Eli glares at Trixie with an angry look turning the light blue color of his eyes into an ice blue. He tries to calm down but when something bad goes on with his Andrew, then he will get a little angry and crazy. Andrew was watching them from the shadows because he had went after them to see what was Trixie's problem. Standing right next to Andrew's foot are 3 little slugs. One is an infurnus slug that goes by the name of Lava. Another is an arachnid slug named Spidey. Finally is a Geoshard slug named Emerald. All three of these slugs are owned and have bonded with Andrew. Eli did not know of these slugs though because they stay in the shadows and only come out when they are truly need by Andrew. Andrew keeps his slug gun hidden away in his back pack that he always carries around with him.

"Alright what did you want to talk about Eli?" Trixie asks the overprotective dominate lover.

"I saw you glaring at Andrew. Why?" Eli asks.

"I am jealous of that half ShadowClan freak. you were supposed to be mine not his. When I first saw you as I was video taping the competition, I got so flustered that I knew that you were the one for me but then when that freak came into the picture, I knew I would not be able to get you." Trixie tells Eli.

Eli could be seen getting more angry then he already was before he conversation with Trixie. He could not believe that she had the nerve to call his lover a freak. He was about to tell Trixie not to call Andrew a freak when suddenly he could hear sniffing coming from the bushes next to them. He was a little scared and hoped that it was not who he thought it was so he went over to the bushes to see and was horrified to see that it was who he thought it was. It was his beloved Andrew sitting on the ground crying his eyes out at what he heard Trixie say about him. Eli starts getting closer to Andrew when suddenly hissing could be heard near his feet. Eli looked down and saw three slugs looking up at him with anger in their eyes and hissing at him. Eli was so surprised to see these slugs hanging near Andrew and protecting him.

"Hey guys I just want to make sure Andrew is alright." Eli says to the slugs.

The infurnus slug looks up at Eli and sees that he was telling to truth so he goes back over to Andrew to get his attention. Though the others did not think so highly of the taller blue haired male. Emerald glares at Eli and shoots out a shard of emeralds at Eli to get the male away. Eli yelped as he watched what was going on and what was coming towards him. Eli turned so his back was facing the slug and he was hit in the back with a shard of emerald. Eli cried out in pain and that got Andrew to stop crying long enough to see that his boyfriend was on the ground in pain with one of his own slugs looking at the blue haired male with a smug look on his little face.

"EMERALD! WHAT DID YOU DO!" Andrew screamed out at the green and yellow skinned slug.

Andrew got up off of the ground and ran over to Eli to check on him. He turned Eli so his back was facing Andrew and started to pull the shard out of his back. Blood started to flow out of the hole that could be seen through Eli's shirt. Andrew had tears flowing out of his eyes as he watched the blood flow. He thought for a moment then he pulled Spidey over. He had the Arachnid slug make a rag out of his web so he could push it against the wound. He started to push the web against the would in Eli's back that was caused by one of his slugs and then started to chant something that he learned from his father before the former king was killed.

"Slaguswenagi. Slaguswenagi. Slaguswenagi!" Andrew shouted the last part. In the ShadowClan language it means Resurrect.

Andrew pushed his hands against Eli's back to stop the wound from bleeding anymore as well as trying to help it heal faster while still chanting out the Resurrection Spell. As Andrew kept chanting the spell, the wound on Eli's back started to close up and stop bleeding. Trixie was watching from the distance that she was from the bush, which was about 6 feet away, as Andrew tried to finish his healing of Eli. She was starting to get really angry at what she was watching. Andrew knew the slug that harmed Eli and that made her very angry. She decided to find a time where Andrew and Eli were not together and attack the ShadowClan Prince. Trixie smirked thinking that her plan was fool proof.

"A-A-Andrew?" Eli asks as he is turned around after said male was able to close the wound and to finish healing it up.

Andrew smiles gently at what he saw of Eli. Andrew allowed his skin to bleed to black with green streaks and to grow his tail which allowed him to swish his tail towards Eli's back. He sat his tail over to barely there wound and he allowed it to curl and cover it so nothing would try to get into the wound until Andrew was fully done with healing it. Trixie decides to walk over to the two lovers. She does so and just suddenly rips Andrew away from Eli making the young half breed yelp out. He did not know who took him away from Eli but he knew that he would get him or her for that. Andrew started growling and had his tail try to strike who ever pulled him away from Eli. That was stopped because of a rustling in the bushes near where the half ShadowClan Prince was with Eli and Trixie.

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