A Hero Amongst Shinobi

Written By: eppelMax


At one point in time in another universe, I, Uzumaki Naruto wanted to become Hokage above all else. It was what I strived and trained to become. But here, I felt I had greater calling. One that transcended above all else. It fueled my desires, my ambitions, my dreams; to become, not a Shinobi, but a Hero. Heavily AU.

Chapter 1


I was born into a world filled with death. A merciless world where the weak perished and the strongest thrived. The moment I was brought into this world not even an hour I experienced tragedy. It's all merely a vague memory for me. Innately I could feel the stench of death purvey all around me.

Did you know a child innately connects with their parents at first sight? It was through that I could feel my mother's suffering and pain through our connection. Through that I could feel my father's struggle and his frustrations. I don't fully know what happened on the night of my birth, but intrinsically, deep down inside it changed me. It left its marks that will never go away. Never to truly heal.

Growing up I had a connection with the leader of my village. As a young child the word Hokage reverberated within me, but it never really sung to my soul. It was a great aspiration, but inside it felt like it wasn't enough. That there was something more that I could become.

As a child I never really knew what I wanted. Never really knowing what it was. Never really realizing what was going on inside me.

That is… that is until I woke up surrounded by rubble and fire.

I was barely four years old at the time.

Death. Screams of people trapped under the rubble and wreckage of a part of the village that I lived in. Their homes crumbled. The shops and markets being burnt away. Parks being consumed by the atrocious fire. Roads melting from the heat radiated from the fire.

Fire. It was just everywhere and it burned through everything in its path, completely merciless to all that encountered its flames of death. There was so much smoke filling in the air that it became burdensome to breathe.

These people reached out to me as I walked passed them. Yelling in agony and reaching out for any measure of help. But I didn't give them any help. I trudged on through the flames and destruction. Ignoring their pleas for help. Begging for it. But I ignored them and continued on leaving them to their death. I was only concentrated on myself surviving through this place… this…


Hell. A word that I didn't knew at the time, but would be an apt description of what was going on at the time.

I saw Hell that day. I lived through Hell that day.

As I continued to wade through that hell I felt my body begging to give up. To simply lie down and die. A part of me agreed so much to simply let go and stop this pain. But I couldn't. I didn't. I kept going no matter what. I wanted to survive so badly. To wake up from this nightmare that I was in the middle of.

But I couldn't. My body simply gave up at one point and I collapsed on my back near a building. It was too tired to power forward any longer. My mind screamed to get up, but my body yelled back saying it couldn't.

The soot and ash fell around me. The stench of fire, ash, and bodies burning were so strong you could literally choke on it. It made you want to just gag. I didn't mind it though, well more like I couldn't. I was too tired to even care anymore. I willed my body to try and move. All I got in response was pain and something heavy on top of me.

When I moved my eyes to look there was a piece of the building that collapsed on me. I was so numbed from everything that I didn't notice a piece of the building fell on top of me when I was on the ground. Brick, mortar and wood was there and all.

It felt oddly comfortable being underneath it all. It felt oddly warm and the feeling of content welled up inside my body. To just lie here and die.

"TH-R- ANY-?"

My mind started to drift in and out. My eyes started to feel heavy as if I couldn't keep them open any longer.


I think I heard someone yelling. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me for inhaling so much smoke.


No. No. That was definitely someone yelling.

It was someone trying to look for survivors. He seemed so desperate to find anyone to save. But I couldn't do anything. The pile of rubble on top of me felt so heavy and my throat refused to emit anything out. Everything hurt and I was struggling to simply survive.

I wanted to scream! Yell! Anything! To catch his attention! That I was still alive! But I couldn't. I was so frustrated I tried willing any of my body to move. In my struggles I managed knock a piece of brick with one of my hands onto the ground, but I doubt he heard it. With the fire raging in the background and the buildings collapsing. I doubted he would hear a small insignificant sound.

My hand twitched in the air. This was all I could do. It stuck out like a grave marker. I stared upwards to the smoke covered sky. The fires illuminating the sky. It was unnaturally beautiful.

Hearing started to become difficult. Everything felt so muted. In a way it was nice. It blocked out the roaring inferno in the background and for a moment for me, it seemingly blocked out the world leaving me to my own thoughts in peace.

But then something happened. The weight of the rubble on top of me slowly started being lifted. Bit by bit. It started feeling lighter and I could breathe a little easier. My eyes began to focus. It was a man. By pure chance I was being saved.

"A-Alive…. You're alive!"

Never in my entire existence have I ever seen a person this happy before.

"You're alive!" he repeated again.

This man. He looked so happy. As if his heart was being filled with so much joy. Those eyes of his tearing up as he chanted over and over saying that I was alive.

He grabbed my hand and brought it near his face. His tears dripping down on small hands.

"You're alive!"

Not too long ago I was on the door steps of death. But this man, seeing him in such joy and happiness welled something up inside me. Never before have I ever been so envious of this man's looks. The sight of him being so thankful and happy that he saved someone.

He grabbed my hand with both of his now. "Thank you," he gratefully said.

This man kept chanting thank you as he held onto me. His tears running freely down his soot and ash ridden face as he said it over and over again. He held onto my hand never letting go as if afraid that if he did I would die.

It was strange for me at the time. He was being grateful that he had found someone amongst all this destruction. That by saving just this one person; he had in the end saved himself. Shouldn't I be the one that's grateful for him saving me? Shouldn't I be the one elated to be saved? That I may survive and walk among the living to experience the joys of life while others perished amongst the flames to be forgotten?

Later down in life, I would come to find out in way that it was the other way around. That I in some way saved him. As if the act of saving me redeemed his actions… his life.

That day. I realized what I had wanted. That I wanted to share and feel what this man was experiencing right before me. I wanted to smile just as he did. Cry the tears that ran down his face just as he did. To have my heart filled with such joy; just as he did.

It was that moment that set my life on a course that I would never be able to steer away from because in my heart.


In my soul that this is what I wanted to do. What I was born to be. That I wanted to save others just as how this man saved my life. That I would make sure I will save and rescue others so that I too could be filled with joy and happiness.

Yes. With all my strength and will. I will save others just like him. I closed my eyes as a luminous white light filled the area all the while I hear his sobs of joy.

Later on when I was in the hospital recovering along with the other children that had survived the fire. I saw that same man again. He was speaking with the leader of my village. He was on the ground in seiza bowing to him as if he were begging something of him. After a few moments of mulling it over the old man in white and red robes nodded and walked away.

The man on the ground got up, tears in his eyes, but with a happy smile. It was the same thing that I wanted to see in other people. The same thing that I wanted to achieve in my life. He turned to the nurse, they conversed a few words before she nodded and walked off with a clipboard in her arms.

He walked towards my bed.

"Hello!" he nervously greets. "You must be Naruto."

I didn't say anything except stare at him and allowing him to continue.

"I suppose the direct method would be better so. I'd like to ask you which would you prefer? Being sent back to the orphanage or… be adopted by a man you've just met?"

I sat there for a moment taking it all in. Someone finally wanted to take me in? That I too could have a father? I crossed my arms together and closed my eyes before placing a hand on my chin pretending I was contemplating. I grinned a little before opening one eye and pointing to him.

"Ha~ha-ha! Aren't you a little trickster?" he crouched down and slid a bin out onto the open. It was my meager personal effects and belongings.

"I'm glad! Let's get you dressed and going right away! You're going to need to get comfortable in your new home," he said with a smile.

Home. That word. I smiled. I rolled the word "Home" a couple of times in my head to become familiar with it. That felt so good to say. Home. A home with me and my new father. I finally had a place where I could call home.

"Although," he started off hesitantly. "I do need to tell you something. I had might as well get it off my chest and come clean."

It broke my trail off thought. What was it that he was hesitant to say to me right now?

"Naruto," he took a breath.

I tilted my head in curiosity.

"You see Naruto… I am. I am not a shinobi."


It was an amazing couple of years after the disaster in the village. They were filled with some of the best memories I had with my adoptive dad. I finally knew what it was like to have a father. To have someone care for me. To have someone love me.

My adoptive father and I lived in a fairly large, old building near the older northern end of Konoha. It was a Japanese style building with a classical elegance that befitted the area. Come to think of it I think its style was older compared to our neighbor's estate. One could say it can be considered a rare example of Konoha's architectural history. (1)

It had a rather aged storehouse built on the edge of the yard, which used a key cast in an old style different from the modern ones used today and in the rest of the residence. As for the main house, it was rather open and not too large. It wasn't small either. Rather it was just perfect and felt like a true home. We even had a building dedicated for training Kendo. The yard was large enough to house a garden and spacious enough to practice Kyudo if one wanted to.

Living here with my adoptive father was surreal. Although I found out he was a terrible cook. As in almost burning down the kitchen and blowing up the gas line connected to it type of terrible. We both agreed for him to never step near the kitchen and that I would handle all of the cooking from then on. I'd like to think I was a fairly good cook if by the fact that he would always praise my meals and that we would have a gluttonous guest that at first came time to time before coming over every day to snag a free meal.

I never wanted this to end, but I knew that if I wanted to achieve my goal that I made for myself that night. That I would have to become strong. That I needed to gain power to save others just like my father did to me.

So near the end of the second year of living with him I asked him the question to teach me. I had hoped that he would pass on his teachings to me. That I too would gain the same abilities he had to save others.


Was the simple answer he had given me. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and frustration. But why? Why not? I dropped it for now, but it wasn't later on in the year that I asked him the same question again.


How come? How come he wouldn't teach me so that I may save others as well? Please Father. I just want to save people like how you did to me. Internally I was frustrated but I didn't really show except furrowing my eyebrows again.

He smiled and chuckled to himself before rubbing his hands on top of my blonde hair ruffling a bit. Before going out on the porch to sit and go into deep thought as he usually would.

It was a several months later that I asked again.

"No Naruto."

Three times I've been denied now. Why? Why was I being denied? What did I do wrong?

This time I couldn't hide my frustration leaking out of me. I just wanted to help people. I did my best to be courteous, kind and welcoming to anyone that needed help around the neighborhood. I tried my hardest to be helpful to any and every one. I know it was just for small things, it felt good to help others, but it just wasn't enough. I knew it wasn't going to be enough. Not with how I wanted to save others.

I needed to be strong and powerful. My father had it. He was skilled surely. So why wouldn't he teach me?


He looked at me carefully.

"Why won't you teach me? I… I just want to be strong to protect and save other people… so why won't you teach me? What's so wrong about that?" I asked him sorrowfully. I was tearing up wearing my heart on my sleeve. I just wanted to help others.

He stares at me before sighing. "Naruto. I don't want to see you hurt. Teaching you my skills… my craft. They were meant to kill. Do you understand? Nothing more. Nothing less. They aren't meant for such a good boy like yourself. You're too good for this Naruto."

I balled my fists as we sat across from each other on the tatami mats. I still had tears dropping down from my eyes. God I was such a little kid. I couldn't bear to look at him in such a pitiful state. What would those eyes see? A weak kid who can't help but cry because he was being denied his dreams? A petty child? I don't know. I just knew I was too much of a coward to look at him.


I was too distracted that I didn't even notice him move and seated himself beside me.

"I-… no parent could ever bear to see their children hurt because of what they did. When I saved you I vowed to never cause such atrocities ever again. Please… you must understand me."

I brought my sleeves and rubbed my runny nose. I sniffled a little too before trying to compose myself a bit.

"Father…" I said in my small voice. "I promise. I promise I would use what you taught me to save others. I promise you that no matter what I would use my powers to save others. I want everyone to be happy. I don't want to see people be sad. I would do any and everything to help them."

We sat in silence for a few moments. Him contemplating my words.


I gulped a bit. Not in nervousness but to clear the dryness in my throat.

"I… I want to see that same smile that you had when you rescued me."

My cheeks reddened a bit. It was a bit embarrassing to admit that to my father that night. Yet it felt good to freely speak from my heart.

I looked at him and he sat there in stunned silence.

He gave a light chuckle before he ruffled my hair.

"Naruto… you saved me that one night did you know?"

Closing his eyes he gave a small pause before taking in a deep breath and exhaling. He contemplated his next words. It felt like ages before he finally opened his eyes and looked at me.

Was he going to deny me again? As much as I wanted to become a savior to other people. I didn't want to disappoint or upset my father. This was the man I held in the most esteemed position. While there wasn't much on the list. He would never be topped. He saved me don't you know?

"Promise me," he said quietly. My adopted father was always a soft spoken man.

"Promise me that you will use my teachings to do well for this world."

This was it. This was it!

Elation filled my chest and my eyes had brighten up as I looked up to him. Yes! It was finally going to start! I could finally begin to truly help people!

"I promise. I promise to use what you teach me and use them to save others! That's my word and I will never go back on them!" I thumped my fist against my chest and a fire grew in my eyes that my father saw.

He looked at me. Studying me carefully. Picking it apart piece by piece. The way I proclaimed my promise must have taken him aback. It was so passionate. So earnest. It was filled with promising innocence. One that hadn't seen or been corrupted by the cruel outside world. It was like looking at a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Simply put it was refreshing.

"Alright then… I shall teach you," he smiled again.

I smiled back.

Looking back it was one of the many moments I cherished with my father. These were things that will never be taken away from me. That will never be forgotten.

He trained me. Starting from the ground up, he taught me the basics and barebones before leaving me to my devices. In all honesty it didn't really feel like he was training me at first. Most of the times he sat on the porch watching me go through my katas and practicing the basic techniques. Correcting me if I was performing something wrong before leaving me to my own devices and studies.

It wasn't much, but I was too happy to care. I was finally starting on my path to become a savior!

Over the years under his tutelage he taught me more and more. It seemed like my adoptive father was an endless fountain of knowledge. As I grew older, his teaching fitted with my growth and he adjusted well. At times I felt like he was holding back, but would shake his head slightly.

In the beginning he taught me the foundations of what was known as Ninjutsu. In all honesty? I was completely abysmal with even the basics, but he was a patient man. I would get frustrated most of the times and my failures would only increase my impatience leading me to rush the training or technique I would be learning. But with him his patience sooner or later rubbed off on me which I've been eternally grateful for.

As he continued my training over the year, I noticed something off about my father. He tried his best to hide it, but I was rather perceptive and knew he was in pain. In the beginning of the year it was just small bits of pain that he experienced. Occasional winces here and there. When we would physically train I noticed that he would tire out fairly quickly. Or that he would be drained for the entire day.

I thought it was him just being sick with a common cold or something, but it progressively became worse.

A lot worse.

My old man was always the type of person to wake up early in the morning to start the day, but on some days he would sleep in. At first I thought he needed the rest because come on? He was old. Alright he wasn't even that old, more of he was around his mid-thirties, but I would just joke about it to him and he would laugh it off.

But there were those days where I would come in and check on him and he would be sweating in his sleep. Face contorted into pain and hearing his ragged breathing.

I didn't know what to do. I was only eight at the time. Was he dying? How sick was he? Should we head to the hospital and have him checked up? I had no idea what to do.

At the time, I didn't realize that my adoptive father was dying.

A slow and excruciatingly painful death. One that was eating him inside out. What could've caused this? Was it maybe something from the Konoha Summer Fire Incident? But that was years ago, I was in the middle of the whole thing and I've been fine ever since I was rescued.

After catching him cough up blood one later afternoon in our training session I confronted him about his wellbeing. He told me it was nothing to be worried about. But I was. How can I not worry about him?

I told him we could always scale back on my training so it wasn't so taxing on him, but he shook his head. He said he would call in a few favors that some people owed him to advance my training.

"Besides you've almost learned everything I have to teach you Naruto. I think it's about time you start branching out to different studies."

A few weeks later, and he going out of the house every so often while I continued my studies, I had several new teachers. One was a white haired man that had one of his left eye covered, the second being the same purple haired gluttonous free loader that came to our house every day to catch a meal, and lastly a bowl cut haired man with the thickest pair of eyebrows I've ever seen in my life wearing a green spandex suit with the most peculiar of personalities.

We went over the training regimen together at dinner and made sure I was fully rounded out. The guy with one eye named Kakashi would go over a rather large bulk of my training such as speed, swordplay, techniques, tactics, tracking, and deception.

The purple haired bottomless pit named Anko would go over versatility/adaptability, environment, information gathering, perception, tolerance, and human physiology.

Last but most certainly not least was the bowl cut haired man. This eccentric guy called, Gai, would be focusing on pure strength, hand to hand, combat/spatial awareness, endurance, and resiliency.

Man, dad must've had some serious favors owed to him if he was able to call in these people to train me. Well ok maybe not Anko since all we had to do was threaten to take away her eating rights at the house. All three of them were fairly up there out in the world and were infamous in their own right. I was incredibly grateful to be under their tutelage. Not many people had the opportunity to be exclusively taught.

Day by day, month by month I would grow stronger and smarter every day under their watchful eyes.

Day by day, month by month my father would grow weaker and frail. I don't know how much time I have left with him. He wasn't able to walk around much without being in incredibly amounts of pain. After much arguing I was finally able to convince him to go get checked up, but to my frustration and confusion the medical personnel said he was perfectly fine.

It was just that he was dying plain and simple. Almost as if it were a curse upon him that was causing him to die. I needed to save my father somehow. I needed to cure him of whatever was afflicting him.

He saved me four years ago. Now I need to save him.

After my trainings I would delve into my books. Trying desperately to see if anything could heal him. I studied and studied, but there wasn't anything I could find to help him. I combed through every single library with my new technique that was taught to me by Kakashi.

I broke into every medical institute to study what could be ailing my dad.

I snuck into the historical record department to find out if anyone else had this affliction.


I was coming up short and I needed to find answers fast. As time went by it was just getting worse for him. I was getting embittered at being powerless to save him.

Two fruitless years of endlessly searching for any information to save him would finally be answered and put to rest.

It was after a night of studying that I looked at my clock to see the time.

1:00 A.M.

Sigh. I needed some fresh air. Closing my textbook and rolling up my scrolls I got out of my room and walked to the porch where my father would sit and watch the moon time to time.

As I neared the porch I saw him sitting there facing towards the moon with his eyes closed. He almost looked at peace, as if he wasn't wracked with so much pain inside of him.

He must've fell asleep. He really shouldn't be out here with how frail his health is.

"Hey!" I called to him as I sat down next to him. "Hey old man."

"Hmm?" I must've woke him up or something.

"You know, if you're going to sleep, you should do it in your bed and not out here."

He sheepishly gives a light laugh. "Right…" he takes a breath. "Nah, I'm fine."

There's a small pause between us with me looking at him not really believing it.

"When I was little… I wanted to be a Hero."



Wasn't he already one? How could he want to be a hero when for me he was one already?

"You wanted to be one? Did… did you give up or something?"

"Hm. Yeah. It's unfortunate, but… being a hero is sort of a limited time thing. When you start growing up Naruto, it gets hard to call yourself one. I-I should've realized that earlier on."

To me. You are a hero Dad. You still are and always will be, but if he thinks that way then I'll just have to become one for him then. I still had my years to use.

"Huh… that's just too bad then right?"

"Indeed," he softly spoke. "You are absolutely right."

He exhaled heavily before commenting on the moon, "The moon looks really nice tonight."

"Yeah, it sure is," I looked up to the moon. If you feel like you couldn't do it dad. This one's for you. "Since you couldn't do it, I'll do it for you!"


"Yeah! Since you're old now, you can't do it, but I," I pointed at myself, "can. Leave it to me dad! Your dream!"

That night I vowed to him that I would become a Hero for him. That even though he wasn't able to become one. I would pick up for him in his steed. Even if it killed me, even if it broke me, I will become a Hero.

He sat there looking at me, jaw slightly unhinged and staring. Dad looked shocked and surprised before smiling an earnest smile.

"Right," he closed his eyes as if he reconciled with his past. "Yes… I can be at peace now."

I laid back with my arms crossed behind my head before I fell asleep. It was one of the best night of sleep that I had gotten in a long while. I was usually stressed and worked up about training and studying to save my dad that my nightly sleeps would be fraught with nightmares and short sleeps.

It wasn't till in the late morning that Anko came by that I woke up.

"A-Anko-nii," I rubbed my eyes to wake myself up a bit. "What are you doing here so early?"

"E-early?" she asked in disbelief. "I'll have you know it's almost noon."

She tapped her imaginary watch on her wrist.

"What? Oh crap! I didn't mean to sleep in and dad needs to take his meds!"

Crap. Like lots of crap. I always made sure that Dad took his pills so he could at least function throughout the day on time. His first set was at eight sharp. I must've missed it by a couple hours. Damn it. Damn it.

"Don't worry, I'll go get Kiritsugu-kun's medicines Naru-chan!" She left to go to his room to grab his medicine pouch.

I noticed he didn't move or wake up.

"Hey old man, time to wake up and take your meds!"

No response.

"Come on old man, I know you're getting by on your years, but you're no in way that old yet. Time to wake up Dad!" I clapped my hands a couple of times to get his attention.

No response.


I went and reached out to him. The sudden push off balanced him and he simply tipped over on his left side.

"N-No… DAD!"

I went over to his body and began futilely shaking him as if it would wake him up.


I continued to shake him up. Tears were starting to form in my eyes. I didn't want to believe it. There's no way I would possibly believe it.


Anko skidded to a stop down the hall concern written all over her face. "Shit kid what's going on?"


She gathered what was going on before muttering shit a couple of times. The purple haired woman tried moving me out the way, "C'mon kid work with me here I need to check on your father!"

I held on as tightly as possible to my dad's robes.

I yelled.

I screamed in defiance.

This couldn't be happening. This couldn't possibly be happening. How? How could this have happened?

"Kid please c'mon I need you to move!"

I wasn't listening. I was too busy crying and screaming for my father to wake up.

She must've made a clone because two men came speeding in over the walls landing in the spacious yard.

Anko tried getting me away from his body.

"GET OFF ME ANKO! GET OFF!" I struggled in her grip.

"K-Kid please…" she sounded sad, but was trying her best to hide it. "Calm down please… I need you to calm down…"

"NO STOP IT. DAD COME ON!" I kept yelling. It wasn't going to do anything, but it was all I could do. It was all anything I can do really.

"Kakashi. Gai. Gimme a hand over here please," she asked them softly.

My other two teachers came over and tried subduing me. I struggled over them as I tried getting near my father.


I kept yelling to him. I kept struggling to get to him.

A part of me died that day.

Yet. A part of me grew and hardened me for the world that day.


Eight Years Later

"Man… what a time to be going on a memory trip…"

Many things have happened in the past eight years. Many good things have occurred, but equally many bad things have happened.

I secured my traveling pack around me tighter as I walked a minor trail leading me towards my next destination. I wore a simple light forest green jacket and matching pants that had dark green on some of the pockets. I had a pair of black leather gloves covering my hands and had metal plated black shoes that were attached to my trousers. Underneath the jacket I wore a black body armor that I could materialize and dematerialize when I willed it. Over my ensemble I had my red overcoat draped over the left side of my body effectively covering my left arm. And finally a small blue ribbon tied onto my right bicep into a neat little bow. (2)

"Hmm… really of all times and places to think back I'd have to stop there sheesh," I scratched my head a bit. "I need a vacation."

I didn't exactly know where I was going on this trail, but my intuition hasn't failed me so far and besides. Something incredibly life changing usually happens when I'm out wandering on the unbeaten path. Come to think of it, I should probably stop that since I've gotten myself into trouble that could last a thousand life times.


Traveling the world wherever it took me. Helping people wherever it was needed. I gave a soft smile to myself before looking up to the canopy of the forest.

"I wonder… how have you been doing? Hope you've been doing well…"

I eye closed my eyes, remembering a happy memory with someone before taking a breath while continuing down the trail.

Something's disturbing the air. I stopped walking. Whatever it was, was traveling incredibly fast and was coming straight ahead of me.


I reached out and caught an animal by the scruff of its neck just as it neared me. I held it in front of my face before asking it a question.

"Now where are you in such a hurry you cute little pug?" I softly poked at it with my finger playing with it.


I looked at the dog carefully again. It was a small brown pug that had an adorable little blue vest with a seal and a Konoha forehead protector wearing it like a cap. I poked at the dog some more.

"Pakkun? What are you doing out here in the neck of the woods?"

I kept poking at it with my finger.

It started to growl at me. "If you don't stop I'm gonna bite that digit off."

I closed my eyes and smiled. How cute. This cute little pug thinks he can hurt me. Oh well I'll play nice.

"So where ya headed little buddy?"

This was Kakashi's Ninken. More important this was the leader of his little pack of eight dogs. Pakkun, despite his size, was incredibly fast, dangerously smart and perceptive, and was the perfect little thing to send information to and fro places.

"Kakashi's in deep trouble. A-Class level bordering on S-Class type of deal."

Blunt and to the point. Huh, Kakashi in trouble eh? Hmm I think I got time to help.

"Alright-y then! Tell me where he is and I'll go pay him a visit and see what I can do to help!" I sounded chipper.

I think the last time I saw or spoke to Kakashi was well over four years ago before I started off on my travels around the world.

"You're gonna need to get there fast Naruto. This is serious."

Geez what a kill joy. I had the odd sensation just to mess with the pug in my hands.

"Fine. Fine. Hold on tight you."

I gathered chakra into my legs, bent my knees a bit, and leaned forward. Bright blue lines traced down my leg almost like a circuit. An abhorrent amount of it. There were better and a lot more efficient ways to travel great distances in short amounts of time, but just for this one instance. I was going to mess with this cute little pug.

"Naruto, don't you dare," he said warily.

"Hmm?" I smiled innocently. "You said we need to get there fast. So we're going to get there fast."

With the force of a thousand tons of bomb. I released all the charka that I was gathering in my legs before being blasted off towards the general direction of Kakashi leaving behind a giant baseball field size crater a dozen or so more meters deep in my wake.


Oh yes indeed there were better ways to travel fast, but where was the fun in that?

(1) Please refer to Emiya Residence.

(2) Please refer to FS/N Archer/Shirou's traveling outfit in UBW.

Author's Note: I won't make too much of these I promise and if I do they'll be short. I don't really type well and this is really my first foray into this so I hope you like it! I've had this itch for quite a while to make my own story, but I never had the guts, so to speak, to actually do it. I've had this story played out in my head for a while, but had trouble translating it into words and well here it is. This will mostly be a test-fiction, as in a challenge for me to write a story better, and its sort of my first so please treat me kindly!

I also changed up the ages because well, it's not really fun writing a 13 year old Naruto. Nor his 15 bordering 16 year old incarnation. Eighteen years old gives me a lot of liberty and to play around with the characters and development of other things. They'll be explained in later chapters with the timelines and whatnot.

I also don't have a beta so if you're a fellow author or someone that I can talk too often, bounce ideas, and help proofread that would be great! Just send a message to my account!

Please tell me how I did! I would love to know how I can improve, expand, and what you all think so far!

Word count before A/N: 6381.