Harry wiped the sweat from his brow and gave Kosmos a thumbs up. She had just finished watering the garden and encouraging the plants to grow. She'd told him that most fruit bearing plants didn't do well when she forced them to grow quickly but encouraged growing sped up the process quite a bit. He finished nailing together a rickety looking fence around the garden and stepped back to admire his handiwork. It wasn't anything impressive but he was proud of it. He thought for a moment before muttering a color change spell under his breath. The fence turned white and he grinned.

"What do you think?" he asked, motioning to the newly erected fence with gusto.

Kosmos seemed to consider it for a long moment before making eye contact. "I think we should have hired someone to build the fence." she said nonchalantly. Harry gave her a mock hurt look as a strong wind blew over one of his posts.

"Maybe after a few jobs we can get someone to build a better one." he offered with a sigh. She nodded and headed for the back door to their house. He followed at a sedate pace, thinking back to just two weeks ago when he'd wandered back from his first job with the guild to find Kosmos sitting on their front porch leaning against the railing. He'd worried at first. She was looking worse for wear covered in dirt and sweat, but it looked like she'd just fallen asleep there waiting for him. So he'd gently shaken her awake. Little did he know that the girl had done a lot of work herself that day.

He'd entered to find a completely different place than he'd left that morning. Rich, dark wood furniture sat in all the rooms along with throw rugs in a deep green and silver. The place looked like a country house for a Slytherin but he couldn't say he didn't like it. The greens seemed warmer than they had within the castle's cold walls. They seemed to radiate warmth and draw in the natural light. He'd stopped immediately after entering even as Kosmos stood rubbing her eyes by his side. He'd planned on doing some rough configuration until they could afford good furniture. Kosmos had only told him that the guild had helped out, but she refused to elaborate.

"I'm going to take a shower." Kosmos called to him as he entered and he shouted back an affirmation before plopping into an easy chair.

He had just been considering what they should do for the day when a knock sounded on the door. Curious, he made his way to it. "Erza?"

"Good morning." she said cordially, smile playing across her face pleasantly. "I hope the two of you have settled in nicely."

"We have." Harry motioned for her to come in and she did after a moment. She looked around with curiosity. "To what do I owe the honor?"

Erza gave one short bark of laughter. "Master Makarov wanted to see the two of you down at the guild hall. He asked if I would come and get you."

"Ah, sure. Kosmos just went to shower, but we can head down as soon as she's done."

"Fantastic!" Erza boomed. She looked excited, which worried Harry a little. He'd only really seen the girl get amped up about battle. He hoped they weren't planning on fighting anyone today.

The water cut off in the other room.

"So tell me..."

Harry turned back from his momentary distraction.

"Your power seems very versatile. What can you do with it?"

Harry thought about that for a long moment. "It's more of a 'what can't I do with it' sort of scenario." He offered. "It can do a lot of things."

Erza seemed particularly interested now.

"It can't bring back the dead." he started with the obvious. "Although there are things called inferi that are nasty little blighters. I've never been great at potions so even if I had the ingredients a lot of that would be out. I personally would never use the cruciatus or imperius, and the killing spell is..." he rambled until Erza put a gloved hand on his shoulder.

"It does indeed seem powerful." she said nodding knowingly. "You may actually be the best candidate for our next S class promotion trials."

"S class promotion trials?"

"We hold them once a year and everyone who is approved by the master competes to prove their worth and be promoted to S class. S class wizards can taken higher risk jobs that pay more and build a better reputation in Fiore."

"I didn't realize guilds were so organized." He hummed in thought. "It s-"

He stopped as Kosmos opened the bathroom door. She wasn't wearing her normal clothes. Instead she had on a pretty blue dress. He blinked a few times. She'd told him she had gotten new clothes but he hadn't realized she'd picked out something like this. Instead of her normal cap she was wearing a matching headband. Harry had to admit she looked nice.

"Kosmos you... look nice." he stammered out.

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?"

Kosmos seemed to startle at Erza's comment. She must not have noticed her before.

"Regardless, it's appropriate attire." the red head claimed, grabbing Kosmos' hand. "We should be on our way."

Kosmos threw an alarmed look over her shoulder at Harry but he just laughed it off and followed. Erza marched them swiftly through the streets of town holding a one sided conversation about everything the town had to offer. Harry wasn't sure if she was trying to give them a tour or this was just her way of trying to make friends. Either way they reached their destination quickly and Erza flung the doors wide with gusto to show a large banner strung across the beams of the great hall. 'Welcome to Fairy Tail' was spelled out in letters nearly as tall as Harry himself.

The guild seemed to vibrate as a loud cheer went up from all their new guild mates. Mugs of various beverages were raised in their direction, and a huge cake rested near the bar. Kosmos's eyes were blown wide and Harry laughed at the display as they were pulled forward into the guild hall.

They spent nearly an hour being ushered from table to table and slapped on the back. Harry was sure he met more people than actually belonged to the guild before he ended up staggering his way to the bar and taking a seat. To his right Makarov gave a throaty laugh.

"Enjoying the festivities?"

Harry gave him a grin. "If that's what you'd call this madness."

Makarov surveyed the guild for a moment. "My children do tend to get a bit rambunctious when given the opportunity to celebrate anything."

Harry scoffed good naturedly but offered the old man another smile. "I think it's nice really." he said watching Natsu tug Kosmos over to Wendy and Carla's table. "It's been a long time since I've seen people so carefree."

"You're part of the guild now. Our happiness is your happiness."

Harry thought on that statement for a moment. "Is that why I came home to a furnished house?"

Makarov laughed. "Don't think it's anything exceptional." he said with humor. "We did the same for most of our members when they decided to stop living in dorms. We even supplied Natsu with furniture. He just decided to destroy it..."

Harry laughed. "That certainly sounds like him."

"He shows promise." Makarov tilted his head, looking in Natsu's direction. "He just lacks restraint."

Harry nodded knowingly. "He'll gain it. He just needs time." he said lightly. "Teenagers rarely have life figured out."

Makarov snorted. "You sound like you're speaking from experience."

Harry turned amused eyes on the man. "More than I can really put into words." he said, standing again. He let himself be pulled away by an over eager Lisanna.

Harry spent the next few hours being passed copious amounts of food and alcohol. By the time the party was winding down he'd engaged himself in a drink off with a girl named Kana and was watching the world sway hazily before his eyes. Kana herself seemed to be on the verge of passing out and much to Harry's shock the sun seemed to have set at some point.

"I do believe you've both had enough." Erza inserted herself between the two of them and forcibly removed the cup from Kana's hand. Harry squinted, trying to clear up her blurry face but it was to no avail. She remained an animated blur.

"C'mon Erza, let the kid have fun fer once." Kana slurred. "I's not like we're hurting anyone."

"'m not a kid." Harry managed to eloquently throw back.

"See!" Kana exclaimed like that made all the difference.

Harry could feel Erza's disapproving stare even through his drunken stupor. He hiccuped and gave her a grin.

"Regardless." Erza easily pried the cup from Harry's fingers as well. "Enough is enough."

Harry leaned his head against the table and hazily watched Kana argue with Erza and ultimately lose. Their alcohol was confiscated but Harry knew in the back of his head that that was probably a good call on the guild's part even if it did dampen the mood in the moment.

"Come on buddy it's getting late. We should get you home."

Harry wasn't particularly familiar with that voice, but large gentle hands guided him to unsteady feet.

"This is not beautiful." Kosmos commented lowly and she swung his left arm over her shoulders. He offered her a contented smile. "You smell like beer."

"Drank a lot o' beer." he reasoned. "Makes sense."

To his right someone snorted at the comment. They began to stumble their way from the guild hall in the general direction of their house.

"I can handle him from here." Kosmos shot at their escort. There was a booming laugh.

"I don't doubt it." Harry turned in the speaker's direction but couldn't quite get their face to swim into view. He just saw a mountain. "But it wouldn't be very manly of me to let you walk home without help."

Kosmos scoffed and Harry laughed. What was he? Chopped liver? Then again. "I think 'm gonna be sick." Harry wrenched himself free of Kosmos's support and made it to the side of the street before heaving up everything in his stomach.

"Not beautiful." Harry distantly agreed with that assessment.

Their escort was laughing deeply, but approached Harry and offered him something to wipe his face. "Not many people can keep up with Kana. Erza stepped in more for your benefit than anything."

Hand pressed to the side of his head Harry looked up and finally got the man's face to focus. It was Lisanna and Mirajane's brother, Elfman. The giant of a man was looking at him with no small amount of sympathy, but also a fair amount of respect. The giant of a man offered him a hand and Harry took it, returning to shaky feet.

"It's not too far of a walk. Will you be able to make it?"

Harry wanted to say yes, he'd be fine but his legs betrayed him by choosing that moment to collapse again. He let out an irritated huff as Elfman laughed and easily swung the smaller man onto his back. Harry clutched Elfman's shoulders like a lifeline as his head swum. As the group resumed their walk the repetitive motion eased some of Harry's nausea and he laid his head down. He listened to Elfman's voice rumbling through his chest as he talked to Kosmos.

"You remind me of Hagrid." Harry burst out, filter long forgotten with the aid of alcohol.

Whatever conversation the other two were having stopped momentarily as they processed what he'd said.

"Who's Hagrid?" Elfman asked.

"I don't know." Kosmos replied warily.

"He was a friend." Harry said, a little too chipper. "Half giant. Nicest man I ever met. Terrible at cooking though."

Elfman snorted and they resumed walking.

"He never talks about his past." Kosmos said lowly, obviously trying not to let Harry hear.

"I don't have a lot of nice stories." Harry replied anyway with a sigh. "It's rather warm tonight."

Elfman laughed, a deep genuinely warm sound. "Alcohol has a way of making even the tightest of lips looser."

"I have a few though. A girl gave me cakes she said had fire whisky in them, but it was actually a love potion." Harry chuckled. "Nasty surprise for Ron, but the look on his face was almost worth it."

Kosmos gave him a worried glance.

"I wouldn't take anything he says too seriously." Elfman said with amusement in his voice. "Alcohol loosens lips, but it also makes people talk a lot of nonsense."

Kosmos gave Harry one last glance before focusing on the road ahead of them. She made sure to coax any roots out of Elfman's path once they moved off the paved road so that the large man didn't trip in the darkness. In what felt like no time at all they stumbled up to their new home and Elfman let out a low whistle.

"You guys really fixed the old place up, huh?"

Kosmos nodded enthusiastically. She glanced over at the man and noticed a wistful look on his face. Before she could ask anything he started forward and entered the house. He'd already found Harry's room and laid the wizard out on his bed by the time she walked in.

"Thank you for the help." she nodded in Harry's direction. She could hear the wizard snoring very lightly from the other room.

"It wouldn't have been very manly of me to let you try to do it yourself." he said with a bellowing laugh.

She gave him an indulgent smile and walked him to the door. After an assurance that if they needed any help Elfman was the man to turn to the burly man ducked through the door frame and an exhausted Kosmos showed herself to her room. It wasn't long before she wearily laid her head on her pillow and fell into a restful sleep.

Harry woke the following morning with one hell of a hang over. He groaned and tried not vomit at the taste of bile and stale alcohol in his mouth. He wished he'd had the mind to brush his teeth before passing out last night. He peeled his eyes open to survey his room, curious what had woken him. He'd been fast asleep surely. He didn't feel like his mind had woken on its own. A loud crash sounded from the living area and Harry felt like his head would split in two. Still, he forced down his nausea and stumbled his way to the door.

In the living room Natsu and Happy we're bouncing about as Kosmos scolded them. The whole scene seemed surreal. One of their side tables laid in ruins which seemed to have been the source of the mysterious crash. How it had happened was another mystery altogether.

"What are you two doing here so early?" Harry asked, wincing at the sound of his own voice.

The two perked up and happily leapt in Harry's direction, obviously eager to put space between themselves and the angry pink haired woman. "Erza sent us." Happy supplied.

Harry raised an eyebrow. Surely the guild didn't mean to give them a second welcoming party. He'd have to decline. He was still recovering from the first.

"Erza wants us to go on a job." Natsu elaborated holding out a flier.

"That doesn't mean you get to break into our house and destroy things!" Kosmos fumed.

"It's just a table!" Natsu, rather stupidly, argued. "I break those all the time."

Harry sent a simple reparo at the broken table and surveyed the poster as Kosmos glared daggers. "S class. I thought you had to pass some sort of exam to take these jobs."

"Not if an S class wizard takes the job." Happy clarified.

Harry read the request and couldn't say he wasn't interested, but he didn't wish he knew how to make pepper up potions. "When are we leaving?"

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