Ash and Misty's House Party: Part 1 (PG-13)

By: TyroneJ

Warning: This fanfic contains some slightly nasty language and some sensual scenes. Please heed this warning. Thank you. _______________________________________________________________________
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fanfic. Pokémon and its characters are owned in some way by Nintendo, Game Freak, and 4Kids Entertainment. ______________________________________________________________________
"Ash, dear, I have to tell you something really important!" Miss Ketchum yelled up to her son. "Okay, mom. On my way," Ash yelled back, "Misty, I'll be right back. I just have to talk to mom for a second." "Okay, Ash," said Misty from her room, "Just tell me when you're ready to leave." "Guess what?" Miss Ketchum asked Ash. "What?" Ash cluelessly answered. "I'm going to Japan!" "You are!?" Ash said in an upbeat tone, "Why are you going there?" "My company is planning to merge with this Japanese corporation up there. If it goes through, we'll be able to produce more jobs for Pokémon Island. Plus, we may get increases in our salaries! Then I'll be able to get one of those new luxury vehicles!" "Cool! Having more jobs would be great for us!" "I know! I'll be leaving at six tomorrow morning to catch the flight, so you may not see me leave. I'll be gone for a week, but I'll call you every day to check up on you and Misty." "Okay, mom. We'll, we're about to leave to go to the Pallet Mall. Do you mind?" "No. But be back before 9:00 so your dinner won't get cold, alright?" "Sure thing. I'm just gonna check up on Misty and we're outta here." His mother nodded as Ash walked up the stairs and then to the door of Misty's room. "Are you ready yet?" "Just a minute, Ash." Ash waited just outside of her room. A moment later, her door opened to reveal Misty in a cyan-colored tank top, clinging right tight on her medium chest. Her orange hair was undone, and was slightly past her shoulders. She was also wearing tight blue jeans that showed the shapeliness and muscle of her legs. Ash didn't catch himself staring at his closest friend; fortunately, neither did Misty. "I'm ready," Misty said in a cheeky way. "Well," Ash said, fully recovered, "let's head to the mall." "Yeah," Misty agreed, "I'm in desperate need for some new outfits." After saying good-bye to Miss Ketchum, the duo, by means of Ash's convertible, headed towards Pallet Mall. The Pallet Mall was the Pokémon Island equivalent to the "Mall of America". It was five floors of shopping madness. Everything that you could think of buying was just steps away, thank to the navigational system that the mall had. Today, there was a surprisingly low amount of consumers in the mall. Ash and Misty knew because of the suspiciously ample amount of parking spaces that were available. Misty and Ash split up to do their personal shopping; and they also decided to meet at the Food Court at that evening. Ash, after making a withdrawal from his account at a ATM, he headed over to the Crutchfield Audio/Video store to make a final payment on his AIWA Home Theatre shelf system. He then went to the Pokémon Nutrition Center to get some things for Pikachu and Togephi (the evolved form of Togepi). Misty went to Fredrick's of Hollywood to make a final payment on a lingerie purchase that she made a while ago. Over the past few months, Misty had made a lot of money. She was second place in a Miss Fitness Pokémon Trainer Contest. She also held a job of a Pokémon Nurse. She still has this job. After collecting her lingerie, she headed to some other stores to increase her wardrobe. Shopping always made Misty feel renewed and aloft. Not just to find something that will test Ash's hormones, but she really needed more clothing because she had grown out of her old clothes. And besides, like Ash would put it, "It's a Misty thing." And there was this black outfit that she wanted to surprise Ash with, and she's been waiting for a good chance to do that..... "Ash is gonna DIE when he sees me in this!" "I agree," the fashion assistant genuinely said, "You look stunning, indeed. If your friend isn't impressed when he sees you this, go get a new friend!" Misty giggled, nodded her head and said, "Well, I'm hooked. Do you mind if I wear it out of the store?" "Certainly not, young Madame. Feel free to knock the poor boy off his feet." "Oh, thank you so much!" Ash checked his watch. It was 7:52. It was almost time to meet up with Misty at the food court. He had completed his shopping list for the night. The shelf system will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. He had already bought a few newly released CD's of various music to test it out. He had bought a nutritional ketchup supplement for Pikachu, and something for Togephi as well. Finally, he had his prescription filled for a pair a eyeglasses that he was presently wearing. And when he saw what his best friend was wearing, he swore that the glare that he gave through the lenses almost shattered them. Misty was a goddess in black. She was wearing a short black jacket over a black blouse, that showed the top of her chest and her complete abdomen area. Her straight orange hair seemed to sparkle against the blackness of the outfit. A small black mini-skirt with slits hugged her thighs; her beautiful legs almost fully exposed. At the bottom, she was wearing a very nice pair nice pair of heeled designer shoes. It all added up to an unbelievably pleasant sight to Ash. "Misty......" Ash muttered, "You look..... Spectacular!" "Thank you," Misty said sweetly, "Did you get everything you needed?" "Yeah. I've got everything. How about you?" "Yes," Misty said succinctly, "Now I do." Misty slowly walked towards Ash, who was still submerged in her beauty; he couldn't quite find the power to move. He was abashed; his body was controlled by the being trudging to him. The girl just smiled an evil grin, glad that she had him in her grasp. She took off her jacket, showing her soft and slightly muscular arms. Those arms wrapped around the victim, paralyzing it as if it were poisoned. And seeing the look on Ash's face as Misty's arms were around him, it seemed as if he WAS poisoned! "What... are... you... doing... Misty?" "Shhh!" she whispered, putting her pointer finger on his lips, "You're about to find out!" The redhead set her hot pink lips up to Ash's left cheek, and pressed lightly. Ash, after recovering from shock, asked: "What was that for?" "You've been such a good friend to me for the years that I've been with you. I've seen a side of you that I thought I'd never see. And I just wanted to show my appreciation... with that kiss. That's okay, right?" Ash was aghast after hearing that. He was completely turned around. He thought that she just needed a place to stay, away from Cerulean. But now, she says that she is thankful for the things that Ash was done for her throughout their time together. She was thankful for him! Ash couldn't help but to shed a tear. Misty saw it and wiped it away lovingly with a warm hand. "Why are you crying, Ash?" "I didn't know that you cared for things I did. It makes me cry because... that's all I ever wanted from someone. Someone like... you. Now that I have it, I... I don't know what to do!" "Don't worry. You have me now. I have you now. We have each other, Ash. Let me help you." "You mean, we REALLY have each other?" "Let me spell it out for you Ash: I LOVE YOU." Now Ash almost had no capacity to speak another word. But with that last bit of vocal strength he had, he got out the appropriate phrase. "... I... love you too." "Oh, Ash," Misty said as she kissed him again, but this time, it was on the lips, and with more force and more meaning.... It feels really good to be kissed in the morning. Especially if it's from your girlfriend. Ash had awakened to Misty's smiling face, not his mother's, but what's the difference? Oh yeah, that's right- your mother doesn't wear a nightshirt when she wakes you up. And to add to that, she was standing where Ash could get a good look at her godly build. 'If you think you're stimulated now Ash, tonight you won't be able to control yourself,' Misty said to herself. "'Morning Mistavera, my goddess," said Ash in an upright position, "I see you've slept well." "I see that you have too, Ashy," Misty said as she sat on the bed next to Ash, making the great Pallet Trainer blush. Ash put a hand on Misty's face. She blushed at the feel of Ash's unbelievably soft hands. They weren't dry and abrasive, as she thought they would be. "Well, me and Mimey are going to make breakfast," Ash said, "Would you do me the favor of washing Pikachu?" "No problem, Ash." Ash then stood up as Misty did, and they gave each other a big morning hug. Ash proceeded to jog down the stairs and prepare his smorgasbord. Ash, reading a few recipes form his mother's recipe index, decided to be a little extravagant this morning. After all, his mom is gone, and the kitchen is his. And he hasn't made a good meal in quite a while. He planned to make some rice, a western omelet, pancakes, hash browns, steamed parsley, and some turkey sausage patties. Mimey had made the batters for the omelet and the pancakes, as Ash had assigned him to do. Ash did the rest. While Ash was cooking, Mimey had taken the initiative to set the table- arranging the placemats, plates, glasses, utensils and such. Mimey then hiked over to the refrigerator to get out the orange juice, butter, ketchup, milk, and apple juice. Meanwhile, on the upper floor, Misty had just finished taking her bath, and it was time to put Pikachu and Togephi in for washing. Pikachu, though still mildly reluctant to take one, he didn't mind the company of his best pokémon friend, Togephi. The electric pokémon and the former egg pokémon were the closest of friends. And, unknown to the trainers, Pikachu and Togephi were aware of the romance between the dark-haired boy and the redhead.... After their bubble bath, the two pokémon joined Misty and headed down to the dining room, only to be greeted by the many smells of freshly- prepared foods, and the smiles of Mimey and Ash. "Smells good in here. What's cookin'?" "Just take a look at the table." And indeed she saw a nice variety of delicious food. The table was gloriously set- neatly placed cloth napkins wrapped around silver eating utensils. The glasses were filled nearly to the rim with apple, milk and orange juice. "Did you do all this Ash!?" "Mimey helped out, but I did all the cooking." "Pika pika pi!" (Hash browns and ketchup!) Pikachu screamed, "Kachu ka pi chu Pikachu!" (You rule, Ash! You're cooking ALL my breakfasts for now on!) "Toge gephri!" (Thanks a lot!) Togephi added. The pokémon wasted no time climbing on the table, tieing on their napkins and chowing down on their breakfast. Misty just watched in awe as they ate. "What's wrong, Misty?" Ash asked, "Aren't you going to eat?" "I will," Misty answered, "It's just that I've never seen them so happy to eat before. I think the aroma got to them." "Hmmm... I guess I really can do more than be a pokémon master." "Of course you can, Ash," Misty said as she kissed him, "Besides, those pancakes look very appealing." "Er.. uh... Thank you." Misty did enjoy every bite of Ash's cooking. He could hold more than a candle to Brock in a cook-off! Even Ash was surprised on how good he made his omelet. The rice was perfectly steamed. And the turkey sausage was moist and tender, not burnt. Mimey just had a pancake- Mr. Mimes don't eat that much. When everyone was finished eating, the pokémon were assigned to clean- up, as Ash is very lazy. Ash went up to take a bath, while Misty changed from her pajamas to a workout outfit. Today was their day to go to the Pallet Gym for some sparring practice and pokémon battling. Ash was regretting the thought of having to fight against the fiery redhead hand-to-hand. And Misty had been specializing in more than just water pokémon lately, and that really worried Ash. While he took his bath, he was hoping to make it through these next three hours of stiff competition by none other than his girlfriend.... ~^*+~^*+~^*+ "KIYAH!" Ash just dodged a lightning-quick spinning heel kick from Misty. He attempted to and succeeded in sweeping Misty, putting her on her back. Misty sprung up, and attacked with a fast stomach jab, a knife hand to the neck, and then a high side kick. All three connected, sending Ash to the floor. "What happened to defense, Ash?" "I'm working on it." Ash sat up and prepares for her next attack. She lunged with a middle side kick, which Ash dodges. She followed with a heel trap kick, stunning Ash. Ash thought he saw an opening with Misty's back towards him, but before he could touch her, he was whipped by a swift spinning back kick, knocking Ash down again. When he got up, he was seeing stars. Misty's kicks packed a lot of power! "C'mon Ash," Misty said as she yawned, "If you're not gonna fight me, just say so, okay?" "Believe me, I am not done." Now it was Ash's turn to go on the offense. He shot a trio of jabs, ending with a roundhouse kick. Misty dodged every single hit, and threw him over her shoulder afterward. After getting up, he then tried a side kick into a leg sweep. Misty just picked up his leg and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. Just then, Ash had an idea. He did two lunge elbows, both of which Misty blocked, and faked an uppercut. Her hand that she would use to block the upper was grabbed by Ash. He quickly slid over to her left side, still holding her left arm. He then placed his right leg behind her left one, and swept it, taking her on the ground with him. "How was that?" "You've finally caught me off-guard." Misty attempted a palm heel to face, a fierce body blow, a knife edge to Ash's shoulder, and then a knuckle to the back of his head. Ash dodged the first three hits, held her wrist as she was doing the roundhouse punch and kicked her in the midsection, knocking Misty back a few feet. She then came in with a double spin side kick, the first hitting high and the second hitting low. Ash blocked them both, but was caught by surprise by Misty's spleen fist. "Ha! Gotcha again!" "Okay, now try this!" He rolled towards Misty and did a spinning sweep, a complete surprise to Misty, and sends her flying to the ground. Misty got up, and came in with a downward knife hand to the shoulder with her left hand, an upward knife hand to the neck with her right hand, a midsection front kick, and ending with a midsection roundhouse kick. Ash was barely able to block all four power moves, but he did. He connected with rapid jabs to the face, a roundhouse kick to Misty's thigh, and finished it up with an uppercut to the chin. Although it never felt good to have to hit a girl, Ash was enjoying the fact that he was winning this sparring match. "Now what!? Do I have skills or what!?" "Grrr... Now I'm getting angry!" "Good. You're really cute when you're that way!" She dashed in with an elbow to Ash's chest, but Ash blocked. She then did a hard knee that Ash didn't block, stunning him. Using this as a window of opportunity, she grabbed him by his sides, and with an amazing surge of energy that could only come from Misty, she smashed his head into the ground with a Northern Lights Suplex. Ash seemed to be unconscious after that move. Concerned, she walked up to the fallen body.... ....And was smacked with a foot to the chin, bewildering her. Ash, seeing that she was dazed, dashed in, flipped over her, grabbed her shoulders, and sent her into the air, at least ten feet. She fell hard, but got up rather quickly. Misty then took a menacing glare at Ash. It stopped Ash right in his tracks, and his mouth was hanging. Misty knew that that she could finish him right then with her Tsunami Kick, but she decided to stop the torture and end this. "Let's call it a day," she said hoarsely. "Yeah, let's," Ash agreed. *********************** After their training, they walked backed home, a rejuvenated Pikachu on Ash's shoulder, and a refreshed Togephi alongside Misty. "So, how long will your mother be out again?" "A week." "Good. You know, Ash, I was thinking of something special that we can do while we have the house to ourselves." "Like what?" "Well, we haven't seen many of our friends for a long time now, and I was thinking of having a little... get-together." "You mean, like.... a house party?" "Yeah," Misty answered, "You wouldn't have a problem with that, would you?" "Actually, I was thinking about catching some more pokémon...." Misty frowned and was about to get into her fighting stance. Ash took a step back and said, "... But I think a house party's time better spent." "Okay!" Misty said as tightly hugged him, "Thank you." Ash just rolled his eyes and wondered if a beat down would be less painful than this hug.... ~^*~^*~^*~^*~^*~^*~^* "Okay, now who should we invite?" "I think we should invite Brock most definitely. After all, he helped me out the most during my journey." "I agree. Did you know that he's dating Suzie?" "No way! You mean, she let him date her?" "According to her. She said that he made her feel real comfortable around her on their first date. He got nervous a little, but he never choked." "Go Brock. Then should we invite Suzie as well?" "Yeah. So, that's two down. We need fourteen more." "Let's invite Richie too. We haven't seen each other since the last Pokémon League Tournament. Oh, and his new friend, too." "Who's his friend?" "Remember that girl that we met a few years ago during a movie shoot with that crazy director?" "Katrina?" "Yeah, that's her." "Fine. And, how about inviting a few Gym Leaders?" "Gym Leaders?" "Yeah. Like Erika and Sabrina." "No, not those two!" "Why not?" "Erika's probably gonna bring some of that perfume and make me sick, and Sabrina's gonna mess with me and Pikachu's head with her psychic powers!" "But Ash, me and Erika are close friends. And Sabrina would really like to meet you again. She never really had the chance to thank you for breaking that spell that was over her." "She remembers that long ago?" "She's psychic, Ash. Psychics never forget things." "Oh yeah, that is right. Okay, I guess we can invite them." "Hey... we almost forgot about Duplica." "Oh, yeah. 'The Ditto Master'. Yeah, let's invite her, and A.J. You know something Misty?" "What?" "I think that those two look great together." "So do I. Do you want me to help you hook them up?" "Sure. I gotta think of something first." Misty nodded and then said, "I'm probably gonna hate myself for this, but I'm gonna invite Giselle too." "Might as well invite Gary. They could make a good couple too." "Now that's pushing it. They're both so conceited, they won't even look at each other." "We'll see about that. I want to invite Todd, though. I haven't seen him in AGES. And let's not forget about Tracey either." "Okay. Now, we just need two more people, and we have enough." "The only other two people that I can think of are Joel and Mikey." "They'll do just fine. Do you mind if I use your convertible? I wanna go out and get the invitations made." "Go ahead. Just remember to fill up when the car gets empty on gas, okay?" Misty walloped Ash, then gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Be back soon. Keep an eye on the pokémon, 'kay?" "'Kay." With that, Misty left the house. While his sweetheart was gone, Ash waited on the porch for his shelf system that he finished paying for last night. The options on this system made Ash drool more than the thought of seeing Misty in a see- thru dress: a ten-disc CD changer, Dolby Digital sound system, plus CD reading AND writing abilities. And just sixty-eight more minutes until they deliver.... Meanwhile, upstairs in Misty's room, Pikachu and Togephi were rustling through Misty's wardrobe, preferably the stuff that she got last night. (Translation Mode: ON) "Hoody-hoo!" Pikachu shouted, "Check out all this new stuff! Misty's really knows how to shop for the good stuff!" "Cool it, Pikachu," Togephi whispered, "You don't want Ash to know that we're in here, do ya?" "Okay, but I tell ya- Misty's got a wardrobe to die for. Where are her bikinis?" "We'll get to those later. But let me show you the good stuff." Togephi brought Pikachu to the door of Misty's closet. Togephi used his tail to widen the crack between the wall and the sliding door. The two began to push the sliding door until it revealed.... "Oh... my... g...." Pikachu stuttered. "That's what I said," Togephi added. Pikachu looked in shock as he saw something shiny, like silk. Pikachu touched it. It felt like silk. It was black. And it looked very revealing. This could only be... "Lingerie!" Pikachu yelled, "Misty's trying to seduce Ash! She's gonna enslave him!" "No, she's not!" Togephi corrected him, "She's just gonna have a little bit of fun with him and show him that she loves him." "Then, she wants him to have sex with her!" "NO SHE DOESN'T! She's just going to bump-and-grind with him. She's not going to sex him." "Are you sure about this?" "Any sane life form would never have sex on the second night." "Then I wanna see it in action." "You mean, you wanna see Ash and Misty do some bumping-and-grinding?" "Yeah, why not? Besides, I wanna see how hot Misty looks in that lingerie." "But how are we going to do that?" "We hook up Miss Ketchum's camera and hide it so that they won't see it." "Alright, but we'll have to do it quickly. Misty will be back any minute now." "Then let's get started now!" Later that night.... Ash had just finished setting up his shelf system in his room. Pikachu and Togephi were faking sleep, waiting for the right time to press the "RECORD" button on the camera remote. They knew that some action was about to occur. Meanwhile, a now lingerie-clad Misty was whispering encouraging remarks to herself. 'Okay. With this, he won't resist me. I can grab his attention faster than a blink of an eye. I hope that I don't overload his hormones... oh well....' Misty softly giggled and began to leave her room. She made no sound as she approached her boyfriend's room.... Ash sat down on his bed in deep thought. He had never felt love before, so he didn't know what to do with it. How could she be in love with him? But then again, how could she not? He cared for his pokémon much more than he used to. He was a highly respectable Pokémon League Champion. And he's known to put everyone over himself. Though he was and still is a little dense sometimes, and even a little annoying, he had almost no trouble making friends. He knew a lot of other good things about himself, and he's never too proud to admit his mistakes. He knows why she could like him, now why does he like her? Well, for one thing, she showed her avid appreciation for what he's done for her over the last five years- with a kiss I might add. She had forgiven him for wrecking her bike a while ago, making him feel a little bit closer to her. But most of all, her looks were changing, changing rapidly, and changing for the better. To Ash, she was living beauty. Sometimes, Misty hung around Ash when he didn't want her around, and then when he told her to go away, even then she insisted on hanging around him. She was just as stubborn and caring as him, and that was what kept them together, even when she visited her sisters a couple years back. And what about those eyes- those... "Misty" blue eyes? They made Ash's eyes a little watery. When she stared at him during sparring practice at the Pallet Gym, he felt powerless. Why did he lose himself when he looked into them.... "HEY! What happened to my light!?" "Don't move," said a low, soft voice. When the light went back on, the voice revealed itself. "Misty!? Is that you!?" "No. It's just... the girl of your dreams." Ash was petrified by what the girl in front of him was wearing- nothing but a black bra and black designer panties. Her hair was completely undone, and she was wearing a sly grin on her face. "Whoa. You look better in real life" Ash said. The girl let out a small giggle and said: "And this time, you be able to kiss me... touch me..." The godly figure walked over to her dreamer, still dazed at her all- around beauty. The girl brought her lovely face to his, as well as one of her silky hands. "Don't fear me, Ash. Mistavera, your goddess, is here to help you. Now just lie down, and leave everything to me." She set Ash's body down on his bed, and she slowly climbed upon him with her light frame. "Now, don't be afraid to touch me. I am here so we can both be satisfied. Now work with me." Misty grabbed his hands and placed them on her back. Finally feeling something other than air, he felt the firmness of Misty's back. Misty encouraged Ash to rub it and her shoulders. Ash began at a reluctant pace, but then the feeling of Misty's slender skin finally enthralled his tangible senses, and he started to ease up his hands. He was rubbing her shoulders slowly and swiftly. Then Misty asked him to turn around so she could do his shoulders. She did it like a professional, and Ash began to feel a bit of excitement in him. Then Ash began to massage Misty's lower back, working his way down until he reached her panty-covered butt. He noticed how cute her butt was, and started to stare at it a little. "Is something wrong, Ash?" "No, no, Misty. It's just... that your ass looks... very... cute." "Really? You can touch it if you want to." Ash continued and he laid his hands onto her firm behind. Then, he thought of something. Something... naughty. He put two fingers on her tight ass, grabbed some skin and pressed it between the fingers. This made the girl squeal happily. Ash, seeing that his idea was a success, started to do it with two hands, making her giggle almost hilariously. When he finished, Misty had her own way of giving pleasure. She took Ash's shirt off, and laid her hands on his now bare chest, and began to massage it. Ash had never felt so good up until now. But then, when you're in the hands of a goddess, everything's good. He felt his inner excitement grow larger, and he tried hard to hide it. But as Misty's not one to give up, she raised the intensity a little, and Ash had no choice but to act on his instincts. While Misty was caressing his chest, he started rubbing her neck, and followed it up with a little bit of kissing there, too. This forced Misty to moan. While he was doing this, Misty had felt something stiff against her. Knowing what it was, she knew that she had gone a little too far. She decided to put an end to this fun before it wasn't anymore. "Ash, let's stop this." "Hmm... Why?" "Because I'm not ready." "Ohh. I'm sorry. I guess I got a little carried away." "That's okay, Ashy. I still love you. I'll always love you." "I'll always love you too, my goddess." "Good night, great pokémon master." "Pleasant dreams, my fiery dream girl." (TRANSLATION MODE: ON) "See, I told you that they wouldn't be having sex." "He's just lucky that Misty held back from what I saw." "Did you get it?" "Every single bit of it. Now we just wait until they go asleep..." (TRANSLATION MODE: OFF) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^