Hey guys I'm kind of bored but enjoy this anyhow! LunaxArtemis

Luna: Alright are you going to tell them about are day or not?

Peril: Sorry, sorry be patient.

Artemis: Today totally sucked!

Peril: I know, I know! Alright let's get started.

It was just another sunny day in Tokyo. The streets were filled with people. The Sailor qarudens were at school. Luna was lurking in the streets when she suddenly saw Artemis walking and turning a block. She raced after him. "Hi Artemis, what are you up to?" Luna asked as he sat down. "I dunno just walking. Do you want to join?" he asked. Luna nodded and they walked around. There were so many people out. Luna and Artemis were getting trampled, but carried on. The streets were loud too with all the honking trucks, cars, and even some sirens in the distance. It was like the river They walked as more stuff bumped into them walking. Things finally started to get calmer. "Ahh peace and quiet at last" Luna said. Before Artemis could warn her, she laid down in a cold puddle of water. "OHH COLD!" she yelled and got on her feet. Suddenly they heard footsteps. "Artemis come on hide!" Luna whispered. They hid behind the trash bin and there were many of stray cats."Ohh it's cool, i got this." Artiness said as he walked up to the cats. "Hey there, uhh sorry we trespassed...we mean no harm. We'll go." he said. Then the pack of cats smiled and ran after them with their claws out. They ran and ran and ran until they finally found themselves safe in a grassy field. "You know whats weird? The dark kingdom hasn't been doing anything," Luna said and then continued. "I think they may be planning something." she finished. Artemis groomed himself and then started to lay down till Luna yelled. "Artemis don't lay down, there's an ant hive right there!" she yelled. Just before he did it Artemis got back up. "Wow thanks I owe you one" he said. They decided they didn't want that to happen again so they walked away and jumped back on the sidewalk. It was probably mid afternoon as Luna and Artemis were still walking through the streets. Things were less crowded. People had faded; cars too. Suddenly the strays cats were back! They were surrounded and the only thing they could do was to go into the sewage pipes. Thats just what they did.