Y'know, it's been a while since I've worked on this story. Mostly because I went into a childish little huff when I was blocked from playing Fate/Grand Order. I mean, sure I can still play it on my phone, but I first started playing it on the PC. Losing my Rider, despite not being rare, my Saber Alter and my Jeanne D Arc just annoyed me.

...I had wanted those other two so bad I literally spent money to get them. Yeah, I was real pissed.

Either way, I've not finished the second chapter yet. But, upon reading the first chapter again it occurred to my that I'd forgotten to post Rider's Heroic Spirit stats. That, and a rough approximation of where Naruto stands.

Heroic Spirit - Medusa

Master - Naruto Uzumaki

Alignment - Chaotic Good

Strength - A Mana - A

Endurance - C Luck - E

Agility - A+ Noble Phantasm - A++

Class Skills

Magic Resistance - A

Riding - A+

Personal Skills

Divinity - D

Independent Action - C

Monstrous Strength - B

Mystic Eyes - A++

Noble Phantasms

Bellerophon - Anti-Army - A++

Blood Fort Andromeda - Anti-Army - A

Breaker Gorgon - Anti-Unit - C

Name - Naruto Uzumaki

Alignment - Chaotic Good

Strength - B(B+) Mana - EX

Endurance - A+++ Luck - B

Agility - A(A+)

Personal Skills

Charisma - B+

Divinity - C

Mana Burst(Body Flicker) - C

Instinct - A

Battle Continuation - A+

Innocent Monster - B

Magecraft - A

Eye of the Mind(False) - B

Why did Rider get such a big power boost just because Naruto has so much energy? Well, it ties back to the fact that chakra, for the most part empowers the user without ever having to be called on for a technique or such. Seriously, we see Naruto whom has little to no training jump off the Hokage monument, at like five-six years old and doesn't even gain a scratch.

It isn't unique to Rider alone. Any servant Naruto could have gotten would have gained the same boon from having him as a Master.

Naruto's stats? They aren't really his stats to be honest, they're more for simplicity's sake to give a general idea on how he measures up. Mostly because a few people asked me how he measured up from that one little comment Naruto had about being just as strong and fast as Rider, even with her stat boosts. And pretty much all the Personal Skills are self explanatory.