Back in the present, Ivy and Harley sat on the couch together as the sun began to peek cautiously over the horizon, spilling orange light into one corner of the penthouse.

During the night, as Ivy had recounted her incredibly detailed memories of their entire history together, the two of them had shifted positions from sitting side by side, to Ivy wrapping an arm casually around Harley while she cuddled up against Ivy's side, to their current position where Ivy was reclining along the length of the couch, her arms encircling Harley as Harley lay back against her comfortably.

Ivy's long fingers absently traced patterns along Harley's arm. They sat there for a while in silence, absorbing everything that had just passed between them.

"Wow," breathed Harley finally. "And then…"

"And then," said Ivy, "I ran away to the only place where I could at least hope to forget about you: the Amazon."

"And you were there for, like, a year or two, right?"

Ivy considered. "Yes, that sounds about right. Maybe a year and a half. I spent my days absorbing sunlight, becoming one with the green, and my nights were spent teaching miscreant loggers and poachers a lesson."

Harley grinned. "That's my girl!"

Ivy smiled and kissed the top of her head affectionately. "At times, I went weeks without seeing a single human. And the only ones I did see, I was either fighting them or dosing them with pheromones, depending on my mood, of course."

"Oh, of course," said Harley.

"And then one day," Ivy said, "I was lying in a lovely hammock that I had constructed from native plants. It had been days since I'd seen a person, and I knew no one could find me there, so I was at peace, my guard down."

She smiled against Harley's hair, remembering. "One of my hands hung just out of the hammock, and when I felt something slip into it, I assumed it was one of my vines seeking my touch. But then I felt it intertwine with my fingers, and when I looked down, I saw a small pale hand –"

"No one could find you there? Ha!" said Harley. "I know my Red. I know what it looks like when you've been in one place for a while, the way life follows in your wake. So I just flew to Costa Verde, took a bus to the Isley and Quinzel Botanical Reserve, and followed your trail through the rainforest."

She paused. "And then, when I saw you lying there, it took my breath away. I don't know how we could be apart for so long, but I knew I couldn't go another day without you in my life. So I flew down to search for you, and then when I finally found you, I just watched for a minute."

Harley tangled her fingers with Ivy's now. "And then I took your hand, just like this. And you opened your eyes, and looked at our hands…"

"And I knew right away that there was only one person who would travel halfway around the world for me."

Harley sat up now across Ivy's lap, dangling her legs off the couch. She angled her torso to face Ivy and put a hand to the side of her face, stroking it gently. Ivy leaned into her touch, closing her eyes. Harley leaned close and whispered, "I would do anything for you, Red. Anything."

Ivy opened her eyes. "I know, sweet pea. Me too."

They stayed just like that for a minute, looking into each other's eyes as Harley caressed Ivy's cheek.

Then Harley pressed her forehead to Ivy's. "So…you're right, you know." She felt, rather than saw, Ivy quirk an eyebrow at that, and it made her smile. "There are a million and one reasons we shouldn't be together." Ivy tried and failed not to stiffen at that, but at least she managed not to bolt from the couch.

"Ow," said Harley. "Hang on, this is really uncomfortable." She adjusted her position so she was leaning over Ivy on all fours. Ivy's eyes darkened instantly and her tongue darted out to lick her lips. Harley noticed and half-smiled. In that special low voice that only Ivy got to hear, she purred, "But as a trained psychiatrist, I do feel that we should explore the alternatives. There are some pretty compelling reasons that we should give this – us – a try."

Ivy's heart was beating at about twice its normal rate. She swallowed hard and said, "Such as…?" She felt like her entire body was charged, every nerve ending a frayed electrical wire so that if Harley touched one, they'd both go up in sparks.

"Well, Red," said Harley, still in that voice that sent shivers down Ivy's spine, "I just heard you tell the story of our entire history together. And if there's one key takeaway from getting to hear the last several years of your innermost secret thoughts, it's that –" (here she leaned close, still kneeling over Ivy but not touching her, their faces half a breath apart) "you're super hot for me."

She brushed her lips over Ivy's then, so gently.

Ivy moaned. She couldn't take it anymore. Swiftly, she reversed their positions, using her strength and Harley's flexibility to good advantage so that she was now astride Harley, their bodies pressed together firmly, Ivy's knees on either side of Harley's hips.

But Harley was still in control of this moment, uncharacteristically still yet predatory as she gazed intensely up at Ivy and said, "But it's more than that, isn't it?" She began to rock gently against Ivy, then. Ivy bit her lower lip as the sensations crashed into her. She closed her eyes and nodded, unable to meet Harley's eyes in this moment of naked emotion.

Then she felt Harley's hand on her chin, tilting it up so they were practically nose to nose. Ivy's eyes opened automatically. She heard and felt Harley saying, "It's a lot more than that for me, too," and then Harley lunged up to capture her mouth and she couldn't think anymore.

They crashed together then, two forces of nature, order and chaos. It felt inevitable and at the same time miraculous. Harley's hands seemed to be everywhere at once: tangling in Ivy's red tresses, trailing down her arms, skimming up and down her back, cupping her ass, gripping her hips and pulling their bodies tightly into one another.

Ivy lost herself in Harley. She was drowning. She was finally living.

She took her weight on her knees for just a second, so that she could reach up with both hands and gently tug out Harley's pigtails. Harley's blonde hair spilled around her on the couch cushions, and Ivy ran one hand through it, then slid that same hand to the back of Harley's neck and pulled their lips into closer contact as she slid her body sinuously against Harley's, making the other woman gasp.

Ivy established a rhythm that was intense yet controlled, bringing their lips together then apart in a series of hot, wet, quick kisses as she rolled her hips into Harley's at the same pace, grinding their centers into one another until they were both breathless, panting against each other.

"Fuck, Red," Harley groaned.

"Oh, I plan to," whispered Ivy against her mouth, with a smile that had quite literally rendered many people powerless.

Her one hand was still trapped beneath Harley's head, but she was able to sneak her other hand to the hem of Harley's t-shirt. Harley moaned again as she felt Ivy's fingers stroke the skin at her hipbone, Ivy's lips gently enveloping her lower lip and sucking on it gently.

Then Ivy pulled back, just a little. They were still pressed tightly together, her fingers on the tight flesh of Harley's hip. Ivy swallowed and said, "Harley…before we do this…I need you to know something."

"Anything, Ivy," breathed Harley beneath her. She planted one more quick, wet kiss on Ivy's lips, then leaned back, listening.

"I'm…I just need you to know that I'm not…him," said Ivy. She looked down, once again unable to make eye contact. When she felt Harley shake below her, she quickly looked up, alarmed. But Harley wasn't crying, she was…laughing?

"I'm sorry, Red, it's just…" Harley bit her lower lip suggestively and reached up to trail one finger slowly down Ivy's collarbone, to the substantial swell of her cleavage, then skimmed her fingertip just along the edge of Ivy's green bodysuit, tantalizingly close to her nipple. "I mean, obviously you're not a 'him.'"

Ivy smiled a little, taken by surprise as always with her friend's ability to stay upbeat and find the humor in even the most serious moments. "Idiot," she said affectionately, lightly headbutting her. "I mean, I'm not him him."

Harley's eyes tightened a bit at that. Her smile fell away, and she held Ivy's gaze fiercely. "You're the idiot if you think I don't know that with all my heart." If possible, her eyes burned even more fiercely. "I told you once – you're the only person who ever made me feel safe. If you think for even a second that what we have is in any way like – that other thing, then –"

She stopped abruptly when Ivy's lips captured hers roughly. "Shut up, Harley." She kissed her again, more gently this time. "Let me try again. What I mean is…" Ivy paused for a second, trying to collect her thoughts. Harley watched her closely, reaching one hand up and gently trailing it along Ivy's jawbone. Ivy leaned into her touch. "When you were with…him…you were his. And we've both seen how that turns out, and we both know how you can get when you're around him, like you regress and all of a sudden you're powerless, and…I just don't want that for us. I don't want you to feel like you have to be my Harley. I just want you to be…Harley, and I'll be Ivy, and we'll see where this goes. Okay?"

Harley looked up at her friend, then – her friend, who was so uncomfortable with human emotions and yet was lying on top of her, turning her on more than she'd ever been before, and more importantly opening up her heart to Harley. She smiled, and there was so much love and tenderness in her eyes that Ivy felt an actual tear come to her own eye. All Harley said was "Okay," but there was a world of promise in that one word.

Harley pulled Ivy down into yet another kiss. Then she grinned against her mouth and said, "Just so we're clear…it sounds like you're saying we can do this, but we don't have to be exclusive? Like, I can have my Ivy and eat it too?"

Ivy pulled back just a touch, brushed Harley's hair out of her face, and smiled wickedly as she said, "My god, I hope so."

The next thing she knew, Harley had flipped them over and Ivy found herself looking up into intense blue eyes, blonde hair dangling in her face, the tips just barely brushing Ivy's face. "Promises, promises," Harley whispered.

And for once in her life, Poison Ivy felt completely powerless. Harley was usually pure chaos, in a fight or in the bedroom, but she was reining in that chaos and taking total control of the situation. And it was the most erotic thing Ivy had ever seen.

Harley held her captive with her eyes alone. They were usually sparkling with mischief, but they were deadly serious at the moment, all joking aside for the moment as she stared at Ivy. Ivy felt like Harley could see right through her defenses into her very soul – and maybe, after everything Ivy had shared that night, she could.

Then Harley's mouth was on hers, possessing, conquering. And Harley's hands fisted in Ivy's hair, as they so often seemed drawn to do. And Harley's breasts rubbed against Ivy's, and even through both layers of clothing it felt amazing. And one of Harley's legs was suddenly between Ivy's, parting her legs and rubbing right up against her, and fuck if she kept doing that Ivy was going to –

"Oh god, Harley!" Ivy shuddered as the orgasm rippled through her out of nowhere. Harley pulled back momentarily to shoot her a fierce grin. "Pretty sure that's twice now I've made you come while you were fully clothed, Red." Then her grin faded and her eyes bored into Ivy's once more. "Now lose the bodysuit and let's see what happens when you're naked."

Ivy lay there, panting, still recovering from the jolt that had just shot through her. She collected herself enough to wave a hand, and the tendrils and leaves covering her slowly receded, uncovering Ivy's green skin as they disappeared under the couch.

Harley's new badass demeanor slipped for just a second. "Holy shit, that was awesome!" Then she looked down at Ivy, and hissed involuntarily at the sight of her glorious body.

Harley's eyes seared into Ivy's one more time before she dove down, capturing Ivy's lips and sliding her tongue between them to tangle with Ivy's.

Then Harley abruptly sat up. She shifted her body so that she was kneeling between Ivy's thighs, and as her gaze raked over Ivy's body, Harley followed it with a single finger. She traced the outline of Ivy's forehead, to her cheek, around the curve of her ear. She trailed that finger down behind Ivy's ear, along the curve of her jaw, down the side of her neck. Harley's nostrils flared as she skimmed her finger down Ivy's collarbone, her touch feather light yet intense, then down the middle of Ivy's sternum and between her breasts.

"Jesus, Red," she breathed reverently. Ivy saw Harley's pupils dilate as she brought both hands now to Ivy's sides, running the backs of her hands up Ivy's hips and then gently along the sides of Ivy's ample breasts. She ran the tips of her fingers down the outside of Ivy's breasts, then ran the backs of her hands up them again, over and over until Ivy moaned and pressed her breasts upwards, craving more contact.

Harley stopped and held a single finger to her lips. "Patience, beautiful," she whispered. She lightly skimmed her palms over Ivy's nipples, making her whimper, before she resumed her exploration of Ivy's naked body.

She was back to trailing a single finger down Ivy's body now, swiping it along the underside of her breasts and then agonizingly slowly down the middle of her abdomen, circling her navel and sending a jolt straight to Ivy's core.

Harley leaned back a tiny bit, to give herself access to go lower, and her gaze fell for the first time between Ivy's legs. Harley's mouth went dry, and she swallowed heavily, her finger freezing in place just above Ivy's mound. She looked back up at Ivy for a second and the corner of her mouth quirked. "Well, I guess that answers that!" she croaked.

Then her gaze turned predatory again, and she trailed her finger slightly to the side, sliding it down the crease of Ivy's thigh.

Ivy shivered as Harley came so close to touching her core, and she saw Harley smile in response. She had never felt so at the mercy of another person, and for Christ's sake Harley had barely even touched her yet.

Harley cocked her head to one side as she trailed her finger up the crease of Ivy's other thigh, then back to right above her mound. Then she moved it down again, skimming over Ivy's sensitive bud and slowly, so slowly, just along the tippy tops of her inner lips until it was hovering at Ivy's entrance.

She left it resting there, gently, as she looked up and met Ivy's waiting gaze. "Ivy," she said throatily, "Do you like what I'm doing with my finger?"

Ivy's nostrils flared as she breathed deeply, trying to get some oxygen to her brain. "Yes," she whispered.

Harley's gaze drilled into her, holding her captive. Her voice got even lower as she said, "Tell me what you want me to do with my finger now, Ivy."

Ivy couldn't hold back a groan. "God, Harley, I can't take it anymore! Please, please fuck me!"

And at last she felt Harley's finger slip beneath her folds, teasing her entrance. Harley's confident dominance slipped just a bit as she moaned, "Oh, Ivy, you're so wet I can't believe it!"

And then her finger pushed inside Ivy, and suddenly her lips were on Ivy's again, and their whole bodies were stretched taut, sliding against one another as Harley began moving her finger in and out, slowly at first and then gathering speed.

Ivy was so lost in the sensation building inside her, the pressure threatening to explode, that it came as a shock when Harley's lips suddenly left hers.

And then she felt them again, on her most sensitive area. Harley removed her finger and slowly licked up Ivy's entire slit, her tongue lapping between Ivy's inner lips from her wet entrance all the way to her aching clit.

Then she licked her again, just like that. And again. And again, until Ivy's hips were bucking against her, so close now and demanding release. Harley's left hand gripped Ivy's hip, forcing her to meet Harley's pace, and now she focused her tongue just on Ivy's clit, flicking it up and down, back and forth, swirling around it in hungry circles.

Then Ivy felt Harley's finger slide into her waiting entrance again, and this time it was joined by a second finger, and as Harley's tongue continued its erotic assault on her clit, Harley's fingers pumped in and out of her.

She kept a slow pace at first, finding the ways to lick and touch Ivy that drove her insane, and then gradually intensifying things until they were both past a controlled rhythm. Ivy's hips bucked violently, and Harley had to struggle to keep her mouth on her. She could feel Ivy start to tighten around her as their coupling grew even more insistent, and she couldn't believe that she was having this effect on her usually controlled friend.

Harley continued fucking her, gently yet insistently. There was nothing rough about it, and yet it was the most intense thing either of them had ever felt.

Ivy could feel the waves building inside of her, about to reach their crest and break her. "Oh god, Harley, I'm going to come!" she cried out, and then she was crashing and falling and screaming wordlessly and bucking up from the couch, squeezing Harley's head between her thighs, and Harley's fingers were still gently pushing in and out of her as she pulsed around them.

Ivy fell back, covered in a thin sheen of sweat and completely sated. Harley withdrew her fingers, making Ivy shiver at the feeling as she pulled them out.

She lay her head on Ivy's belly and caught her breath for a minute. Ivy giggled, and it bounced Harley's head and made her giggle too. She turned and looked up at her. Their eyes met. Ivy crooked a finger at her in a "come here" gesture, and Harley crawled up and lay on top of her, trying to avoid direct contact with Ivy's still-sensitive core. She snuggled into Ivy's neck and kissed her there.

Ivy held Harley tight and trailed her fingers up and down Harley's back and arms. She grinned as she felt Harley lightly bucking her hips against Ivy's leg, subconsciously seeking her own release but too selfless to say so. It dawned on her that Harley was still in her t-shirt and jeans, while Ivy was completely nude.

"Hey, sweet pea?" she murmured into Harley's hair.

"Hmm?" said Harley.

"Well…" said Ivy, now adding a little more fingernail, a little more intensity where she was skimming her fingers up and down Harley's back, "It seems to me…" and now she moved her leg quite deliberately where Harley rubbed against her, making the other woman moan, "That you got to have your way with me…"

And then she sat up straight, using her considerable strength to maneuver them quickly so that Ivy was sitting up on the couch with Harley straddling her.

Harley looked a little bewildered and oh so aroused. Ivy's smile was feral as she said, "And now it's my turn." And she ripped Harley's t-shirt right off over her head.

The role reversal had them both reeling: While Harley had reined in her usual anarchy to drive Ivy wild with her slow-burning control, Ivy's usual restraint had evaporated and she was absolutely insatiable. She actually growled when she had Harley's shirt off and could see that she wasn't wearing a bra. Harley's perky breasts were inches from Ivy's face, and she hungrily sucked one into her mouth, digging her fingers into Harley's lower back and pushing up against her, driving her mad with desire.

Ivy's mouth was hot and wet around Harley's breast as she ravished her nipple, running her tongue around it in tight circles, sucking at it, scraping her teeth over it until Harley yelped in a heady combination of pleasure and pain. Ivy released her nipple with a wet pop, then assailed her other breast the same way, sucking it into her mouth as she rolled the first wet nipple between her fingers.

Then she pulled back and looked up at Harley. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back in pure bliss. Ivy had never seen anything so beautiful in her life. She gripped Harley's back like a lifeline and brought her lips up to suck at Harley's throat, feeling the blood rush to the skin, marking her. She had no desire to possess Harley, but she sure didn't mind if people knew she was fucking her.

Harley moaned and continued to rock against her. Ivy thought she might already be close to coming, and she wanted to feel her more intimately before that. She unbuttoned Harley's pants, yanked the zipper down, and then even though she'd meant to help her friend get the jeans off entirely, her fingers moved of their own accord and her hand plunged down inside Harley's panties.

It was exquisite, the silky feel of her wetness. Now it was Ivy's turn to moan against Harley's throat, as her fingers slipped lower and she felt the full extent of Harley's arousal. Pressed together as closely as they were, there wasn't much room to maneuver, but Ivy was able to slip her fingers up and down Harley's slit, and from the way Harley bucked against her, it was having the desired effect.

Then Harley shifted her weight, came down on Ivy's waiting fingers, and all of a sudden she was inside her. Harley's eyes snapped open, and their eyes locked in a searing gaze. Ivy marveled at the feeling of Harley's walls clenched around her fingers as together they found a rhythm that would undo her.

Harley moved up and down, up and down, pumping her ass against Ivy's legs, and Ivy grazed sharp teeth along her collarbone and whispered, "Who's fucking you?"

"Oh, god," moaned Harley. "You're fucking me, Ivy! God, you're fucking me so hard!"

Her pace got even faster, uncontrollable, and Ivy could see that she was about to come a split second before Harley spasmed around her fingers and her wetness coated Ivy's hand and holy shit, why hadn't they done this sooner?

When the waves of Harley's intense orgasm had subsided, Ivy carefully withdrew her hand. They sprawled back on the couch, Harley topless, her pants unbuttoned, and Ivy comfortable in her nakedness. They were both out of breath and sweaty, their bodies sticking together where they touched.

"All things considered, Dr. Isley…" Harley said, "I think we came up with a decent way to spend our Friday night."

Ivy smiled. She was emotionally drained from the storytelling, physically drained from their vigorous coupling…but, for the first time in perhaps her life, she was content.

"I agree, Dr. Quinzel," Ivy said. She kissed Harley, gently but with so much promise. "I definitely agree."