Chapter 8| Alice

"Edward, have you see Bella today?" I ask my brother and partner in crime as he enters to family room. I have been having this strange feeling all day and it started getting worse twenty minutes ago. I have been searching Bella's future since yesterday and it's like she doesn't exist any more, but worse than that; I looked at my Jasper's future and it too went blank about four hours ago.

He went hunting by himself because Emmett pissed him off again; no matter how many times we ask that big buffoon to stop pranking us, he just doesn't listen. Anyway Jasper took off on his own just so he doesn't rip Emmett to pieces!

"No, I tried to call her several times but it went straight to her voicemail. Do you think I should go to her house to check on her?" Edward looks at me waiting patiently for his orders. He's such a good little soldier!

Edward and I have been working with the Volturi secretly ever since he left Carlisle all those years ago to sate his urge to rebel against the god awful animal diet! You see, I lied to Jasper about a lot of things; the vision I had of him and that I was his mate; the fact that I couldn't remember my past and how old I really was. I was actually turned right before Jasper was by Aro. My first vision Of Jasper was that he would make the perfect soldier for the Volturi guard, with the right conditioning of coarse. I also had a vision of me finding Edward first and recruiting him, so I did just that and he follows orders to the T. Then I had the vision of that bitch Bella taking Jasper away from us, but Aro wouldn't let us dispose of her because of her shield; so he sent me Chelsea to bond Jasper to me to keep him leaving me for his true mate when she came of age. They even tried to bond Bella to Edward but; hello, she a shield!

"Wait do you hear that?" I ask him. "I didn't see anyone coming today; can you hear there minds?"

"No, I just hear four vampires running towards the house fast. Come on; something isn't right!" Edward runs from the room with me hot on his heals.

Everyone is standing on the porch when the four vampires break through the tree line and I can't hold in the gasp when I'm sudden pinned to the ground by a red eye Bella. What in the hell? "How, we just saw you yesterday and she was still human?"

"Bella, let Alice up" Edward takes a step towards us and Bella let out a warning growl followed by three more terrifying growls. "Calm down love and well get to the bottom of this!"

"Oh Fuckward, I have already gotten to the bottom of this you piece of shit!" Bella growls then cuts her eyes to the right and it's then that I notice Jasper moving towards us.

"Jazzy, help me!" I whimper as Bella's grip tightens. I can feel my flesh cracking from the force of her strength.

"Sorry little bit, my wife has reason to do what she doing to ya; be thankful that she got to ya first. I'd have in a fire by now!" Jasper laughs as he gets closer and I notice for the first time that his eyes are red.

"I'm your wife Jasper not Bella! Are you ok?" I hear and feel another crack cut through my neck. "And you slipped again? I'm so disappointed baby!"

"I don't know you. The man you married is gone" Jasper growls and he pulls Bella off me but I still can't move. "You got her pinned angel!"

"I do" Bella smiles as Jasper kisses her and pulls her slightly behind him because Edward is growling at them.

Shit, they found out some how! I look at the other two vampires and realize that this is all Peter's doing. Peter smile at me then waves his meaty finger in my direction.

"What's going on here?" Carlisle asks impatiently.

"Allow me Carlisle." The other Vampire that I don't recognize steps forward. "You see, this little elf" he points his finger at me "has been up to bad, bad things. She has knowingly kept a mated pair apart. We just couldn't figure out why. But no worries; I fixed it by sending Miss Bella and Peter here back in time to intercept Jasper before he met Maria. Peter changed Bella and Jasper then Killed Maria and now here we are." The man smiles "Oh and I'm Garret and I have the ability to jump through time and take any one I choose!"

Oh fuck, I'm dead!

"So let me get this straight you sent them back to save Jasper from Maria?" Carlisle asks.

"Not only that; it was the only way to break Chelsea's hold on Jasper, and something tells me that Alice is involve with the Volturi because Aro doesn't loan Chelsea to just anyone. They also tried to bond Bella to Edward but it didn't work!" Peter puts his two sense in.

"Edward?" Carlisle turns to Edward. "Tell me this is a lie; tell me that you wouldn't get involved in Aro's evil games and deliberate put an innocent girl's life in danger!" Edward looks down at his feet but stays quiet. "Alice, you are no longer apart of this family!" Carlisle says at the same time I feel my arms being ripped from my body.

"Jasper, stop" Esme yells and Jasper just huff then smirks at me before holding one of my arms up in the air.

"This is what will happen if I ever see you again!" he tosses one of my arm up in the air above my body and before I can blink, I hear a loud thunderous sound like boulders crashing together before my arm turns to dust." What in the hell did he just do. Shit that hurt! "My mate is perfect ain't she?" Jasper tosses me my other arm harshly. "Consider yourself luck Alice; you deserve much worse!" Holy shit that was Bella!

"Yes Alice, my shield is a lot more than anyone thought it would be, and if you take a look to your future, you'll see that if you ever decide to cross our paths again; I'll turn into fairy dust!"


Wow, I'm still in shock at how much the world has changed! It just amazes me that people live so…loosely now days, its weird! I mean most everything is done for you; this world has become lazy.

After our more that satisfying meet and great with the Cullen's we left them with just a few simple warnings; forget all about us, never look for us and if they ever cross our paths; their only chance of survival will be to pretend that they never saw us and run as far and fast as they can!

As for Alice; she more than likely went back to the Volturi along with Edward to lick her wounds and come up with a plan to take us out, but how can you hurt something you and touch. I was a little pissed that we didn't kill her and Edward, but Bella wanted her to run and tattle to her masters and ultimately lead them back to us. Bella is definitely holding a grudge against them for the way I was treated; my mate is out for blood, so to speak!

Bella's gift has become something that is a force to be reckoned with. Peter said that the Volturi are scared and searching for a way to break through her shield or a way to get Garret to go back in time to put things back the way they want them. I guess they are unaware that Garret is a shield as well only difference is, is that he can't kill with his shield; his is merely just for protection from both mental and physical gifts!

The four of us are currently walking in down town Seattle in the dead of night; Peter is not resting until he finds his mate and all day long Garret has been giving Peter crazy looks. As we pass an ally I feel someone's mischievous emotions. "Guys" I get there attention and pull Bella to a stop at the same moment Peter is tackled to the ground hard by a small figure.

"Took you long enough Yoda" the tiny woman says right before she kisses the shit out of him. I look at Garret and feel glee and mischief rolling off of him in waves.

"Garret you told me you never talked to her!" Peter looks like he wants to be angry but the smile on his face as he looks at the woman in his arms just won't disappear.

"April fool's" Garret grins and Bella begins to laugh.

"Oh shit; it's April first!" Bella high fives Garret "that is epic; now I get why and I no longer think we need to tattoo a calendar to your forehead!"

"Fuck you both!" Peter smile and turns to his mate. "Well ma'am my name is Peter and you are?"

"I'm Charlotte" she kisses Peter softly "and the pleasure will be all yours baby!" Well shit! Peter looks like a kid in a candy store! I think it's high time to leave the love birds to them selves.

"Baby, we need to get back to our room like now, cause' those two just hit me with a shit ton of lust and I'm a half a second from taking you right here!" I throw my mate over my shoulder and spank her tight little ass before running back to the room.

Once the door is shut behind us I have us both naked and Bella bent over the back of a small couch pounding into her hard and fast. Fuck, the amount of lust I'm feeling is pouring out of me in waves and right into Bella then back to me. This won't be over for a while!

"Mmm, Jasper" Bella cries out when I slap her ass.

"Does my little vixen like to be spanked; tell me baby!" I growl as I grip her hair and pull her back flush against my chest as I continue to fuck her hard and aggressively just the way she likes it.

"Oh fuck yes Jasper; don't stop!" she screams as she pushes her ass into me.

I reach down and lift her right leg up; resting her knee against the back of the couch. I slide my hand to turn her face to me and kiss her hard as I continue to pound into her while sliding the hand that was gripping her thigh up and begin rubbing her clit furiously.

"Cum for me Isabella" I growl as I feel my balls tighten before we both get lost in the bliss that I brought us to. I sink my teeth into her neck and moan as I feel her cum again seconds later; gripping my cock hard and causing me to begin to fuck her again but harder than before.

Round after round, my mate and I continue to stay lost in our on world; expressing our love for one another. Never once stopping our passion or disconnecting our body's. I love vampire stamina and what's more; I love being an empath around my lustful mate!

It's the perfect life!