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Hermione found herself pushing through the crowds of the Ministry just after lunch on a Thursday. People would see who she was and try and get out of the way, but since it was so busy there was nowhere for them to go.

"Sorry, Mrs. Malfoy," she heard more often than not. She tried to smile at the people who were avoiding her large belly, even though she knew she was grimacing. The family had decided that she'd remain Mrs. Malfoy while Narcissa kept the title Lady Malfoy; it seemed respectful and wasn't anything that Hermione was worried about.

"Is the Minister in?" she asked as politely as she could when she finally made it to the reception area.

"Sir Lucius Malfoy is scheduled for a late lunch, ma'am, but he's already told me that any family can wait for him in his office."

Hermione let out a breath and entered her father-in-law's office, lowering herself gently into a chair and wondering where Draco was. He'd taken an Auror position alongside Harry, Blaise and Theo because despite the polite incredulity of most Ministry officials, Kingsley Shacklebolt, the head of the Auror office, could see the potential in all four men. They'd been completely cleared of all of their crimes by use of Veritaserum in a small hearing before the hard trials began. Once it had been proven that they had all been under the influence of mind altering potions, poisons, or curses, Kingsley had approached them in turn and offered them a position, which they happily took.

Molly Weasley had tried to disparage Hermione and Draco about the death of her son, Ron Weasley, but Hermione stood her ground. In a trial she stood up and fully admitted that she'd killed Ron but she was determined to make it clear that not only had he attacked her and murdered her parents previously, he had then attacked her again and caused her to fall down the stairs and put the life of her unborn child in jeopardy. She was well within in her rights to demand the life of someone who'd caused her so much pain and grief, should she be powerful enough to enact her justice; she didn't go into details about what had happened that night and no one asked.

She was pitied enough for the things she'd gone through that no one wanted to be the first to ask.

Molly Weasley was all but ostracized in society for continuing to speak ill of Hermione and her husband, not to mention that she'd caused a civil disturbance, walking around Hogsmeade screaming that Harry Potter was a traitor to the light, even though he'd killed Tom Riddle.

The woman had done nothing but damage her own reputation and she spent her time at home with her husband, barely seeing the children she had who were alive because they were so ashamed of her and her actions.

The Ministry of Magic had a hell of a time sorting out who was being forced and who was acting of their own accord, but after a few weeks they'd had everything sorted out. They hadn't caught every single Death Eater, because some were smart enough to get away before the Auror's began their arrests – a point that made Hermione more nervous than anything; she didn't need to be revisited by any of the people she'd once spent her time with before the final battle of the war had taken place. No one had seen hide nor hair of the missing Death Eater's since the final battle and it worried Hermione but she didn't bring it up with her husband much. He'd made sure their home was secure before he started working full time and if that was good enough for him then it was good enough for her.

She shuddered when she thought about the insane witches and wizards on the loose who wanted nothing more than those who brought down Voldemort dead, but pushed it to the side as she remembered Lucius' fight to keep his position. It was clear that he'd also been under the influence and the citizens – especially those that had resided in the castle of Hogwarts before the war – had demanded he be kept where he was. He was running things smoothly and the people moaning about a Death Eater being in that position had to admit that he had everything under control and was actually doing things better than their previous Ministers.

Hermione took a deep breath as another pain rippled through her abdomen, remembering how their friends and family had taken the news about her pregnancy. As planned, they'd waited until everything had died down, to so they wouldn't be stressing everyone out even more.


The entire group of them, including Pansy, who had somehow pushed her way into their lives, were at Malfoy Manor for a congratulatory dinner for Lucius, since he'd secured the post of Minister.

"I have some news," Draco said, getting to his feet and commanding the attention of everyone at the table. "Hermione's pregnant."

The table went silent and Hermione felt her cheeks heating up – the way Draco had just informed everyone sounded almost like a challenge, like he dared them to say something negative.

Narcissa screamed all of a sudden and jumped to her feet, rounding the table and pulling Hermione into her arms, which was really just Narcissa strong arming Hermione around the neck as she reached for Draco. Hermione coughed and sputtered, garnering the attention of the woman strangling her and Narcissa jumped away, tears swimming in her eyes.

"This is wonderful!" she squealed, and Hermione met a grinning Draco's eyes. "Aren't you excited?" she asked her son, swatting him on the arm.

"Of course I'm excited!"

"Congratulations," everyone else was saying, and Hermione was pretty sure that she'd seen Blaise wiping his eyes on his hand and Pansy, who for some reason was there, was grinning stupidly. Ginny, who was a few months farther along than Hermione, was exclaiming in giddy amazement that their children would be around the same age. Hermione stifled a grin as her two friends commented to anyone that would listen that once they were older, they might even end up dating.

"Do you know what the gender is?" Lucius asked after shaking his son's hand and squeezing Hermione's warmly, taking his seat again.

"No. We aren't going to find out until the birth."

Silence met Draco's words.

"You aren't finding out?!" Pansy demanded, looking at them like they were crazy.

"We're waiting until it's born. We don't care what the baby is as long as it's healthy."

"That's admirable," Harry said as Pansy looked at them like they'd lost their minds.


Their friends had been a little overwhelming since they'd found out about the pregnancy. Hermione was glad that they all cared as much as they did; of course, that meant nothing considering that Hermione was going into labour and couldn't find anyone.

Draco was working and Hermione wasn't allowed to contact him while he was on a mission because it could easily give away their position and if they were in a tough spot it would just distract him and his team, something she refused to be responsible for.

Another pain rippled through her body but she hummed through it, trying to distract her mind.

Where the hell was Lucius?!

Narcissa was gone for the weekend with her dueling club for a tournament in Italy where Hermione was sure she was kicking ass and taking names. Hermione had sent her an owl but by the time it reached her mother-in-law there was a good possibility she'd already have the baby.

Hermione sighed and heaved herself to her feet, deciding to go back to Hogwarts and find Neville, who'd taken over as Herbology professor, and Ginny, who lived on campus with their beautiful baby girl, Alice. She was pushing her way back through the crowds so she could get to the Atrium and to the fireplaces so she could floo to her office at Hogwarts.


"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be open again starting September the first," Lucius announced to the crowds. "I know that's only seven months from now, but it will give families time to mourn and the magical community to rebuild and regroup. It's now being run by my very own daughter-in-law, Hermione Malfoy. Candidates to fill vacant staff positions have already been contacted, and everything is in order to begin teaching the great young minds waiting to eagerly hone their skills of magic."

Cheers erupted all around and Hermione, who, at two months wasn't showing at all, waved to everyone.

"It'll be strange starting the school up only a few weeks after I have our child," Hermione admitted to Draco that night in their bed. But I'm so glad Neville and Ginny will be staying there as well – she'll be a lot of help, I'm sure. You know, I don't remember ever seeing spouses or children while we were in school, but they had to be there, right? There's no way all of our teachers were single."

"Well, now that you're Headmistress you're able to change things. Husbands will definitely be there, as well as children," he said, rolling into her and pulling her into his arms. "I refuse to be away from you and baby Malfoy for months on end while you teach a bunch of snot-nosed kids how to get through life without starting a war."

Hermione giggled and they lay in silence for a few moments.

"I don't understand something," Hermione said after a moment, causing Draco to lean away from her in shock.

"Hermione Malfoy, not understanding things?!"

"I'm being serious," she said, swatting at him. "Why was there a prophecy about me? I didn't do much in the war to bring it to an end…"

Draco was silent for a moment, staring at Hermione as the wheels in his mind turned.

"You may not have fought, but you definitely got the ball rolling. We figured out that we were being poisoned and what not, you got to Harry and made him realize what was going on, and you arranged a following that helped to take down Tom. I think it makes perfect sense that there was a prophecy concerning you."

"Oh," Hermione answered, her cheeks reddening. "I guess it's in the eye of the beholder, then. Tom thought I would be helpful to him, not detrimental in bringing him down."

"Interesting, isn't it?" Draco asked, tightening his arms around her and resting his hands on her still flat stomach.


Hermione had almost reached the floo points in the Atrium when, both elated and groaning inside, she recognized a woman walking in her direction. Just then, another contraction tore through her stomach and the mental complaints subsided as she realized she was glad there was at least someone she knew in the vicinity.

"Pansy! Thank fucking God!"

"Hermione, what's wrong?"

Hermione was panting and felt a little sweaty as she gripped Pansy's arm tightly.

"Oh, shit, you're in labour, aren't you?"

"I can't find anyone else and it wasn't supposed to happen for another two weeks. This wasn't supposed to happen, Pansy, and I can't contact Draco, Theo, Blaise or Harry. I don't know where Lucius is, Narcissa's in Italy, and I can't find Neville or Ginny and I'm freaking out because this wasn't supposed to happen for another two weeks! Two weeks!"

"Okay," Pansy said slowly, worry drawing her eyebrows together. "Let's get you to St. Mungo's and I'll do everything I can to find everyone you need, we need to get you there first though, okay?"

Hermione nodded, clutching Pansy's arm tightly. She allowed her once female nemesis, whom she was glad to note had settled into her life and marriage fairly well, to lead her to a fireplace and floo her to St. Mungo's Maternity Ward, where they had her in a room and a hospital gown within minutes. Pansy began pacing around, sending patronus Pomeranians fleeing left, right and center, not caring in the least about disrupting Draco. Hermione had a moment where she felt completely stupid for sending her mother-in-law an owl instead of a patronus.

Three hours later, no one had shown up, Pansy was still pacing, and Hermione's labour had escalated quickly.

"Oh God," she said seconds before another contraction took her. She was sweating profusely now and there were Healers and Medi-Witches in the room. On top of the labour she was concerned and worried about her family and friends and she was refusing to bear down and push until Draco was there.

She wouldn't have his baby until he was with her.

"You have to push, Hermione!"

"I can't, I can't do this without Draco," she cried, tears of frustration gathering in her eyes.

"I'm here, Love," a voice said from the door and Pansy shrieked in relief as Hermione started sobbing. "I'm sorry it took so long. I had to get an international portkey."

"I-I'll be in the hall," an extremely white Pansy stuttered before fleeing the room.

She closed the door on a sobbing Hermione, as Draco approached her and took her hand. Pansy vowed to herself in that moment that she wouldn't ever have a child. That situation was enough of a version of birth control for her; she could do without all the contracting and crazy hormones and sobbing and attempting to expel a body from her own.

No, thank you.

Pansy walked into the waiting room and grinned to see her husband and friends there. "She's doing well. Much better now that Draco's with her. I don't think it'll take long, now," Pansy said with a grimace before moving into Marcus' arms, a little nauseated by what she'd seen that afternoon.

"Thankfully you were there for her," Narcissa said, her face white as a sheet as Neville came into the room, followed closely by Ginny who was clutching baby Alice in her arms. "I can't even imagine how scared the poor girl was."

"She was trying to hold it together, I think, but the second she saw me she was almost hysterical. Once I got her here she calmed down somewhat and I started trying to contact everyone."

"How far along is she?" Ginny asked after passing Alice to a waiting Narcissa, beginning to pace.

"She's in hard labour, Gin. It shouldn't be long, now."

"Draco's with her?"

"Yeah," Harry groaned. "We were in America and received a frantic patronus from Pansy."

"We packed up immediately and went to the Ministry over there for a portkey back here, but it took some time," Blaise said, picking up on the story. "You should have seen Draco – he was freaking out, yelling at everyone, it was awesome."

"Yeah, awesome until he almost got us thrown in jail."

"I hope she's all right."

"She's fine, I mean other than the fact that she's pushing a baby out of her vagina," Pansy said with a small shudder.

They lapsed into silence, everyone watching Narcissa playing with Alice with small smiles on their faces.

"You're going to be great with the new baby," Lucius said, smiling at his wife. She had always wanted more children but it just hadn't been in the cards for them.

"I just love babies," she breathed, and then perked up and sat up straight when they heard pounding footsteps running toward them.

"Boy!" Draco shouted, bounding into the room with a large grin splitting his face. He couldn't ever remember being so happy. "He's perfect! 7 pounds, 2 ounces and 18 inches long. He has all ten fingers and all ten toes and he and Hermione are both doing great!"

Everyone jumped up and expressed their congratulations to Draco, pulling him into a hug and clapping him on the back.

Draco looked at everyone smiling, all of his friends – people he cared for like he wouldn't believe possible – and grinned, thanking them for their well wishes before turning away and heading back to his wife.

He knew in that moment that everything in his life would be great.