German Twins in Remnant, this can't be good.

Warning: My Oc's are maybe OP and my Englsih is not the best (German), if somebody doesn't enjoy OP Characters or my English, well... Oh fuck that. Just read it.

Chapter 1: What the actual fuck?! (Prolouge)

It was a peacful day in a German village, the sun was shining, there were no clouds to be seen in the sky and the birds were flying. But this peace was interupted by loud shouts of a boy

" Daniela come on hurry up, you're so slow when on that bycicle!"

" Jens I'm not the fastest girl and I'm not as strong as you and you know that!", came a girls reply.

Jens and Daniela are identical twins, both are 5.2 feet big and both have blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes, they are 14 years old.

"Maybe I'm stronger than you because I do sport after playing videogames, you do nothing after playing for hours."

Daniela and Jens share most likely the same interests, they both like playing games, they have the same favourite color, food and both and go nuts about military stuff.

"Yes I do something afterwards, I relax my ears from the gunfire.", Daniela answers pouting.

"More like relaxing them from Sabaton and Skillet, you listen to this music a way to loud"

"Come on Jens, it's not like you don't listen toloud music."

"Yeah, but i don't need to relax my ears from it," says Jens.

"Jens, shut up." Daniela says and pouts in a childish way.

Daniela is childish and shy around other persons, Jens is more opened up and protective of his sister.

After a while Daniela comes to a stop and says:" Jens, i can't remember that cave over there."

Jens comes to a halt too and looks at her with a confused expression and asks:" What cave?"

Daniela points towards the cave entrance:" This one"

"Can't remember this one too. Hey Daniela, let's check the cave out, i got a flashlight."

"Sure Jens, why not."

"Ok Daniela, but i go first in."

Both make their way thrugh the cave. Daniela and Jens both love adventures and exploring the woods, especially the woods. The walls of the cave are decorated with paintings.

"Let's see what we got here, some Werewolves, some russian bears, a raven and a few wild boars.", remarked Jens.

Suddenly Daniela trips over a rock and lands face first on the ground.

"Schei├če Mann, Oww, my nose hurts. Hm, what is this? Hey Jens i found something on the ground.", she says whil picking the object up.

The object is an amulet in the shape of a rose and is colored red with silver lines.

"How did this get into this cave?"

"I have no idea Jens, but I think I will keep this amulet." she answers while putting the amulet on.

Suddenly the amulet starts to glow bright.

"What the actual fuck?! Daniela what did you do?"

" I did nothing!"

"Yes you did, because a fucking amulet is glowing and amulets are'nt supposed to do this"

The amulet glows brighter and brighter, then everything wents black.

This is my first fanfic and chapter i hope you enjoyed it. Write suggestions in the comments if you want. Thanks for reading.