The Saint's Hope

Chapter 1 – So it all begins… (The Prologue Part One)

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New York City.

Tonight was a peaceful night. With a hint of calm.

Not a single cloud was in the sky. Especially, on a clear night like this, the moon is also shining tonight. There are a number of reasons why this city - hailed in the east side of the United States of America - was having a clear night tonight.

A number of people would out here, having an enjoyable night. Going to night clubs, on first dates, or even, a late night hockey game at the Laskers Rink located in good old Central Park. On this night, anyone can be out this late.

Include her.

Running from rooftops to another, adrenaline was pumping through her veins. Her braided brown hair was wiping through the air as she takes another step closer; along with her two strands of cyan-coloured bandana which tied around her forehead and into her ponytail. Another hair feature was her shorts bangs that are resting above her eyebrows and are styled towards the right side of her face. The tip of it was tucked behind her ear. A painted picture of cherry blossom has overtaken the light blue in the front part of her little headscarf. But that was not the only blue on her. (And no, it was not the cold. Not on a warm summer night like this.)

She is wearing a loose short sleeve top with one portion of the side over taking the other. It's her very own makeshift kimono shirt that she customises years ago. Plus, the white sleeve less apron that goes over the top along with the tight black bike shorts. Actually, it's a tunic and most people who are just like her wear this kind of threads. A picture of the same painted blossom is located on the trim of both the blouse and the tunic. But to make sure it doesn't fall apart, tied around her waist what appears to be a sash with the same colour as her kimono shirt is wrapped tightly, or in this case, an Obi.

From her elbows to her palms of her hands are wrapped with black sports tapes. No, she's not injured. She just wears them for protection. Over them is black leather with metal bracers attached to them that can knock any opponents' teeth out in a single whack.

Covered from her knees to the tip of her toes, completely, is cyan wraps with black shoes. The shoes are also different from any regular shoes you see nowhere days. The middle part of the toe cap (look it up) is sow down to make it looked like Tabi shoes.

Around her waist – other than her Obi – is what appears to be a unique-kind of belt. Any teen would die for this kind of belt. And this one is also special. This teen has customised this belt with retractable gauntlets that criss-cross together and holds one part special about this girl. That's where she holds a unique kind of objects that allows her to use in situations when needed. The kind of objects that fits into her entire attire.

Kodachi. Two of them in fact. Or as they call it – Short swords.

So, why does a young teenager would be carrying around swords? Well, this one part special about her, is the reason why. Other than the clothes that she wears.

Just like her friends - her brothers - she fights. They fight by the warrior's code. They have been trained all their life in hopes that they can protect themselves in the distant future. They were pretty common a long time ago but right now, they are not much of them around.

They go by many names. The Shadows of the Night. Professional spies of Japan. Or in her case, the Warriors of the Dark.


That has been their title for many years since their very first lesson. There appear for one second but they disappear – into the night; without a trace.

Although, the feature of her clothing and gear indicates that are from another country far from here, the features on her face do not. If she was from the distance nation, her skin would be white and her eyes would be narrow, not peach coloured and her eyes are round. For instances from what her father - her sensei - had told her, she might have been born here. Might.

That question has been digging into her life ever since. Along with many more. But, all that will be answered. Very soon.

With seven blocks down, it would be better if she introduce herself rather than someone else. She hates to be kept waiting.

My name is Salvadora. What I'm about to tell you is what I would consider is a life-changing experience.

Life-changing, huh? By the sound of her tone, it should be a great story for the readers at home. So, why? Why is this girl, running on the rooftops with only six blocks to go, when she looks like everyone else? Should she be at home, doing what normal girls would be doing on a night like this?

It was because of her good friends that catching up to her, that's what. These people are the ones that she knows all her life. The ones whom she can trust with her life and the ones whom she cares for dearly. These people…are her family.

Well. They are not exactly like people. But something…extraordinary. If everyone around them knew who they were (or what they are), some would freak out and run away; saying they scary monster. Others would stand there in wonders, questioning about their origins. They would be calling them "miracles", "fantastic creatures" or "bizarre beings".

Well, whatever the terms, she knows. They know who they really are.


What about the girl? Oh, she's human. Clearly. But who said about being normal? She lived with them for all her life, so she had anything but a normal life.

Anyway, they not just mutants. Sure, they walk on two feet, they have hands, and they talk like her and everybody else. They also have fingers and toes and mouths and eyes and ears like everyone else, but completely different. You think there are wearing any clothes that make it they do have three fingers and two toes. But they are not.

The only clothing that they have are tied-up belts around their waist but only one of them has a sash that sow in his belt and drapes across his chest. Completing the set are the brown elbow pads, kneepads and finally to top it off - masks.

Make that coloured masks.

Make that four coloured masks since they are four of them.

One for each of their personality.

That's right. You got the calm and focus blue type. Then there's the rage and furious red type. Next, would be the wise and keen purple type. And lastly, is the fun loving and playful orange type. One for each turtle.

Yes. Turtles. They are turtles. Of the teenage mutants ninja variety actually. And it would also explain the whole three fingers and two-toed foot.

All four together - works good. All five together – even better.

Did anyone mention that they have different weapons as well. The katana blades are the ideal weapon for the leader himself. Leonardo.

The Sais is perfect for someone who has the shortest temper out of all the ninja today. Not to mention that they make great defence. Raphael.

The Bo Staff would be flawless for this warrior who prefers to fight long-range and doesn't value violence as a first resort. Donatello.

And last, the Nunchakus. Or Nunchunks as he would call them. Works as well for both offense and defence and share some traits for a goofy character. Michelangelo.

And these…mutants turtles are not far behind. Did she mention that they were ninjas too?

For all my life, I have always wondered what my past was like before this whole adventure started.

Five blocks to go. Almost there.She was known to be fast but… not very fast. One just zoom passed her. Make that second fastest. Now, he was up to four blocks - where she was going to be in the next two seconds.

Wait a minute. Wasn't he was right behind her. Wasn't he was far behind her with the others. How could he run past her without knowing? She should have. She would have. Why you ask? More on that later on. Right now, back to the race…

No. She has to win. She has to. Not when she is so close to the finished. If she passes this point which it is up ahead, she would have a clear shot at winning. For tonight's bet.

Normally, it would the last one to lose, but instead, it was the first one to win. And the winner of this bet, will have the opportunity to designate everyone to a job. Any job at home. Plus, not be able to do any jobs for the whole week. What a dream that would it be? Not be able to do any household chores for 7 days straight. For her anyway.

Looking ahead, sitting on the ledge was a discarded Cola can. Perfect. A smile has inserted onto her face. A plan. She has got a plan. Stretching her right arm out. Fingers extends. And focus on the can.

If they were anyone who was standing where the can is or near the can, what they are going to witness is totally… unbelievable. So, they better not turn away, or else they'll miss it.

As her right hand begins to glow in a light blue glow, the can itself began to tilt. Then, it stirs. And finally, it was shaking.

It's working.

The can stops shaking for one second. A second went by, it files off the ledge. The can comes flying in the air. But towards something. Or someone. Not at her. But to him.


"OW!" the thought-to-be-winner yelp. The can has crashed onto the concrete floor before he fell flat from the impact. He sits up to rub his sore forehead, just above his orange mask. He didn't even notice it coming. But he should already know – thanks to her ability. The ability to move things. And there is a lot more to come.

Before coming into this family, I was born to fight with these skills and…these powers for some reason; like a purpose.

The poor creature rubbed his forehead with eyes closed. Good thing too. Because she zooms right passed him.

The creature looks up just as she leaps onto the ledge.

"HEY! NO FAIR!" he wailed. "You cheated!" He knows it was supposed to be a fair competition. Knowing him, he has always finding a way to beat his opportunity while the others suffer. Well, not this time.

Wasting no time, she jumps off the ledge, does a somersault in the air and falls into the alleyway. Diving head firsts, she sees her destination.

The manhole cover.

The goal is dead ahead.

Just like before, she extended her right hand, focus again and it glows light blue. The lid itself begins to slide up. Once it has fully out, the lid flips off and lands close to the open hole. As soon as the lid lands on the ground, so does the girl. She perfects a ninja landing by doing another somersault just a few meters close to the ground and bending her knees at the exact moment. Otherwise, she would have a trip to the hospital.

She turns a bit to look up to see the lone racer looking down on her with a victorious grin on her face. He was then joined by the other three runners. All together, they jumped off the building and beginning to hop down with the help of the fire escape.

I don't know why but that's not going to hold me down. Because sooner or later, I WILL find these answers and I WILL find out who I am. No matter what.

For many years, they have been training underground – for obvious reasons, of course. But now that they are older, it was part of their new daily exercise since they first came up top. That… is a long story. A story that everyone should tuned in for.

Before the others jump down into the alleyway to join her, she quickly dives into the open manhole. One by one, the others soon followed into the pool. The moon continues to shine through the hole on this clear night.

This is my story.

Now, it was a race to home. First one, who gets home, gets to designate the jobs to the sore loser. That's the bet for this race.

(15 years before the series started – Manhattan, 2:15am)

The moon was gleaming down on a serene night as the rat scurried across the alleys of New York City. Not a single sign of traffic was in the small section of the streets and lights are shining through a number of windows as a number of citizens are up this late; enjoying some down-time or quality family time. So, everything seems to be calm that way.

But tonight was not all calm; not for this certain person.

This certain person was racing through the alleyways at top speed. Judging from how fast she was going, she was in a rush. But why was she in a rush? Was she late for something? Or was something or someone chasing her?

If you count the heavy breathing and sweat coming from her face that is dampening her clothes, make that the latter.

Wearing a brown hoodie cloak that was covering a big portion of herself, she has no trouble running with it on; as well as her long dark blue skirt with a pair of her white platform shoes and her grey long-sleeve blouse.

Although she was running fast, but not fast enough. In her arms was something, something that is very important to her. More than her own life.

She had the support of two hands to carry it. And what is this something that she carries? That she can't afford to lose it. She continued to run through a number of dark alleys. Many that no good soul would never ever dare set a foot at night. A few turns that she makes later but a split second later, she comes to a screeching halt.

Right in front of her was a wall. Too high for her to jump and too impossible to climb, especially when carrying something in her hands.

A dead-end! She was definitely now in panic mode. The young woman looks around for a few second; trying to find way to avoid the danger. Although she takes a second to catch her breath, her eyes suddenly jerks open. She has sense a number of presences approaching her. And how does she know? Because she is not like any human at all. Another reason why she was being chased.

Maybe it's the neighbour. No, it wasn't. A few seconds after she sense her presence, along came a few shadows that is approaching her. The young woman lets out a small gasp. She knows who they belong to.

Those monsters. The same monsters that have been chasing her, all night long.

With time running out, the shadows are getting closer. The young women slowly walks backwards until her back makes contact with the wall.

This is it. For her. And for what she is carrying, they are going to take it away from her. Probably for good.

Knowing that this was it, the young women looks down at the bundle in her arms and pulls the covers off a bit to reveal a baby. A baby girl. Her daughter. The child's eyes were closed shut as both her hair and skin bounced off from the moonlight.

The young women smiles at her daughter's delightful face. Even when in greater danger, her face always remained calm. The young women's eyes look over her daughter's view to see something that she did not see before.

A man-holed cover, right in front of her! Perfect! It was ticket to escape from her pursuers. For now.

She puts her right hand out in front and closes her eyes for a second. If there was anyone around her, they would not believe what they were about to witness next. Her hand began to radiance a shade of light blue and the next thing happen, the manhole cover began to float on its own; five feet in the air. The young woman is quite pleased with this because she has a special gift of Telekinetic. And she knew her daughter will have it to. If they get out of this mess alive.

It continues to float in the air as the young woman wasted no time and hops down through the hole. Once she is in, the cover itself falls on top of the man hole. As soon as she landed in the sewers, she continues to run with no second thought; ignoring the slimly water that soak her shoes and skirt.

After turning the first corner she sees, the young women then halted on the spot. She looks around the corner to see if they are right behind her. behind her to see no-one has followed her down here – yet.

They have fled the danger – for now. Now, she needs a plan. A plan that involves keeping both her and her child safe. Maybe, just keep the baby safe and not herself. After all, they were after the child.

Not her.

Maybe, she could hide her child. Yes. She could give her to a nice family and hopefully, she will be safe. The young woman doesn't care what happens herself. Just as long as the child is safe from harm. From him.

Now that she has a plan, she needs to find a safe place. For the second time of the night, she senses another presence in the sewer.

Make that a large one. But it's not human. Strange

Fortunately, it doesn't sound like the ones that are chasing her.

Someone is down here! That takes a huge weight off her shoulders. Hopefully, they are very nice people that she hoped who will find the child and take very good care of her.

On her left, she sees a worn-out basket just floating around in the sewers. She grabs the basket and kneels down. She then carefully placed her baby inside the basket.

Once the baby is snuggled in the makeshift bed, there is one thing left to do for the young women. She reaches into her cloak and pulls out an item – something that she hoped that her daughter will have something to remember her by. It was red pedant in a shape of a baseball that is wrapped around by what it appears to be gold metal in a shape of a dragon of some sorts. The metal itself was attached to a long brown but some-what unbreakable string. She turns the small medallion to reveal a blank spot. Closing her eyes, the young women placed her right hand over as it begins to glow again. The light dies down and she removes her. Using her powers, she has engraved a few words for her baby.

To my daughter, Salvadora. Never give up on hope.

The young woman was giving her the only thing to remember her by, even if she won't remember at such a young age. She carefully lifts her baby up into her arms and hugs her. Tears have escaped her eyes as she looks at the baby. This would probably be the final time that she will ever see her daughter – alive. She knew this and this will be pretty much the most painful she ever have to do in her life. She looks at the baby as she brushes a few strains of her hair away from the child's eyes.

"Goodbye, my child. I just hope that someone will find you and raise you to be a strong person that you already are; just like your parents. And perhaps one day…in the future…you will know the truth about yourself."

Tears have already stained her face as they fell down. She carefully places the baby in the basket and pushes it into the shadows. She stands up and walks away as she cautionary looks around her surrounds and takes one final look to her daughter. "I love you so much, sweetheart. And so does your father. We will always be there for you."

Using her powers again, the man hole covers lift off its place and the young women climbs up the ladder and out into the outside world.

She then slides the cover shut. And with that, she is gone...

(A few minutes later…)

Not far from the same manhole cover, what appears to be a rat that walking around. He was looking for supplies for his home and his family. Unless you count the certain rat that is over five feet tall, standing on two legs and wearing a brown robe while carrying a garbage bag filled with lots of items.

Just more than a week ago, his life was changed forever. He has lost his beloved owner from a terrible existence, was force out of his home, and was mutate from a strange chemical that changed him and four other animals into what is anything but normal. And as for the four animals, they are someway; not far from where the rat is.

Still looking for more useful items, the large rat spotted an unusual object within his reach. He picks it up and dust off the dirt and cobwebs off it. The book was a little thick and there were no pictures or anything. Just only a title.

"Renaissance… Masters?" he read. Just as he turns the cover page, his ears flicked up in the distance. The rat has heard a cry. He turned his head towards the distance. Was there someone down here? He places the book in the garage bag as he walks towards the source of the cry.

He walks around the corner to find who was making that cry from inside the basket. As he got closer, he sees what appears to be a small baby. A small human baby. Surprised, the rat took a closer look to see that she has short brown hair with rosy cheeks and bright hazel eyes. She was definitely a human. She was all curled up in a beige blanket as she lies in the basket. She was crying for bit but die down when she took a good look at the rat. They continued to look at each other she breaks into what looks like the cutest smile ever. The large rat couldn't help but smile.

She looks about to be around the same age as the four animals that were mutate as well, who are staying with him.

He looks around to see if anyone was here to collect the child. But there seems to be no-one in sight. He waited for a few minutes. Still nothing. Why would there be a child down here would be his first thought. Was she left down here by accident or perhaps, was left down here…to die?

Not waiting to know, the rat carefully lifts the basket by the handle with one hand and the garbage bag in the other and begins to head for home. If no-one is coming for the child, then, he is now responsible for her.

Once he gets to his destination, he has a big surprise for the four other animals, whom are waiting for him.

(A few minutes later…)

"My sons, I am pleased to announce a new addition to the family," he places the basket in front of the other four animals that have been mutated with him as well. He has just returned to their home – the burrow - with as promise food and supplies for him and the animals who are not just turtles but also his kids – his sons. But they were not expecting…something else.

The four turtles look down in the basket to see the new "addition". The baby was a lot different from as her skin was peach colour and theirs are different shades of green and they have shells and they don't know if she has one or not. Then again she was a human as they have never seen a human before in their life.

"What's her name, father?" one of the turtles asked his father. That was a good idea. What should her name be called? As the rat ponders in thought, he noticed something inside the basket. He pulls it out to find a red pedant amulet. He holds the amulet in his paw as he flips it around to see the engraved words on the back. Including the unique name as well.

"Salvadora?" He then moves the amulet to see a view of the human baby and then, looks back at the engraved words. The name for the baby was right in front of him.

"Her name…" he kneels down and pats her soft head, "shall be Salvadora; your new sister."

It was officially. Their new human sister has a name, which leads the four other turtles with no name at all. He also then remembers something else. The rat goes to his bag and pulls out the same book that he found. He opens it up and flips through to see a number of the famous inventors and artists over the years. If the baby can have a name, so can the turtles that are with him.

He turns to the turtles as he closed the book, "I shall now give you all names." The four turtles lined up. Splinter placed his hand on each of the turtles as he went from left to right, "Leonardo…" Raphael…Donatello…Michelangelo…," he looks down to the child in the basket, "and Salvadora…my new family."

A new chapter, a new story. Let's see what happens 15 years later for the young heroine as the story continues to unfold. Find out next week on:

The Saint's Hope: 15 years later…

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And I will be really impressed if you manage write all 7 season.
Good luck and see (or write) you soon again.

Yeah I know! I'm lovin the 2012 series right now with the lastest storyline.
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First off – Thanks! And I'm sorry if my OC was being mean to Mikey. It's just they're brothers and sisters and sometimes the sisters can get a bit cranky and annoyed if a sibling of their tease about something that you're good and later asking for help on that certain thing and then you began to think "Oh! So, she wants my help? After what she did to ME?" So yeah…Just like that. But deep down, they love and care for one another and I definitely will show a flashback of when he mocks her powers for the first time.

And about finding out about the Foot Clan and the Shredder, don't worry, she'll find about them the same time as the Turtles do but if I AM going all Mary-Sue, let me know, ok? Just because she found their insignia, doesn't mean she doesn't know about them.

And YES! I WILL do flashbacks with Splinter, the Turtles and Sally.

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Yeah. She is a hothead like her brother but they will be at times that she thinks before she acts they you'll see down the track. Plus, I'm a bit of a bookworm myself as well.
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No Saki would NOT be disturb by Sally and yes, he would be used to human for living on the planet for 1000 years.
They will soon… (although one of them might know something… who ever could it be?) And yes, I will not tell you!
Yeah, about that episode which it felt like a LONG time ago, the guys should have told her what she looks like. That would have been REALLY helpful!
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Neat, but I have a feeling that it soon bring about the wrong kind of attention if some of the foot see it and tell the Shredder about it.
I'm Glad you're better.

Yep, and there will be a lot more down the track!
About me being sick, thanks! The stories will continue!

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I love Dramatic Irony.
I foresee a "Mugging the Monster" situation coming up.
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However they soon find out that person is not to be messed with in reality.
I know it's not my place to ask this but can have Sally unleash her powers on the shredder when he attempts to harm her brothers. Then he would understand the depth of his mistake to demiss Sally as nothing.
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Oh yeah! He'll never see it coming!
Yeah she would unleash her powers on Shredder. But not just yet…

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It will happen, my man. Very soon!

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Anyway, I felt that Casey got off to easily when threw that rock at Sally and it hit her in the face.
He was really lucky it didn't knock her out or worse.
Also I'm surprised that nether the turtles or Splinter nether called him out on it or attempted to stop him.
They stopped Raph when he nearly hit Mikey with a pipe, why didn't they stop Casey from throwing that Rock.
I mean if someone threw a rock at my sister and it hit then in the face. Friend or no Friend, I would kick them out of my home right then and there.
I know said that you would try to keep the story like the 2k3 cartoon. But that was the one time I felt it didn't work.
Apart from that, it was a pretty good chapter. Will Sally make friends with Angel? If so does that mean she become a recurring character in this fanfic as opposed to the show?
I would ask more on the Utoms being apart of Sally's past, but you probably won't tell me will you?
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I know! It took a while to come up with a scene like that so yeah. It was pretty funny to imagine Casey nearly wetting his pants when Sally was getting really angry at him. And I think they didn't stop Casey stop from throwing that is well, they just don't want to feel the wrath of Sally, of course.
Besides, the rock was the size of a pebble. That's what I forgot to mention.
And what you said about
felt it didn't work. Well, I'm doing the best I can and plus, I'm having bit of a writer's block but I will try my best. And Angel will be a recurring character like she was in the show. And for Sally and the Utrom? Maybe, maybe not but we will find out!

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I mean growing up in the lair, they must at some point seen her nude by either on purpose or by accident.
Anyway thanks for updating. Can't wait for the Shredder Stikes chapters

Yeah, I will expand it on that episode. And a lot more... Why you ask? You'll have to wait and see!
Sorry about that. Oh! And about Raph's comment, he wasn't referring to Sally; he was referring it to someone else like he said on the show. Because even if he or the others did see Sally naked, they better run for the hills! And I don't think they did saw Sally naked. I don't think they want to perverts. I think they are just trying to give Sally personal space like my brother does all the time when we were growing up. I don't think he has actually done it on purpose or by accident.
Yeah! ME TOO!

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I know! I am now a big fan of this couple but Sally won't just hang around with blue turtle all the time. She has gotta hang with the others.

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*sniff* Thankyou. *wipe the tear away from my eye* I feel so honour. And don't you worry, I will update very soon.

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I know. It's here at last. And for your FanFiction Profile, on the website at the top right corner it says "Sign Up" and you will become a member of FanFiction where you can upload stories; write reviews, save favourites, make your own profile and much more. Hope this answer your question.

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I know. It's here at last. And it is my story and I can what I want to do with it. But…there might be a time where Sally will use her powers against Shredder when the time is right or for some reason

I guess you will never know when but I do.

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*looks at your review and then puts on a weirdly look* O…kay. No need to get crazy. True, this is one of the memorable moments and there is a reason to go crazy.

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You are? Maybe when I have time, I'll have a read of it.

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Like the episode, yes, she will fight with the Turtles.

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Sally has met Shredder in the past.
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I know that they fail to capture her...but the thought of Sally being raised by the foot clan makes my skin crawl! I'm willing to bet that once Splinter and the Turtles find out, they aren't going to take it well.
Sally was pretty lucky that the Shredder didn't reconise her.
Now I wonder, did Sally's mom know Yoshi?
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Anyway, Thanks for updating and I can't wait for part two! :)

*reading the first bit of your review and was LOL* Sorry. You had to add the whole "HOLY SHELL" part. LOVE IT!
And Sally working for the Shredder? *shudders* You don't have to tell me twice. Well, I did think about that but…uh…didn't want to do it.
And it was lucky that the Shredder doesn't know Sally yet. But he might find out sooner or later….
And how does Sally's mother know Yoshi? That will happen in the future.
And for the connection between Sally and Yoshi… I think Sally juts appreciate the late master for some reason. That's all.

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I know! It took a lot of time to think it. And I will!

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Poor Sally! :( Finding out what to her mother though that vision.
Though Sally does bring up a good point, how did the Shredder knew her mother?
Now I have a few questions of my own, What did Serenity mean when she said that Sally would one day bring hope to her people? Is she some kind of chosen one? How many people like Sally are out there? Will we ever meet them? Did Serenity know about the guardians?
Too bad your going on Haitis with this story I would've like to know the turtles would react to Sally's tale. Though I think Sally and Splinter would grow closer due to the loss of their loved ones at the Shredder's hands.
Eventually the Shredder is going to find out about Sally's powers, I'm not sure how he would react, but I'll guess that he'll either try to have her killed or pull a "Come to the dark side, we have cookies."
Anyway I'm glad you liked the Holy Shell part in my last review, thanks for updating so quickly.
P.S. I have just one more thing to ask will have Donnie point out what I had pointed out in my last review, during the reflections episode?
Thanks again and good luck with your other stories. :)

Ok, before I ask yours, let me say this: You sure asked a lot of questions, do ya?
And yes, it was an amazing end to the two parter.
It was sad for Sally to see what happen to her mother through a vision.
All of your questions will be answer in time. You just have to wait!
And the Reflection episode will be a good one since it will be the quickest chapter ever for me to write!

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In due time, my friend. In due time.

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Intriguing concept, I'll give you that.
The idea of a human being raised with the Turtles is interesting but difficult to handle properly, but you manage it very well, quickly creating the idea of Salvadora as more than just someone they found while also raising questions about what her mother was so afraid of that would prompt her to take such a risk.
Subsequent developments as you explore her bond with her brothers are very well-handled, her appreciation and love of her family counter-balanced by her wish that she could get out more (Particularly since she's the only one of them who can SAFELY leave the sewers), as well as the questions regarding how her powers will develop and her ties to the Foot.
On the topic of her powers, good to see you defining her limitations and having the Turtles retain their pre-existing bond and ability to operate solo; I read one series where the turtles got another sibling with powers and he just ended up basically taking charge (The writer was so focused on that character that the turtles' own abilities were virtually ignored), so it's good to see that not happening here.
All in all, with the potential created by your currently-revealed hints about the Foot's interest in Serenity- we know that they knew about her, but that doesn't explain how they found out about her or where her powers came from, among other details-, I look forward to seeing more of this story when you get around to writing it.

First of all, thank you.
For this story, it took a lot of time and resource and pitching many ideas and scenario before coming to the final conclusion.
More importantly, your review actually proves to be the best one so far. It was really thoughtful of what you think. And what you said about the writer's OC taking control of the story, that is NOT going to happen in my story.
So, thank you so much for that review. Really means a lot!

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More chapters (or something else) will happen in the future!

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I see. There will be sci fi in the story like aliens, robots, outer space and the future.

To i was kitten (Chapter 13 - Mar 19, 2014)

Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that. I can tell she loved you and your family very much. I hope things will be better, but don't forget your grandparents and uncle are with you all in spirit. They'll be there in your hearts always.

Thank you so much for the thoughts.
It was hard for me and my family for losing a family member. It is also one of the reasons why I took some time off my stories for a bit. They will always be in my heart every single day. So, thank you!


That's all I have to do for now!

This story will also be separate. So, instead of one big story, it will be by season so there will be a cliff-hanger at the end of each season if you guys know what I mean!

So, guys, once I have finished "The Shredder Strikes Part Two", I will resume the weekly update like before.

There is nothing much for to say except for "I'm SO sorry" and "I'm BACK!" Take care you guys!

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