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After a few minutes of silence Jack broke way from Aster, after he rubbed his eyes and cleared his throat. He gave Aster a small smile showing that he felt better and was happy that Aster listened to him.

"I love you Aster. I'm so glad that you're here with me." Jack stated giving Aster's hand a squeeze.

"Love you too Jackie. And I'll always be with you, even when you don't want me around." He chuckled also giving Jack's hand a squeeze.

"Come on, Tooth is probably wondering whats taking us so long. And I really want to beat the Dragon Riders to the village." Aster stated.

"Yeah your right, though really you just want to prove your faster than a dragon." Jack agreed with a laughing as he took off down the tunnel.

"Hey!" Aster cried rushing to catch up. Within a few minutes they made it to the end of the tunnel where Tooth was waiting for them with an air of impatience.

"The Riders are already at Ombric's, they got here just as I got out of the tunnel. I figured I would wait for you two." Tooth said already walking toward Ombric's home.

"They really got here that fast? Wow, that's impressive." Jack asked impressed with the dragons.

"Its not that impressive." Aster grumbled crossing his arms as he followed the two Atlanteans.

"Your just jealous." Tooth stated with a smirk when she saw Aster stumble.

"What?! No I'm not!" Aster cried out feeling a blush start to bloom on his cheeks.

"You totally are Aster. You're jealous of Toothless!" Jack stated with a laugh though Tooth just gave out a snort and tried to hide her laughter which gave her weird looks from the villagers as they walked through the town square.

"What?! Why would I be jealous of a flying reptile? I don't even like heights." Aster stated stomping away from from the two giggling Atlanteans. Once Aster had moved further away Jack and Tooth burst out laughing, getting even more strange looks from the villagers.

"He's totally jealous of Toothless. Right, Tooth?" Jack chuckled following after Aster already seeing the two dragons outside Ombric's home drawing a crowd. The dragons looked a little overwhelmed.

"Yes Jack, he is jealous of the dragon." Tooth answered trying to keep her sarcasm and laughter down. Oh Jack, you can be so oblivious.


Soon they were at Ombric's home where everyone was outside and Hiccup appeared to be talking to the villagers that were surrounding them. Ombric was staring at Windshear, making the female dragon nervous as she kept trying to back away but was blocked by the trunk of Ombric's strange home. Toothless also looked a bit overwhelmed by all the attention and when one of the kids broke away from the crowd and grabbed his tail, he jumped up and clung to one of the branches. Everyone jumped while Hiccup just rubbed his hand over his face before turning toward Toothless and seeming to try and talk him down. Not very successful since Toothless shook his head and growled and then moved to lie down at the top of the tree. Hiccup appeared to sigh and then apologize to everyone, they seemed disappointed but they understood and went on about their business.

"Hiccup!" Jack called out raising a hand to wave to the auburn male. Said male jumped and turned toward the other male, he smiled and waved back. Dagur and Heather had been speaking with the other members of their team when they noticed Tooth, Jack, and Aster.

"Aster, what took you all so long? Shouldn't your tun-" Porc started before Tiana punched him in the arm making him stop before he could reveal Aster's powers.

"He means are you all okay?" Tiana asked after shooting a glare at Porc who returned it.

"Yeah we're fine. Just got a bit delayed. No attacks while we were gone?" Aster asked as they got closer, trying to ignore what he felt when Jack said hi to Hiccup.

"No, thank goodness and now that Hiccup and his friends are here we may finally learn why the dragon has been attacking Santoff Claussen." North answered. "How are you doing Jack?" He added having finally seeing Jack up close and looking for injuries.

"I'm okay North, just kind of banged up a bit. I think the worst is the tear in my ear." Jack told him unknowingly reaching up to touch the torn ear. Dagur flinched and looked guilty when Jack mentioned the torn ear. He knew it was his fault from when he took him from the infirmary.

"Very well but I still vant to check you over. Tiana told us that you fell in a stream and you almost drowned. Then that you were passed out after using your magic, it is a bit concerning. It may just be because of energy but you never know. So come. I will take you for check up." North stated placing a hand on Jack's back to lead him inside.

"No really I'm okay, just some scrapes and bruises." Jack protested.

"Jackie, please go with him. I saw that you had a cut on the back of your head and I don't want you to get an infection especially because you aren't used to the germs and viruses of the surface world." Aster whispered in Jack's ear not wanting the Dragon Riders to hear them. Jack looked up at him and conceded. He knew that since his body wasn't used to the diseases of the surface world he was at risk for getting ill, so he allowed North to lead him to the infirmary after Aster pressed a kiss to his forehead, angled so the Riders couldn't see.

"So, while Jack gets a check up, why don't we all adjoin to the living room for some tea while our new friends tell us what could be the case of the dragon attacks. I could prepare some food for your dragons if you like." Katherine stated motioning everyone inside.

"Um, that's okay. We actually feed the dragons before we got here, actually before we found Jack and Dagur. So they should be fine out here." Hiccup answered a bit flustered by all the kindness.

"Very well, so shall we?" Katherine gestured with a smile for the others to follow her.

Soon they were all sitting down in a large warm living room. Hiccup and Heather sat down in a two seater couch while Dagur leaned against the couch arm. Aster sat in a small armchair across from Hiccup while Tooth stayed standing with her hip against the window. Tiana and the other team mate they were introduced to, Porc, sat in another two seated couch at an angle with the couch Hiccup was on. A large tall armchair was where the old man, Ombric, was sitting and next to him was a simple chair where his daughter, Katherine, will sit after she came back with the tea. The only other sitting was another large armchair where Hiccup guessed the large male, North, would sit. He wasn't sure where Jack would sit, perhaps he will stand like Tooth or sit with Tiana since he was so thin.

Hiccup wasn't sure why he was so interested in the young man, maybe it was because of his magic, which he couldn't even begin to explain. Maybe it was because of the look in his eyes. He looked young, like he was 18 years old but the look in his eyes made him seem older. They looked like his father's eyes. His eyes looked like an old warrior that had been through Hel. The look in his eyes actually scared Hiccup a little, he knew the kind of things that could cause that look in old warriors and he had hope that they would never happen to him and if he was honest, he hoped it didn't happen to anyone else. He couldn't imagine what Jack had to go through and really he didn't look like warrior.

He looked so kind and the fact that Toothless took to him so quickly, even after he almost killed them. This was insane, Jack was just a mess of contradictions. He was nice and kind when he talked to them about his magic and when he talked to Toothless. But as soon as his home was mentioned that soft kind look in his eyes became cold as ice. He radiated coldness. Like he would not hesitate to slice his throat if his home was threatened.

In fact, all the people that he has been introduced to have had a similar look in their eyes. Tooth was pure warrior woman like Heather and Astrid, yet he felt like she had been in doing it for years. She only looked about 20, yet it seems like she'd been a warrior for decades. Tiana didn't seem like a warrior woman but she was a fighter. Porc didn't look like much, actually he reminded him of Snotlout, but he was also a fighter. Ombric may look like an old man but that glint in his eyes made him hesitate to see him as simply an old man, Katherine looked like a proper lady but as he watched her bring in the tea and offer everyone a cup as well as a slice of pastries, the way that she handled the knife made him think of Astrid. The glint in her eyes was just like Ombric's. She was not to be underestimated. And of course there was North, a very large man that seemed like he was much larger than his father. There was no reason to doubt that he knew how to fight.

Hiccup really didn't know how he felt about meeting these people. They are nothing like anyone he had ever meet and he doesn't think that he ever will.

"Alright, enough with the small talk. Lets find out what we can do about this dragon so that the village is safe, you all can go home and we can go home." Aster stated putting down the cup of tea and wanting to get everything over with so that he can finally get Jack out of danger and back home.

"Right, well what can you tell us about the dragon? What does it look like?" Hiccup asked.

"We don't know." Ombric answered.

"Um, okay. What does its blasts look like?" Hiccup asked confused.

"We don't know."

"Do you know anything?!" Dagur asked getting frustrated. "How do you even know that its a dragon?"

"We know its size and what its claws look like as well as its scales. We were able to gather them after the chaos. Katherine if you will please show our guests." Ombric stated giving Kathrine a nod.

Katherine went over to the mantel and grabbed a small silver chest. She handed it off to Hiccup before taking her seat next to her father. Hiccup thanked her and opened the chest to examine the scales they had collected. The scales they had were shades of white and gray. So its an ice type, strange. One of the scales was significantly larger that the others and it had a gray spot. Hiccup furrowed his brows and looked at the other scales. They were pure white with some traces of purple but it felt more like a spike than a normal scale. Hiccup suddenly stiffened, suddenly realizing what these scales meant.

"I thought you said you had a dragon problem?" Hiccup asked quietly. Hoping that the scales weren't telling him, what he thought they were.

"We do have a dragon problem. Whats wrong?" Kathrine asked concern with how quiet Hiccup was and how tense he got.

"You don't have just a dragon problem. You have two dragons that are causing trouble." Hiccup told her looking up at everyone.


"Now Jack, what aches are you feeling?" North asked as he had Jack sit on a bed while he put on some gloves and got supplies.

"I'm fine North. I feel okay." Jack answered fidgeting with the sleeve of his jacket, trying to push the aches he felt to the back of his mind.

North didn't look impressed and placed a stool in front of Jack. "I know that you are a King of a people. And that you must be strong for them so that they can feel safe and be worry free. But right now you are not King Jack, your are just Jack who was taken from this room and then escaped, only to fall into a stream and be swept away where you were rescued by a dragon. Suddenly you woke up to a clearing filled with creatures you didn't know and people that you didn't know. You vere filled with adrenaline and then you used your magic which drained you. You are not feeling okay and that is fine." North told him making sure to keep eye contact.

Jack drew in a shaky breathe and cleared his throat as he fought to keep his tears back. "My head hurts, so does my back, and my ear. I really hope its not torn because I really like that earring." He whispered lightly touching his throbbing ear.

"I will check and if it is I will fix it. Now turn this way for me." North stated with a smile. He began to examine Jack first, he made sure to clean every open wound since there was a risk for infection. Then he took a look at Jack ear. Luckily it was not completely torn and all he needed was a bandage and time to heal, and given how fast he heals it should be soon. Next he looked over all the bruises Jack had and placed a salve that he had made, that should help with healing, on each one. Finally he looked into his eyes and checked his pupil reaction.

"Now Jack, do you feel any nausea, headache, or ringing in ears?" North asked as he sat back down and Jack put his jacket back on.

"A bit but that's just cause I hit my head. Its no big deal." Jack answered putting his hands in his pockets.

"Is big deal. You have concussion." North stated giving him a cup of water and some small round thing.

"Whats a concussion?" Jack asked accepting the water and the small round thing.

"It is when you hit head and brain moves in skull too much which can be traumatizing. So you take tablet and rest for next 24 hours." North ordered writing something down on his notepad.

"Whats in this tablet?" Jack asked still eyeing the 'tablet'.

"It is a pain reliever that I made. It is safe to consume when you have a concussion and will take away headache. Just swallow and drink water." He stated putting down the pad. Jack just nodded and swallowed the tablet.

"So I have to rest for 24 hours? What about the dragon?" Jack asked worried about what Aster would say.

"We will take care of dragon. We have three dragon experts that can handle it and we do not need your help. So rest or I will tell Aster and he will make sure that you rest." North answered.

"You can't tell Aster, he'll just make this a bigger deal than it really is. I feel fine just a headache and nausea it'll go away."

"No Jack, you must rest. It is dangerous if you do not rest, so you must listen and obey my orders or I will tell Aster and Tooth who will guarantee that you will stay strapped to bed. So stay." North told him pointing to the bed.

"Wait, I cant stay here. I have to go down with the others, if I don't go down it'll just worry Aster and Tooth and that's not the mind set that they need to be in today. So let me go down and after they make a plan I'll make an excuse to not be part of it. I'll stay out of the way. I promise." Jack stated hoping North will allow him to go down. North took a moment to look into Jack's eyes before he let out a sigh. Jack felt a smile start to creep onto his face.

"Very vell. We vill go with your plan but remember. No getting involved. Da?" North coincided hoping he wasn't making a mistake. Jack gave out a cry of joy and jumped up to give North a hug.

"Thank you!" He exclaimed, excited to get downstairs and learn more about dragons.

"Your very velcome. Now lets get downstairs before they get worried." North said returning the hug.


"You mean there are more than one dragon attacking this village?" A voice asked from behind Hiccup. Hiccup jumped and looked behind him seeing Jack entering the room with North. He had a few bandages on his body, he had one on his head, a few small ones on his face ad one on his ear. But other than that he seemed fine.

"Um yeah. There is a scale here that is much larger than the other ones and it doesn't really match with the other ones. So that means that there are two different dragons that may look similar. Though the dragon with the larger scale is significantly larger and I may know which dragon it belongs to. The other ones I don't really know who they may belong to, it looks odd." Hiccup explained pulling one of the smaller scales out to show them then passing it to Heather and Dagur.

"But we have only seen one dragon. It was white and about the same size as your dragon Mr. Hiccup. We would have seen another dragon." Katherine stated unable to believe the village was being terrorized by two dragons.

"Not unless it was trying to get away and that's why you saw it. The larger scale belongs to a dragon that is very fast and very good at stealth. They are almost completely white and could hide up in the clouds. I'm guessing that each time there's been an attack, there's been heavy cloud cover. I think that this smaller dragon was trying to protect the village from the larger dragon while also trying to escape the larger dragon because its not just a regular dragon it is a Titan wing." Hiccup explained.

"Whats a Titan wing?" Aster asked as Jack sat down on the arm of the chair he was sitting in. He placed a hand on Jack's back and when he looked at him he silently asked if he was okay. Jack gave him a small smile and nodded letting him know he was okay.

"A Titan wing is what a dragon can become when they've usually reached old age. They are usually stronger and larger than their regular species and they are much more powerful. I just don't know what could make it want to attack the village if the village has never done anything to it. Unless they had gotten lost and they were angry." Heather explained.

"Well what type of dragon is this Titan wing?" Porc asked.

"I think its a Snow Wraith." Hiccup answered still looking over the smaller scales.

"What the bloody hell is a Snow Wraith?" Aster asked rubbing Jack's back.

"An aggressive dragon. Its usually only found on a single island, Glacier Island, and they usually stay away from humans and stay with their own species. Its odd there's one here. You sure you're right Hiccup?" Dagur asked, remembering dealing with the Wraiths a while ago.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure. When we went after the Snow Wraith tooth, Fishlegs was able to collect a few scales. Hes been collecting different scales to use them to identify dragons. Its been pretty successful." Hiccup answered still observing the small scales.

"Well what should we do now? Go looking for the dragon?" Jack asked fiddling with the sleeves of his jacket while he shared a glance with North. Which Aster caught and made a note to ask North or Jack about it.

"We cant go looking for it because that may mean we find one dragon and it may be the dragon we haven't identified and we wouldn't know what we would be dealing with. It would probably be best to wait until the next attack then we could get eyes on the second dragon and figure out what weakness it could have and use that to our advantage." Heather explained since Hiccup was still distracted.

"Well since there is nothing we could do tonight, how about we have some dinner and we get some sleep. We will discuss this more in the morning. So let us go to the dinning room, I believe dinner should be ready. Oh and I had some friends of mine provide fish for your dragons. I believe they are now resting in the branches." Ombric informed them getting up to go the dinning room leaving a very confused group.

"When did he do all of that if he'd been here the whole time?" Heather asked in a whisper trying to find out when he could have done all of this.

"I wouldn't question it. I spent a few days here and I still have questions." Dagur murmured moving to follow the rest of the group but not before slapping Hiccup on the back to get his attention. "C'mon Haddock. You can worry about the scales later. Lets eat!"

"Right yeah. I'm going." Hiccup said, putting away the scales and following the others out. Leaving only Jack and Aster in the living room.

"So Jackie. What did North say about your injuries?" Aster asked once everyone had left.

"Just some scrapes and bruises though I do have a headache which North said wasn't a big issue and to just take these small round things he said were a pain reliever. He also said my ear should heal just fine and just put a bandage on it." Jack told him, skirting over the concussion issue.

Aster searched Jack's eyes for a minute before he slumped and pulled Jack into his arms, relieved that his love was okay. "Thank god love. I was worried you had gotten really injured."

"I know Aster. But really. I'm okay. Now how about we go join the others. Don't want them thinking we are doing something naughty." Jack joked giving Aster a peck on the cheek before moving toward the doorway leading to the dinning room.

"I'm pretty sure that everyone thought we were doing something naughty when we were the last ones to show up, well everyone but the new group." Aster barked shaking his head. When Aster said that Jack realized a question that had been brewing in the back of his mind.

"Aster, before we join the others. Can I ask you something concerning the Riders?"

"Of course love. What did you want to ask?" Aster asked curious.

"Why are we hiding our relationship from them?" He asked because he had noticed that Aster kept his pet names to himself and that when he touched him, it was almost formal or hidden. He knew that Aster wasn't ashamed of their relationship, so he was curious to why he was acting this way.

Aster was a bit surprised by the question because he wasn't sure if Jack had noticed what he had been doing but now that he knows for sure that Jack had noticed, he can explain why he was doing it, "Jack, in Atlantis, everyone was accepting of our relationship and accepting of same sex relationships. But the same can't be said for the surface world. A lot of people do not approve of our relationship and many people have been jailed and killed because of it. I don't know how Hiccup and his friends feel about same sex relationships, especially because they are from a place that is protected by a barrier. Now that could mean that they are very accepting or they are not accepting. We don't know and frankly they don't need to know about our relationship because after we handle this dragon issue, we probably wont see them again." Aster explained holding Jack's hands.

To say that Jack was shocked, was an understatement. He had no idea that same sex relationships were taboo on the surface world. Back home, it was a common thing and was never looked down upon because it was natural and normal. The fact that up here people didn't approve was incredible to him. How can they kill people for being who they were, as if it was something to be ashamed of. To him that showed just how different his people were compared to the surface world. It showed yet another difference and questioned if his people could really survive happily up here because if somehow they did come the surface, will they have to hide themselves?

"Why would people jail and kill people that are just being themselves? For being what they were born?" Jack questioned.

"To some people it is seen as a sin. As something unnatural. I had to hide myself when I lived up here on the surface. I was lucky that our crew was fine with it. I never had to hide who I was when I was with them because once you had had to hide who you are you can figure out who you can be your self around. Your home was an anomaly, but a welcoming one. Hell, even this place is an anomaly. But know that I am not ashamed of our relationship, I just don't know how they'll react and if they do react negatively I didn't want you to experience that." Aster explained.

"But, you said you knew when you could be yourself around people?"

"Well I haven't had to hide who I was for years now and I cant get too good of a reading on the trio. Mostly cause I'm still cautious around them, even if your Voice said to trust them." Aster answered with a grimace.

"I get it Aster and I'll follow your lead. I guess everyone was also downplaying our relationship because of that fear right? Well I still say that we can trust Hiccup. And besides Heather and Dagur would follow Hiccup through just about anything because they trust him. Now, lets go get some dinner because I am starving and I have a feeling Ombric serves some great food." Jack stated giving Aster a smile and short kiss as he went into the dining room leaving Aster alone in the living room.

Aster smiled as he watched him walk away and he soon followed after him happy to get everything out in the open and let Jack know more about his world. Because as incredible as this world is, there are some dark and cruel parts of it.


Dinner went great. Everyone was having a great time and learning more about each other which was great for building up the trust between the two groups. Aster and Hiccup even shared something in common, they were both artists. So they spent a lot of the time talking about their drawings and about art. Jack had at the beginning first talked to Tooth in whispers and guessing from her body language, he was telling her about how the world viewed homosexuality. Once they had talked about that, Tooth became a bit more reserved but when Heather began talking about combat, it opened Tooth up and soon both women were in deep discussion about weaponry and combat. Dagur even tossed his own two cents in every once in a while. The dinner was so much fun and really brought everyone much more closer. Soon after Ombric showed everyone to their rooms and announced that he was going to bed and that he will see everyone in the morning.

Hiccup and his group all stayed in one room that had access to a large balcony since they had their dragons. Aster and Jack slept next door together. Tooth and Tiana slept in the room across from them. Porc was in his own room since North actually had his own home next to Ombric's and Katherine had her own bedroom further upstairs. Ombric actually slept in his study with his owls, which was very strange and leading to Jack having to keep his laughter quiet. Before North left, he gave everyone an almost bone crushing hug, leaving almost everyone gasping. After everyone said good night they all went to their rooms for some well deserved sleep.


Some time in the night Jack suddenly woke up with a strangled gasp. His heart was pounding and he could feel the scream in his throat wanting to crawl out but he forced it down, not wanting to wake Aster. He quietly crawled out of the bed, making sure not to make too much movement. Luckily Aster stayed asleep and only moved to roll onto his side. Jack could feel his whole body trembling and feel tears running down his face. He breathed in a shuddering gasp trying to keep in his sobs. He didn't even know why he was crying, he didn't remember what he had been dreaming or why it was making him sob so much. But he knew that if he stayed in this room, he will break and he didn't want Aster to wake up and find him like this. He didn't want to worry him. So he took off the pajamas that Ombric had lent them and dressed back in his clothes from earlier.

Once he was dressed, he silently crept across the room to the balcony door and quietly opened the door to exit. He always felt better when he was able to be be outside and maybe he could do some meditation and try to figure out what the dream was about and why it made him cry. Once he was outside and the door fully closed he let out a small sob, allowing his tears to flow down while trying to make as little noise as possible. As he tried to control his breathing he suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder and a soft head rub against his cheek. He looked at his shoulder and saw that Baby Tooth was trying to comfort him.

"Baby Tooth, I was wondering where you had flown off to." Jack murmured run a finger down her feathered head. Once they had arrived at the village, Baby had flown off to explore the village and he didn't really know what she had been up to when he was gone. He's pretty sure everyone was too busy looking for him to be watching her. But she was always pretty independent even if she was spoiled.

"Thank you for being here with me. I just don't know what is going on with these nightmares. I cant even remember this one and yet I've never felt this terrified before." Jack told her going to sit down on the railing. As he sat on the railing he absentmindedly petted Baby while looking out at the village below, since it was the middle of the night, no one was around. Then Baby surprised him when she suddenly squawk and flapped her wings in a panic.

"Baby! Shh, calm down." Jack whispered trying to keep her calm, not knowing why she was so freaked out. As he tried to calm her down, he suddenly felt a presence behind him. He spun around ready to kick whatever was behind him but stopped just short of hitting his target when he was it was Toothless.

"Toothless? You really scared me and Baby!" Jack exclaimed at the black dragon that was standing on his haunches with a smile. Baby was now calmed down as she saw that Jack was friendly with the large beast. Jack quickly looked through the door to make sure the noise didn't wake up Aster but all he did was roll onto his stomach. Jack gave out a breathe of relief before heading back to Baby and Toothless who seemed to be have a staring contest. Baby was winning.

"Toothless, shouldn't you be asleep?" Jack asked as he moved closer to the two creatures. Toothless looked over at him, forfeiting the game which made Baby squawk in victory, and shook his head. Toothless shot a glare at the small bird but all she did was squawk and fly to perch on Toothless's head.

"Well what are you doing here?" Jack asked moving closer to pet the dragon. Toothless looked down at Jack and placed his forehead against Jack's. "Are you here to comfort me?" Jack guessed giving Toothless a scratch under his chin.

"I'm surprised how taken he is with you." A voice stated startling Jack and Toothless. Toothless recovered faster and jumped across the balcony to the voice, who Jack now saw was Hiccup.

"You startled me. What are you doing up?" Jack asked moving to lean on the railing facing Hiccup.

"Shouldn't I be asking you the same thing?" Hiccup replied with a chuckle as he petted Toothless who still had Baby perched on his head.

"Well I asked first." Jack said with a smile. He really liked Hiccup, he was awkward but once he got to know someone he really showed who he really was. A brave leader. Jack actually kind of looked up at him.

"True. Well I thought I heard Toothless out here and he usually sleeps completely through the night and I was curious to why he was up." Hiccup explained.

"Still, to hear Toothless while you were asleep either means you are a very light sleeper or you were already awake." Jack stated with a smirk.

"Well, I'm not a light sleeper. I actually was awake because I'm still trying to figure out what dragon those white scales belong to." Hiccup answered looking frustrated.

"Are you any closer to figuring it out?" Jack asked.

"I've narrowed it down to a few species but none of them really match up. I think I need to back away and see if inspiration will hit me." Hiccup answered running a hand through his hair.

"I still cant believe dragons are real and thriving. That must have been a fun childhood." Jack stated in awe. Even though the Voice had told him a lot about the Riders, they didn't tell him what they were like before they meet each other. So Jack was very curious.

"Um, actually we were constantly being attacked and we were killing dragons. I was known as useless, and I didn't have the greatest childhood. I only helped get Toothless his flight back after I took it away and we only got everyone to accept dragons after we took down the queen of dragons. It wasn't easy getting everyone used to them but now, its just normal to have dragons even if to some people see them as a weapon." Hiccup quietly explained. Toothless gave a croon and rubbed his head against Hiccup, showing that he forgave him.

"Wow, but at least you didn't let that bring you down. When I was a child, I was invisible to my people. They didn't mean to but it still hurt, I was able to overcome it but it was only through a very special kid that allowed me to really show who I am." Jack confided calling Baby to his arm.

"That's great that someone was able to help you. A lot of people tried to take me down but I didn't let it defeat me. I came up with my own way of coping and though it was not always appreciated, it helped me. Though it is strange being known as a dragon expert and having people look up to me. I've slowly gotten used to the idea. Though Astrid has been a great help to me." Hiccup said with a smile at the mention of Astrid.

"Who's Astrid?"

"Um, she's a shieldmaiden that really helped me to be more myself and really be more confident. She is my confidant and one of the only people that really understand me. She actually didn't really like me at first but that may have been because she listened to how the village saw me. Its funny how everyone's minds changed after they got to know me." Hiccup explained with a small smile. Jack just smiled, the way that Hiccup talked about this Astrid, showed that they weren't just friends.

"You know, it seems like this Astrid isn't just your team mate and friend. Are you guys courting?" Jack asked. Hiccup blushed and looked away which caused Toothless to give out a growling chuckle.

"Well, kind of yeah. Its just, um. You know. How about you? Are you betrothed or courting anyone?" Hiccup asked, not really wanting to answer. Jack just laughed and thought about what to say. Hiccup didn't seem like a judgmental person, he seemed like someone that was always looking for the best in people. So he decided to trust him.

"I am actually courting Aster. We have been together for about 7 years. We have talked about spending our lives together but neither of us has proposed yet." Jack answered looking down at his hands with a love struck smile.

"Wow, that a really long time. Though I will admit that I suspected something but I wasn't sure. Thank you for trusting me. My father's best friend is actually homosexual though he is currently single. He says its because he's always taking care of me. Haha." Hiccup told him a bit surprised that the young man trusted him with this knowledge because even if his village was okay, there are other tribes that did not approve and there were still some that did not approve in his own village. One of the reasons that no one bothers Gobber is because he is best friends with his father, the Chief, and his right hand.

"Really? So your people approve of same sex relationships? That's incredible, Aster told me that he wasn't sure about revealing our relationship because he didn't have a read on how you guys will react." Jack exclaimed glad to know that another group of people were accepting.

"Actually, I wanted to ask you something." Hiccup said leaning on the barrier separating them.

"What did you want to ask?" Jack asked trying to figure out what Hiccup wanted to know.

"I know that you can't tell me where you are from because you want to keep your people safe, even if I don't really understand how you know about our enemies. So I wondered if you are an heir to your people. See, my father is the Chief of our tribe and so I am to be the future heir. You just have that air of being a leader." Hiccup explained even if he was very curious about where this strange boy was from.

"Um, actually I am the King of my people. I recently took over for my father after he was murdered 7 years ago, even though it has been such a long time I still feel the weight of living up to my father. I still have much to learn I believe." Jack stated hesitantly. It was only with the reassurance of the Voice that Hiccup could keep this a secret and understand that he was able to tell him the truth. A wisp of wind flowed over his hair, as if a hand had run its fingers through his hair.

Hiccup was surprised, the young man in front of him looked so young and innocent. He didn't seem like a King but when he thought back to how Jack had acted when he had first asked about where he was from, he saw a completely different person. He saw someone that would not hesitate to kill him, he saw a protector, and he saw a leader. He saw a part of his father within the young man. The part that loved his people and would do anything to keep them safe and happy.

"Wow, um may I say again how sorry we are about Dagur kidnapping you your Majesty. He is well, he's not known as Dagur the Deranged for nothing." Hiccup stated with a nervous laugh.

"His nickname is Deranged? There must be a story behind that. And really just call me Jack, I'm no King out here. Just someone trying to help a friend." Jack replied feeling much more comfortable with the young man.

"Lets just say that he had a...colorful childhood that extended into his adult life. He isn't as deranged now. Actually he is starting to become an ally. Though we did think he was dead until very recently." Hiccup answered.

"I think he mentioned something about that. Said you and your team mates were going to run into a ambush but that you didn't believe him." Jack stated.

"Yeah, I thought that he was a spy because he worked with our enemy and helped him but once he discovered that Heather was his sister. He changed and now, I think he really would do anything for her. Though the rest of our team doesn't know he's alive right now so I don't know how they'll react to the news." Hiccup explained still feeling some guilt about what happened.

"You know, its not your fault. I understand why you may not have trusted him but he did run into that ambush of his own volition. He could have just let you get captured and sure he could have just done it to hep his sister but maybe he does care for all of you. I mean, it seems you all have known him since childhood and knowing how he is, it probably means he doesn't have friends. You guys are the closest to friends he has." Jack stated knowing that Hiccup felt some guilt.

"You may be right." Hiccup agreed shooting a smile at the smaller male.

"Of course I am." Jack chuckled with a smirk.

Hiccup opened his mouth to ask Jack something else when they suddenly heard a roar from above them. Both males jumped to their feet and looked above them trying to identify the sound.

"Was that one of your dragons?" Jack asked scanning the cloud cover sky above them.

"No, none of our dragons have a roar like that. I think one of the dragons is about to attack." Hiccup answered climbing on top of Toothless ready to look for the dragons.

"Jack, I need you to wake the other riders, I don't think they heard the roar-" Hiccup started to say before a sudden blast of ice hit the balcony Jack was on making Toothless and him fly up and Jack dive to the other side of the balcony. The blast ended up covering over half of the balcony blocking the door leading into Jack's room. A second blast hit the other balcony covering the other door. Jack looked towards the door and saw that Aster was a wake and trying to open the door. But it was frozen solid, it would be impossible to open. He saw Aster give up and run out of the room, probably heading out to warn the others and get their weapons. He could see the other riders also give up on opening their doors and rush out of the room. Windshear was circling the building, Jack guessed that she was trying to find an open door and get to Heather. Jack was still a bit disoriented and didn't realize that Hiccup was trying to talk to him until something grabbed him around his waist and picked him up.

He gave out a gasp and by instinct he tried to break out of the hold until he realized that the arms that were holding him were black and covered in scales. Toothless? Jack looked up and saw Toothless grin down at him.

"Sorry for the scare Jack but, it didn't seem safe to leave you on the balcony. I'm going to put you down in front of the house and then me and Toothless well try to look for the dragon." Hiccup stated keeping an eye out for any more blasts. Though right now the blasts have only been hitting doors and were locking people in. Why is it locking people in? Is it trying to protect them? Hiccup thought. If that's what the blasts were for then that means that this dragon may be friendly and trying to help. He didn't think it was a snow wraith since they are known to be aggressive. So it had to be the unknown dragon. But Hiccup couldn't think of what dragon they could be.

Soon, they ended up in front of the house where the others were outside but were doing something to the front door. As they got closer, he saw that it was frozen shut and some of the group was stuck inside. Toothless gave out a roar, alerting the group to their presence. Once they were just a few feet above the ground Toothless let go of Jack who dropped down and rushed toward Aster who wrapped him up in a tight hug.

Toothless and Hiccup landed and saw who was able to make it outside. It seems only Aster, Tooth, and Porc made it out. Wind Shear was flying around trying to find an opening.

"Is everyone okay?" Hiccup asked jumping off of Toothless.

"Yeah we're fine but we cant break the ice. Tooth was barely able to make it through before the ice completely covered the door. The others are trying to open it on their side but they cant." Aster answered rubbing a hand down Jack's back.

"Okay, lets see if we can open it. Wind Shear!" Hiccup called. He knew that Toothless had some limited shots but Wind Shear has a hotter fire and more shots. Wind Shear heard him and reluctantly flew down, she didn't really trust him but she knew that he could help her get to Heather.

"I need you to shoot the door and melt the ice. Everyone move back!" Hiccup stated warning the others. Wind Shear moved in front of the door and fired a shot. The ice instantly started to melt and just as it had melted enough, another blast was fired, freezing it once again. Everyone was shocked and Wind Shear shot again but it just got refrozen and reinforced. Wind Shear was about to fire again before Jack stopped her.

"Wait!" He stated before moving toward the door and seeing that the others were also shocked and still trying to open the door. "We may be able to get only one of you out so, Heather, get as close as you can and as soon as Wind Shear fires again, open the door and get out. The metal may burn your hand but ignore it and rush out. We may only have seconds." Jack suggested, Heather nodded showing that she agreed and crouched down next to the door. "Okay, Wind Shear. Try again." Jack told her before he moved away.

Wind Shear readied another shot and fired. As soon as the shot contacted the door, Heather was rushed out and just as she exited the door another shot came and froze the door even more than before, the blast caused Heather to be thrown onto the ground by Wind Shear's feet. Tooth rushed over to the girl and checked on her.

"How is she Tooth?" Jack asked moving toward the two women.

"She has a pretty bad burn but I don't have anything to help her. The best we can do right now would be to wrap it and deal with it later. Other than that, shes fine." Tooth answered, ripping a piece of her shirt to wrap around Heather's hand.

"That's good. Heather, if you think your up to it, you should get on Wind Shear and meet up with us. Me and Toothless are going to fly up and see if we can locate the dragon. I have a pretty good idea of where it could be hiding." Hiccup stated before he climbed on top of Toothless and shooted up into the sky vanishing among the heavy cloud cover.

"Are you okay Heather?" Aster asked helping her to stand up.

"I'm fine. Lucky its my left hand. I have to go help Hiccup. You guys should find some shelter and keep an eye out. There's still a dragon unaccounted for." She replied moving to climb on Wind Shear, soon enough they also vanished among the cloud cover.

"Did you guys get out with your weapons?" Jack asked once he realized that they may be unarmed.

"I was able to bring your daggers and my boomerangs. Tooth, I believe has her swords but Porc wasn't able to bring any of his weapons. We should get out of the open, we're not safe out here." Aster answered looking around for somewhere they could lay low.

"Over there! It looks like a large stall, we can hide there while we come up with a plan." Porc pointed out, moving toward the large stall across the way.

"Lets head over there. We are really not equipt to deal with these dragons right now." Tooth agreed moving with Porc to rush to the stall. Aster and Jack started to follow when suddenly something large landed between them, separating them. The large being was a dragon that was grayish blue with some gray spots and stripes on their back. It had some large spikes protruding from their and all along their tail. Under their chin was two horn looking appendages and there were two long canines coming out of the lower jaw and when Jack looked down, he could see how large and sharp looking their claws were.

"Jack get out of there!" Aster cried out moving back from the large beast. Jack could barely hear him as adrenaline pumped through his body. The dragon was looking right at Jack but its eyes looked strange, it kept moving back and forth as if trying to see him. It cant see me. Jack realized. He carefully took a step back but as he did the dragon suddenly roared prompting Jack to take off running. He could hear the dragon behind him and he knew that there was no way to outrun the dragon, It was too fast. The dragon was suddenly in front of him making him skid and stop. He had no plan, he didn't have any weapons and his magic was still low from earlier. He was doomed. He sent a quick prayer and hoped that his people would be okay and that Aster and Tooth would be okay. He closed his eyes and waited for the dragon to attack.

But then he felt something surround him, he opened his eyes and saw only white and blue. For a second he thought that he was in the afterlife but then he saw that the white was actually scales. Suddenly he was looking into a bright blue eye. Jack stared back in shock, had another dragon saved him. The eye turned away revealing that the dragon was curled up around him with its wings covering him. Protecting him from the other dragon. He heard the other roar which this dragon returned. He gave out a gasp as the dragon suddenly flew up with him in their arms. They held him firmly as they raced away from the other dragon. Jack looked around and saw that they were being chased by the other dragon as well as by Heather and Hiccup. Though it seems like there were other people riding with them. Jack knew that he wasn't in a safe place so he tried to squirm out of the dragons hold so that he could climb onto their back. Soon he was successful when the dragon got distracted by dodging a shot fired by the larger dragon. He rushed to climb the dragons back and cling to the dragons fur like scales on their back.

The dragon seemed to catch on to what he was doing and gave out a small growl. Jack leaned up a little and looked behind him, the large dragon was still chasing them but it seemed to be more distracted by Toothless and Wind Shear who were fire at them trying to bring them down.

"We have to help them." Jack murmured not thinking that the dragon would hear him or understand him. But they did and so they turned back, taking Jack by surprise. "What are you doing?" He asked as they rushed back to the other dragons. The dragon just gave out a growl and readied a shot, The large dragon heard and also began to ready a shot. But it was too slow. The dragon fired catching both of the dragon wings and freezing them solid. The dragon began to drop but was caught by Toothless and Wind Shear, slowing their descent and dropping them on the ground. The dragon Jack was riding on followed them down and gave out one last shot, freezing the large dragons jaw shut so that it couldn't fire at them. As soon as the dragon had landed, Aster was there pulling him off and moving him away while Tooth forced the dragon back with her sword.

"Are you okay Jack?" Aster asked him, looking him over looking for any injuries. Jack was still trying to get his head around what had just happened.

"Yeah, I'm fine Aster. Just a bit disoriented, that dragon saved me." Jack answered giving Aster a large hug, his hands slightly shaking.

"They did?" Hiccup asked coming closer, also worried about Jack and hoping to see if he could calm the other dragon down since they were starting to get agitated.

"Yeah, I was cornered by the large dragon when this one got between us and they took me away. I think they're friendly." Jack told them.

"Well, the one that saved you is an Albino Wooly Howl. They're very rare, they aren't usually alone but I'm guessing this one is an outcast because of their coloring. They're an easy target to other dragons that would hunt them. The larger one is the Titan Wing Snow Wraith. Its unusual that one would be this far away from glacier island. There must be another similar island near by and because of their poor eyesight they may had gotten lost. They are very aggressive. We had to deal with a group a few times and I can tell you they are not to underestimate." Hiccup explained moving closer to the Wooly Howl to examine them and show them that they mean them no harm.

"I guess that explains why the Snow Wraith didn't instantly attack me, it seemed like it couldn't really see me. But when I took a step back it suddenly knew where I was and started to rush at me. If that Wooly Howl hadn't stepped between us, I may be dead or severely injured right now." Jack stated unable to believe his luck, Aster also realized how close he got to losing his love and hugged him closer.

"Its possible the Snow Wraith couldn't distinguish your body heat from the surroundings. Its possible your body heat matched the background and they couldn't see you but once you moved, they were able to see you body heat." Heather theorized while Hiccup tried to gain the Wooly Howl's trust and Tooth took a closer look at her hand.

"That could be true Jackie. I mean you are a few degrees cooler than a regular human and your crystal could be a beacon of cold. Also you were standing in front of the frozen door. But lets stop talking about you almost getting killed or injured." Aster agreed, still shaken by what had happened.

"Actually, I cant believe that you climbed on top of a dragon and flew after me." Jack stated moving to sit on a near by stump.

"Of course I'm going to go after you. I love you." Aster told him, taking a bit of joy at making Jack blush.

"I know you do but you hate heights. Your scared of them and avoid them as much as you can. So its impressive that you willingly climbed on top of a dragon, a very fast flying dragon, for little old me." Jack teased, touched by Aster's actions.

"Anything for you love." He said placing a kiss on Jack's cheek.

While Aster and Jack talked a few feet away, Hiccup kept trying to gain the Wooly Howl's trust and given how they reacted to Toothless, they had obviously been hurt before by other dragons. And yet this dragon was trying to help the villagers even when they feared them. This is a very complicated dragon and made Hiccup even more curious about them.

"Its okay, I wont hurt you and Toothless wont hurt you either. I know that you haven't been treated well but let us help. I promise, no harm will come to you." Hiccup swore, hoping the Wooly Howl will see how genuine he was. The Wooly Howl stared into Hiccup's eyes, trying to find any deception within them. But all they saw was honesty and when they glanced at the large dragon standing behind the man, they did not see any aggression. Just curious, kind eyes. They decided that they could trust the young being and so they nodded their head and moved to nudge the young males head. Showing that they trusted him.

Hiccup wasn't expecting the dragon to actually go near him, so he was shocked when he felt something nudge his head. He looked up and saw the dragon give out small growl that sounded a bit like a chuckle.

"You are a very strange dragon. But thank you for giving me your trust and for helping us and saving Jack. I know they appreciate it." Hiccup whispered remembering the fear on Aster's face when the Howl flew off with Jack and how desperate he was to get him back. How he didn't think of his own safety and just thought about getting to his one love. It was a love that he hoped he would feel for Astrid one day. He knew he cared for Astrid, even loved her but he didn't really know how deep his love was because he has never experienced a love like that. He's never really lost anyone that he truly cared for but his mother, yet he lost her when he was a baby. He didn't really have any memories of her, so he didn't really feel anything about her death. He cant imagine the pain of losing someone so important.

While Hiccup was thinking, the Howl had wandered off and went toward Jack, they were curious about the young male that had the same coloring as them. Jack was standing next to Aster watching as Wind Shear melted the ice that was barricading the villagers inside. They were making sure that everyone was okay and uninjured. They had already secured the Snow Wraith, with the help of Dagur once he was able to exit the tree house. He had picked up a few tricks from the Dragon Hunters. Since Jack was distracted with talking to Aster about what their plans were he was surprised when he felt something nudge his back, making him stumble.

"Oof. What in the world?" Jack murmured looking behind him with surprise at seeing the young Howl sitting behind him. "Um, hello there. Guess you've calm down. You okay?" He asked,.

The Howl nodded their head and gave out a coon reaching out to lick Jack's face causing a squeal to erupt from him in shock.

"Ugh. That smells terrible. I guess you're fine." Jack stated moving away to wipe the dragon saliva off his face. Aster just watch the exchange with a grin, he had at first been worried when the dragon had approached them but they seemed friendly and if Hiccup and Toothless trusted the dragon then so can he. He watched as Jack started to try and communicate with the albino dragon and he could see that they could really be close which made Aster worry. In a few days they were heading back to Atlantis and they wont be able to take the dragon with them. They wouldn't be happy underground with them. And Jack will never allow a living being to feel unhappy. Aster just hoped that Jack wouldn't get too attached.

"Hey Hiccup, so do you know why the dragons attacked? And why this one saved Jack?" Aster asked as Hiccup walked over to watch Jack try and communicate with the white dragon.

"I'm not entirely sure. But given how they were reacting to the dragons and us humans, they may had been attacked by other dragons. The Howl appears to be albino and within nature, albinos do not survive long. They were lucky to survive this long and so perhaps they see human beings as being more trustworthy than their own kind. My friends and I will try and take both back with us and find them a home. At least with the Snow Wraith we know where it would be the best place for them, though we still don't know why they are so far away from their island. I don't know where we'll take the Wooly Howl, maybe they can stay on our island with the other riders."

Aster was surprised by how much Hiccup had inferred about the dragon and now he was even more curious about the Snow Wraith. If its not suppose to be this far away, he wondered why they came this far and only attacked this village that wasn't always here. They seemed to only attack when the village was here. They had to know, or someone told them when they were here.

"Hiccup, is it possible someone ordered the Snow Wraith to attack this village?" Aster asked.

"What made you think of that?" Hiccup asked tensing up a bit.

"This village isn't always here. It travels around but the dragon only attacked when they were here so they had to know when they were here. No one in this village really leave except for North and he will never have a dragon attack his home, so who else could get a dragon to attack an unknown almost mythical village?" Aster explained trying to find out how this could have happened.

"Well our current enemy is somewhat able to control dragons but not from such a distance and there doesn't really seem to be any reason to attack this village, from what Ombric had told us, they are mainly pacifists. So they aren't a threat. I think I need to look over the Snow Wraith a bit more, will you like to join me? Toothless, why don't you stay with Jack and the Howl? Try to get them comfortable with other dragons. " Hiccup replied wondering if Viggo could have developed another way to control dragons. Toothless nodded and ran off to be with Jack and the Wooly Howl.

"Yeah sure mate." Aster told him following Hiccup toward the dragon. The dragon was still snarling at anyone that came near by, so even though everyone was free from their homes and were cleaning up the remaining ice, the curious folks of Santoff Claussen stayed away. Feeling fearful of the beast and fearful of the unknown for the first time in any of their lifetimes.

"Looks like they're all scared of the Wraith." Hiccup stated seeing how parents were making sure that they're children stayed away from the dragon and when he looked back at Jack with the Howl, he saw that they were treating the Howl the same way. "As well as the Howl. The dragon that protected and saved them." He added as he saw a parent reprimand their child for getting to close.

"They saw this place as their safe haven from all the evils of the world and now? Its been invaded, almost tainted because if two dragons were able to enter their safe haven, how do they know that it wont happen again? That they'll be safe once more? Now all they feel is uncertainty and fear, A dangerous combination, maybe once we find out out how the dragons found this place, we can reassure them and maybe give them courage. As well as put up some safe guards." Aster explained seeing the same concerning behavior that Hiccup saw.

"Well lets hope we can figure out an answer for them." Hiccup responded.

Once they were close to the Wraith, Hiccup could see that something was wrong with them. They had all the signs of a terrified creature. Their eyes and ears were swirling around trying to find a threat and he was snarling and growling nonstop. They were breathing heavily and looked almost crazed, they looked close to passing out. Dagur and North were nearby and giving the frightened dragon a concern look.

"Hiccup. This dragon needs serious help. They're going to give themselves a heart attack at this rate." Dagur cried once he saw them walking up.

"It iz true. Thiz dragon can die from so much fear, ve must calm it down." North stated rubbing his chin in worry. Any time that he tried to give the animal a check up, his breathing would become even more erratic and so he stepped back to keep it calm.

"Dammit! What can we do?" Aster asked trying to think of what they could do.

"Oh, Thor. I don't know what to do, we cant even get close to him. Okay maybe we try to cover up the cage and that may calm them down." Hiccup suggested looking around for what they can use when suddenly the Wraith gave out a loud cry and suddenly collapsed. North rushed to the dragons side and tried to find a pulse,but he didn't find one. He pulled his stethoscope out of his pocket and started to check for a heartbeat. But there was nothing.

"I'm sorry but there is no pulse and no heartbeat, They are dead." North declared. The rest of the group was in shock.

"What?! No that's now possible, we have to save them!" Hiccup cried out rushing to the dragon's side and trying to get their heart pumping again. But it was no use, the creature was too large to pump their heart effectively. North carefully pulled him away from the dragon.

"I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do. It would seem that the fear was too much for them. I will know more when I do a necropsy." North told him. Hiccup gave a weak nod, feeling that this was his fault. If he had just thought of moving the dragon away from the crowd so that they would stay calm. But he hadn't, he was more concern with the other dragon. And now this dragon was dead. It was his fault. He looked down at his hands in disbelief but as he did, he noticed a black sand like substance on them.

"What in the name of Thor?" Hiccup murmured, rubbing the sand between his fingers. As he did, he suddenly felt it move. He jumped and slapped the sand off his hands making the others jump.

"Bloody hell mate, are you alright?" Aster asked in surprised.

"There was some black sand like thing on my hands, it moved and it freaked me out." Hiccup answered staring down at the sand now on the ground.

"Black sand?" Aster asked in confusion until he suddenly remembered the black sand he had gotten when they fought the Kraken. "We need to capture that sand." Aster stated rushing to look for a jar that can be used to house the sand.

"Vhat? Why?" North asked wondering what had gotten into his friend. Aster was finally able to find a jar that was holding some cut flowers. He carefully scooped the sand into the jar and placed a lid that Dagur had found on top of it. The others were still looking at him with concern and confusion.

"Aster what iz so important about the sand, it iz just ordinary sand." North asked very confused.

"Mate, this sand is anything but ordinary. I think this is the same sand that we found when we encountered the Kraken. I left it at Manny's so that they could examine it and see if there was anything special about it but now that its shown up again. I'm guessing that both of these events are connected. And if they are connected then, we really need to get in contact with Manny and warn him. I'm sure that these two events have just been distractions." Aster explained trying to piece all of the events together and handing North the Jar.

"Very well, I will have Katherine try and radio Manny while I begin the necropsy." North stated moving to get some of the other villagers to help him move the dragons body to his lab.

"Um, I'm a bit confused about what just happened. What do you mean by Kraken?" Dagur asked looking very confused.

"Yeah, I second that. Who is Manny and what is a Kraken?" Hiccup asked still feeling guilty about the Wraith but he wasn't feeling as helpless as he was a few minutes ago.

"Don't worry about it mate. Just something we had to deal with a while back. Anyway, I guess you and your group should head back home with the Howl. We'll take it from here." Aster told him moving to go talk with Jack and Tooth who were petting the Howl and Toothless.

"Wait! That's it? Look we have a right to know about whats going on, I mean this sand is probably the reason this dragon was attacking these people and probably what killed this dragon. If it affected them then whats to say that it wont affect the other dragons or even my teams own dragons. I need to know if they are in in danger." Hiccup stated marching up to Aster, trying to not seem intimidated by the larger man. Aster twisted around and glared at the young man making him flinch back.

"Look mate, this is none of your business. North will determine the cause of death and if the sand was responsible, we will take care of it. Whatever is causing this is targeting friends of ours and doesn't concern you. The dragons were just a means to an end. Nothing more. So you can wait until North has a cause of death but then, I believe you and your team should pack up and leave with your dragons and forget you ever meet us. Forget that you saw this village, that you meet us, and especially that you saw Jack's powers. Just forget everything that happened in the past 48 hours." Aster stated backing Hiccup against a wall barely controlling his anger. He didn't have time to deal with him, he had to get Jack back home and safe. Facing this black sand twice already was beginning to make him paranoid.

"You're just afraid. You're worried about Jack, but I know that he could handle himself and I'm pretty sure that you know that too. You're just letting your fear get to you, which I believe that this sand must have something to do with. Look, he told me that you have been courting for 7 years, why start doubting him now? When you never did before? I realize that he may be in a strange place but he is a King and I'm sure a capable warrior, you have no reason to doubt him. So why start now?" Hiccup stated making sure that no one heard him since Jack did not want others to know. At least none of the others had noticed them.

Aster was stunned that he knew about them courting and was curious to know when Jack could have possibly told him without Aster noticing. But what Hiccup told him, got him thinking. He has never doubted Jack before, hell they would always spar together and neither went easy on each other. But ever since Manny and the others arrived, he had been feeling doubts about Jack's abilities and it wasn't just him. Tooth has been feeling the same. It was like they were, "Infected." Aster murmured.

"What?" Hiccup asked confused.

" We're infected. I have to get Tooth and talk to North." He answered moving away.

"What for?"

"To get us tested!" He told him, running off to get Tooth.

"Tested for what?" He called after him, still confused.

But Aster was too far away to hear him and soon was next to Tooth.

"Aster? Are you okay? What happened to the Wraith I saw Hiccup freak out and then North was taking him away." Jack asked confused by why his love came running up to them, even the Wooly Howl was concerned, as was Toothless.

"I'll explain everything later love but right now, I really need Tooth to come with me."Aster stated looking over at Tooth who just looked confused.

"Why do I need to go with you? I was about to go help Porc and Tiana help the other villagers clean up the left over ice." Tooth told him.

"That can wait this can not. We need to go get tested." Aster told her as he grabbed her wrist and started to lead her to Ombric's. Tooth, though did not appreciate being grabbed and yanked her arm back.

"Let go off me. Don't you ever do that again. Why do I have to get tested?" She snarled while Jack looked on in confusion.

"Ana, we don't have time. We have to get tested, because it is affecting our thoughts. Look that dragon possibly died from fear and from something that was in his system, which could be in our systems right now. That black sand we found when we found the Kraken was also found on the dragon. So, please Ana, just come with me and get tested. Help me see if my hunch is right." Aster told her whispering in her ear, not wanting Jack to worry until he was sure.

Tooth gave him a look and then glanced at Jack, as she looked at him she started to think about how weak he is in this world and how she has to protect him. She shook her head in shock. She never thought about Jack like that, she knew better. She was the one that taught him, she has never doubted him...at least not until recently, when the others came to Atlantis. She realized that Aster was right, something was messing with her thoughts.

"Okay Aster I'll go with you. Sweet Tooth, we'll be right back. Can you help Porc and Tiana with the ice? Thank you." Tooth asked as she ran off with Aster to find North. Jack tried to call her and Aster back but they were too far away. So he gave up and looked over at Wooly Howl, who he had been secretly calling Snowy and at Toothless.

"I wonder what that was about?" He stated very confused by what had happened as well as concerned. Why did they need to get tested? Were they sick?

"What do you think Toothless?" Jack asked, Toothless just tilted his head.

"No clue huh? What about you Snowy? Any ideas?" He asked but all he got was an awkward smile.

"Yeah didn't think so. Well lets go see how we can help. Come on guys." Jack said moving toward where Porc and Tiana were helping to break apart the remaining ice. Yet as he started to help with both Snowy and Toothless's help, he couldn't help but think about what just happened with Aster and Tooth. He started to get a bad feeling.

What were they talking about? And why hide it from me? And why do I feel like the worst is yet to come?

So what do y'all think? I have to admit that my plot ran away from me, this was not how it was suppose to go but I kind of like what happened. Some parts are not my favorite but I'm so glad I'm back to writing. I'm so sorry that some characters may have been OOC, I don't mean for them to be but if they are, I am so sorry. I will begin working on the next chapter and hopefully get it out soon. Till next time!


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