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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." – Lao Tzu

You like cartoons, don't you? C'mon. Just say it. You like…cartoons. I'm sure there are few people who don't like cartoons, and there are few that despise it for reasons that are countless.

But I'm sure that lots of people like, and even love cartoons. Whether young or old, people just love cartoons. We watched them as kids, and we still watch them as adults. And no matter what type of cartoon, we always seem to love them, of course with exceptions, like bad or poorly made ones.

And I'm pretty sure that cartoons have left a big impact on you. Most people would watch them again, or most people would remember them in their minds and hearts. But what I do know is…most people would make up their own stuff of them.

Sometimes we would draw a doodle of our favorite character or make up a story that these cartoon characters can come across. We call this fan art and fanfiction. And these two show us the type of impact that cartoons have left on us.

This is because we have leapt to another dimension. Being in a world where these cartoon characters just seem real to us.

So…this is the part where we tried to put two things together. You know what I'm talking about. The part where one thing meets another thing and that they do something together. This is what lots of people call: The crossover.

Just imagine it. A story where two cartoons can come together and do some greatly written adventure. And sometimes, people imagine every single cartoon come together and do a grand, epic adventure. To the person who would want to make it come true would think it's too complex.

…It's actually a lot simpler depending on how you do this adventure. Well, okay. Let's get to the story.

Very far from the boundaries of our planet Earth, and very far from the boundaries of our universe is a multiverse where every single drawing or cartoon, including fan made ones, live in. This multiverse is what some people call…The Tooniverse.

The Tooniverse is a huge multiverse where all the worlds of every cartoon are put together in some way. It's like a huge sphere where multiple parts of it are put together like it was some sort of labyrinth. The cartoon characters have all lived in their ways of their world. But let me tell you something that has happened in the past.

Nobody in one world knows the other. In that saying, there was no crossover yet. None of the toons know their outsiders, and vice versa.

But what if I told you a story taking place in the past where every cartoon character meets for the first time in a grand adventure to save their multiverse from the forces of evil? Even in the present, toons are talking about their first crossover ever off-screen, which was BIG.

So let's get to it.

So you already know the Tooniverse by this point. Alright, so I'll tell you how the Tooniverse is depicted in my point-of-view. The Tooniverse depicts two realms…

The first realm is the main world, or the main realm, where all the cartoons are put together and interact with their world, but don't know the outsiders yet. This realm includes their space surrounding the Tooniverse.

And outside that realm is the second realm: The Void. The Void is a world of darkness, and is very mottled. The sky is very black to the darkest black that you can think of, and there is very little ground in the realm. And the ground has a blackish-purpleish color to it, if you're lucky enough to see where the ground is. And finally, there is no life in the Void.

Well…except for one being…

Out in the far reaches of the Void, lives a humanoid being, a demon to be exact, named Demeanor. He's a giant, dark black-skinned humanoid, so black that you can't see him that easy. He has red-colored eyes, and a mouth that's also not easy to see.

He's the master of the Void and the effective embodiment of the Void. He himself cannot leave the world and go into other worlds. He's just stuck up floating in the Void, unable to leave his world. And if you think that you're gonna feel sorry for him, think again.

Demeanor's personality is the personification of the purest evil that you can think of. He has always despised the Tooniverse and all that lives in it. He's always wanted to take over the entire multiverse and destroy all that lives in it, just out of pure bitterness. He wants to do this so that he can use the Tooniverse to make his own.

So he has long observed all the Toons, studying each and every one of them. And again, he himself cannot leave his own world, so he plans to gather and arrange an entire army to do the work for him.

And this is where the first step in his plan of invasion begins…

Aku was sitting in his throne inside his castle with a bored expression on his face. After a bit of doing nothing, he decides to hire another bounty hunter to get Jack.

He turns to his phone, and makes his call by dialing some kind of number. As the phone continues to ring, Aku begins to get the feeling that he was being watched, but shrugs it off, as he's immortal and powerful. The phone finally comes on.

"Yes…" asked Aku. "Yes, I'll hold." Aku waited as a jingle was being played on the telephone, until another voice came in. "Ah, you came…yes, I'd like to order the largest, and thickest one that you have…30 minutes until it's free? Perfect!" Aku hangs the phone up.

Aku waits for 15 minutes until the figure arrived. The figure looked like a buff, giant lizard, with three eyes that had a dead, eerie stare in them. He was wearing nothing but a chest plate that was around his chest. He was covered in fur from head to toe, and had spikes in the back. He was carrying a giant sword with the sharpest edge like a butcher's knife.

Aku just smiles, as this looks like the perfect bounty hunter to get Samurai Jack.

"Ah, so you're the bounty hunter that I have ordered." said Jack in a menacing way. The bounty hunter just stands there awkwardly at Aku, who awkwardly stares at him back.

"Well, anyway…I have got ONE order from you!" exclaimed Aku, who pointed to a picture with Jack in it. "DESTROY SAMURAI…" As Aku was about to finish his sentence, he noticed that his body was being transported somewhere, as his body was disappearing. Soon, he vanished completely from his castle. The bounty hunter shrugs and walks back to his place.

Aku awakens to see that he was in the Void, floating in the air, with the giant Demeanor near him and on top of him. (Demeanor is like 2-3 times bigger than Aku.) Aku tries to move, but finds that his hands are chained with something strong, with the chains being held by Demeanor. He tries to shapeshift, but to no avail.

"What?! Why can't I shapeshift?! Where am I?! HOW DID I GET HERE?!" exclaimed Aku. He then noticed that something was behind him, and turns to Demeanor. "Who are you?!"

"I'm Demeanor, ruler of the Void. I've come to be the next bounty hunter." said Demeanor.

"Well, you didn't have to kidnap me for you to be my next bounty hunter, but okay then." said a confused Aku. "Release me from these chains and I will tell you where Jack is."

"Oh, I have no interest in killing just Samurai Jack…"

"What do you mean by that?" asked Aku.

"I want to destroy every single being in this land." said Demeanor. "And that includes every single sign of life."

"Normally, I'm the bad guy who's pure evil, but what you're doing is NUTS!" exclaimed Aku, trying to break free from the chains. "Who is THAT bitter to want to destroy everything?! RELEASE ME NOW!"

"No." said Demeanor. "And these chains are controlled by me, so don't even think about trying to do anything. And with these chains, I will bend you to my will."


"Well, I'm…the one who's more evil than you are, so silence!" exclaimed Demeanor. Aku suddenly stopped struggling, realizing that Demeanor was now controlling him. "Now, make sure nobody else knows about me. If anybody knows about me, they could use their entire power to stop me."

Since Aku couldn't escape, he had to listen to him. "(Sigh) I promise."

"Good." said Demeanor. "Now, I want you to capture somebody as your first task. His name is Felix the Cat…"

"Felix the Cat?" asked Aku. "I never heard of him."

"Well, let me tell you about him. He's an individual without any concept of good or evil." said Demeanor. "And I noticed that he carries a strange, infinite, trans-dimensional "mass" of his that can produce."

"Oh, wait. I think I saw the cat on TV once. You mean his bag, right?" asked Aku.

"Yes, that's what I mean." said Demeanor.

"Then why did you have to complicate that one syllable into…um…10 syllables?!" exclaimed Aku. "And you said you wouldn't release me, so how can I get him?!"

"I'll just throw you there with the chains like a lasso." said Demeanor.

"Wait, what?" said a confused Aku. Before he could react, Demeanor grabs the chains, swings Aku around like a lasso, and throws him into another place where Felix the Cat is.

Felix the Cat was walking down the road, humming to himself, with his magic bag of tricks. While walking down the road, he passes by a few signs, though he ignores them and continues to walk. The signs had stuff like: KEEP OUT! SCRAM! LEAVE NOW! GET LOST!

Felix had better be careful or he'll get into trouble.

He continued to walk until he comes across an apple tree. "Oh, wow!" exclaimed Felix. "An apple tree! Better use my bag of tricks to get them." As Felix was about to use his bag to make a portable escalator, something crashes and destroys the entire apple tree.

Felix hears the noise, stops using the bag, and looks up to see Aku, still with the chains tied to him. "Are you a…clown?" asked Felix. Aku takes a while before answering.

"Um…no, I'm not a clown. I'm Aku, the shapeshifting master of darkness!" exclaimed Aku, wanting to scare Felix as a way to help him escape from Demeanor and be safe. Instead, Felix greets him as well.

"I'm Felix the Cat, with my magic bag of tricks. Nice to meet you!" exclaimed Felix. Since there was an opportunity to escape, Aku asks Felix to help him.

"Okay, Felix! You have to help me! I'm trapped by these chains from a mysterious guy!" exclaimed Aku. "He put these chains on me, and I can't get out!"

"What can I do to help?" asked Felix.

"Maybe there's something in your bag that can help me…" Aku paused, as Demeanor uses his powers to possess him. "…get…out." Aku's eyes suddenly turn upside down and turns into Demeanor's red eyes.

"Um…mister Aku, is something the matter?" asked Felix.

"You're no longer speaking to Aku." said the Demeanor-controlled Aku. "This is Demeanor now."

"Well then…hello, mister Demeanor." said Felix.

"Felix…you are a being whose bag has a lot of strange qualities. And because of that bag of yours, I want to exploit that. I want that power of yours for a special something." said Demeanor. Felix realizes that he might use it for his own needs, and refuses to give him the bag.

"I will not give you the bag!" exclaimed Felix.

"Very well then." said Demeanor. "I was just asking. Now I'm just forcing." Using Aku, he grabs Felix and his bag and brings him back to the Void. The force of Aku hands causes Felix to choke for a while before blacking out completely.

Felix wakes up to see that he was on the ground of the Void. He looks around for a bit and notices that his bag of tricks has disappeared. "My bag!" exclaimed Felix. "I must find it!"

Felix began to walk around, looking for the bag. But with the darkness surrounding the Void, it was almost impossible to see. However, as he was looking around for the bag, he bumped into something.

Felix looks up to see Demeanor, along with Aku with chained hands, looking at Felix with a sorry face. Felix then notices Demeanor with the bag.

"Ah, you're awake." said Demeanor. "I've been just tampering with your bag a little bit. You know, just a few looks and poking."

"What have you done with my bag?!" exclaimed Felix. "And what are you gonna do with it?!"

Demeanor didn't respond. Instead, he showed the bag to Felix, and opened the bag. Something strange began to come out of it, as Aku and Felix looked. A bubbly, blackish-greyish substance began to come out of the bag, and LOTS were coming out of it.

Aku and Felix looked in shock as the substance spread all across the floor until Demeanor stopped making the bag spew the substance out. The stuff began to take form into multiple things.

"W-What are you making?!" exclaimed Felix.

"Oh, you'll see." said Demeanor. Felix, who couldn't tell between good and evil, just continued to watch. The substance continued to take shape, and eventually formed into an entire army. The army was comprised of liminal beings, creatures and monsters of all shapes and sizes.

These things were comprised of all kinds of creatures and monsters, like animal-like creatures, robots, strange-looking monsters, hybrids, and random pile-ups. There were like, thousands of each kind!

The most common of them were these alien-like robots that Demeanor decided to call Ippans. They were also in different kinds. Some knew how to fight. Some could carry weapons like boomerangs, laser guns, etc. And some could breathe fire, etc.

Felix ran off to another place, scared that the army might kill him. Aku felt the same thing as Felix did, but couldn't escape from Demeanor's chains. After naming each and every one of the creatures, Demeanor calls on the entire army.

"Alright, creatures!" exclaimed Demeanor. "I have created you, and I am your leader. I have a plan for each and every one of you living creatures. Are you ready to hear it?" After he asked, the entire army howled with cheering, as Demeanor tells his plan to destroying all life in the Tooniverse to make the multiverse his.

"I'm gonna need you monsters to get into the Tooniverse and strike! We will not stop until every single living thing in the Tooniverse is destroyed!" exclaimed Demeanor. "Anyway, Aku here will be your commander. He'll command you guys to go to any place he says."

"I will NOT command them!" exclaimed Aku. Because of this, Demeanor snaps his fingers, causing Aku to fall under his control. (He's not possessing him, he's just mind-controlling him.) "I mean, YES! I WILL command them!"

"Good." said Demeanor, who then turns to everybody, who were cheerily roaring and howling for Demeanor. "But before we start our invasion in the Tooniverse, I need you creatures to attack a nearby floating island…"

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