Chapter 1

Underground in an annex of an abandoned subway sat a tunnel that lead to the Shadow Gallery, the place where the infamous terrorist simply known as V called home. In a nice size bedroom completely over run in shadows sat V. He was deep in thought as his hands worked through the routine of getting dressed with little effort. He double checked before triple checking his plans within his mind. After sliding his last boot over his foot he gave a quick swipe at the leather straightening the slight wrinkles. In one fluent motion he secured his cape around his neck before walking out of a secret exit of the Shadow Gallery.

Meanwhile on the streets above in a local television building a brown skinned woman huffed in irritation as she poured a fresh cup of coffee into two white mugs with the station's logo on the front. People were buzzing around speaking into microphones attached to the rim of their ear. Two women were touching up makeup for two news anchors one male the other female. The female news anchor sucked her teeth in annoyance before swatting the brushes away from her face.

"That's enough. This is the news not the circus. Where's my coffee!" She snapped.

The brown skinned woman dumped some creamer into one of the mugs and quickly gave it a few stirs before running towards the two anchors trying not to spill the hot contents.

"About time" The female news anchor grumbled before taking a dainty sip trying not to ruin her freshly applied lipstick.

"Give her a break Samantha don't go scaring the poor girl" The male news anchor said with a wink.

Although the woman was grateful for someone attempting to stand up for her she could not help the way her stomach turned at his smirk and wink. Not wanting to seem ungrateful she gave a small smile.

"We're live in 5...4...3..."

The brown skinned woman quickly fled off the small stage where the two news anchors sat and took cover behind the camera men. The man operating the main camera held up two fingers then one before pointing to the two anchor's as light illuminated the two.

"And welcome back viewers let's go to Ashley with the weather" Samantha said with a sweet smile before the camera panned over to the weather girl. Her auburn colored hair shined underneath the lights as she moved around pointing bringing attention to her top that revealed a little too much to be professional.

"Evelyn we need you in the screen room" A woman called drawing the brown skinned woman's attention. Evelyn nodded and quickly followed the woman that had a couple of feet head start.

The day was long to say the least. Evelyn closed the door to her small little office adjacent to the Executive Producer's. She leaned her head on the door and took a deep breath clutching a folder full of papers to her chest. The halls were nearly abandoned except for some of the janitorial staff and a few workers still held up in their offices. Evelyn pushed herself off of the door and checked to make sure she had her identification badge before leaving the station. Her eyes stretched wide as she noticed what time it was. It would be past curfew by the time she made it to her apartment on the opposite side of town.

"Fudge!" She muttered before rushing out of the elevators and through the front door.

Security raised an eyebrow at her but seeing that she did not seem like much of a threat they returned to reading the paper and finishing their dinner.

Evelyn tapped her foot on the floor of the slow moving bus as she constantly checked the watch on her wrist making her more anxious. She stretched her head to see how much further until they reached the bus stop. She bit the inside of her lip and stood halfway out of her seat by the time the bus came to a stop. Clutching her bag tightly to her side she ran down the street to another bus stop only to see a bus taking off. She ran after the bus waving her hands trying to get the driver's attention but ultimately failed.

"This is not my day" Evelyn groaned.

Checking her watch once more she sighed when her suspicions were confirmed. That was the last bus going near her apartment for the night. She would have to hoof it home tonight and that thought scared her more than anything. Quickly shuffling through her bag she reached for her wallet and opened it only to have her hopes sink further seeing that she only held about two dollars and fifty cent in cash. Quickly stuffing her wallet back in her purse she began the long walk home.

The moon sat high in the sky but the street lights dimmed the sparkle of the stars although Evelyn was more concerned about her surroundings to pity the loss of beauty. Her feet shuffled hurriedly down the street as she repeated to herself to remain calm. The sound of a youthful voice shouting in fear drew her attention to an alley.

"Leave me alone!" The voice shouted.

Quietly Evelyn crept to the entrance of the alleyway to see two Fingermen shoving a young boy around. The boy could not have been older than eight and it was pretty clear that he was either extremely poor or homeless. Evelyn turned around and rested her head on the brick wall out of sight as she shook with nervousness.

"OW!" The boy cried out in pain.

This drew Evelyn's attention back to the alley to see the Fingermen beating on the boy who was huddled on the ground trying to protect himself.

"Hey! Leave him alone" Evelyn cried out with anger.

Her bold voice drew the attention of the two Fingermen.

"Move it along miss, official Fingermen business" A short and chubby Fingerman grumbled flashing his badge.

"What business could you have beating up a child?" Evelyn questioned in anger.

"Oy! It's none of your business but seeing that you're so concerned you can join in on the fun" The taller Fingerman said making her stomach turn at what he was implying.

"Get out of here you little bastard" The stout Fingerman said shoving the kid in the opposite direction.

The kid looked at the woman that came to his defense before turning and running away.

"Now where were we" The round Fingerman called with a smirk as he adjusted his trousers.

Evelyn's eyes grew wide before turning and running but the tall and lean Fingerman grabbed her by her dark straight hair pulling her further into the alley.

"Let go you pig!" Evelyn screamed clawing at the man that held her hair painfully tight.

"You hear that? I think she insulted an officer" The man said with a chuckle.

"Cheeky little whore isn't she?" His partner laughed as he began unzipping his pants while Evelyn fought.

"No stop! Someone help!" Evey screamed.

"Don't hurt her!" A youthful voice cried hitting the man restraining Evelyn over the head with a bottle.

The man fell limp to the ground before the little boy jumped off of the dumpster.

"You little brat!" The other Fingerman growled snapping his night stick erect before stalking over towards the boy.

Evelyn was still trying to gather her thoughts as she continued to shake. She saw the Fingerman walking to beat the little boy and she grabbed her bag wrapping the strap around the Fingerman's neck before pulling with all her might. The Fingerman gasped and reached out for anything to steady himself before an idea popped into his head. Rushing backwards he slammed Evelyn into the wall making her release him.

"You little tart" He growled rubbing his neck before throwing her towards the boy knocking him over.

"I've had enough of the both of you" He said reaching for his gun on his hip.

Evelyn wrapped her arms around the child protecting him when a calm and dark voice sliced through the tension.

"Who are you?" The man snapped looking at the oddly dressed man.

"The multiplying villainies of nature do swarm upon him" The figure muttered stepping out from the shadows offering no other explanation.

"Official Finger..." The man started but was unable to finish as the figure attacked him and he fell limp to the ground.

Evelyn tightened her arms around the boy shielding him as she watched the scene unfold before her.

"Look out" She called as the taller Fingerman got his senses back and tried to attack the mysterious figure from behind.

The mysterious man spun around hitting the Fingerman with the butt of his knife like weapon. The Fingerman stumbled back a few steps before sinking to the ground unconscious.

"Are you going to hurt us?" Evelyn asked with narrowed eyes.

"I assure you that I mean neither of you any harm" He said with a deep bow sheathing his knife before offering his hand for her to stand.

Evelyn took his hand but kept the boy shielded behind her.

"Thank you mister" The boy said coming to stand beside Evelyn.

The man who wore a smiling mask and brimmed hat gave a slight bow acknowledging the boy's thanks.

"It is dangerous for you and your son to be out past curfew" The masked man said simply.

"She ain't my mother" The boy said offended.

"Oh well I offer my apologies" He said to the boy who stood proudly.

"Well thank you for saving us ummm..sir...but I should make sure he gets home" Evelyn said looking at the little boy beside her.

"I can take care of myself" The boy said narrowing his eyes.

"Really? Because if it were not for me you would still be getting beat by the Fingermen" She said bluntly.

"And if it weren't for me you'd be worse off than me" The boy spat back.

Evelyn narrowed her eyes at the boy before a chuckle reminded the two they were not alone in the alleyway.

"This is true. To show how thankful I am how about I make you a nice hot meal and a warm place to sleep" Evelyn said making sure she chose her words carefully. It was pretty clear that the little boy was prideful and she did not want to sound like she was offering charity.

The boy's brows furrowed seeming to consider the offer.

"You are welcome to the offer as well" Evelyn said turning to the masked man and felt her face brighten with the weird sense he had been staring at her.

"I am honored by your generosity although I am afraid I will have to decline. However I will gladly make sure you two are returned safely" The masked man said.

"Well I do live a little ways away" Evelyn said with a sigh.

"Perhaps I can offer a solution to ease your tedious journey" The masked man said gently.

"Alright" Evelyn said before glancing to the dirt covered lad beside her who seemed skeptical.

"If you would follow me" The man said disappearing back into the shadows.

Evelyn did not know what came over but she took the boy's hand and followed her masked savior.