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As Hermione sat with her one and a half month old son in the ballroom of Nott Manor, she looked around her. They chose Theo's home instead of the Parkinson's because it was bigger. It was blatantly the right choice. Pansy and her mother had truly done a lovely job of transforming the ordinary ballroom into a winter wonderland wedding. When they entered they were greeted by the grand staircase decorated with fake snow up the sides and a silver arch with white silk draping it, flanked by Christmas trees with more fake snow.

On every available surface were those muggle fish bowls with water and holly leaves and berries inside with a tea light floating on top. The aisle was stunning. A white runner with cushioned white wood chairs on either side. Down along the runner were hurricanes of every shape and size with lit candles inside and fake white tree branches sat on pedestals with more fake snow, interspersed among the candles. White floor lamps were placed every other pedestal as well.

The aisle ended in front of a large window. There was an arch of white flowers in front of it and she could see the snow falling softly outside. The ceiling had been charmed much like the one at Hogwarts, so it seemed as if the guests were sitting among that softly falling snow. They'd done a great deal to make the wedding fantastic, but still maintain an elegance that bespoke of Pansy's style.

As Hermione watched the other guests begin to arrive, Scorpius began to fuss and Hermione looked to her husband sitting beside her. "He's hungry, I'll just nip to one of the bedrooms and feed him. I'll be right back."

"I'll come with you."

"No darling, you stay here. The ceremony will be beginning soon and at least one of us has to be present. They are two of your oldest friends after all."

But he insisted. "No. I'm coming with you."

So together, after helping her gain her feet, they made their way to one of the bedrooms Theo's mum pointed them to on the second floor. After she gazed longingly at Scorp for a minute. Hermione didn't doubt for a second that Mrs. Nott would absolutely expect a grandchild within the next year. As Draco followed her into the room, she made her way to a chair by the window, took a seat and pulled the aside the bust of hers impel blue wrap dress and unhooked the front of the pink polka dot nursing bra she had bought five of. They were highly convenient after all and also cute.

As Scorp latched onto her breast, Draco came and squatted beside them. Rubbing a hand over their sons blond fuzz he smiled. "This never gets old you know? Watching you care for him like this. I have to tell you, love. It's got to be one of the sexiest things in the world to me, you nourishing our son."

She looked at him and giggled. The sap had a habit of making sure he was with her as often as he could be between work and Quidditch practice just so he could ensure he was around when she breastfed. She didn't know why he found it so sexy. It really shouldn't be since it was quite a natural thing for a mother to do, but she wasn't about to tell him to bugger off. She liked the way his attention made her feel. Like she was cherished.

Which she she was. He did little things for her everyday to show how much he appreciated her giving him his heir, though he constantly made sure she knew he'd have been happy with another daughter. Speaking of which.

"Alrakis will be ok with your dad right? I don't know what he wanted to show the tots, but he seemed so animated about it, it was odd if I'm honest."

"Yes she'll be fine. The Notts have a fountain that had four tiers and they never turn it off, so more than likely thanks to that ice storm we had yesterday the water has turned into these cascades of icicles down the sides. It'll probably be quite stunning."

"Oh! That does sound lovely! Perhaps you can show me later," she asked as she switched breasts.

Draco hadnt answered her by the time Scorp was done. She covered herself back up and burped him. Draco moved and took him from her then so she could get up and they could head back to the ballroom, but instead of moving to the door like she thought he might, he transfigured one of the dressers in the room into a makeshift crib and then locked the door.


When he turned to face her she gasped and heat immediately pooled in her belly. The desire she saw in his eyes was enough to set her aflame and before she knew it he had stalked toward her, grabbed her up and moved toward the bed- kissing her as he went. She was panting by the time he laid her on it. The dazed and lust filled side of her wanted nothing more than for him to shag her senseless right there and then, but the more logical side won and she tried to push him off.

"Draco, we can't. Not here, not now. We'll be late getting back to the ballroom and everyone will stare."

"I don't rightly care about that, love. I need my luscious wife. Do you know how hard I am right now? Watching you feed our son and looking at these nice full tits of yours as you put them away? I'm randy as hell." He squeezed aforementioned breasts and she arched into him. Merlin it felt good! "I promise I'll be quick, love. We won't be late and even if we are, they'll think we were merely taking care of Scorpius."

She made to protest again, but the fingers dancing up her thigh and dipping into her knickers made it lodge in her throat and she could only moan as he deftly rubbed her clit. Before she knew it he had the skirt of her dress up to her belly, her knickers down her legs, his trousers undone and his cock out. She stared at the hardened velvet of his shaft and licked her lips. What was a few more minutes.

He came down on top of her then, kissing her gently as the tip probed her opening. Then he was pushing inside and the full feeling as he pushed all the way to the hilt made her moan again and clutch at his forearms. He set up a rhythm. Not too fast, not too slow and she lifted her hips with each thrust. It didn't take either of them long to get close to their climax and his thrusting became more erratic as he picked up the pace and raced toward their finish.

They cried out each others' name as they came, both panting, hearts racing and silly smiles on their faces. He rolled off of her onto the bed and they lay there a moment before he finally got up, pulled out his wand, cleaned them up and stuffed himself back in his underwear and zipped up his trousers. He helped her up and to right herself, moved to the crib and picked up their son and together they walked back to the ballroom. They made it just in time to beat the wedding party down the aisle.

When they took a seat, Theo and Blaise- who was standing up with Theo as his best man- smirked knowingly at them and she felt a blush stain her cheeks. So much for being able to pass it off as just taking care of Scorpius. Ignoring the looks coming down the row from Astoria and Ginny, she watched as Pansy came down the aisle carrying a bouquet of white and silver and wearing a white chiffon and satin gown with intricate beading on the v-neck pleated bodice. There was also beading at her left hip that the pleats from the skirt and bodice met at.

As she passed Hermione and took her place beside Theo, Hermione could see the back was open and Pansy's hair was up in a low bun with braids on one side and a diamond and feathered hair comb in the bun. She wore no veil. She was stunning and Hermione had a momentary feeling of sadness. They were all growing up. Pretty soon they'd all be moving on with their lives and it would probably be rare if they ever got together anymore.

But then she looked to the man beside her who was lovingly holding their sleeping son, with their daughter sat to his left where she held onto his arm and leaned into him, and Hermione knew all would be ok. She had all she needed seated beside her.

Christmas 2002


Draco couldn't help but wonder where the time had gone. Three winters had passed since that November he'd finally stopped being a bloody coward and asked the love of his life on a date. Now here he sat, surrounded by the ones they loved as Christmas morning commenced. He couldn't help but think back on the last two years. After Scorp's birth, things had gone smashingly.

Poppy and Evelyn had been adopted. Kian, Conner, Mallory and the three brothers: Clarke, Hunter and Bailey were still with them. There hadn't been any new additions yet. Scorpius had grown into a blond haired, gray eyed replica of himself- much to his wife's disappointment. She had hoped to have at least some physical influence on the boy, but Draco was secretly glad. He felt he'd much prefer a little girl with her rich brown curls and either his gray eyes or her honey brown ones.

George and Angelina were still going strong and he anticipated a proposal soon. Finley and Freya loved her and together the two had taught the twins so much. From how to run the shop to how to fly on brooms. They were in their second year of Hogwarts and both had made the Gryffindor Quidditch team, as a Keeper- Finley- and a Chaser- Freya- much to George's disgust. He was so hoping at least one would be a Beater.

As he got older, Daniel's magic continued to grow and he still showed signs of being rather powerful. His magic still came out mostly in outbursts at the moment of course, but Draco couldn't wait to see what would happen once the boy had a wand. Mallory started Hogwarts next year and the girl couldn't wait. She was constantly asking questions and everytime they went to Diagon Alley she would ask to go to Magical Menagerie and Eyelops so she could make up her mind about whether she wished an owl or something else as her familiar.

Millie and Seamus were finally going to tie the knot, next fall. Hermione had hired a young man, Nael Dubois, straight out of Beauxbatons, and the couple moved into a house in the village a couple miles from the estate. Blaise and Astoria where now happily married and expecting their first next summer. Ginny and Harry were expecting their second, another son they were to name Albus Rubeus, come next spring.

Reuben finally moved out last summer and Seb had the barn all to himself now. Draco still figured he'd stay there forever. They were his family now, even if they didn't share the same blood or last name.

His uncle and Ryley were doing just grand. Ryley started school and they would be going on a tour of Europe that summer. He almost couldn't believe it when Severus had announced it. Severus Snape leaving England? Who would have thought it possible? Draco chuckled at that thought. "What's so funny darling?"

He smiled as his lovely wife took a seat in his lap and watched their children happily tear into their gifts. They had to go up to the main house later in the afternoon for the whole group gift exchange and dinner, but right now they were in their own private little world in the Mill House. She had a package in her hands, wrapped prettily in silver and green wrapping with a red and gold bow on top. Their house colors. Clever witch.

"Just thinking about when Uncle told us about his plans this summer. What's that you have there, love?"

She giggled. "I remember that. The look of shock on Harry and Lucius's faces was hysterical. This is for you my love. Happy Christmas."

She handed him the package and he grinned at her as he carefully unwrapped it. When he looked on the item inside it took him a minute to realize what it meant, but when he did he gasped. His eyes flew to hers and he gazed into their depths for the truth. The happiness there told him all he needed. "You mean it! Really! You're pregnant?!"

"I truly mean it."

He tossed the positive pregnancy test and box aside and hugged her tightly to him. "This is the best Christmas ever! Thank you, Hermione!" He grabbed her face and kissed her over and over again as he showed her how happy he was. Surely no Christmas could ever compare to this one. Though it was hard to beat out the others: their first as a couple, first married and as a family, and he was sure there would be many more happy Christmases to come.

October 2004


As Hermione set up the decorations to celebrate Scorpius's fourth birthday, she heard a tapping on the window of the formal dining room in the manor house. Moving to it she noticed a tawny owl. Opening the window the bird hopped across the sill and held out its leg for her to take the rolled parchment there. She pulled an owl treat from the bag she had hung at nearly every window, and once he had it he took back off and she closed the window and looked at the letter in her hand curiously.

Who could it be from? Only one way to find out. She unrolled it and read its contents and became even more confused. Headmistress McGonagall was writing to inform her of the strange friendship between Mallory and Filch? How on earth had that even happened? Who could ever like that crusty old man? He was rude to students, clearly resented them for his lack of magic and it worried her.

She ribbed her bottom lip with her teeth and went off to find her husband. Maybe he could make sense of this. According to the letter Mallory and Filch often had tea together in his quarters. She also often helped him in his duties. He let her get away with a lot of things that he wouldn't most students as well, not anything that was actually against the rules really- just allowing her to stay in the library later than usual, not getting on her case if that meant she would be in the corridors after curfew. Things like that. It was most curious.

She found Draco in the playroom surrounded by those who weren't in school yet. That would be Alrakis, Scorpius, Hunter and Bailey. He was helping them make up the balloons. They were laughing at Midnight, never far from Scorp, and Patches as they chased around the ballon strings as the balloons hung from the ceiling. They were of course too high for the cats to even think of grabbing, which is what made it so funny.

She had to pause and watch them. It was a wonderful sight. Their fifteen month old daughter, Acacia Rose, was perched in her father's lap, flinging about the balloon that she had nearly wacking Draco in the face with it. She was too little to really help blow them up of course. Hermione was happy when she'd come into the world June fourteenth on their third wedding anniversary.

She had brown curls, just as bushy as Hermione's, and Draco's pretty gray eyes. She was the light of her father's life, though he loved all his children equally. She was never far from him unless he was at Borgin and Burkes or Quidditch practice. They'd won the championship every year since Draco became Seeker. Wood was hopeful for a repeat this season as well, though he never slacked in their training and had had them on the pitch every Friday since the beginning of August. He'd probably never change.

After taking a few more minutes to watch the man she loved, she stepped into the room and made her way to him. He turned around and her breath caught. His smile never failed to do that. Then he noticed the letter in her hand and frowned, unsure as to what it was and fearful it was something serious- though Hermione felt the contents were serious enough.

She held it forward and he took it. "This came from McGonagall. I don't know what to make of it, but the strangeness of the contents has me a little concerned. Do you think we should be?"

He read the words and she became even more confused as he began to smile again. When he was done he set the paper on the floor and looked at her. "I don't think there's anything to worry over, love. It's just a little girl giving the man some kindness. No one had ever done so after all and our Mallory has a huge heart like you do. She probably saw how lonely he was and decided to befriend him."

She thought about that for a moment. It did sort of make sense. But she couldn't help feeling there was more to it. "I don't know Draco, I just don't feel like that's the reason at all. Perhaps I should owl her and ask."

"Love, I'm going to say this only once. Let it go. I promise, there's nothing to worry about."

She threw her hands into the air. "How can you say that Draco? An old man befriending a little girl like that? It's creepy is what it is! No. It needs to stop. I won't have it!"

He moved Acacia from his lap and set her among the others and then stood, grabbed Hermione's hand and pulled her from the room. When he got to the boys' bedroom across the hall he shut the door, silenced the room with a flick of his wand, and then rounded on her. "When have I ever led you astray? If I say let it go then there's a good reason, but no. You're Hermione bloody Granger, now Malfoy. You have to be right all the time. So fine. I'll tell you exactly why you shouldn't be concerned with this. I didn't want to say it in front of the children because we don't need them repeating it.

"Think about how Mallory came to us. And remember I told you to leave it be? There was a reason. I never told you because frankly I didn't feel it was important, because his actions got her out of a bad situation. Potter and I agreed it wasn't worth outing him and possibly getting him arrested, since he did actually kidnap a Muggleborn child from her parents. Filch is the one who brought her here Hermione. He took a rare vacation that summer and just happened to hear rumors about her and decided to do something.

"We'll probably never know his motives, but I don't care to. He saved that girl, Hermione. Now she's recognized him for that and has probably decided to be his friend in her gratefulness for his help in removing her from that situation, so again. Let. It. Go!"

To say she was stunned would be an understatement. Argus Filch was the one who brought them Mallory, and Harry and Draco knew but didn't tell her? "Why didn't you tell me! Oh, I know what you said," she declared as he opened his mouth to remind her. "I don't care about your crappy excuse. You should have told me Draco Malfoy! I had a right to know!" She stomped her foot and felt like hexing him when he smirked at her.

"Well now you do, love. So just let it be. I can't change the past and tell you sooner. Potter and I agreed to keep it between us, feeling the less people who knew the less likely it was to slip. I know you Hermione, you'd have wanted to either confront him to personally thank him or send him something in thanks and he wanted to be anonymous for a reason, so just get that idea out of your head right now! You are not acknowledging that you know at all! Do you hear me?"

Oh how she hated being dictated to! But he wasn't wrong and she hated that too. "Fine!" She removed the charm on the room and huffed her way downstairs to take her frustration out on the bread dough for the scones she planned to make for the party, but she didn't make it past him. His arm struck out and he grabbed her around the wrist and hauled her to him.

"Don't be mad, love. I would have told you, but I promised Potter. I'm sorry. I love you."

She wanted to remain mad, but she couldn't. "I love you too." He leaned down and kissed her and she happily returned it. Things might have led elsewhere had it not been for the loudly cleared throat behind them and the sarcastic drawl of her father in law.

"I see why nothing is done. If you two could kindly stop snogging and get this party set up for my grandson that would be great." With that he turned on his heel and they heard the tap of his cane as he made his way back down the hall and down the stairs.

"He's right," she sighed, but Draco wouldn't let her go without one more kiss. As she made her way to the door she felt a sharp slap on her bum and looked over her shoulder at him.

With a cheeky smile and a whispered promise to finish what they started, she went downstairs while he went back to the playroom. Scorpius's fourth birthday was a smashing success and after everyone went into muggle London for trick or treating. Her kids looked so cute in their constumes. They ranged from a cute black kitty to a vampire- the Muggle version- and she and Draco wore their wizarding robes while she had on a witches hat. Ginny and Harry wearing the same.

She giggled when a small girl child came up to Ginny and Harry and told them she liked their costumes. Life was perfect.

Twelve years later


As Draco sat on his broomstick overlooking the pitch and waiting for a glimpse of that little golden ball, he couldn't help but look in the stands at his family. There, in the front row of the tower closest to him stood his wife, no less beautiful in her early thirties as she was in her twenties. Her belly rounded with their fifth child as their two daughters- Alrakis and Acacia- and two sons- Scorpius and Caelum, also named after a constellation,- stood on either side of her. Alrakis, Scorpius and Acacia - in their final and first years, much to Scorp's dismay since he had to start a year late due to his birthdate, respectively- had received special permission to come see him play this, his final match of his career.

It was another championship match. Puddlemere had been in a lot of them.

Behind her stood the rest of their extended family and friends. He couldn't believe how full his life had become. From the lonely only child of his parents, to a man happily married with several children of his own and more people in his life than he'd ever thought possible. It was a bit overwhelming sometimes, but he wouldn't trade it for anything.

Their life had been nothing but perfect.

He thought back on that first year, when he'd first began to date his wife. All that danger and fear. It seemed like a million years away now. So much had happened, from the Christmases they'd had that had vied for that best Christmas ever spot, to the births of his children and their friends children.

The Potters now had three: James, Albus and Lily. Pansy and Theo had two: Brenna and Colden. George and Angelina had gotten married and added another set of twins to their family in Fred II and Roxanne. Millie and Seamus had a couple, as did Astoria and Blaise. The Weasleys all added to their family with a few children each, even Goyle and Ron had two- adopted from Hermione. They'd had a few kids come into the orphanage over the past few years after all.

Though those original six never did get adopted. Kian and Connor were twenty-three now and had moved out on their own about four years ago. Mallory, at twenty, was living in a flat in Hogsmeade as she interned at Hogwarts with Madam Pompfrey. The three brothers: Clarke, Hunter and Bailey were night een, eighteen and sixteen and while their brother was in Sixth Year, Clarke and Hunter were busy setting up their shelter.

In a effort to help prevent more situations like theirs and their mother's, they were opening a shelter for abused women and their children. Any children who showed any sort of magical abilities, through unexpected bouts in front of the brothers or from stories told by their mothers, would be marked and the Ministry would be told. From there it would be decided what would happen. If they'd tell the mother or if they would be monitored to ensure nothing ever happened to the children like what happened with Mallory.

When Bailey graduated he would join his brothers. Draco and Hermione had never been prouder when they'd taken their idea to Shacklebolt. Knowing the Wizengamot would probably never change their ways and pass any legislation that would help the brothers, Kingsley agreed to help himself where he could. If they wound up having to step in for those kids and use memory charms on their mothers, Kingsley as the Minister would ensure there would be no reprimands.

If they had to step in and remove the kids, they'd be sent to Granger's. So far though, that hasn't happened. Most mothers either ignored the strange occurrences, or already knew what they were because they were like Merry- witches married to Muggles.

Draco's siblings had decided to keep the Brandon name since he was heir and had Scorpius. They felt the need to carry on their family name, though Sarah wouldn't once she got married. Daniel had indeed proved Draco right by being a powerful little wizard. He showed a lot of promise at thirteen.

Speaking of marriages. Ron and Goyle got married. Draco still wasn't used to calling him Ron, but with so many bloody Weasleys about at any given time it was silly to still call him that. Sebastian had married as well. He and Violet were quite happy in the newly renovated party barn. They'd turned it from the bachelors flat they'd made it when it had been him and Reuben and made it a family home. The couple were on their honeymoon at the moment, but were due to return next week.

Luna and Neville had finally tied the knot as well. They'd been invited for tea one day in the spring of two thousand and six and had gotten quite the surprise when it turned out to be an impromptu wedding ceremony. Typical Lovegood though. They also now had two children- twin boys named Lorcan and Lysander. Snape and Ryley were doing quite well too. Ryley was now twenty one, soon to be twenty-two, and had finally made the decision to speak with his mum.

They'd met on neutral ground at Madam Puddifoot's. He'd listened silently as she'd said her piece, apologized to him and explained her actions. He'd shown maturity when he'd said his own piece respectfully and then accepted her apology. Their relationship would never be fixed, but Ryley was at least willing to allow her in his life from now on. Baby steps, as Hermione would say. Locke, Draco was quite happy with what had happened there, was in jail for the rest of his life.

That wanker had gotten drunk one night and hit another car head on. It was sad that he ended up killing someone, but at least he could never hurt another soul. He was in prison for a good long time and wouldn't get out until he was a very old man. Neither mother nor son cared a wit about his lot in life. Merry was actually seeing someone, a man who treated her with respect and dignity and didn't much care that she was a witch. He was a Muggle as well, but they were happy.

Just then he caught a flash from the corner of his eye. Turning his head ever so slowly, as to hopefully not alert the other Seeker that he might have seen the Snitch, Draco laughed lightly as the little gold ball flitted right in front of his wife. He turned his broom in a flash and dashed toward it, too far ahead of the other bloke for him to catch up.

As he wrapped his fingers around the orb and the crowd went wild over yet another championship win for Puddlemere United, Draco only had eyes for Hermione. The delighted shouts of his family filled his ears as he leaned forward on his broom and kissed his wife. Everything else faded and it was only them as he snogged her breathless. Life was perfect.

A/N: and they lived happily ever after. THE END.