Where Are They Now?


Happy Family wasn't enough? Well, it certainly wasn't for me, so I made some more!

Happy Family Extras contains all the bits and pieces I didn't manage to fit into the core story. The parts I really recommend from that collection are:

- Bennet and Catty (an outtake from the wedding chapter).

- Spider Success With a New Bakery (Muffet's very own chapter).

- Soriel Engagement (just what it says on the tin).


The very talented NoSleepUntilVacation is writing a wonderful sequel fic detailing Frisk and Asriel's 18th birthday party as promised by Mettaton in chapter X! Do check it out because it's lovely, really well-written and every bit as fluffy as Happy Family itself.

I myself have written a prequel in this universe about how Sans and Papyrus ended up with Gaster, but it is the opposite of fluff and it made me cry writing it, so read at your own discretion.

Lastly I would like to promote my friend Crow the Mad's fic "Songs for the Soul". The first instalment is full of fluff and Soriel and, even though it doesn't take place in the same universe as Happy Family, it is just as cosy.

So those are some recommendations for you, but before I go, inspired by KingOf Friskid's comment, I will take a moment to tell you – in case you want to know – what became of the characters in this fic, that you didn't get to see in the happy epilogue. (At least the ones I had ideas or feelings about…)


The Temmies (including Bob)

They have multiple stores now spread across several cities. Temmie merchandise is really quite popular, although they definitely have a love it or hate it reputation. Still, as far as the Temmies are concerned, they are wildly successful and many cute humans walk around with Temmie ears or T-shirts.


Douglas the Dress Lion and Ms. Hannigan

Douglas and Ms. Hannigan put off getting married for a while because they didn't want to be the first human-monster couple getting married. That was sure to get publicity and they didn't feel like that at all. Eventually they did get married though, and they made a gorgeous bridal pair. Neither of them wore white, but they both wore a dress to die for. Ms. Hannigan is very happy as a teacher and although she is doing a lot of extra stuff for the school and people are nudging her to apply for the post of principal, she'd rather spend more time in the classroom. Douglas works for a security company; he usually plans the security for big events and he's very good at it. After years of trying, it turned out that the two of them couldn't have biological children together. It wasn't quite clear why, medically speaking, but after having thought long and hard about it, Douglas and Ms. Hannigan adopted two children: first a four year old bird monster, and later a one year old human baby. Ms. Hannigan's family (she has no siblings but a loving mother and father and a whole host of aunts, uncles, and cousins) was always supportive of her relationship and never skipped a beat accepting the adoptive children also. They are all very happy.


So Sorry

The school is very happy with So Sorry. When he started out, he was still very uncertain, but he grew more confident with time and after a couple of years, he got his own mentor class. He's a beloved art teacher and has done a lot of work (together with Ms. Hannigan and Toriel) to get monster knowledge included in the general curriculum. Apart from his steady job at the primary school, he sometimes teaches a course on Artistic Magic at the local high school or community centre.


Bratty, Catty, Bennet (BP) and Nathan (Nice Cream Guy)

These four had a hard time figuring out what they wanted and how to get it. Nathan had a good time working with Grillby and learned a lot, but he really wanted to open up his own place. Bennet had an okay time (Grillby is a good boss), but he never let go of his dream to be an actor. Bratty and Catty were happy with their jobs but really wanted to open their own store. After Catty and Bennet became an item, Bratty had some minor freakouts about losing her best friend/practically sister and they all had some major freak-outs about the future and not being able to support themselves while still following their dreams. In the end, they decided to stick together. They rented a house for the four of them and all started working on getting what they wanted while supporting each other. It worked out pretty well. Bratty and Catty don't have their own store, but they have their own line of jewellery and it's selling really well, so a little boutique of their own might not be far off. Nathan has his own little dessert place. It's tiny, but people love it, and he supplies regularly to Grillby who was very sad but also proud to see him go. Bennet kept his job at Grillby's a little longer, but started doing voice acting on the side. By now he's a beloved staple of the local television station kids show. Officially, this was meant to be a stepping stone to becoming a 'real actor', but he likes it so much he doesn't really want to leave anymore. Besides, acting in bigger stuff would probably mean having to travel, and Bennet really doesn't want to leave. The four of them are a team and a family now and they'd like to keep it that way.


Ralph (RG01) and Roy (RG02)

These two are giving Dogamy and Dogaressa some serious competition for the Nose Nuzzle championships. They live in a nice apartment near the town centre. Ralph was a bouncer in a club for a while and Roy taught self-defence classes (difficult to remember most people don't have wings). But they both joined the police academy when that became an option (getting monsters in law enforcement was a slow process). Now they are very happy to be almost back to their old jobs; protecting the public is really what suits them best. Neither of them gave having children very serious thought, but ever since Katla and Asgore began fostering children they've become a bit doubtful. They come over a lot and when they do they always have a great time playing with the kids. Luckily, monsters live long lives and they still have plenty of time to figure out if they might want a child of their own one day.


The Snowdrake family (Sunny, Drake and Mariah)

After almost losing his family, Drake's priorities have shifted a little. He doesn't perform as much as he used to. Especially during the first couple of years, he focussed mainly on taking care of his wife and mending his relationship with his son. Speaking of his son, Sunny is doing great. After practicing on open mic nights and gaining some much-needed confidence, he really began to get noticed as a stand-up comedian. While he was in college, he started writing funny articles for the school's website and now he juggles his stand-up performances with a pretty steady job as a writer for a comedy news website that appreciates his puns.



The spooky DJ is very much in demand in the club scene. If you want him for a Halloween party, you better book him at least 10 months in advance. He's very proud to be doing his own thing now. There are actually a lot of people now that have heard of him but not of Mettaton because they operate in very different scenes. Whenever he is doing a bigger music production, he likes to get Shyren involved to do vocals for him, which she always does with great (but very quiet) enthusiasm.


Emberly Fuku Fire and Sadie (Skateboard Girl)

After graduating high school, Emberly studied psychology and took a stand for special attention to monster psychology to further understanding, instead of glossing over the differences between monsters and humans. She went on to get her masters and is now a fully licenced monster psychologist. Sadie was with her every step of the way while she was fighting to get monster psychology in the books. Eager to get away from college herself though, she hopped, skipped, and jumped her way through a studies in communication and snagged a position as social media manager at a company eager to appeal to monster youth. The work is flexible and different every day, which is just what Sadie likes. During most of her studies, Emberly still stayed with Grillby, but when she and Sadie began to earn they got a nice little place of their own.



Grillby's restaurant (it's called The Fireplace by the way, but everyone still calls it Grillby's) holds an important place in the monster community, as it is the first monster business ever established. It is popular among monsters and humans alike. He's incredibly proud of Emberly, of course. The party he threw her at the restaurant when she graduated from university is still being talked about. When he was young, Grillby was quite musical and, after much teasing and prompting from Sans and Muffet, he has taken up playing the piano again. He's gotten really good at it and customers that stop by The Fireplace when it isn't too busy may be lucky enough to be treated to a private concerto.



Muffet's bakery was such a success that after a couple of years she bought up the grocery store next door and turned it into a wonderful tearoom. Since her bakery is called The Parlour, she called the tearoom The Ballroom. The name fits perfectly because after a while she began organizing old-fashioned tea dances there and they are very popular. Muffet herself is happy as can be. She hangs out with Grillby and Fuku a lot and she helped Nathan out with starting his dessert place. Her spider family is thriving and growing every day and she has only had to threaten two health inspectors since starting her business.


Dogamy and Dogaressa

The dog marriage is still going strong. If you're wondering about puppies, sorry, they have none of those. Honestly, they wouldn't have time to take care of them. After moving houses several times they have finally settled in a nice old farmhouse a little outside of town. Endogeny and Greater Dog live there with them permanently, but it really has become sort of the home base for all the dogs. Lesser Dog stays there more often than not and Doggo and Doge pop in so frequently they both have their own rooms. It's a lovely house (even if it's a bit dishevelled and full of hairs now), with a nice farmyard around it to run around in. It's called Good House and it is.


The Snowman

Being what he is, he is still in the Underground, but remarkably enough more and more of the surface has come down to meet him. It is an established custom by now that everyone who passes through Snowdin, monsters and humans alike, stops by the Snowman to say hi. People have offered to bring him to the surface or bring him to a new spot in the underground, with a little help of technology that wouldn't be all that hard, but Snowmen were never meant to travel and he is quite happy where he is. So far he has gratefully declined any attempt to move him.



They stayed friends with Frisk and Co of course, but after primary school, Jamie went to a different high school than Frisk, Asriel, and Manny (and Chara). At first they still saw each other at birthday parties and the like, but then they lost track of Jamie until Manny went to the local music school for singing lessons when he was 15 years old. After his first lesson, he ran into Jamie in the hallway and it turned out Jamie had been taking saxophone lessons there for a year. Of course Manny invited Jamie to come hang out as soon as possible, Frisk and Asriel were incredibly happy to see them and even though they had all changed quite a bit since they were kids they still got along wonderfully. So from then on Jamie was a part of Frisk's gang of friends again, bringing some old (like Jenny) and new friends with them that had gone to the same high school. Now, with high school almost ending, Jamie is thinking seriously about becoming a nurse.



Laura went to the same high school as Frisk, Asriel, Manny, and Chara. She and Frisk stayed the best of friends. Darren went to the same school too and they all stayed friends, but Laura and Frisk are definitely the closest among that group. Laura is incredibly fond of Manny and Asriel too and gets along with Chara very well, thinking she is an absolute badass. The older she got, the more Laura got into computers and, if she can somehow get into the video game industry after college, she'll be a happy girl.

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