MJ breaks up with Peter due to inferiority complex and wanting more; feeling depressed he tries to drink away his problems

But Deadpool won't let him suffer alone

Peter sat quietly on a bench his shoulders hunched over and his body limp. The will to eat, move, sleep, and eat or any act was dead to him. Every emotion other than negative was alien to him right now.

His heart felt like it was aching and his body was in shock. Tears wanted to fall but they could not; he was a whirlpool of various emotions right now and he hated it. Why was it no matter how hard he tried every woman left his side in some form?

A relationship he had been trying to keep working for the last 5 years since his high school years was now dead. It was over and he felt like he was dying inside from the loss of the woman he had once loved.

He still couldn't believe this was happening. It felt like a dream only it was real; a fucking nightmare he would never wake up from. The woman he had loved and protected from his enemies no longer loved him back.


"Hey Peter" MJ's gentle voice responded down the phone awkwardly. God she knew this would hurt him; but it was for the best. They just weren't of one being anymore; they were now separate and moving further apart.

"Hey MJ; how's the studying in University going?" he asked curiously. He was hoping to hear all about it. He bet she had made all sorts of new friends and was really enjoying herself.

MJ laughed nervously "Thankfully I passed. God I was so nervous I thought I was gonna fail for sure" she revealed with relief. Yes even someone with her brain had doubts and worries.

Peter hummed fondly; she really put herself down way too much. Mary Jane was one of the smartest women he knew; of course she would do well. There was nothing she couldn't do if she put her mind to it.

"Anyway Tiger; I've been meaning to talk to you about something. I've been putting it off for a while because….well I didn't know how to say it" she explained sadly. She knew this would make her look like the worst person in the world; already making her redhead status of being evil more believable.

She had loved peter so much when they first started out; him being the single most important person in the world to her. But now they had drifted apart and the love she felt for him was no longer there.

Peter stiffened; was she pregnant? Was she sick? Had she found another boyfriend? Had she cheated? God he felt sick. What was it she wanted to say that made her sound so...uncertain?

MJ hesitated then sighed heavily. She couldn't drag this on any more; the longer she left it the worse it would be. It needed to be over and done with now like a band aid. That way they would have no more problems and they could move on with their lives.

"I…I'm breaking up with you" MJ revealed sadly her tone filled with sadness. It was not his fault by any means and the last thing she wanted was for him to blame himself.

Peter was an amazing guy; he worked hard, he protected people as Spiderman, saved lives and was a damn near amazing photographer with a brain of a scientist. But she wanted to live her own life now.

She had dreams and aspirations she wanted to live out for herself. She couldn't wait forever to see Peter or keep pretending that she wasn't lonely.She would never tell anyone of his identity as a hero; she would take it to her grave. But she couldn't wait for a boyfriend any more who was never around or too busy for her.

Peter froze and his body went into shut down mode. This wasn't real right? She was joking right? She wasn't…she wasn't really breaking up with him was she? How long had she felt this way?!

"M…MJ…" he stammered quietly his voice breaking. What had he done? Where had he gone wrong that she didn't want to be with him anymore? How had he become such a bad lover?

MJ sighed heavily; she was going to block his number and that was it. She couldn't hang onto the past anymore; no matter how much it hurt. He would meet someone new; they both would. Someone who was a convenience to their lifestyles and gave them what they wanted in a lover.

"Goodbye Peter; I'm sorry" MJ responded ashamed and then hung up. It was over; they could both move on and meet new people. Given his boyish charm he would find someone in no time.

Peter stood there in the street quietly; his body stiff and slowly growing limp. He gripped the phone tightly in his hand while tears spiked his eyes.

The woman he had spent the last 5 years of his life loving and protecting had dumped him. The love of his life had just told him she wanted to break up with him; how the hell was he supposed to feel?


Tears spiked his eyes and eventually his brown eyes welled over and pools of tears spilled over. He hunched over and covered his face with his hands sobbing heavily his shoulders arching.

How had things gone so bad so quickly? Sure they had had difficulty seeing each other but he always called her and sent her gifts to let her know she was on his mind. He always made sure to let her know just how special she was to him as a person.

He had visited when he could to check up on her but had to leave the day after because crime never slept. There was always some form of crime going on that needed his attention.

"Fuck….fuck everything….just….FUCK!" Peter sobbed quietly his body arching as tears erupted like a waterfall and he bit his lips stifling sounds. Why did the price of being a hero have to be that he could never keep anyone by his side?

He knew if anyone saw him like this they would bother him. He just wanted to be left alone right now. What was worse the one person who could soothe him had died only a couple of days ago.

Aunt may would always know what to say and how to make it better. She gave amazing advice and always seemed have an answer to any problem. Only she wasn't here anymore to help him.

He was alone and hurting with nobody to help make it better or ease his pain. Nobody who understood why his heart was broken or what words to say to ease the sadness he felt.

Why was this happening to him? Was this karma's way of laughing at him? Showing him that he would never be able to find a girl to love him?! He could never live a normal life on the side from crime fighting?!


Peter stumbled through the front door his shoulders hunched and barely walking. He was stumbling and somewhat intoxicated. Along the way home he had bought some beer and drank it while making his way back. It made the pain go away and replaced it temporarily with numbness.

But he liked feeling like this; he couldn't feel anything. He felt calm and relaxed; at one with himself and nothing was able to hurt him. He didn't even care about what happened earlier; he no longer felt anything.

But he knew by morning he would be back to feeling miserable and being newly dumped. On top of that he would have a hangover and all his sadness and depression would come back reminding him of what he had lost.

Suddenly he heard footsteps coming and was met by Wade "Hey Spidey; where you been baby boy I missed you" he cooed playfully. At last his beloved web-slinger was home.

He had gone out earlier to work but finished early in the afternoon as it was a half day. He was hoping when he came back they could hang out and have some fun. However he was met by a different kind of surprise.

When he saw Peter's state he stopped; was he? "Spidey are you drunk?" he asked cautiously.

Peter stumbled forward to which wade grabbed him so he wouldn't fall. He smelt like beer which further proved his point. His eyes were red and puffy meaning he had been crying. What had upset him so much that he felt the need to drink away his troubles?

"Spidey… Peter what happened?" Deadpool asked cautiously. If he wasn't ready to talk now that was fine; but he was not gonna leave him alone in this state. He looked like shit; emotionally and physically.

Peter laughed pathetically choking back the urge to cry again. He was hurting so much but there was nothing he could do about it. "MJ….She….she broke up with me. She said I put work over her too much; that we had grown apart. She dumped me because she felt she was too good for me!" he snapped angrily.

MJ had always been smart as had he; but she was more confident about her intelligence. For years she had tried to boost his confidence to no avail. God knows she had loved him but the long distance and his constant superhero activities had put a strain on their relationship.

Deadpool stiffened; he knew how shitty it felt to break up with someone. He hadn't seen death for some time now; after becoming immortal their relationship had gone down the drain.

He could no longer see her nor could he die. He longed to be with her yet they would forever be apart; but they did see each other for brief periods of time. However their love for each other could never be.

He wrapped his arms tighter around the younger male; he knew exactly how shitty he was feeling and knew how much it sucked. But maybe it was time for Peter to have a fresh start; meet someone new and try new things. There was nothing to hold him back anymore right?

"Spidey…" he muttered quietly beckoning the younger male to look up at him. Yes he knew he was being a jerk slightly; but he needed to let him know he meant what he said.

He pulled up his mask to reveal his lips; they would be a little weird in texture due to his appearance but they were soft as he took care of his skin. He may have been a walking tumor; but that was no excuse to ignore his skin care.

Peter looked up cautiously his eyes watering all over again; just talking about the breakup made the hurt come back. His eyes widened as he was met with the rough lips of the merc. Surprisingly his breath was not foul but he did taste like beer; I guess they had that in common.

Deadpool gripped his shirt and body tightly pressing against the smaller man. He was somewhat skinnier in muscle tone and shorter; but he was well toned and had a good proportioned body.

His hair was soft and smooth; he obviously took good pride in himself. His skin was smooth like a baby and he was oh so warm to touch. Peter struggled against him a little due to surprise but allowed the kiss. It felt strangely nice after having such a painful breakup.

The pair stood locking lips for a good few minutes before Deadpool pulled away. Again he was only giving peter a taste of what was to come. He would let Peter come to him not force himself on him. He wanted him to understand what he could make him feel and how he could please him.

Slowly he pulled away leaving Peter gasping for air. He hadn't been kissed like that in months; he felt wanted, loved even. Hell even his kisses with Black cat hadn't been that hot.

"Forget about her Petey; she aint worth your tears" Deadpool said softly stroking his cheek; that woman obviously didn't know how to appreciate a good man. Slowly he walked away and headed into the kitchen to sort out food.

Right now on an empty stomach Peter needed food to soak up the booze. While being drunk was fun; it would only make him feel shit in the morning. Any normal person could tell you hangovers sucked ass.

Yes he wasn't exactly the health expert; but he could look after himself. And he was going to look after Spidey whether he liked it or not. But he had a feeling Spidey would regret it come the morning.