Chapter 11

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If Marinette's life was a b-list made-for-tv movie, Adrian would be back stage with her, telling her how perfect she looked in her blush colored leotard and skirt and giving her a spur-of-the-moment kiss that took her breath away just before she went on stage and wowed her peers with the performance of a life time. And Marinette would be lying if she hadn't been desperately wishing for that to happen.

But, instead, she stood back stage surrounded by musty, sweaty gym mats, with a student from another class who was in charge of lighting and music, waiting for Julika to finish her rather impressive slam poetry.

"You're up Marinette," the stagehand said as the audience clapped for Julika. "Are you ready?" He plugged in the iPhone and cued up her music, giving her a thumbs up. It was go time.

Slowly, Marinette walked out onto the stage, the large spotlights blinding her for a moment. When her eyes adjusted she saw the hundreds of eyes starting up at her. Alya and Nino sitting in the center, beaming up at her with encouraging smiles, the rest of her classmates looking surprised and curious. Sabrina sat nervous looking beside Chloé who had a malicious grin spreading across her face.

Their all staring at me, Marinette's mind went into over drive, as she stood frozen in front of her peers. How do you breath again? Is it in and out or out and in or-I'm going to faint! I'm going to pass out from lack of oxygen and faint and then die of embarrassment and then- Marinette watched in horror as Chloé snaked her arm around Adrian's shoulders, leaning in close to whisper something no doubt cruel and mean about Marinette in his ear.

I'm going to be sick, Marinette thought, her stomach pitching rebelliously. She's all over him! But ever faithful Adrian gently removed Chloé's wayward arm, sharply saying something in return to her which made her face fall, before turning back to the stage, giving her a smile that warmed her whole body, even reaching all the way down to her slipperier toes. For the first time since Mme. Bustier suggested Marinette dance for the talent show, she felt like she could actually do it.


"Girl you were absolutely amazing!" Marinette's class gathered together after the last performance (a rather…forceful song by_ but was well received none the less) and congratulated each other in relief that the dreaded talent show was over. A large group had gathered around Marinette to gush about her surprising ballet routine, nearly everyone expressing their awe and admiration at her talent.

"Oh please," Chloé scoffed, finding it unacceptable that the attention wasn't on her self, "it wasn't that impressive, anyone can twirl around and stand on their toes." But no one listened to her, not even Sabrina, who was smiling shyly at Marinette, admiration reflecting in her eyes.

Adrian sidled up to Marinette's side, throwing a casual arm over her shoulders, beaming down at her.

"I told you so," he whispered, making her shiver. Marinette elbowed him gently, laughing.

"Yeah, I guess you did."

For the first time since Mme. Bustier had suggested Marinette dance for the talent show she felt at peace with her self and the world around her. She had friends who supported and loved her. She proved that she could stand on her own two feet as Marinette and that all of her self-confidence and power didn't just live in Ladybug. Never again would she be weak enough for Hawkmoth to prey on her self doubt and insecurities.