A small bus drove through the dark city streets. The driver looked back at his passengers excitedly from time to time. The passengers were monsters, all shapes and sizes. Most of them were asleep, some were softly talking to each other.

Toriel sat in the back of the bus with Frisk leaning against her, fast asleep. She was watching the dusky landscape go past the windows. It had been a long day, but Toriel was pleased. All the monsters were being relocated to houses in the area near Mount Ebott. The human officials had judged it best that the monsters should not live too far from each other, at least at first, and the monsters had agreed. The humans they had spoken to had all been very nervous, but much kinder than they had feared. All in all things were going much better than expected.

Looking away from the window, Toriel glanced down at Frisk. One small hand rested on Toriel's knee, with the other Frisk grasped Sans' sleeve.

Sans was sitting on the other side of Frisk, snoring softly.

"Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh…" Papyrus mumbled in his sleep.

Toriel glanced at a row of seats a little to the front, where Asgore sat with Undyne and Alphys. Undyne was half asleep. Alphys was watching something on a tablet, a gift from one the humans. Asgore felt Toriel's gaze and looked back at her. He met her gaze and smiled uncertainly. Toriel smiled back and gave him a small nod.

"Hm?" Frisk mumbled, partially woken by the movement. "We there yet?"

"Not yet," Toriel whispered. "Go back to sleep, dear."

"I hope the new house is like the ruins," Frisk yawned.

"It'll be better," Toriel whispered, stroking Frisk's hair out of their face. "You'll see… It will be a real home."

*Home,* Frisk signed, close to their chest.

They yawned and shifted their weight. While their eyes fell shut they felt around or Sans' hand and grabbed it, just to make sure he was there.

Sans lazily opened one eye, smiled and fell back asleep.

Toriel sighed and thought about the new home they'd have together. She'd have a family again. They'd all be a happy family.

The thought filled her with hope. And hope, that was very close to determination.

That was the start of a happy and cosy life on the surface!

My interpretation of the True Pacifist Family Ending.

In this story:

- Frisk is primary/elementary school age and will be referred to as 'they' so everyone can fill in as they please.

- Frisk will be living with Toriel, Sans and Papyrus.

- Asgore and Toriel will not be getting back together (but will be on good terms).

- Alphys and Undyne live together, Mettaton will stay with them when he's not on the road, working to become a star on human television.

- Flowey was not brought to the surface.

The idea of Frisk using sing language was introduced to me in the comic "Day 1 Waking Up", by tratserenoyreve on Tumblr and I've seen many other wonderful artists use it as well.
I like the idea of Frisk using sing language, but since I am convinced they are also able to talk I like to imagine that they were raised by deaf parents but are hearing themselves. That's the reason why Frisk will sometimes talk and sometimes sign in this story. I do not really know sign language however, so if I write something that doesn't make sense I apologise.