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"Infinite mana arrows!" I said while pointing my staff towards my enemy, who expertly weaved around the hundreds of magic arrows going after him. Fucking precog ability, that's totally cheating!

"What happened Gamer, losing steam?" Said my infuriating opponent before he dodged to the side as another attack came from the air, this time from my air elemental Zephyr, before my fire elemental Salamander and Lightning elemental Lei continued the assault. To my side my companions from the Nine Gates did their own support to my attacks, and we where starting to overwhelm the fucker in front of us.

Yes, I know, I'm swearing a storm even on my own head but I think I'm entitled to at least that for what he did.

Mom, dad, Sun-Il, master Loli, they all fell to him when this madman concocted a plan to open Gaia's true nature to the whole world. It only involved killing an harvesting a tremendous amount of thought power and souls, far too much that could be safely handled by the Abyss, and the bigshots called for aid from all Shinjin class ability users worldwide.

I had really come a long way since that fated day when I woke up seeing the names of everyone on top of their heads, worrying Sun-Il and being taught by master Loli. Now I was one of the strongest natural ability users on the planet with my levels almost touching on the fourth digits and I had became strong enough to protect myself and those I held dear.

Or so I thought until this motherfucker appeared.

He gathered an incredible amount of followers, both ability users who he employed against en masse, and normal people that acted as his personal cult. It was still unknown how he managed to do even a tenth of what he accomplished, but for me I didn't care one iota of that. I only wanted him dead, by my hands if necessary.

The other shinjin ability users keep the pressure on this monster as I deactivated my ongoing skills and I prepared my strongest spell, one I barely had mana to cast even with all my skills lowering the overall cost of all my skills. It had a long charge time but it's effects were devastating. As power poured into my hand and formed itself into a spear of light, I aimed my attack at the enemy.

"Brahmashirsha Astra!"

He looked at me surprised for a moment before smirking, an almost identical spear forming into his hand, with five rings at the tip of it's head. "Bhramanda Astra", he said and threw the spear.

The two weapons hit each other, and though I had leveled my own attack over the years to the exhausting point I had yet to prestige it. Still it was a relief that he had used such attack to counter mine since the reverse couldn't be said, but it was also chilling that he held this trump card with him and yet he didn't thought to use it beforehand. I'm fairly certain that my companions if they had something on that scale they would be throwing at him without reservations.

"That was close", he said while fanning himself, "it would have seriously inconvenienced myself if that hit. Now, for the grand finale~"

He gathered more energy into his hands and let out a hail of black attacks to hit everyone. It was literally impossible to dodge and it pierced magical protections like it wasn't even there. I only survived because I had maxed Physical Endurance a long time ago and Prestiged it twice, once into Dragon Blood Blessing and All Creation Oath of Safety, the first being the invulnerability conferred to Siegfried on the legend and the other being the one granted to the god Balder into myth. Still even with those abilities the attack managed to pierce me and deal a good chunk of damage to me.

"So you're still alive? Guess I put too much effort into anti-regeneration, anti-immortality, anti-invulnerability effects into the attack and forgot to simply pack a stronger punch, huh? Well, it doesn't matter. You will be dead soon anyway, after all you're all alone."

It was true, my companions had all perished on the last attack and I was alone. I was low on mp relatively speaking, low on hp and most of my equipment had broken down from how long and brutal this conflict had been. Still, I had one last trump card.

"Don't get cocky", I told him while bringing my inventory and drawing the weapon that would win this war, "it's only over when it's over."

The weapon I pulled looked more like a drill than a sword even if you were supposed to use it like that. It was red with guard inlaid in gold like substance, cylindrical with three moving parts and was named after a god.

It was a weapon I was loath to use since in it's lowest setting it could raze a city and blow up mountains alongside always, always breaking a illusion barrier it was in. Most of all, it worked even outside a illusion barrier regardless of witness, being a dangerous weapon without equal.

It would also instantly kill me if I ever used it at full power, but it was more than enough to end this threat once and for all. I just hope that using it won't blow up the continent we're in with the bleed out effect of the attack.

"You wouldn't dare", my enemy said with fear, if not in his voice then in his observe status panel. "The nine gates entrusted this weapon with you because you would never use it, and you know that nothing less than it at full power can stop me!"

"Things change", I told him as I started charging the sword power, dodging the follow up attack from my enemy. He was desperate to stop me, but I had trained enough with this weapon on the wilderness to keep up the charge time even while being attacked, and I had just enough mana to bring out my defenses and set up my evasive skills.

"Just die already!" He yelled as a spear of light hit me on the gut, and I felt like fire was pouring out my insides, but I still keep up the charge time, until it was ready.

Through the haze of pain I smirked. "Enuma Elish!" I quickly teleported to his face and unleashed the attack, air, space and time distorting while the world shifted and a new reality was imposed over the previous one, preferably without that asshole in it.

Sadly I was disappointed by the sight. Standing in front with his body mangled, but still very much alive, was the fucker I wanted to kill.

"What... it takes to kill... you", I asked, already feeling the effects of the weapon destroying my body as a price for using it at full power.

"You just did", he said in an almost calm tone, "though I will be the last one laughing." He brought his two stumps together and created some kind of vortex just as reality crashed around us back into the real world, to the sight of the bodies of his various cultists. "The ritual is complete, and it has just enough leftover energy for a last fuck you towards you. You, no, your soul will never reunite with your loved ones. Fitting, for someone who claimed to had been my enemy only for vengeance and a need to protect his loved ones."

With a last effort I charged at him with my weapon in hand before cutting him in half, but he had already finished what he started and I fell on a mass of darkness, and I knew no more.


I woke up on the ground, my clothes shredded into rags and bloodied and a howl of sorts around me. I gingerly stood up before something behind me caught my attention and I immediately rolled away from the axed coming at my neck. Looking up, it was some kind of monster resembling a kobold, thought it was closer to a dwarf werewolf if I were to be honest with myself.

"Spinning Mana Arrow" I said on reflex, but nothing came. I didn't panic, because somehow I was expecting something like that, why I still don't know, but at the same time it was annoying as hell. I quickly tested some of my other skills, and nothing worked.

Suddenly I saw more of those kobolds coming from the walls, almost as if the cave had birthed them, which was eerily reminding me of a MMORPG with it's respawn features. Not even an illusion barrier gave me that impression and I had gamer powers!

Still the situation felt nostalgic. Surrounded by enemies, no weapons, no armor, no magic, and an inexplicably serene demeanor to myself I would only question later. I could't help but smile, remembering simpler times, even if my life was already n danger back then.

Standing up, I looked at my enemies dead in the eyes before uttering the only thing I could come up with.

"Bring it."

I had no intention to taunt them and make things worse, but hey I did eventually got the skill Bravado. Got to use it once in a while.


The kobold in front of me charged and I meet him with a sidestep and knee on his gut, grabbing his axe as he tipped over and in a single motion I decapitated him. While I didn't raised much my blunt weapon mastery, and I still think that axes counts as bladed weaponry, it was also a simple weapon to use and I had trained extensively in a couple of them in order to raise my mastery skills and martial arts skill since I just keep getting more and more of those weapon drops I never get to use.

The monster dissipated into black smoke leaving some kind of gem stone on the floor but I ignored it for now and dodged the second and third follow up attacks from the surrounding enemies. One of them managed to lightly clip me on the side, and much to my relief the wound had disappeared almost instantly meaning I still had Gamer's Body running. I kicked one of the other charging kobolds while slashing at another in the skull, splitting it's head open.

Ugh, this was easier when I could fly and spam mana arrows at them.

Entering the guard of one of the kobolds I disarmed him before slashing at his gut once and then swinging my weapon towards it's throat upwards. Two more kobolds came at the same time and I blocked the attacks before countering with my own. I might not be a master axeman, or even a master swordsman, but after fighting so long you do pick up some things on how to generally handle yourself in a fight.

When the latest kobold fell I could see even more of them charging me and I sighed in annoyance. Less about the enemies around me, and more about the showing I was giving. From going toe-to-toe with gods to struggling against a small horde of scrub tier monsters I had really fallen far. I was grateful that I was still alive, but if the price of using the Star of Creation was to go back to normal it was one more incentive to never use it if I can help it. I know I should be more surprised at my current poor showing, but somehow once more I wasn't exactly surprised by this turn of events.

I dodged a strike that came within millimeters of gouging out my eye from a spear form another kind of monster, probably a goblin by it's looks, and once more I sighed and got my head back in the game. Those monsters aren't going to kill themselves, after all.


As the last enemy fell I took the time to look at the loot they dropped, some kind of gem stone. Sadly I didn't had my skill observe so I couldn't really check what it was, but now that I had a bit of breathing room I could do a few things.

"Status", I muttered and my status window appeared, though it was different from what I was used to.

Name: Han Jee-han
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Class: The Gamer
Job: Adventurer
Title: none

Level: 1

Health: [GREEN]
Mana: [BLUE]

Power I 0
Endurance I 0
Agility I 0
Dexterity I 0
Magic I 0

V$: 0

I winced at being reminded at my age, even if I don't look like it. So what if I spent an inordinate amount of time on the time dilated dungeons? I did managed to figure out that youth extending spell anyway. Shacking my head I went back to more important things. My level went back to one and I was missing the 'stat' tags where my level up stat points were supposed to go, so I probably had to increase my abilities another way. I also had lost my intelligence and wisdom stats, being jammed together into the magic stat. Convenient, though I will certainly miss the enhanced intellect effect having both at high level gave me.

Good bye perfect recall and genius level tactical acumen, I will miss you both.

I had two 'speed' characteristics, one that probably governed my dodge value and another to govern my accuracy value. While I prefer the old stat sheet I can work with this.

"Inventory", I said, getting the normal panel and this time I felt incredibly annoyed, even if in hindsight I should have expected it. Everything was gone, and by everything I mean my crapload of shit I had accumulated and just put on my endless inventory for safe keeping. From magical items to normal items to completely useless items, everything was gone. My equipment screen also showed me only wearing my casual clothing that by now became a bunch of rags and the axe I stole from that kobold earlier. Well, soon my inventory will be full of those small gems I got, but even so losing everything had hurt. Some of those stuff were irreplaceable rare items, and some had sentimental value, and a good portion of them I had made myself.

Taking a deep breath to calm myself I start collecting the gems on the ground until everything was done.

"Skills", and this time I was greeted with my familiar panel, and with a quick thought I changed it form the basic grid to a list format for ease of use. I admit I'm a bit ashamed that it took several years for me to stumble into that mode, but it's not the time to dwell on that. The skill list was depressingly short, but it was more informative than my stats screen.

Gamer's Body
Gamer's Mind
Gaia's Magic

I instantly noted that those skills didn't had levels, even Gamer's Body and Mind had levels before, even if they came out maxed. Their descriptions haven't changed so I looked at the other skills.

Gaia's Magic
The ability to use magic as a native from the world of Gaia

Well, that was promising. Looks like even if I missed some my previous skills there's a chance I can regain them as they were, or close enough I suppose. It also implied somehow that using magic as a native of Gaia was actually a big deal, but without more information I wasn't quite sure on what to think about it right now. Hopefully when I find civilization I can set some thing straight.

Inventory filled and with weapon in hand, I set out to get out of this cave. Hopefully things will make more sense outside here.


I found a couple of stairs leading both up and down, and logic dictated I went up since I was underground. As I did so the number of monsters appearing went down a bit and I could more easily deal with them. I keep getting the gem stones of the enemies since they must be useful for something, until I reach the cave exit and I'm greeted with the sight of a city. I was already deep into the night and the street was mostly empty, save for a couple of people that were coming in.

A party of five, they all wore some of the worst kind of breastplate I ever saw before which offered little protection on the chest area while leaving the more vulnerable stomach area completely bare. It barely counted as steel hater top! They also had swords on their belts and were wearing a backpack, looking suspiciously like a group of adventurers. In fact they kind of reminded me of the character sprite for apprentice on the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Except the apprentice in that game at least was wearing actual breastplate.

"Uhm, excuse me?" I asked the group coming to the cave entrance, and they stopped once they saw my state. I wasn't looking good with several parts of my outfit torn and ragged, I looked more like a hobo than anything. "Can I ask a few questions? I'm a bit lost and I want to get some information."

The man on the left most side, short with a five o'clock beard, looked at me up and down before answering. "Heh, looks like you're a complete newbie. Did you even register at a guild before entering the dungeon?"

"Assume I know nothing", I told them and he barked a laugh at my expense.

"Heh, a real newbie. If you want some info go to Babel. They have night shifts just for this kind of emergency even if they don't encourage people adventuring at night since almost everything is closed at this hour."

"And where is Babel?" I asked, and got your standard 'are you stupid' look from him.

"It's the bloody tower that reaches the heavens you dolt. How did you miss it when you got to Orario?"

I looked around and sure enough there was a gigantic tower that reached the heavens. "Huh. How did I miss that?"

The man shook his head before continuing walking, followed by his companions. "Whatever newbie, just don't get yourself killed on the first floor with that thing on your hand." With those parting words and a last barking laugh they entered the dungeon.

Well, now I have something to work with at least. So long as I can get some sleep and food, anything's fine really."


Inside Babel I found a place that bought the gemstones, or magic stones as they were called, which gave me some currency and allowed me to eat and take a shower. I had to pay a premium for them though since I was outside the Guild standard hours, but fortunately they had a good enough service in case of emergencies like these, after all 'some adventurers prefer to hunt at night with the lesser competition' or so the saying went as a woman dressed like a waitress said.

Once more I had to pull the 'assume I know nothing', and I passed myself as a country pumpkin that got hilariously lost before entering the dungeon by mistake, after all I don't think they would simply buy my 'I woke up there after fighting a battle the save the world', not if the suspicions I had were bearing fruit.

"Thanks for having me in, miss Eina", I said to the elf in front of me, though she looked more like a half-elf since aside from the ears her face structure and body type leaned more towards a human one than the waif like an elf posses. "I appreciate it."

She just nodded with a stern expression on her face. "You should be ashamed of yourself for risking your life like that. Did you just randomly walk around the city before deciding to enter the dungeon? Didn't you ever heard of stories about Orario?"

I just shrugged, earning a glare from her. "I have a talent to have things escalate pretty quickly around me, much to my detriment. Fortunately I got experienced enough to survive my own stupidity", i said a bit in a self depreciating manner, hoping that admitting to my thoughtlessness would help curb some of her nerves, "but I think I hit my head or something, because my memories are all jumbled together into an indecipherable mess, so if you would be so kind to tell me everything I need in order to survive, I would appreciate it."

She frowned at my remark, "I think we can spare some spirit healing if you had a concussion this serious. If that were the case I advise you against going back to the dungeon", I could hear the 'ever' in that remark.

"I know my limits, and it isn't the first time I was beat silly until I couldn't distinguish up from down and left from blue."

"Don't you mean left from right?"

"I know what I said."

There was a small pause between us two before I continued. "Anyway about that information?"

"What do you actually know?"

"Hmm, I remember my name, the name of my hometown, the names and faces of my friends and how to fight." I said before remembering my cover story, "and wandering towards this town I guess, before going into the dungeon for a bit of exploration."

"Ha~~~~~", she sighed, "why I always have to deal with the troublesome cases?"

Once more I shrugged before starting to listen to her lecture, I knew it would be a long one but so long as I get some actual information out of it I'm fine with it. Afterwards I would rent a bed and get some well deserved shut eye. Damn, it's been ages since I'm going to sleep because I'm tired.


"... I'm sorry. After all you did, this is the best I can do for you." Said a sad feminine voice before I felt myself reply to her.

"It's fine. You already did a lot for me, after all I'm a Natural Ability User, right?"

I felt more than saw her smile. "Thank you for being understanding, but shouldn't you wake up now?"


You slept on a bed. Your Health, Mana and status effects where completely restored!

Well, at least there's still that. As I properly woke up I stretched my back before setting out for the day.

As Eina said before a proper adventurer is part of a Familia, formed after a god who descended from heaven created a guild of sorts and bestowed their blessings on mankind, the Falna, that allows them to fight against the monsters on the dungeon. The gist of it is that the dungeon is apparently infinite, or so large and so deep nobody ever saw the bottom yet in recorded history, and adventurers explore it for glory, fame and riches.

So standard adventurer fare.

The basic idea for today was to affiliate myself with a Familia so I can be officially inducted into the adventurer ranks since technically I'm just an unfortunately lucky 'kid' that got caught in the dungeon business by mistake. If I want to become an adventurer I need the patronage of a god or goddess in order to receive my Falna but I suspect, no I'm certain that I already have it. Now I could try my hand at being into a well established Familia to get some support for myself, but I didn't wanted people to ask questions when they inevitably found my Falna, whatever it looks like which I had to explain how I got it, which would probably lead to asking me what I was doing on the dungeon, which would lead to...

Damn, even with my wisdom reaching past one hundred I still had a lot of blindspots in my thinking. So much for supernaturally high common sense stat. Now that it had probably dropped back to normal human norm I would be back to my mostly reckless ways. Well, not like I ever stopped being reckless but if current me can call past me reckless that should tell you how reckless I was before.

The plan was to find a small Familia, preferably one that was just starting out and join it while it was on it's starting stage, and then I would join and probably rise in prominence on it, and slowly make a name for myself while I was on this world.

Yes, world. I knew that I was on another world, and the last words of that motherfucker came to mind. Somehow, perhaps it was gamer's mind, I was at peace with this, and decided to take the most of my situation. Besides I made a living in the Abyss, it won't be much different this way.

Now, if I could only find that Hestia Familia I heard about...


It didn't take long until I found the headquarters of the Hestia Familia. All I had to do was ask around for the goddess Hestia and people would point out to me to a certain direction in the city until I found a building that looked suspiciously like a catholic church in a state of disrepair. Reaching the door I knocked it three times loudly before waiting for a response.

I had to wait for a bit but I could hear footsteps from inside the building, until it finally opened.

"Excuse me, I would like to... huh?"

For a moment I was confused as there was nobody at the door before I looked down. I was greeted with a youthful girl that barely reached my chest if at that (though to be fair I got another growth spurt when I was eighteen and became a couple of centimeters taller to my already taller than average height). She had her long black hair tied in a twin tail with a pair of ribbons with a bell motif. She had round blue eyes a cute face and... well...

I called her a girl, but even with her height she's definitely a woman with those curves and that much chest area. I soon realized that I was staring and that was rude. "Sorry. I was looking for the goddess Hestia, I wish to join her Familia."

"You do?" She said with hope in her eyes before grabbing my hand and pulling me in, "come in, come in! Bell, there's someone else who wants to join my Familia!"

As the petite girl lead me inside I heard more footsteps coming in our direction, and a boy about a head taller than the small woman came to greet us. He had silver hair and red eyes, and it kind of reminded me of a rabbit to be honest. He looked friendly enough at least, and was wearing a set of casual clothes with a knife strapped on his back. "Is it true that you also want to join our Familia? There's only me here for the moment and it would be really nice to have someone else with us."

I nodded. "I have my own reasons to become an adventurer, mostly because that's what I did before coming here and my prospects at finding another job are pretty much nil, and to be honest I seek the excitement that this life bring". It was hard to admit that to Sun-Il, and he wanted to strangle me when I confessed to him, but honestly after so many time spent grinding, so many quests performed and so many denizens of the Abyss I had to deal with I simply wasn't cut out to live life normally anymore. You only had to look at Part Time Magician to see how a powerful Abyss denizen would have so much trouble fitting in on normal society.

"Isn't it wonderful Bell? You don't have to go down on the dungeon alone anymore!" Said the smaller woman to the boy and they both hugged each other. Ah, brotherly love, how nice to see it in action. "Are you just starting out yourself or are you an experienced warrior?"

"I'd like to think that I saw my fair amount of battles in my life", I replied to her and she nodded.

"I see, then I would welcome you to my Familia and gladly grant you my blessing."

I blinked at that for a moment. Did she just said what I think she said? "Are you telling me you're the goddess Hestia?"

"Of course", she said pompously before narrowing her eyes. "Is there a problem?"

I was expecting someone taller I wanted to say but decided to be diplomatic, "I never meet a goddess before", in this world at least, "I didn't knew what to expect."

Her eyes narrowed further into slits and puffed her cheeks. "You're lying. If you can't be honest with the future head of your Familia we will start on the wrong foot."

Lying? How did she caught that? With my Gamer's Mind active I can have the best possible poker face without having the actual 'deception' skill on hand, unless...

This time I narrowed my eyes to her. "I heard gods that descend from heaven have their powers sealed, but that doesn't mean they are entirely powerless, right? So it isn't so far off to know you have an ability, or at least a superlative skill in determining falsehoods, right?"

"That's not inaccurate", she admitted, "though we are barred from using our Arcanum, we still have abilities that reflect our purview as gods."

"I see, then let me try again", I said before cleaning my throat, "'I never meet a goddess in this world before'".

She blinked at me once, twice, before tilting her head. "I think there's a story somewhere there."

"And you'd be right. If you have the time I can tell you all of it later."

She slowly nodded. "You're still not being entirely honest", she lowly muttered with her eyes cast down. Oh well, if I got busted there's no need to hide it anyway.

"I thought you would be taller", I admitted, and she fell down on her knees, a look of despair on her face.

"Why people keep saying that. There's nothing wrong with my height. Beeeeeeell, I'm being picked on!"

The boy, Bell, quickly went to her side and started consoling her while patting her on the head and I found the sight... cute actually. Like an older brother consoling his little sister, though if she's the goddess then their circumstances should have been reversed but whatever. "Sorry if I was rude", I apologized to the duo, "but I really want to join your Familia. Is there something I need to sign or some token I'm awarded with to make it official?"

Hestia quickly recomposed herself, before standing up. "No, all you need to do is to take my blessing and swear fealty to me. Now, please pull out your shirt so I can engrave the Falna on your back."

I nodded, before pulling it out and turning, before hearing a gasp from the goddess.

"You already have a Falna? But you said it's the first time you meet a god. Then how?"

"This is the least I can do for all the services you rendered to me. While I can't help you directly anymore, go knowing you have earned my blessing twice over."

"Thank you... Gaia."

I blinked at the strange memory, before turning around with my suspicions confirmed. "I think I know what's going on, and it relates somewhat to my story if you want to hear."

They both nodded and I motioned them to make themselves comfortable, it was going to be a long story.


At the end of my tale they both had their eyes bulged in surprise. I can't blame them to be honest, though it was a bit surprising for both of them to act like they believed my story without problems. Hestia I could understand considering her lie detection skills, but Bell appeared to be a mundane boy so he's probably a bit too trusting. Something that could be dangerous in his line of work.

"You, you fought to save the whole world", said Bell in awe while looking at you, his eyes sparking. "That's incredible Jee-han Hyung!"

So I finally got called that, eh? Guess I got some respect after all this time. Still for him to call me 'hyung' meant that we were speaking korean right now, or some kind of magic was in place that allowed me to understand and be understood by them or something. My money is on the second one to be honest. "It was a group effort to be honest, and the motherfucker still had the gall to technically survive my final trump card, at least long enough to give me a final fuck you out of spite. At least I'm still alive and he isn't."

"Still that doesn't explain why you have a god blessing already." Wondered Hestia as she took another peak to my back. "If you came to another world, how that's possible?"

Instantly I assumed what I dubbed 'lecture pose number seven'. Man, my tutoring skill sure got a lot of use those past few years. "As I said before Gaia empowered certain individuals with a certain ability, and we called them Natural Ability Users. Those had powers similar to those blessed by gods in this world, except with more variance in effects and power. As Gaia was the Planet Will instead of being a mere goddess her power was unimaginable, and if she somehow knew in advance about the world I would fall in, it shouldn't be too strange that she could bless me in the same way as the gods of this world. Technically speaking, that would make me the sole member of the Gaia Familia, even if the head is currently AWOL."

"Hah..." sighed Hestia, "I wish I could have initiated another adventurer myself, but I will take what I can get. Do you want to know of your status Jee-han?"

Hmm, it's not like I can't see it whenever I want, but it would be interesting to see the process which they do it here. "Sure, why not?"

"Then sit down and turn around please."

I complied and she quickly set out to work. I saw from the edges of my vision a faint blue light before Hestia gasped. "Already three skills..." she softly said and not too long later it ended, with her giving me a piece of paper for me. Looking it over aside from a couple of numbers I couldn't understand a single thing it was written there, so magical translation was the reason I could understand anything. There was a couple of changes from my latest view on the sheet, but nothing too drastic. The only thing of note was the section that was blank. I handled the piece of paper back to Hestia before turning around.

"What does 'Gamer's Body', 'Gamer's Mind' and 'Gaia's Magic' mean", asked Bell as he took a peek to my character sheet.

Time for lecture pose number three. "They were both skills I had back in my homeworld. Gamer's Body allows me to live my life as a video game, twisting myself and the world around me to emulate electronic games, like games of adventure or shooting to RPGs. It's end result is very similar to getting a Falna since most people, even those with power, didn't had such convenient representation of their abilities, though I'm not entirely sure the full extents of this skill in this world."

"What's electronic?" Whispered Bell to Hestia.

"What's a video? And what ar-pee-gee means?" She replied with her own whispered question.

I decided to ignore that for now, plenty of time to tell them stuff later. "Gamer's Mind is a skill that emulates the detachment a 'player' have when playing a game, since while a 'character' can show strong emotions, be surprised and perform irrational behavior by being victims of powers or the plot, a player simply controls the character and isn't affected by those effects, and can even take their time to choose the most optimal option when prompted, simulating a character quick thinking and planning skills. As for Gaia's Magic it's a new skill I never had before, but I believe it will allow me to use magic in a way closer to that of my homeworld than what you use here, though I'm unfamiliar with the specifics."

"Hmm", pondered Hestia as she looked at my character sheet. "It's unfortunate that you are only level one and with such low levels in your stats, but certainly with your experience you can bridge that gap."

I just shrugged, "they were at zero when I woke up on the dungeon yesterday, though I was hoping they would increase more after going climbing up the four levels of the dungeon."

Both Bell and Hestia blinked at the same time. "Four levels?"

I nodded, "had to kill a couple of monsters in the process. Got a bit of money out of it, but not much since it was late at night when I arrived and they charge some money to exchange on their off hours."

"Where's your armor, where's your weapon?" Hestia asked, surprise evident in her voice as if what I did was rather extraordinary.

Frankly I'm not sure why she's so surprised. I did say I was an experienced fighter and she can confirm I'm not lying, after all. Still I took the small hand axed I had grabbed from one of the kobolds. "Here. I had to steal this from one of the kobold like creatures in the dungeon and used it to kill my way through the dungeon."

She stared at my broken, cracked weapon but before she could say anything Bell started, realizing something. "Wait, you said the kobolds were using weapons? But they only use their claws and teeth while fighting!"

I simply shrugged, "special enemies? About half of the enemies I killed held weapons, so I didn't think much of it at the time."

Both Bell and Hestia looked at each other for a moment before looking back to me. Hestia sighed before looking back up with a small smile. "At least things will be interesting from now on, and Bell won't be alone on the dungeons anymore."

"Please take good care of me Jee-han Hyung!" Said the boy in an earnest manner and I nodded. He seemed like a good kid, it would be a waste if he got seriously hurt while hunting alone.

All in all, things seen to be progressing rather good. Perhaps I will take it easy for a couple of days, get myself settled before going back to the daily grinding. I was kind of missing it after reaching the level I had, since even killing thousands of high level monsters gave me a pittance of experience. The thrill of combat, earning xp and raising your stats is one of the best feelings I ever had, and it will be good to be back at it.

It felt so good that I thought nothing could go wrong.