A/N: This is also published on my tumblr ohdeerjily but I thought I would put it up here too. It should be finished within a couple days; it'll just be a short fic. Hope you like it!

"Fuck!" Lily Evans swore as she stumbled to the ground, hot tea spilling over the front of her blouse. She stood up quickly and examined the soaked fabric, sighing as she turned dejectedly to return to her car, where she kept a stash of extra clothes. Of all the days for this to happen, of course it would be today.

Today was a big day; Fridays were always busy for the reporters at Starcrossed Magazine, a popular tabloid. Lily had worked there for the last two years, putting in her time at the trashy magazine in order to gain the experience she needed to pursue a job with a reputable newspaper.

Lily reached her car and snatched a green shirt out of the backseat. It wasn't as professional as the black one she had on now, but she couldn't show up to the interview with tea spilled down her front. Laying down awkwardly so her naked torso wasn't visible to passersby, Lily tore off the wet top and tugged on the green one, the silky material settling over her pale skin. She looked down critically at the neckline; it was a bit low. Lily bit her lip and picked up a cardigan which she threw over her shoulders. The June day was entirely too warm to warrant a cardigan, but she didn't want the actor she was interviewing in fifteen minutes to think she was some sort of unprofessional floozy.

If there was a day she didn't want somebody to think she was a floozy, it was today, Lily reflected as she exited her car for the second time, consciously leaving her tea in the cup holder. For the first time in her short career, Lily could honestly say she was excited about her assignment. She was about to interview James Potter, one of her favorite actors, who also happened to be young and incredibly fit. Not that she would allow that to interfere with her job. No, Lily was nothing if not professional.

Checking her phone to ensure she was just the right sort of early, (early enough to show she was enthusiastic and serious about the interview, but not so early to appear desperate or overeager) Lily's eyes roved over the small cafe that James Potter had selected as a meeting spot.

The actor's trademark shock of unruly black hair caught her eye almost immediately. He was lounging at a table in the corner of the cafe, his eyes glued to his own phone. He wasn't wearing a tailored and press tux as he had been in nearly every photo she had seen of him, nor was he staring intently at a female across from him as he had been in nearly every movie she had seen him in. He sat easily, leaning back against his chair. He wore a pair of dark jeans and a close-fitting black t-shirt. Lily was surprised to see he wore wire-rimmed glasses instead of the usual thick-framed ones she had seen him wear on red carpets.

Taking a deep breath and unconsciously smoothing down her hair, Lily approached the table.

"Hello, Mr. Potter," she said in her best professional-journalist voice, struggling to keep her eyes from drinking in the whole of his figure. Oh God, he was even better looking in person.

James Potter's eyes snapped up from his phone and crinkled as his face split into a crooked grin. Unlike Lily, he made no effort to hide it as his eyes roved over her figure. His smile grew wider and he looked up at her, his eyes sparkling.

Lily's breath hitched a little when her eyes met his. They weren't the brown she had always assumed, but a sparkling, dazzling hazel. Almost gold, with flecks of green and blue swimming around the irises.

"You must be Evans," he said, smirking at her.

"Er, yes," Lily said hurriedly, tearing her eyes away and reaching a hand out. "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Potter."

"Call me James," he said silkily, taking her hand and shaking it.

"Right," Lily muttered, half to herself. "Right, James. You can call me Lily then, I suppose."

"Nah," he said, leaning back in his seat and gesturing at the chair across from him. "I like Evans. Has a certain ring to it."

"Right," Lily repeated, sinking into her chair and pulling out a steno pad and pen. Shall we get started then?"

"If you want," James said lazily, a hand going up to ruffle his hair. "Ask away."