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Brief summary: Jack goes missing, Irina/Syd to the rescue.

Rating: PG-13 for violence, language, suggestive situations

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Jack opened his eyes and waited while they adjusted to the dim light in the cell which had been his home for the past 72 hours. Wearily, he tried yet again to shift himself into a comfortable position on the damp cement floor. With his hands and feet bound, not too many options were available. Silently, he inventoried his physical condition. 3 cracked ribs, a loose tooth, one eye swollen shut. Bruised from head to toe. Not too bad, given that he had been worked over pretty methodically. If only they would let him sleep. He guessed it had been about 20 minutes since their last visit. Curious - they hadn't yet started asking any questions. Almost like they were waiting for something, or someone, to arrive.


Sydney lay awake, unable to sleep, on the bunk in the Air Force transport winging its way to Eastern Europe. Three days since dad had disappeared into thin air. Intel (too damned late, she thought angrily) had finally gotten a fix on his location. Voronezh, an abandoned prison in Tajikistan. They had a constructed an extraction plan, as desperate as it was hasty. She prayed he would still be alive when they got there.


Irina woke and stretched lazily, refreshed from her cat nap. When Sydney had appeared, flustered, at her cell yesterday, it had been just another tedious day in a series of tedious days as a guest of the US government. Sydney had asked her about Voronezh, a facility Irina had visited many times over the past 20 years (sometimes as a guest there, too, she grimaced to herself).

"Mom, I'm in a hurry. Tell me what you know about Voronezh"


"Mom, I don't have time for mind games. Please just tell me how I can get in."

Irina sensed Sydney's barely suppressed panic. "Sydney, what is it? Is it Vaughn?" Sydney opened her mouth but no words came out. Irina scrutinized her closely. And paled. "It's Jack, isn't it?" Sydney nodded wordlessly.

"Sydney, Voronezh was a high security prison. It is built 5 levels underground and has more than 1000 detention cells. If your father is there, there is no way to find him, let alone free him, short of a major armored assault. Please tell me he's not there."

Finally finding her voice, Sydney said, "He disappeared 2 days ago. We intercepted a wireless phone message to Cuvee that a "package" had been delivered to Voronezh and for him to come pick it up. We're assuming it's dad and that Cuvee's trying to settle some old scores. Cuvee's scheduled to arrive tomorrow."