open display of emotions on the headmaster's face.

"But back to the point at hand," Dumbledore said while giving Harry a fond smile. "I think it is time that you become a member of the Order."

Harry gaped at Dumbledore. "You really think? Can I go to the meetings? Oh, this is brilliant, thank you!" Harry had rushed all this out very quickly and was stopped when Dumbledore had raised a hand.

"Now, Harry, slow down a bit. As not everyone in the Order will see our reasoning for making you a member, you will not attend meetings, but you will more be a secret member or let's say somewhat of my personal assistant. You will get your own projects and missions assigned, just as the other order members and I will keep you informed about the current processes. Would that be agreeable with you?"

Harry wanted to protest and fight Dumbledore on making him a proper member, but he realized that the man in front of him was not only being honest with him but also reasonable. Molly Weasley would throw a fit if he turned up at the order meetings. "Yes, sir. That is alright with me."

"Very well, Harry," Dumbledore said smiling broadly. "Next up I would like to take another trip down memory lane."

Over the next hours, Harry learned about Voldemort's introduction to the wizarding world and his knack for stealing items from the other orphans.

"Sir?" Harry asked when they re-emerged from the depths of the pensieve. "Did you know then?"

"That I just met one of the evilest dark wizards? No." Dumbledore shook his head. "However, I promised myself then, that I would keep a firm eye on Riddle during his time at Hogwarts. And I did. He soon became a favorite student of all the other professors. After all, he was almost shy and very modest. A model student and so it came to no one's surprise when Armando Dippet made him Prefect and Head Boy."

"But you never trusted him," Harry said. "He told me. The Riddle in the diary. He said that you never seemed to like him as much as the others."

"Indeed. I had met the young boy that was Tom Riddle before his time at Hogwarts I had seen his dark side before he chose to hide it. In his time at Hogwarts, he had chosen a different route to success. He turned into a charming young man, to get his way. However, if you looked carefully enough, as I did, you could still see the real Tom Riddle behind this charade."

"How so?"

"He still preferred to do everything on his own. As you will recall from this memory, he wanted to go shopping in Diagon Alley on his own. And I am sure; you will remember your first trip to London and how overwhelming it must have felt, to be surrounded by that much magic for the first time."

"Yeah, I was definitely glad to have Hagrid with me." Harry agreed.

"Riddle on the other hand always acts on his own."

"But he has his Death Eaters." Interjected Harry.

"Yes, he does. But those are more like his servants. They have to do his bidding. They are by no means his friends. Or would you see a deeper connection there?"

Harry thought for a while. He tried to remember all the encounters with Voldemort and how he had treated his Death Eaters. That's not how you treat someone even remotely close to you. He did treat them like others treated their house elves. And definitely not the kind ones. "No, you're right, sir."

"So, we can also assume, whatever plan Voldemort follows, he is the only one knowing all of it. Another thing, I would like you to remember from this memory, is his tendency for stealing and collecting items."

"Did he steal at Hogwarts? Even with your warning?"

"As far as I know, he did not. However, this will become very important, with the future memories I will show you. So please keep it in mind."

Harry nodded.

"Anything you want to add from what you observed in the memory?"

"He was a lot easier to convince that he was a wizard than me."

"Indeed." Dumbledore nodded. "Yes, Riddle had already harvested his magic quite well and was able to use it for a clear purpose, whereas most children, can only spout accidental magic before Hogwarts. And that magic usually comes to light, when the child feels threatened or panicked. I am sure, you never realized, what your accidental magic meant before Hagrid showed up?"

Harry nodded. He had not had a clue. Although, his relatives had also made sure of that.

"But sir, doesn't that show how much more powerful Voldemort is? I am no way near as powerful."

"Stop right there, Harry." Dumbledore interrupted. "First of all, that is not true. You were able to do a corporeal Patronus at the age of thirteen. Which is an incredibly hard bit of magic most adults are not able to do that. Secondly, this thing between the two of you, will not come down to dueling skills. The connection between you and Lord Voldemort is too unique. There will be much more to be considered, but all in good time. We are making our way there, to get a better understanding of Voldemort. But I do want you to understand, that you are a very incredible wizard in your own way. Maybe even the most special of all."

Harry blushed and looked away. Had Dumbledore just said it to make him feel better? The sincere look in the headmaster's eyes, however, meant he truly meant what he said.

"So please, never see yourself to be weaker than Tom Riddle because you are the stronger person and wizard in every way." Dumbledore looked intently at him until Harry slowly raised his eyes again. He met Dumbledore's gaze and then slowly nodded. Dumbledore smiled.

"If you are not too tired I suggest we continue with your progress on understanding spells and their creation, after all, we will have to skip our lesson again tomorrow. Would that be agreeable?" Dumbledore asked Harry, who nodded although feeling quite tired.

"Now what have you learned so far?"

Harry tried to order his thoughts properly and the summed up everything he had learned from reading about the basics. "Well, aside from every spell being a variation from the four elements, as we had talked about previously, there are also other things that influence the spells we use. The gesture or wand movement that is used while doing the spell, although the book referred that not every spell has unique movements and sometimes that movements can be abandoned depending on your skills as a witch or wizard."

"Yes, indeed. You will have to experience this on yourself and maybe observed this on others as well. While I am sure, you had learned the spell 'Wingardium Leviosa' with Professor Flitwick's famous 'swish and flick' gesture, I assume you would not do this gesture yourself by now, am I right?"

Harry nodded. He indeed didn't make the gesture anymore, as the spell seemed to work just as well with just a quick flick.

"This is, of course, the case, because you are well advanced from your days as a first year and therefore simple spells like these take less effort and concentration on your side. And other spells as you undoubtedly have realized as well, just use a simple flick in general. Whereas defensive spells like shield charms, as you should know, use more complicated wand movements. This is also because they need to block a strong surge of offensive magic, which is not easily done."

Harry nodded to all of this.

"Now Harry, I would like to try something, which only you and one other person in Britain can do. What would happen if you cast a charm in Parseltongue. I have my ideas about what should happen in theory. However, I think we should take the opportunity to test it out, now that you are so conveniently here don't you think?" Dumbledore said happily, his eyes twinkling excitedly.

Harry, on the other hand, was astonished, that he had never thought about this possibility and was certainly very curious about the effects.

"I think we will start with the levitation charm. If you would be so kind." Dumbledore pointed at the quill on his desk.

Harry pulled out his wands, concentrated hard on picturing a snake and the hissed "Wingardium Leviosa," and the feather began rising from the desk. Dumbledore smiled and gave him a nod. Harry lowered the quill back to the desk.

"Sir? Nothing exciting happened." Harry couldn't understand why the headmaster seemed to be so excited.

"Nothing, Harry? On the contrary! You just proved, that magic works just as good using Parseltongue! Don't you see where this could be handy?"

"I suppose it would be useful in a duel, so the opponent wouldn't know what hit him, much like when using nonverbal spells," Harry said slowly.

"Correct. That would be one way where Parseltongue could come in handy, but I think I have another idea. Let's do another experiment."

Harry was still slightly puzzled by the headmaster's excitement over it all, but he was probably just too tired to follow the old man's genius.

"Now, I would like you to lock my office door in Parseltongue."

This was a slightly harder charm, but still, Harry managed to lock the door in Parseltongue successfully.

"Well done." Dumbledore praised Harry's work and Harry still uncomfortable with the praises coming from Dumbledore, blushed lightly.

"I will now try and unlock the door, and if my theory proofs right, I will not be successful, unless I blast the door from its hinges." Dumbledore then aimed his wand at the door and tried several unlocking charms, but the door wouldn't budge. Harry finally understood what Dumbledore wanted to prove with this whole experiment.

"Sir, you think that Voldemort might have used Parseltongue for spells so that no one could reverse them?"

"Exactly my thoughts, Harry. I especially think he used that to create the Dark Mark on the arms of his followers so that no one could get rid of it. Not to say that anyone knows, how that is created in the first place. And as far as I am aware Ms. Granger used a variation of that spell for the DA on the coins, right?"

Harry nodded.

"Very well, Harry I will give you your very first mission as a new order member. I want you to figure out how the Dark Mark is created and how it could be reversed. I suggest you keep reading up on spell creation and I will most certainly be happy to talk about your findings or help you with any questions."

Seeing Harry's expression, he added: "I do not expect you to find a solution within the next weeks. I know that this will take a lot of work and research. However, I think it could come in handy to be able to reverse the spell if needed."

Harry nodded again. He felt exhausted.

"Now before you get your well-deserved rest for tonight, I suggest we go upstairs and eat some dinner. Tomorrow will be an exciting day, I am sure."

And so, Harry and Dumbledore moved from the office to the dining table, and Harry managed to eat a bit, although mostly because he was aware of the stern gaze on him. He would have much preferred going straight to bed.

The next day, after another successful potion brewing session with Snape, Harry made his way up to Dumbledore's living area to have lunch with the headmaster. When he entered, he could already see Lupin and Dumbledore sitting at the table and conversing about Order related business. Upon seeing Harry entering the room, both wizards stopped talking and turned to look at Harry.

Lupin got up from his chair, and Harry could see his faded and torn robes hanging loosely from his frame, and he couldn't help wondering if Lupin had, just like himself, lost weight over the loss of Sirius. He walked towards Lupin, and the man took him into a tight embrace. He then pushed Harry about an arm-length away from him and took in his complexion.

"How are you, Harry?" Lupin asked him quietly. "Have you been holding up alright?"

Harry was not sure how to answer this, after all, it was evident the Lupin himself had suffered over the past weeks over the loss of his friend. But Lupin's persistent gaze prompted him to answer: "It's getting better now, that I am here. It's still hard to think that he will never write to me again."

Lupin nodded knowingly. "Yes, it was a hard blow to lose Sirius like that. But we have to remember that he would have wanted us to carry on and make the best out of this, even if it is hard on some days."

Harry nodded and turned his gaze to Dumbledore who was observing their conversation from the other side of the table. He smiled at Harry and then turned to Lupin. "Remus, I hope you will join us for lunch?"

After Lupin's consent, they seated themselves at the table and were soon talking about the events at the ministry while eating their food.

"Now, Harry," Dumbledore started the conversation once more after they had finished their food, "as promised, Remus here has brought a little surprise for you."

Harry looked from Dumbledore to Lupin. Lupin gave him a little smile.

"Yes, indeed, Harry. If you don't mind following me." Lupin said while getting up and gesturing to Harry that he should follow him.

As they reached the seventh-floor corridor, Harry finally understood where they were headed. And soon enough Remus stopped in front of the Room of Requirement.

"Now, I know you are familiar with this room and what it can do. But for this lesson, for lack of a better word, we will be doing something a little bit different. Once we enter, we will be at the start of a parcours, which you will have to go through. I will be waiting at the finish line. In that parcours, there are different obstacles that you will have to pass, such as death eater dummies, that will try and disarm you, as well as send stinging hexes. There will be points accumulated for speed as well as your fighting skills."

Harry nodded. He was reminded of a muggle video game, that he had seen Dudley play on his computer.

"So once you enter it will come down to your skills. This is an easy course, so I can see how you are handling this before we move on to harder courses." He looked Harry intently in the eyes. "Ready?"

Harry nodded.

"Ok then." Remus opened the doors, and they stepped inside. There was a large neon yellow arrow, pointing into the entrance of the course. "Follow those arrows, and I'll meet you at the end. I will come and get you, should I see you need help, or you can send out red sparks, ok?"

Harry nodded and grabbed his wand more firmly, a determined look on his face. Remus clapped him on the shoulder, and he was off.

The whole course was rather dark, and it was hard to see. Casting a Lumos charm he made his way inside the course slowly peeking around the corner, before crouching around it. The second he had stepped around the corner a figure appeared and started firing spells at him. Harry quickly dodged the spells and sent his disarming spell followed by a stunning spell. The figure dropped, and Harry quickly stepped over him, making his way forward.

He stepped into the next room, which held huge bins, he used to crouch behind them. He peered over the top and saw another two figures waiting for him. Deciding what to do he quickly stunned the first figure before ducking behind the bins as the second one opened fire. Listening closely to where the spells hit the bins, he had a very good idea where the attacker was standing. Jumping up he started his attack while trying to dodge the spells that were shot at him. He was successful in stunning the second attacker but also got hit by a stinging spell on his left arm.

Ignoring the pain, he moved on to the next room. He had barely stepped into the room when something hit him hard into the stomach, and he fell over. Grunting in pain he got up again and saw that whatever was attacking him was charging at him again, he quickly sent stunning hexes at it, but they just seemed to bounce off it. Leaping out of the way and running through the room entering into a dark corridor, he hoped that whatever was in the room behind him wouldn't follow.

The next area he entered was huge. It was easily the size of the Quidditch pitch. It had a line of trees on its outside border but other than that it seemed empty. Unsure of what to do he looked around for any form of sign. Seeing nothing, he slowly stepped forward. After about five steps he saw a jet of red line sent his way from above. Quickly dodging and stepping back he glanced upwards. There were a bunch of attackers on brooms, seemingly waiting for him to try and cross the field. He once again looked around, and this time he saw the broom propped against the wall behind him. Quickly racing towards it and jumping on it, he kicked off, a happy feeling soared through him as he climbed higher. Now that he was in the air the attackers opened fire. But Harry had always been a good flier and wasn't one of Hogwarts best seekers for nothing. Rolling in the air, taking sharp turns and even hanging upside down he dodged and outmaneuvered his attackers, while quickly stunning one after another.

He took a sharp dive and pulled out in a perfect Wronski Feint after jumping of the broom and quickly running into the next room. The room was empty. But Harry didn't trust his eyes. Deciding to better be safe than sorry he pulled up a complex shield that fully surrounded him. Once more grateful that Snape had made him research shield charms. He then stepped fully into the room and began crossing it. After only a couple of steps, he was attacked from behind. Swirling around he disarmed the first attacker and managed to stun another. The third attacker proved to be a little more work as he sidestepped most of Harry's attacks. But sending some fast stunners, he finally managed to hit him as well. He was happy to note that his shield had held all the attacks out. Stepping through the end of the room he saw Lupin waiting for him.

"Good job, Harry. A decent time and only one hit. Excellent job. Now let's discuss what you could improve."

Lupin guided him over to a table. Harry sat down and gratefully grabbed the glass of water Lupin handed him and downed it.

"Now, as I said, I think you did an overall marvelous job. However, I would recommend using either disillusionment charms or that shield charm you used there at the end, before stepping into dangerous territory, in case of an attack from behind. Just to give some form of leverage. Although your reflexes have always been brilliant." He gave Harry a small smile.

"This has of course been an easy course, as you are new to this, but it is one of the courses you need to master to be accepted into Auror school." At this Harry perked up. "Yes, they let you do similar courses, and I thought practicing those with you would not only be helpful for a career as an Auror but also generally be helpful for your training."

"I loved the flying bit" Harry admitted with a smile. "Is that a skill required of Aurors?"

"I doubt any Auror would need to be as adept on a broom as you are but it is certainly helpful. And yes, it is part of their training. Now, what do you say, ready for another round? But a slightly harder course, as this one seemed hardly to challenge you?"

And so Harry entered another course, with a lot of similar scenarios, but he also had to fight off dementors on multiple occasions. This time, to his regret there was no flying involved, but it was certainly harder to fight off the attackers than in the previous course. Feeling properly exhausted but also happy, for he had only been hit four times, he and Lupin left the Room of Requirement and went for a walk out on the grounds to enjoy the warm summer sun.

Once they reached the lake, they sat down and watched the giant squib bathing in the shallower parts of the lake.

"So Harry, how are you coping?" Lupin carefully asked. Harry avoided his gaze and instead focussed on the squib.

"It's better now that I am here. I was feeling like everything was beginning to fall apart back at the Dursleys. I really miss him." He had croaked the last part. Since he had been back here at Hogwarts he had very little time to think about Sirius, as he was kept so busy, but he didn't mind, that way he had a reason to get up in the morning and he was actually enjoying his time. Even the time spent with Snape was tolerable. The bat certainly knew his stuff, and when he wasn't focussing on embarrassing Harry, he was an acceptable teacher as well.

"I know. It hurts so much. I didn't know how to cope myself there for a while, and so I jumped into doing a lot of work for the Order just to be busy. But, I know that Sirius would want me – us - to move on and remain fighting for the good. So I am just more determined to take down that evil git, Voldemort. He has taken almost everyone from me now, so might as well give it my all to have him defeated."

Harry was slightly taken aback by the bitterness of Lupin's words. But thinking about it, Lupin too had lost a very close friend he had just gotten back and had already lost all his other school friends to Voldemort in some way or another.

"I'm sorry. If I hadn't run to the ministry if I had just listened to Hermione..."

"Stop. It's not our fault, Harry. We are at war here, and part of war is people we love dying. That is never a happy experience, but it is very much part of war. And Sirius was itching to get out of there, to prove himself. He was a brave man, and he would much rather have died for you than sitting back in Grimmauld Place waiting for news. Of course, he did not deserve to die, after everything that happened, after the two of you had just been reunited, but now he is reunited with his best friend and hopefully in a better place than this world ever was." Tears were rolling down Lupins face, he swiped them away and smiled sadly. "I will forever miss him, but I will also do my best to ensure that Sirius death wasn't for nothing."

They shared a moment of silence.

"But Harry, please understand that none of this is your fault. You have just ended up being in the center of this war, not because you chose to. And thus, I fear you will see more people dying around you before this war will be over, but you need to understand, that none of the people are fighting for you, but for themselves. Everyone is affected by this war and thus has the right to fight in it. Let's just hope we will manage to win sooner rather than later. And seeing you grow into the extraordinary young man and exceptional wizard that you are is a pleasure, that I treasure very much. So please, know that I am always there to help you if you need me." He gave Harry an encouraging smile.

"Thanks" murmured Harry, but meaning it and he knew that was all Lupin needed to hear.

After a while, they slowly made their way back upstairs to Dumbledore's quarters. Lupin visited Harry's room and smiled at the decorations. Albus joined them soon after, and Lupin agreed to stay for dinner. He promised Harry to visit again but would be busy for a little while on Order business.

After dinner, Albus asked Harry to meet him in the office. He then invited Harry on a walk through the castle merely chatting about what Harry and Lupin had been doing. Harry was just telling about the flying part of the first course when he suddenly stopped. "Sir? I just realized that I wasn't meant to be flying."

"Yes, indeed. And I am not entirely happy, that you so quickly forgot about that agreement. However, I had given Remus my agreement to the course. But I want Poppy to check you over now, that you settled in a bit more and had some decent meals. So would you please follow me to the infirmary?"

Harry didn't want to be checked over again so soon, and it must have shown because Dumbledore quickly reached out for his upper arm looking at him very intently.

"Please, Harry, be understanding of our worries regarding your health. It will be over quickly, and I am afraid I will not refrain from stunning you and dragging you there if I have to." While still looking stern there was also a twinkle in those blue eyes and Harry understood that he had been joking, although he knew that if Dumbledore wanted him to go to the infirmary, there was nothing much that he could do to evade going there.

"Ok." He finally agreed, and Dumbledore let go of his arm. Harry now realized that they had already been almost at the infirmary already. He kicked himself for not paying attention earlier. Dragging his feet slightly he slowly entered the infirmary, Dumbledore behind him with a firm hand on his shoulders.

"Ah, Mr. Potter. Come over here, if you please." Madam Pomfrey greeted them. Harry once more was forced into changing into a gown while; Dumbledore talked about the last days with Madam Pomfrey. When Harry was changed, Madam Pomfrey performed all sorts of scans and weighed him.

"The good news, Mr. Potter, is that you have gained some weight already and you are already looking a lot healthier. The physical training with Professor Snape is also having a positive effect. Now about flying..."

She was stopped there by Harry, who interjected: "Surely, I can fly if I am allowed to train with Snape."

"Professor Snape" Dumbledore corrected him "and please hear Madam Pomfrey out" he looked unnaturally stern, and Harry decided he was not ready to pick a fight with Dumbledore, so he just nodded.

"As I was saying, the training is good for you, but I would think another week of waiting before you go back to flying would be good. Especially, since we all know the kind of stunts you prefer to do on a broom." She looked at him as if it was Harry's fault that Quidditch was such a dangerous sport.

Harry nodded and was relieved when he was allowed to change back to his clothes. Dumbledore and Harry then walked back to their quarters, where Harry excused himself to his room.

Harry sat down and looked out of the big windows. His thoughts traveling back to the conversation he had had with Lupin. It meant a lot to him that Lupin was neither blaming Harry for Sirius death nor trying to force Harry to move on too hard. He had been honest with him and what troubled Harry the most, was that Lupin was right. He would have to see more people die and he wasn't sure if he could ever be prepared for that. As long as he knew, that he was the key to ending this war, he would always feel somewhat responsible for anyone dying on the way to the final encounter between Voldemort and himself. He shuddered.

There was a knock at the door, and Dumbledore stepped into the room. "I thought it would be good to do another session on how to clear your mind." He watched Harry carefully.

Harry knew that Dumbledore was probably right, with where his thoughts had wandered the nightmares would surely not evade him tonight.

Dumbledore gestured for him to sit down and drew up a chair for himself. He then started to explain to him on how to best clear his mind, but impressing on him that he needed to find his trigger, to speed this process up more and more, so it would be easier to get into the right headspace when needed. After discussing the process in theory, he had Harry get ready for bed and then sat down next to Harry to guide him through different breathing exercises and to help him clear his mind as good as he could. It didn't take long for Harry to fall asleep after such an eventful day.