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Marty sat on the hard floor of the garage with his left hand balancing his head on his knee waiting.

"Abs, you there?" he asked in his walkie-talkie for the umpteenth time in a monotone voice. His reply was still nothing but static. "Course not," he said throwing his hands in the air. "I told you this was a bad idea Abigail!" he shouted in the walkie-talkie.

"…I told you grandma; I'm going to the dance!" Marty heard Biff shout from outside the garage. Quickly, he jolted up and dived head first back into the backseat while re-covering himself with the blanket. The garage door was thrust open and Biff got in the front seat starting the car. Before he knew it, they were on their way to the dance.

"Marty? Marty come in," his walkie-talkie with the cloth around it said loudly and Marty quickly turned it off as goose bumps went up his head squeezing his eyes closed awaiting the blanket to be tossed away. He stayed like that for a few minutes but nothing happened. Marty gave a sigh of relief and got back out the walkie-talkie turning it back on.

"Doc you there?" he asked as quietly as he could.

"Marty! I went to Biff's house to meet you but you weren't there," Doc explained.

"Damn, you must have just missed me. I'm in the back of some guy's car. Did you find Abby?" Marty asked.

"Some guy's c…, never mind. Jeremy found Abby but…"

"Okay good. Tell Jeremy to just take her as far away from Hill Valley as possible. Abby knows the boarding school mailing address so we can stay in contact," Marty said interrupting.

"Marty, what in the name of Sir Isaac Newton are you talking about?" Doc asked.

"Come on Doc, it's the rescue mission for Abby to get away from Biff remember? Isn't that why I'm in the back of one of Biff's henchmen's car? I'll meet you at the school so you and I can escape the psych people that are looking for you," Marty said and the line was left dead for a moment.

"Marty what time period are we currently in right this moment?" Doc asked after a moment.

"Um…1985? Are you feeling aright Doc?"

"Oh no! Marty you have to remember! We're in the year 1955 right now trying to get the sports almanac from Biff. It's a matter of life and the space time continuum as we know it!" Doc practically shouted.

"The almanac…wait what the hell was I talking about?" Marty asked blinking a few times as if he were coming out of a trance.

"The current time stream is affecting our memories where the whole world is run by Biff Tannen! Marty this is getting far too dangerous and it's only going to get worse. I want you to abort the mission right now."

"No way Doc. I gotta do this. You didn't see how broken she was when Biff dragged her into my room back in '85. I don't think I could handle seeing her like that again. The book's right on Biff's dashboard, I'll grab it as soon as we get to the dance," Marty said.

"Alright Marty but you and Abby must be very careful not to run into your other selves. Remember, your mother is at that exact dance with you who's trying to get your parents back together," Doc reminded.

"Right Doc," Marty said and turned off the walkie-talkie. He then held on for dear life as he was tossed and turned around in the back seat trying not to make a sound.

At last the car came to an abrupt stop and Marty heard the driver side door open and slam shut. Marty uncovered himself with the blanket and sat up only to slide back down when Biff turned around to grab the almanac and started walking towards the school.

"Damn," Marty whispered and jumped out of the car following him while staying a few paces back. As soon as Biff was in the gym, Marty hid in the corner beside the main entrance.

"Marty," a voice whispered from up the stairs. Marty looked over to see Abby and Jeremy walking down.

"There you are. Where's Doc?"Abby asked.

"He just missed me at Biffs; I came here hiding in the back of his car. How you doing Abs, I heard about the memory change thing," Marty said.

"I'm alright. A little dizzy but I'll be fine," she said rubbing her temples.

"Just stay out of sight and I'll be back," Marty said lightly patting his sister's shoulder.

"I wanna help you. What can I do?" Abby asked.

"Rest. You're still hurt." Marty said and went back to watching Biff in the gym who was currently spiking the punch bowl with some of his friends.

"I'm not useless Marty!" She said raising her voice while continuing to walk down the steps. All of a sudden, she hissed in agony and clutched her left hip.

"Whoa easy Abby. Here, sit down," Jeremy said putting his arm across her back and he gently helped her sit on the steps. Once she was seated, Abby looked at Jeremy and she blushed. Jeremy's eyes went wide and acted like he was stretching his arms.

"Rest up. We'll meet back up later," Marty said and walked into the gym. Once he was gone, Abby roughly exhaled covering up her face.

"Are you alright?" Jeremy asked.

"No I'm not," Abby said harshly while used the railing to help her stand up and starting to pace the hallway. "I hate how worthless I am. I'm so pathetic!" Abby said and Jeremy just sat there and watched as she looked right into his eyes. "You don't know what he did to me Jeremy. He beat me! He burned me! Told me how weak I was. And the worst part is that some of what he said was true!"

"No, you're wrong. It's just the time stream affecting your memories. As soon as Marty gets the almanac…"

"There it is again! Marty this and Marty that!" Abby said slightly loud and took a small deep breath to calm down. "I just stood there while he beat me Jeremy. When he hit me and mom, Marty tried to fight Biff off. I didn't even try to defend myself," she continued starting to cry then leaning against the entryway to the gym facing away from Jeremy. "I was just so scared." Jeremy took this opportunity to get up from the stairs and walked towards Abby. Then he placed a hand on Abby's left shoulder.

"If you ask me, you're one of the bravest girls I know. Not many girls I've known get beaten by someone, but then still want to help out her brother fix his mistakes. It's okay to be scared. Hell I'd think something was wrong with you if you weren't scared after what he did to you," Jeremy said.

"Marty would have fought Biff back and not just stood there helpless," Abby said.

"Do you hate Marty?" Jeremy asked.

"No, he's the best older brother in the world. But everything I do, he can do twice as better. So where does that put me? Just someone trying to live up to her older brother," she stated.

"I…I don't know what to say about that. But like I said, from what I've seen, you're an amazing woman. Someone funny and kind; and who will always be there if you need her," Jeremy said and Abby turned around to look at him. Jeremy afterwards cupped Abby's cheek wiping away a small tear with his thumb. The two gazed into each other's eyes as the worries they currently were faced with gradually faded away into oblivion as the moments felt like centuries. The music in the distance faded away and only the sound of Abby's speeding heart was heard. Abby gave a soft smile and then the two embraced each other holding one another as close as possible.

"Thank you," Abby whispered into Jeremy's ear who squeezed Abby tighter in response forgetting her injuries, but Abby didn't flinch or groan. Neither one knew how much time they had stayed like that or who was watching. They were the only ones present and that's all that mattered. Still embraced, the two looked up at each other's eyes again and bit by bit moved their faces closer towards the other. Just as their noses just about touched, running could be heard bringing them back to reality. Jeremy and Abby released each other just before Marty run back into the hallway from the gym.

"Come on! We got one shot, dad's about to lay out Biff!" Marty shouted grabbing Abby's hand pulling her towards the door.

"Wait what?" she asked but Marty just kept pulling her back towards the door.

As soon as they got outside and hid behind a nearby car, they saw George Mcfly turn his hand into a fist and punch Biff's face knocking him out.

"Yes!" Marty said raising his fist up. Biff flopped to the ground just as the other Marty came running from behind where George and Lorraine were on the other side. Abby looked at Biff's body with an open mouth and eyes as wide as saucers. Afterwards she looked up at her father who was laughing while looking at the hand that had punched Biff.

"Are you okay?" George asked holding out his hand to Lorraine who was still on the ground. Abby looked at George as her mouth closed into a wide smile and let out a simple chuckle.

"Yeah, I'm okay daddy," Abby whispered lifting up her sweater sleeve and gently rubbing the marks and bruises that had started to slowly began to heal.

So close! So damn close Marty! Oh well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I think the next chapter will be our last until we move onto part three. Hope to see you all then and hope to see you all again soon.