Spiderman swung through the streets of New York quietly; he was carrying an assortment of bags and belongings on his person filled with everything he owned.

His beloved Aunt may had finally passed on due to old age; he had said his farewells and shown her how much he loved her. Sadly he wasn't able to tell her about his superhero life as she was already gone by then.

He would miss her dearly; her wisdom, her kindness, her gentle nature, her cooking and her warmth. She had raised him since he was a child after the death of his parents; and both herself and Ben had done a great job.

Mary Jane had become distant lately due to her studies and choosing and university to attend. He got the odd text or call from her but nothing serious anymore; it seemed like they were drifting apart.

He missed her smile, her playfulness and her genuine empathy. Her cheeky wink; her humour and her company. She was a real catch and someone she couldn't live without; he often thanked his luck for meeting her.

Eventually he landed on a rooftop over the city; he had a great view from up here and he could see the sunset better. He needed time to think of what he would do next after all that had happened.

He had already inherited everything his aunt and uncle left him and packed away all the treasured items he could find. The old house had been sold and put on the market for new money; he had no need to stay there anymore and had fulfilled his purposes there.

Harry Osborne was no longer speaking to him after all these years; there was no bitterness but they just had no business with each other anymore. Last he had heard he was engaged to a cute blonde and they were to be married.

But his life seemed to be taking a dip downwards at the minute; his love life was bad, his only family member had just died and he had nowhere to go. Apartment prices were a rip off currently and there was no way he could afford one.

Suddenly an idea struck him; a crazy idea that was a one off but still an idea. Usually he never would have considered this and kicked himself mentally for suggesting such a thing. He was taking a risk and getting into trouble but hell he had no other choice. He took out his mobile phone and looked up a number; one he only used during emergencies or back-up. He rang the number quickly so he couldn't back out before reconsidering his options.

Half an hour later

"HEEEY SPIDEY!" Deadpool cried happily rushing up to his beloved counterpart comrade. It had been so long since his boy toy had shown his face and he was so happy to see him.

Peter said nothing just allowing Deadpool to hug him in order to get his excitement out; he wouldn't stop pestering him until he was shown some attention so he let him have it.

"Look; I'm only staying here because you owe me one; that and apartments are too expensive at the minute. So don't get any funny ideas OK!" Peter explained firmly.

Deadpool had been useful to him on a number of occasions with troublesome enemies; He had saved his ass surprisingly a few times too. So instead of bothering with the annoyance of dealing with the government he got himself a roommate for free.

Deadpool pouted sadly "Aww and here I thought you called me because you wanted a booty call" he whined gloomily.

Peter just about collapsed when he heard that; he knew Wade was a pansexual so he wasn't limited in sexual interests. But he himself was straight and only had an interest in women so this would be awkward but he would cope (somehow).

"Oopsy daisy Spidey" Deadpool cooed playfully helping the young hero to his feet. He was so easy to mess with it was both hilarious and adorable.

Peter muttered quietly in a grateful tone but balanced himself with his heavy items. He looked around the apartment quietly. It was rather messy and scruffy but cosy and decent; strange considering Deadpool was not exactly poor.

Deadpool scooted him forward quickly and then locked the door; A because he didn't want his new roommate to escape and B because he had a lot of heat on his ass and didn't want any enemies getting in.

"Welcome to my crib; there's beer in the fridge, you're in the living room, my room is over round the back to the left. Kitchen is the same way but to the right; as for the bathroom its down the hall" Deadpool explained quickly without pausing. He wasn't in the mood for giving a tour so Spidey would have to memorize it.

"Thanks..." Peter said quietly feeling grateful for the info but too tired to care right now. All he wanted was to unwind and get some rest. He was mentally exhausted after what had happened this week.

He made his way out of the living room towards the direction of Deadpool's room; if Wade tried anything he would kick his ass. For now all he had in mind was rest and unwinding himself a little.

Deadpool blinked curiously and watched him walk out; he did glimpse briefly at his new roomies toned ass but said nothing. For the time being he was more curious of where spidey was wandering off to.

He quietly followed him in the same direction saying nothing; I mean Spidey couldn't argue it was his apartment after all. So he could do whatever the hell he wanted to; even if Spidey disapproved.

Peter sighed heavily and stopped moving; why was Wade always such a pain in the ass. I mean he knew his sexual appetite was unending but this was just ridiculous. "How long are you gonna keep following me Wade?" he asked crossly.

"Until I'm satisfied" Deadpool teased flirtatiously. He could look at Spidey's well toned ass all day and night; man he wanted to squeeze it so bad.

Peter frowned at him disapprovingly; considering this guy was 35 he acted very much like a child. But then again with his back-story who wouldn't go ape shit inside after that; at least he was able to show emotions somehow.

"Do what you want" Peter huffed frustration hinted in his tone. He wished the damn merc would sit on his sofa and drink beer; anything that didn't include following him like a dog.

Deadpool internally squealed like a girl; god damn was Spidey hot when he was mad. His temper made him even cuter than he was in general. It made him wanna tear off that mask and kiss him.

Eventually they reached the bedroom to which Peter dropped his load onto the floor gently. A heavy sigh of relief escaped his lips after the weight was relieved from his body; he would hurt for a while though.

Deadpool raised an eyebrow "Never knew you had such a sexy voice Spidey" he teased mischievously. What other secrets would he learn about the mysterious web slinger?

Peter blushed wildly under his mask; he hadn't meant to make such a sound but it had somehow slipped out. And worst of all he had done it in front of the horn-dog he was staying with.

Deadpool chuckled "Don't be embarrassed I like your voice; I just hope I get to hear it more often" he cooed winking at him before leaving.

Peter stood there quietly internally hitting himself after what had happened. He didn't know exactly what to expect but he would have to stay on his toes. "Oh brother" he groaned crossly.