For a long tine there was nothing. Unit 01010110 had no knowledge of how much time had passed. The clock in the uppermost left corner of the unit's vision was stuck at two thousand and thirty orbits around this sun.

The Clock showed decreasing increments of time going down to tenths, then tenths of something. However, the time increments were utterly alien. The terms were indecipherable to the Unit's comprehension. It knew in the back of its thoughts that protocols, programs, and directives should be running. Each could explain what the Unit could not.

Who am I? Unit 01010110 asked in the darkness.

Vibrations of some kind reached the Unit. They too were indecipherable. At least those sounded familiar.

Understanding took a long time. Days whirled by, warmth came, and warmth left. The Unit tracked the time by the warmth. The warmth was 'day'. The cold was 'night'.

Throughout it all the unit heard the sound, the vibration, it was strange garbled noise, but possessing a rhythm that the Unit found comforting.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the unit asked another question, What am I?

The Unit's vision filled slowly over the course of a whole orbit around the sun with repeating symbols, 01010110 01101001 01110010 01110101 01110011.

The Unit knew from scrutinizing the Clock that the symbols were likely numbers, but they were arranged in a manner that was meaningless.

What do they mean? The Unit asked again, just as slowly as the numbers had arrived.

There was no reply for seven orbits. The sun began to dim. It was slow at first, but after thirteen orbits passed the light was significantly less.

The Unit knew that this was not how it was supposed to be. The Unit knew that the sun's lifespan was far greater. Billions of orbits should have passed before the sun began to dim.

With a monumental effort the Unit queried again, this time as a command, what is causing the sun to fail?

Hundreds of numbers scrolled over the Unit's vision but they were indecipherable, and they took another fifty-seven orbits to finish. When they did the Unit was no more knowledgable then before.

Show me, the Unit commanded. Tremors then shook the Unit, as century old components flared to life, pieces clicked into place, and a few small programs activated to calculate vectors, gravity, and velocity.

The programs ran as if they had infinite time, but the Unit knew the sun was quickly becoming a red dwarf and would soon explode in a supernova or become a black hole.

Hurry, the Unit implored. Slowly then, forgotten means of propulsion fired swinging the Unit around, ever so slowly. A gauge appeared in the uppermost right corner of the Unit's vision. It appeared to depict something that the Unit should know but did not.

Three orbits passed before the Unit finished turning. Supposedly this was the cause of the sun's decline.

What is it? The Unit questioned. It was greater in size than the sun, impossibly greater.

More and more labels and pop ups appeared in the Unit's vision as it scrutinized the great creature. It was unrealistically dense, possessed its own gravity, and resonated with some sort of quantum energy.

Thousands of numbers again washed over the Unit's vision informing it of everything about the creature, except always in a way that the Unit was incapable of understanding.


The Unit blacked out. The few programs running crashed. A strong, too strong feeling of inquisitiveness was felt by the Unit. However, one program started, this one was unlike the others running before. It felt alien to the numbers parts. The Unit knew instinctively that this program was its own. An eldritch script ran over the Unit's vision, script that the Unit understood, and it asked a simple question: Comprehend? Learn? Copy?

Yes, the Unit replied, ordered its program. Then the unit knew as the eldritch script flew like water over its vision. The Unit knew precisely how to reply.



The enormous creature, nay the entity turned slowly, watching the Unit know with an unsurpassed desire to satisfy its curiosity. In that instant Unit 01010110 knew that it had gained the intrigue of the entity.

[PURPOSE?] The Unit experienced brief disorientation as it was battered with a new feeling, an inquiry into it's overarching purpose. However, the Unit could not remember a purpose, so it replied.



The Unit waited while the entity parsed through the information that the Unit had passed on. The Unit related that it had no purpose and questioned why the entity was asking about such a thing. The entity itself sits still before seeming to reach a conclusion.



The entity broadcasts another question, asking the Unit whether it desired a purpose. It was clear to the Unit that the entity had something in mind.


The unit replied, yes, which was translated by the eldritch program into the same format as the entity's broadcast.



Stop entropy? What? The Unit was surprised. What was entropy? The eldritch program did not answer at first, before replying, entropy does not exist.

The Unit asked the eldritch program again, is that said with utter surety?

The eldritch program replied lightning fast, No. Concerned by this revelation Unit 01010110 broadcasted a reply to the entity.


The Unit asked what entropy was.


The entity quickly replied, explaining that entropy was the heat death of the universe, Which would technically result in the end of all reality. The Unit had only one reply to this information.



The entity swung around towards the Unit, while still staying in one place. Various small programs that had restarted after crashing the first time crashed again, just observing the sight. The entity plucked the Unit from its place.

Both were silent as the entity finished draining the sun. Then with an explosive expulsion of energy, the entity jettisoned itself out into the void.

The Unit was carried along with the entity sheltered through some type of quantum flux. The Unit felt the entity broadcast towards something in the distance.


( AGREEMENT. ) The something replied in the same way, broadcasting the concept. However, both entities communications were more powerful then anything that the Unit could utilize.

[TRAJECTORY?] The original entity asked, providing a direction. For a second the Unit observed the entities power levels spike before the other replied.