The Saint's Hope

Chapter 12 – The Shredder Strikes Part 1

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(Manhattan, NY – unknown time)

Thunder clashing with another. Grey clouds have covered the nightly skies, blocking any chance of the bright lights or the rising sun. You were expecting there was some kind of exciting and cheery tale, right?

No. It is anything but cheery.

It is actually the complete opposite. Gloomy. Dark. Ominous.

That is the kind of tension that was in the air tonight on this particular evening. Rain was just about to settle in to complete this unforgettable night.

And if you think that this was one of their usual training, right? Guess again. Tonight was a whole lot different than any of the nights that they have experiences. A whole lot different…

It's because…they are not alone.

For some many months; and not so much interferences, it has all come down to this. They have come across paths or in their cases cross swords, once again.

The four Turtles brothers are now located on the rooftop of the abandoned warehouse. They were on one side while their opponents were on the other. And…they were a few familiar faces. Not one sign of friendliness if you ask me.

Decked out in black with a red foot symbol on their chest are the same foes that the Turtles have encountered only a few times and only battled with them in all of them. When they first accounted them, the teens thought they were the only ninjas in the Big Apple. Well, this is a big city on this much bigger world. Just a while ago, they have learned the names of this particular group from their master himself.

The Foot Clan.

But it was not just the name of the clan that he told them. He also revealed to them…the leader of the clan.

But there was something missing from the picture. Normally when there is the team of green, there would be a pink being amongst them. But there isn't. So, the question that is burning inside everyone's mind.

Where is Salvadora?

Where could she be at a time like this?

Was she captured by something or someone? Was she with their other human friends? Was she far away from their location that it would take all day or a few hours to reach them?

Out of all the situations that they are in, this is the one that they definitely need her help. For what they are about to face off, they are going to need all the help that they can get. Even if she can't get to them.

For a long time, the Fearless Leader himself has taken the time to narrate tonight's event with a hint of experience in his speech.

In our ninja training, Master Splinter is constantly telling us that, when given two choices,…

Lightning clashes once more. The fours Turtles, with their ninja masks on tightly around their heads as pride to their title, takes out their chosen weapons from their holds and holds them in their grasp, arming themselves.

always choose the harder path.

If those who choose the other path, they would not have gain the experiences and the knowledge to success in any future trails of their lives. They would end up being fools who would run head-in into a penetrating battle. The Turtles are not fools. They have been trained their entire lives. And now, they are putting their skills and expertise to the test.

The black ninjas – calling themselves Foot Ninjas – are too all armed with their chosen weapon. It's either one sword or two, a staff, a Kusarigama or another or any other weapon that has been made by the man himself. The Turtles have face-off against them before and were able to succeed.

But these ninjas were not alone. This time.

It is because they have brought along something…terrifying and deadly but in a special way.

But somehow…

Moving to the sides, the teens get a good and clear view of this terrifying figure standing before them.

It was him. The leader of the Foot Clan.

when you're a Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle,…

Coated in the same grey as his men is his large armour plate with the metal skirt, gloves , arm bracers, shoulder pads and shoes. Black clothing was seen on his arms and thighs. Three spikes were each on his shoulder pads, and arm & leg gauntlets. One exception on his right hand is two large sharper blades. There are so sharp that it can slice anything or anyone by just looking at it.

On his head was the most terrifying thing that the green ninjas have ever seen. A metal piece that is in a shape of a sharp foot was placed on the forehead. The headgear itself was concealing the true face of the monster but only his bloody eyes are glowing through the shadows even the teens can see it from a far distance.

The only thing flying in the wind was the grey sash wrapped around his waist with the same foot symbol located on the side. The same red foot symbol that his ninjas wore on their black clothing.

Changing their expression from unwillingness to fierce while gritting their teeth together, the boys are ready to rock n' roll.

the harder path always seems to choose you.

He throws his fists in the air. Thunder strikes at the exact time.

Judging by his frightening appearance, this could be…the fight of their lives.

(The Lair, Manhattan, NY – 7:37pm)

The sun has finally rested after its full-on journey as the moon decided to take the shift.

It hasn't been exactly a full day since their last adventure, but the teens have used that time to kick and relax. After rescuing their friends from the most disgusting thing that they have seen in their entire lives, they were glad to get a few hours of recreation. At other times, it was something else.

Tonight was the teen's training session. It could be either learning a new skill or tactics but instead, it was more of a revision-kind of lesson. The five ninjas are sparring against each other. With their weapons. It was all part of their training to become full-fledged ninja masters. Nothing special.

Their rat father and ninja master is overseeing their session. Right now, it was five teens against each other. Who will take home the gold? Within a few minutes, the answer will be very clear.

Managed to use one of his Katana to block a Sai-attack from behind by his brother, Leo holds the attack and tries all his might to push the striker's weapon away from his face, hoping to land a mark. Grinning at each other, Raph was doing the best he can to push the blade away from his face with the help of his weapons. He does not want to get a scar on his pretty face of his.

With the little strength that he has left from the hold, Raph used that to kick his big brother away from him, causing him to nearly collide with another member of the family who holding a long stick in his grip. Once his brother was in his way, Don swings his Bo-Staff up and tries to strike his sword brother on the noggin. But Leo was quick to act to block the move with the help of one of his most trusted blades.

The only ones who haven't made the move were the youngster and the kunoichi of the family. Standing right behind their rebel brother, they were just waiting for the right moment to make their move.

Still picturing that same grin on his face, Raphael is still pumped up as usual. "You know what I like best about weapons practise?" To prove his point, he did so with a pose, holding his prized possession in his grip. "The weapons." In his opinion, it is the only thing that he likes about weapons practise and nothing else. Well, besides winning and gloating his victory when succeed.

Too bad that he was too busy gloating about his Sais, because that is when one ninja from the sidelines decided to make his move.

Rushing up behind his brother, Mikey leaps up in the air and does a downward strike of his chained weapon. Instead of aiming at his brick head of his, the lone nunchaku wraps around one of his brother's Sai as the turtle himself flips over to land in front of Raph. Just before the red turtle has the chance to escape the surprise attack, Mikey quickly grabs hold of his own weapon with both hands; whilst sticking his tongue out, kneels down on one knee and uses his strength to flip his weapon – and his brother – over his shoulders, and sends the poor turtle flying to the concrete ground. Score one for the Mikester!

Pleased with the move that he made, it was Mikey's turn to gloat as he swings his singular weapon out to the side. "Too bad you're stuck with those lame toothpicks,…" he then brings the moving item behind his back, "…and not a real weapon like the Nunchucks." On the ground, Raph was the first to be attacked, rubs his sore head. He will be back in the match with even greater rage and promise that Mikey will be sorry.

But this fight wasn't over. It was just getting started.

Mikey instantly regret his glorying when he was swept off his feet. Literally.

Don managed to use his time to hook his Bo-Staff under his younger brother's feet and flips him up. "Sorry, Mikey." The regretful ninja falls onto his shell but he quickly flips himself up just as Don uses his proud weapon of his to pole-vault over the sore loser. The shocked turtle sees his brother moved from one side to another as he twirls his stick around and holds it in the winner's hand. Mikey stands up and walks a foot away from the purple attacker himself as he faces him. "But the Bo-Staff is where it's at."

With only three brothers triumphed in their time, it was time for more of a…challenging opponent to step up to the playing field.

The purple turtle wasn't victorious for too long as he was not expecting one blade placed on top of his weapon and another one right underneath it. Without warning and using her own powerful strength, she falls onto her back thus leaning the trapped turtle forward, places her right foot on his plastron and pulls him over her. He lands flat on his shell and lost his grip on the one thing that would bring his victory. The scientist reptile himself rubs his free hand in pain. He can only know one person who has the strength to pull a stunt like that.

"Too bad, Don."

The down turtle opens his eyes to see what's in front of him. The kunoichi herself rolls backwards onto her shoulder as she places her hands, whilst holding her swords and stretches her legs high in the air. Pushing her arms and locking in her elbows in, Sally was now in a handstand before bending her legs back and lands them on the ground so it looks like she was in a shape of a bridge.

With her feet firmly on the ground, she pushes her hands off the floor and folds her backs upwards until she was standing straight. She then quickly whips around, facing her defeated brother, with her two short swords on her side before pointing one of them at him. She gives off a cheeky smirk at him. "My Dual Kodachis goes all the way." After what she did to a guy, she has juts proved that Girl Power truly exists.

With the four warriors did their part in the brawl, which only leaves one more left. And he was ready to prove that he is the best fighter among them. Because he has the ultimate weapons. It was time for his siblinsg to prove that his outrank theirs.

"Girls and boys,…" he already has his katana in one hand as he pulls out the second, "…put away the toys." He holds them out in front of him before leaping into action. High in the air, he looks down on his targets at sight. Leo raised his swords just above his head as he prepares to strike.

"Double katana…" his siblings all gathered together, preparing to defend the last player in the game, "…is the only way to play!"

The first slash. Don and his weapon goes down for the count. Leo: 1. Family: 0.

The second slash. Mikey was the next turtle to take the hit and drops his weapon. Groaning, the tender turtle rubs his head in pain after the impact on one of the stone pillar. Leo: 2. Family: 0.

The third slash. Sally ends up sliding on her back, along with her weapons on the ground too. Leo: 3. Family:0.

With one more ninja left, it would only be a matter of time before the winner is named. Raphael cannot lose. He just can't. He was the last one left standing. And if he loses this one, he will let the whole team down.

He decided to do what his brother did to take his opponents down. Up high.

Leaping up into the air, Raph lets out a battle cry while facing the sharp tips right at his adversary. But just when he was about to win the match, Leo was too quick for him. Hearing him coming, Leo turns around to see the flying turtle coming at him, full speed. With his brilliant katanas in his hands, the blue turtle slashes the Sais right out of Raph's hands. It goes flying into another stone pillar from across the room. Now disarmed, Raphael, now exhausted, falls flat onto his shell. His mind keeps saying, "Get up! You need to win!", but his body thinks otherwise. He has lost and so did everyone else all except for one being in the room.

And the final scores are Leo: 4. Family:0. The blue turtle is the winner!

The champion himself approaches his defeated brothers and sister. A few of them were either sitting up or still lying on the floor, rubbing their throbbing heads from the impact. Leonardo was feeling proud than ever, now that his have the invincible weapons resting his prodigious ninja reptile hands. "What did I tell you? Double katana?" He happily holds his weapons up, admiring them before crossing them over. "Pretty sweet, huh?"

Not so sweet is what that they all are thinking. They are all still recovering from their brother's attack made by his sweet double katanas. In every session, in every match, Leonardo has always come out on top. Although, there were a few times where the others have won a match or two but it was Leo who has never failed at anything at all. Come to think it, he has never failed at anything at all, hasn't he? Other than that, his victories are the most irritating for most of his siblings. And what they usually do when they lose against the blue turtle? Simple, they complain. A lot.

Don dejectedly looks up to his grinning brother. "Nice one, Leo."

Raph, as furious as ever, doesn't look at his cocky sibling. He does sit up and looks over his shoulder. Uhhh,…lucky," he mutters before looking away from the show-off.

Mikey shakes his head. "Not so lucky for my tail," he complained, placing a hand on his head. "It just got kicked!"

Well, better luck next time, guys.

Leo then realised that not everyone here that he fought against is giving a piece of their mind. Looking down to his right, he sees the one person who is different from him and her brothers. Rubbing her tender back from the skidding on the floor, she looks up to her best friend. As much as she wants to say something

Sally was one not to complain to her best friend and even if she did complain, she would do it pretty much in a fun with a hint of sarcasm-kind of way; unlike the way that her brothers do when acted in defeat. At times she was known to be a better fighter than her brothers on a few occasions but tonight was not one of them. She was giving him a look that says, "Next time it is my shot!". Leo gets the message clear and knows that she won't go easy on him next time. He'll remember that.

"Well fought, Leonardo."

The blue turtle looks away from his little sister and turns his whole body around. Walking on the higher platform closer to their elevator door is the rat master himself. Master Splinter was the one being on this entire planet that Leonardo looks up to. He hopes that one day he would become such a great master as he is and his master before him. If only he would wish to meet such a great man in his life which would such an honour.

Coming to a halt just on the edge of the ledge, Master Splinter holds his walking stick in place. The elder places it behind his back with both of his hands as the four other teens stand up from the ground and all stood in line with Leo.

"Thank you, Sensei," the eldest acknowledges his father, bowing to him in respect. The others did not. They all just stand there in stillness and in silent. Guess only the winner has the permission to do so while the losers don't.

The rat brings out his stick from behind and points at him. There has to be a lesson to learn from all this and that is when the ninja master brings it up. "You have won, but do you know why?"

"Well,…" Leo holds and crosses his swords over in front of him, "…I have the superior weapons." He then presses on about his theories of the swords that he possesses. "I read where swordmaster, Musashi, said…" he uncrosses the swords in front and holds them upwards, "…The Katana Blade holds the Soul of Steel and is the truest guide to the warrior's way." He then looks up to his master. "Which is kind of how I feel."

As always, he always gets his answer correct and earns more respect from his teacher. All the answers that he presents would astonish his father. But for some reason, the rat was not impressed. According to his expression, this is not one of those times.

He holds his finger up again. "Many things are said,…" he then brings his hand down, "…but few are true."

A few a…wait, what?

Leonardo was completed shocked. "Huh?"

It couldn't be. Leonardo – the top student of the class, the Fearless Leader, the Teacher's Pet, Splinter Jr. – was wrong? How can this be? He has gain victory in today's match and now, he just misplaced the whole lesson?

Even his best friend was completely baffled by all this. There were a number of lesson that she has trained with Leo over the years and it was usually her who gets a few things wrong and not Leo. He always gets every answer and every technique right. What could be the problem?

As for his brothers, they too was also stunned…but in a good way. Not to mention that they are relieved as well. For once, it was not them in trouble.

The four other siblings were at a bit of a distance from the blue ninja himself as the second eldest turns to his younger siblings. Sally retains her eyes on her big brother. "Master Splinter's got that look," he whispers to his other brothers. They all know that look all too well. They too all went down on the road many times during their ninja training. Throughout the years, never have they seen their oldest brother get into trouble of all sorts. And now, it was time for Mr. Perfect to get disciplined by the master.

"I think somebody's gonna get it," Don adds.

Mikey sneakily lets out a low chuckle by placing a hand over his mouth. Only his two brothers and sister heard it. And so does a certain rat.

"Michelangelo!" he snaps at him.


The poor turtle gives out a gasp and looks to his father who scowls at him. He was now scared and so were his siblings. Sally wasn't even surprised since the boys (especially Mikey) are the ones who get into trouble. This girl is the kind who stays out of it.

Splinter holds up his stick at his youngest child, threateningly. "Do you think I am funny?"

Oh, boy. This should be good. Sally looks to her little turtle brother whom tries to answer this trick question. Anyone can easily answer this even if it question by a grumpy old rat with a large hard stick in his hands.

"Umm,…" the young ninja himself took a second to come up with the answer, "…yeah," he nodded. "I mean, sometimes." The others just looked at him. Don proved his younger stupidity by slapping himself in the face. Oh jeez. Sally shakes her head. Mikey pressed onwards, not knowing that he continues to dig himself into much trouble. "There was that time you told that joke about the ox and the sparrow. It wasn't really a joke, but it was funny and—"

Since Raph was on the other side of Donnie and away from Mikey, the purple ninja decided to do the honours by elbowing him in the guts as a way to shut him up. Realising how far that he went, he places his hand to his sides. "I mean,…no, Master Splinter."

The rat lets out an exasperated sign.

It was hard for a single rat father to raise them as children. But now that they have reached their teenage years, it has proved to be more challenging than just training them to be Ninja Masters. Teenagers proved to be more dangerous and wily than when they were as kids but they are still growing up.

He will deal with them later. Right now, he needs to deal on his eldest son on the true meaning of today's lesson. He walks off the platform and was now on the same ground level as everyone else in the room. Halts in front of Leo with a metre distance away from him, the rat places his stick up against the small brick wall and places his hands behind his clothed back. Just what is Splinter planning?

"Leonardo,…" he speaks before he does the unthinkable, "…attack me with your Katana."

What? First, his Sensei said to him that he gets the whole lesson incorrectly and now,…he was order to attack…his own father?

And something tells the other family members that this was not going to be pretty. In order to not get involved, they all took a few steps back. They all know who is going to win this match.

With a baffled look on his face, Leo's eyes are locked onto his father's stern face. "Master Splinter, I—"

The rat squints his little eyes. "Do it…now!"

Despite being all tentative to follow this kind of order, Leonardo is the kind of person who hates to disagree anything with an elder like his father here. He has no choice but to attack his own teacher. The question is…will he hold back before things escalated?

Holding his two prized blades in his green hands, his father has…nothing. Master Splinter still has his hands behind his back. Without his stick, how was he going to attack when is not armed?

It was now Student vs. the Teacher. Who will win?

Letting out a battle cry, Leonardo speedily brings his right sword down on the rat's head but just before it makes contact with the fur, Splinter blocks the blade.

With his bare hands.

Leo gasped at this. The sight of his Master catching the weapon with his own hands without the use of his stick was… astonishing. Even his brothers and sister were stunned as much as he was. And to top it, there wasn't a sign of the sticky red liquid oozing out of his grey hands. It didn't make a mark even at a fast swing of the katana.

"Is this the great and glorious weapon of which you speak? Helpless before an old rat such as myself," the elder mocked his older son. The shocked turtle pulls his sword out of his father's grasps without slicing any fur or skin off him as the large rodent once again places his hands behind his back. "Again, with both!"

Second time the charm.

If this is what his father, then Leo does not want to disappoint him. Apparently after easily block a move like that; he felt he was already letting him down as his top student. Rising his two katanas above his head, Leo slashes them downwards on the rat's head once more. But the old rat effortlessly dodges the move to the side rather than block it. He then grabs his stick and used his weapon to block more of the oncoming attack made by his irritated son. The turtle was giving all that he has got; trying to cut down on his father at the rat's request. Master Splinter was not breaking a sweat unlike the sweating teen here. So far, this match has proved to be challenging now. He was not landing a mark at all.

A few more blocks were made by Splinter before he twirls his stick around and easily whacks the swords right out of the reptile's hands. Leo didn't have time to counter it not before the rat pokes his study stick under his son's chin. The turtle was now disarmed…by his father and his puny stick.

The rodent boldly grins at his troubled son. "In the hands of a true Ninjutsu Master, anything can be a deadly weapon." The stick that removed his sharp swords right out from his hands was still pointing in his face. Having to watch the entire match from a far distance, the three mutant siblings of the turtle all sniggered at the results. They have now enjoyed their older brother getting his shell kicked by their old father.

Only Sally looks on with a remorse look on her face. By the looks of it, she can tell that her big brother – her best friend – has taken his defeat completely. She knows how talented he is. And she knows what it is like to fail a lesson, even if you think you have the answer right. Every ninja who fails a session or battle learns from their mistakes to gain more experiences.

Splinter continues to lecture his own son. "Remember,…a weapon is only as good as the arm that wields it, Leonardo." And his stick did prove to be victorious over Leo's own swords. Without looking, Splinter sends his stick flying to his right and slices into his second eldest's punching bag. It only went halfway through and lightly shakes it from side to side thanks to the impact. Even without a blade attached to it, it can still pierce through the cotton fabric of the punching bag. The fillings inside do not escape through either of the holes. Leo, plus his sibkings, were surprised by the force of the move that was made by their father who holds his hand together. "Until you have learned this lesson, you have learned…nothing."

Nothing. I have learnt…nothing. Leo's expression changes from astonished to discontent. For the first time in his young life, he was shamefully beaten by the one person that he respected and admired. His master. His father.

(The rooftops, Manhattan, NY – 7:56pm)

The full moon shines very high on a cloudy night. Not wanting to stay in his home after his humiliated defeat by his master, a very frustrated Leo has retreated to the nearest building from his sewer home and made his way up to the top. His bandana tails were now flying in the breeze as the mutant stands right beside a stack of newspapers.

The saying that his father spoke were playing inside his mind before he took off.

"In the hands of a true Ninjutsu Master, anything can be a deadly weapon."

What does he mean by that? The swords in the turtle's possession proved to be very deadly and in his case before the match, the superior weapons. That is until the bout between him and Splinter whom the rat has easily knocked them out of his grip with only a short stick in his hand. His master's choice of weapon has just proved to be more better than his sharp blades. Always been top of his class and now, all it took was one little mistake for him to go back to square one.

He does not like this. Not one bit.

Still unsatisfied from the previous lesson, Leo pulls out his Katanas and holds them out in front. "I don't get it."

He gives off a frustrated growl before leaping into the air and does a 360 spin in the midst. He lands a fair distance from the paper stack before running back. "What haven't I learned? My skill's the best it's ever been." He then does a mighty leap into the air and chops his Katanas on the ground when he made his landing. He looks to his right to see the stack of fresh newspapers.

Digging his feet under the light pile, he kicks it up into the air. As quick as the eye and still kneeling down, he raised his sword upwards and cuts the band that holds the newspaper together. Without the band, the reading materials become detached from each other and begin to float down back to the ground. But just before it makes contact with the concrete floor, the upset reptile decided to let his anger out uses his true weapons to slice each paper at once.


Every time that he screams in dissatisfaction, he slashes off the paper, bit-by-bit until they have turned into little stars. They all float until it finally hits the ground at last. The blue turtle angrily huffs a few times. You would think that this would have cool down the mutant, right? Not quite.

Looking from both left to right at his swords before looking to the ground. "Master Splinter just doesn't understand how important these swords are to me," he speaks to himself.

Ever since he has first intrusted with the steel blades themselves, Leo has taken great care and attention to them. To him, there were his prized possessions. To Splinter,…they were just any other weapons with no meaning. Well, that what Leo might have thought if his father said something like that. Just wished his father would truly understand what he meant by that. And…he just wished he understand what his father's message meant.

Not too far from him would be unexpected company. High above the rooftops on a building just across from Leo's was about to deliver a message to the distraught mutant himself, if he was in the mood or anything.

And how this unexpected company is going to deliver this message to the turtle that is not aware of it? The answer is with a bow and an arrow. The piece of paper was wrapped in a string around the thin stick of the chosen transportation, ready to be delivered.

The wielder of the weapon was decked down in black with a grey tunic over it and a red foot sporting on the darker fabric. A familiar face decided to drop in and spy on the undisturbed and lonely turtle. Aiming the bow at the green ninja with the swords, the black ninja will surely hit his target. He pulls it back, ready to fire it at any day.

Getting a clear visual on the mutant, he fires the arrow.

The singular weapon, with the note still attached to it, sails through the air and it won't stop until it hits its mark. A large, green mark.

It was coming closer and closer.

Just before it hits the turtle, Leo, still has his swords in his hands, sense the arrow coming. He slashes the oncoming weapon. The arrow was sliced into two pieces and falls to the floor. Surprisingly, the blade did not hit the paper.

The turtle was now on high alert with his Dual Katanas in his tight grip. He looks around the surrounding area, any potential assassins that have come to strike him.

There was no-one. He was still all alone. Weird.

Who would dare to send him a mail on an arrow? This does bring a strange mystery to the teenager himself. Nevertheless, he is curious. Putting his swords away, he bends down and picks up the piece that has the note bound to it.

He stands up straight before unravelling the string around the message. "Oookayy, it's not your regular mail. I guess Mikey would call it, "airmail"," he said, mocking the last word in possible his best impersonation of his younger brother. Unfurling the paper itself, Leo begins to read the contents. "Hmm."

Warrior, if you are reading this note, you have passed the first test.

Leo irritably gritted his teeth. The first test? What test? Let me guess, the test to see if the arrow can pierce through my skull if I didn't sense it out in time. Did whoever sent this tried to kill him in order for him to read it? Leo pressed on as his expression changed.

I call upon you as a point of honour to meet with me if you follow the Way of Bushido, you will come. And you will come…alone.

With no return sender or anything, the message was even stranger than the messenger itself. But it has got the turtle…very intrigued.

"Hmm. 16 South Boyle," he repeats the last line of the note. He looks up to the streets that he is on. "That's not far."

Well, knowing Leo, he always follows the Bushido code until his dying breath. Just like the master before his father. Could this be a trap by an unknown threat or was it a prank made by his siblings? Judging from the arrow, the note and how it was aiming directly at him, he doubts that it was from any of his family member.

It could possibly be a trap. Then again, curiosity killed the cat.

Storing the note away in his belt, he sets off to his new destination. The reptile ninja runs off to the fire escape of the building. Grabbing onto the steel ladder, he descends down to the ground level. Once on the pathway of the dark street, he does a 180 scan of his surrounding area. There were no humans in sight. The coast is clear. Or not. Man, he could really use his best friend at this moment. But she is back home with the others after he took off. Hopefully, she hasn't decided to come up top to find him.

With no-one in sight, he runs off into the nearest alley that he sees. Just like before, he was being watched for the second time of the night. But this time, only four figures are closing in on the lone warrior himself.

This went on for a few minutes before Leo comes to his destination. It was a deserted warehouse. Just like the one at his address. Maybe it has some kind of secret elevator that goes down into the sewers just like his home? Who knows?

Exiting the alleyways, Leo silently walks on the front pathway of the abandoned place and heads towards the front door. Just before he grabs onto the knob, he has to make sure of something. He looks over his shoulder. Still, there was no-one. He did as he was told from the note. Only he is invited to this…peculiar event, which it might end very disastrous. Only one way to find out.

Eyeing the door once more, he grabs hold of the knob, twist it, swings the door inwards and walks through. He closes the door up behind him.

It hasn't been a good five seconds for four of Leo's younger siblings to jump down from the rooftops of the building next door. As quietly as they can be, Raph, Don, Mikey and Sally all tip-toed to the same door that their brother just went through. For a while now, they were all concerned for their brother's behaviour after the sparring with their father. With the slight change on his attitude lately, they decided to go topside and check on the trouble turtle. Just when they spotted him, he suddenly takes off. They followed him all the way to this deserted building not too far from their home. They were not expecting this from the Fearless Leader himself. Usually that is what the second eldest would do.

The closest one to the entrance would be the youngest of all as he grabs hold of the knob and opens the door slightly; making a creaking noise. Hopefully, Leo doesn't hear that. They all looked through the gap to see their eldest brother already inside. "Man, Leo's been acting funny all day," he whisper for his closest siblings to hear. Mikey looks over his left shoulder to see Don and Sally. They both portrayals the same worried look on their faces as Mikey's. "And I don't mean ha-ha funny. I mean funny-funny."

Bending over, Don was just behind his little brother's shoulders and Sally was in-between him and Raph. They both agreed their brother on that. The purple turtle shakes his head from side-to-side. "It's not like him to go off like this," Don noted. Mikey looks back through the door. Without being seen, Don removes himself from his ninja family and went in a different direction. If there is more than one way inside the building, he was going to find it.

Raph was leaning up against the door frame with his arms crossed over. He didn't look at his brothers and sister as he was too busy observing his other one. It was like he was looking himself in the mirror but with a different colour ninja mask on. He looks down on his other siblings. "Yeah, he's acting like me," Raph quietly admits as he knows a thing or two about going off on your own.

Mikey removes his hand from the door knob but leaves the door wide open. "Oh, great, that's just what we need. Another you!" the jokester teases the rebel before placing a hand on his chest. "Now another me would be a different story." He then holds his finger up. "That would be a good thing."

A comment like that earns the goofy turtle a slap upside the head. The one made by his older sister. "Ow!" Mikey yelp but not too loudly or else he will blow his and his siblings' cover from Leo. Rubbing the already sore mark on his head, the turtle looks behind to see Sally with her arms crossed over, glaring at him.

"Yeah, and I think one Mikey is more than enough for this world," she sneered. She knows that is not just her family that would have to deal with double trouble if there was another being just like her little brother.

"Are you guys coming?"

Mikey, Raph and Sally all turned around to see their smart brother just hanging off the small roof. Guess he must have found another way in. Removing themselves from the doorway, they all head towards Don who has already started to climb the roof to the top.

Raph was the next one to climb after his brother, followed by Mikey, which only leaves Sally to be the last one. Just as she grabs hold of the ledge of the roof, a thought occurred to her. She looks back to the door. It was still wide open. Mikey was the one who opened the door, he forgot to shut it.

What she was thinking and if she consider to it, she would be risky to her own life. But it could all be part of her ninja training. To remain invisible and silent in enemy's territory.

Out of all of her siblings, she was the one who is most concern for Leo. She was his best friend and he was hers. If something ever happens to him,…

Life without risk is no life at all.

Releasing her grip in the bar, she quickly heads back to the door. Not wanting to look back to see if either Raph or Mikey has already noticed that their sister has not joined them yet. Grabbing hold of the knob, she quietly sneaks through the open door and shuts it behind her to make it look like Leo was the last one in.

Speaking of the turtle…

Sally gets a good look on her brother. He was just a few feet away from her. Just before he noticed her, Sally quickly does a forward roll and hides behind a steel pillar. Not too far from it was four-panel Japanese screens with ripped white screen. She quietly crawls over to the screens and hides behind it. It is better cover than the pillar which she might get spotted by Leo himself or whoever is inside. Because that who Sally senses.

Looking through the tattled hole, Sally is now beyond curious of why her best friend would go to a place like this. She doesn't know why but maybe once he leaves this place, she will get a chance to talk to him.

Fortunately for her, the giant turtle was too busy looking around the deserted place to notice her coming in. He has finally arrived at the destination. So, where is the owner of the mysterious letter? To make sure it wasn't a trap, he keeps his guard up as he continues to walk deeper into the room.

"Hello? Hello?" Way to be stealthy, Leo.

Still looking through the hole, Sally watches the turtle with a close eye. That until something else catches her eye.

Painted on black panels are three red foot symbols.


Sally's eyes went full-sized. It's the red foot insignia. Ushering back, she lets out a silently gasp but she clasps her hand over her mouth and stopped moving in order for her cover not to be blown. But for some reason, she doesn't see a giant metal man in her visual. Instead, she was still in the real world. At least she knows on thing. It was a trap, and Leo was dumb enough to walk right into it.

Not too far behind, Leo looks ahead of him and sees the insignia. He too lets out a surprised gasp, which it is followed by a heated growl as he hunches over.

Yep, it's a trap.

It was then followed by a number of the same black ninjas that appeared from all sides and above him. And they are sporting the same red foot symbol. Nothing has changed.

Sally didn't bother to be surprised that they appeared as she did sense from before. At least they haven't spotted her just yet. They have already set their focus on the lone turtle in the room. A few of them jumps down from the upper floor and have joined their fellow members as they slowly advance the turtle. The black ninjas have now surrounded the teen with no chance of escaping. Some of them have pulled out a katana each as Leo was eyeing each one of them. Make that curiosity killed the giant turtle.

Looking through the skylight as it is the only view of the warehouse, the three turtle brothers are witnessing the even unfolding. They were outside and their poor brother is inside all by himself at the disadvantage.

"13 to one?" Don counted; wipes out his Bo Staff.

Mikey too arms himself, pulling out his Nunchakus. "That seems pretty unfair. I mean, there's only 13 of them." Knowing how skilled their brother is, there was no possible way that he can defeat them. They have already dealt with the mysterious black ninjas only a few times, they might be more skilled than they are.

Both the youngest are ready to jump in and help their brother out. Before they can do anything, Raph, acting as the temp leader of the group as he is the second eldest, holds up his hand. This halts both Don and Mikey. They noticed that Raph still has his eyes glued to the windows and has not yet pulled out his Sais as he is usually the man who brings his weapons out before anyone else does.

"If Leo needs us, we're here,…" the red turtle drops his hand back to his side. He too was very curious about this, "…but let's see what this is all about."

Mikey takes a good look around at their surrounds. He just then realised that something is wrong. "Hey,…where's Sal?"

Raph and Don both break their focus on their brother and looks around. Mikey wasn't lying. Sally is not with them or nowhere to be seen. The last time that they saw her, she was with them when they followed Leo all the way to the warehouse.

"Hey, yeah, where did sh—"

But the red turtle spoke too soon when he finally spots the missing teenager herself. She was kneeling behind a tattered paper panels.

Inside the warehouse.

Raph looks on with a dull but bothered expression. "You gotta be kidding me." And he thought he was the crazy one. Beside himself, the only human of the ninja family just loves to take risks. Since there was no time to get in and get their sister out, they have no choice but to watch. They just hope that she doesn't get noticed by either Leo or those black ninjas.

The black ninjas move a little closer as Leo now draws his swords out. He has to prepare himself. It has been a while since he and his family have faced off against these familiar foes. But now, it was just him against them. As much as he wants to call them up for backup, he promised the sender that he come alone. Plus, he forgot to bring his Shell-Cell with him. He looks at them with a livid look, waiting for either him to make the first move or for them to strike.

Judging by the number of the dark ninjas, it is going to be one shell of a fight!

As they got closer, that is when Leo decided to start things up. Leaping up sideways in the air, he flies over a metre away and arms his katana in a cross-shape, right in front of his face. The first ones from the other team were three of them. They all leaped at the mutant but Leo ducks under them and does a forward roll. Now, they are right behind him. Pressing his hands on the ground, he pushes up and does a spinning kick; taking them all down, before landing on the rugged floor. 3 down, 10 to go.

A few with katana blades are the next one to strike. Leo's own Dual Katanas proved to be the most durable as it slashes them off with ease. A few more kicks to a couple more and they all go down for the count.

Crossing his sword out in front of him before bringing them to his sides, Leonardo was the last one standing. Every black ninjas in the same room are all lying motionless on the ground, escaping a painful groan through their lips. For the second time of the night, the Ninja Turtle has remained victorious. Minus the fight he had with his father.

Sally has just witnessed the entire match from her hiding spot. She was smiling for her best friend's achievement, but only on the inside. Why not the outside? Because she and Leo were not the only ones in the warehouse.

A slow clapping sound was made and it continues to play. It was coming from in the shadows this noise was. From their respective spots, Leo and Sally dart their heads to the source of it. An increase was lit from the dark corner of the warehouse. Leo steps forward a bit while holding his swords at this foe concealed in the darkness.

"Impressive, very impressive."

For the second time of the night, Sally's eyes went wide and the hairs on her neck spiked up. That…v-voice!

Not too far from where her best friend is standing is a tall stranger and the bottom part of his clothing was in a shade of cream. He must been observe the mutant the whole time and yet Sally didn't noticed. Weird. She can sense things but not like this. That what's surprised her the most.

It was not the look that stunned the teenage girl. It was the tone and the speech pattern…of his voice. It was spine-chilling and yet,…very familiar to her. Where has she heard his voice before?

The shadow man stops clapping and places his hands to his side before speaking. "My agents said you were good, but their description doesn't do you justice."

Stepping out from the shadow and into the light, he finally reveals himself to Leonardo and to Salvadora from within her hiding spot. He appears to be a middle-aged Japanese man whom is wearing a dark white long-sleeve shirt with a short-sleeve short dark grey tunic over the top, a dark tan Obi across his waist, and his long pants and Tabi are in the same colour as his top. A red foot symbol was located on both sides of his tunic on the front. He has long shoulder-length dark blue hair; a very calm expression on his face and his eyes appears to be very piercing like it could cut wood just by looking at it.

Judging by the symbol on his clothing, he would appeared to be in charge of these ninjas. Finally. After all this time, they finally get to see who their leader is.

Strangely, after seeing what he looks like, Sally was starting to sweat like crazy. First, the voice and now, the look. What is going on? Does she find this guy very imitating? Or was it something else?

"I am Oroku Saki, eighth generation Master of Ninjutsu," he presented himself. He then gestures his hand towards the armed mutant. "And you are?"

Sceptical at first and will be when this ordeal is over, the turtle decided to play along. Drawing his swords away into their gauntlets, he bows his head to the older ninja himself whilst keeping a sharp eye on him.


Wanting to get a closer look at this unusual ninja, the Japanese man walks towards the reptile himself. He does appear to look different than his own men. Not to mention that he fights more skilled than they all are. Almost like someone he knows with a much higher rank than they do and she is still in Japan.

"Your…appearance is very striking. It's—"

Leo shakes his head. "It's not a costume. Although I know that's hard to believe." No-one other than his few friends wouldn't believe that he and his family are just people wearing strange costumes and that they are actually mutants. If others know who they are, they would call them the first thing that they would say. Monsters. And he's guessing this Saki guy thinks so as well. So how come he didn't turn his feet and run instead of walking towards him?

Saki curls his mouth into a devil smile before halting in front of his guest. Not human, huh? Interesting. It was not just his skills that fascinate him now. "Hmm, much easier to believe than you might imagine." This is very strange to Leo as this man was not at all fazed by him. He definitely has some questions to ask him now. Saki resumes his walking as he moves past the turtle while too keeping a sharp eye on him. "I have seen enough of this world to expect the extraordinary. And you are extraordinary, but…" Leo squints his eyes, watching this stranger like a hawk. What does he want from me? "…I did not ask you here to flatter you." Saki halts his walking and peers over his left shoulder to see the mutant himself. "We have important matters to discuss."

This could only mean one thing. Leo has found not just the leader of this ninja clan of New York, but the sender of the note that he received not too long ago. That could be the only that he would contact him. The stern ninja then pulls out the one thing that he meant. "Then I take it you sent me this." Leo holds up the paper in his grasp. One of his men must have fire the arrow at him at his request.

Saki smiles. He did manage to get the message and did pass the first test. "Yes," he nodded. He turns to face the turtle who takes a step forward. "I felt it was urgent that we meet. There are things you need to know."

That is when Leo starts to get a bit infuriated, demanding a few of his question answered. "There are definitely things I need to know. Like why these ninjas – your ninjas – have been trying to break our heads for months now."

"That is exactly why we need to talk," Saki explains. He holds his hands out to the sides before dropping them. "We have been fighting each other when we should actually be on the same side fighting against our true enemy."

Sceptical of this whole white lie, Leo crossed his arms over. "I think I have the scars to prove that you guys are the true enemy!"

Still dreading, Sally smiles at this. She knows that her best friend would not be totally convinced by this man's lies. He is definitely hiding many things inside of him. And this is one of them.

Hearing this accusation at him, Saki narrows his eyes at the mutant. "Hmm,…" he gives a nod, "…I see."

Without knowing, Saki darts his eyes to another section of the room. Just far behind the turtle, peering through the torn hole of the paper panels.

Looks like they have unexpected company. Earlier before the turtle arrived, what he didn't know that a human girl sneaked into the warehouse without being spotted by him. But Saki did from the shadow.

He thought he made it clear that he sent the message to the turtle only. Guess she must have followed him with or without his knowledge. Rather than rating her out, he decided to let her stay instead of sending his ninjas out to destroy her. Once he says what he needs to say, maybe what she listen could actually convince her to join his side. Like what he is trying to do with this turtle here.

He presses on the conversation. "To you,…" he shakes his head, "…nothing is clear now." He then extends one hand out, followed by the other. "You have been caught in the middle of a battle that is so much bigger than yourself." His hands return to his sides.

A battle…bigger than myself…and my family? What kind of battle? Leo's thoughts were about to be answered as Saki was not finished yet. "But you must know there is a force – a corrupt and evil force – that is out there right now working its insidious tentacles into every aspect of our world. It is an organization devoted to obtaining power through crime, political manipulation, corruption…on a global level.

At first he was doubtful of this man but now,…Leo could only stood there in shock. "Whoa…" Here is he; living down below in the sewers for all his live, clearly oblivious to the dangers that have been happening to the world above. He had no idea how bad the situation was. Maybe he should rethink this…Saki guy.

Back at the skylight, despite watching the entire scene via the skylight, it also lacks the audio as the three teenage turtles. Despite not catching on every word that was made, they hope that once they catch up to their sister, she will give them the low-down. Their hands are printed on the weak glass as they tried so hard not to break it.

"What's he saying?" Don asked. Raph has no idea as he too couldn't hear what is going down in there. Mikey on the other hand…

"Something about onions," he suggested his answer. That is when Raph just looks at his silly little brother. Really? Food…at a time like this? The turtle was starting to get hungry as he rubs one hand on his belly. "Or maybe pepperoni and sausage…" he gains a smile and closes his eyes as he begins to drift off into a daydream. "…in a deep dish crust."

The starving turtle licks his lips, ready to chow down on his imaginary food, only to receive a smack on the head by his irritated older brother. Now's not the time to be distracted. Mikey only had a second into his daydream before he was rudely interrupted by him.

"What?" Mikey whined. "It's hard to hear!" He then looks down at his empty stomach of his. "And I'm hungry!" He is always hungry despite having a bite to eat a few minutes ago.

Well, can't blame you, bro, since your talking about food is making me hungry.

Still in her hiding spot, Sally was still all ears at the conversation before her. When she first heard the tone of the man's voice, she might have heard it from somewhere else. But where…and when? The kunoichi doesn't trust this man one bit and she doesn't like it when he is here, messing with her best friend's head if this keeps up. He is hiding something. And it has to do with those ninjas of his. As much as she wants to get her answers right away, Sally stayed put to hear more.

Letting out a grunt, Saki turns away from the turtle and walks towards the red foot symbol, painted on the dark red brick wall with the lit increase close by. "Unfortunately, the only thing standing against this evil force is me and my…humble army of ninjas."

Humble? Yeah, right! There's nothing humble about your men and lies that you are packing into Leo's mind. He ain't falling for it.

Looking down with his arms crossed over, Leo was starting to hang onto his every word. Saki comes to halt in front of the insignia and turns around to face the turtle again. "We stand alone against them as my master did and his master before him. It has been my destiny to fight for the side of good!" He carefully looks at the green ninja before him in deep thought. The Ninja Master can tell that he has listen to what he has said so far and might consider his answer. Just as he has planned.

He walks towards the creature. "I was hoping that you would find it in your heart to join me and fight against this evil. We could stand together."

At that moment, Salvadora could sense something…malevolent in his speech. Something is definitely up. And Leonardo here was nearly convinced by his words! Concerned for him, Sally is willing to do anything to get her brother out of this tight mess but in order to do that; she will have to blow her cover. Instead, she decided to stay put and pray that deep down, Leo would not accept his invitation.

After some deep thinking, Leo looks up to the Ninja Master and unfurls his arms. "Well, I—I—"

If her eyes go any wider, they would peel off her face. She couldn't believe what she was hearing! Leo was starting to trust everything that this…Saki guy has to say! He only knows him for what…five minutes after his ninjas ambushed on him and now, he knows him like he was family or something.

Saki holds up his hands to stop the turtle from going any further. "I would not ask you to decide here and now. Meditate…" he then drops his hands again, "…upon what you have heard today and come again tomorrow night with your answer."

Leo decided to heed his advice. He will meditate on it and come back tomorrow night with his final decision. Joining into his own clan to fight for a good cause is sounding to be a wonderful opportunity for him and his family is they are willing to try out.

He bows to what could possibly his new ally and turns away to leave. He takes a few steps forward to the only door of the warehouse…


Leo halts in his place. Was Master Saki going is sic more of his ninjas on him? Maybe it was because he doesn't think that he can't trust a creature like him? Come to think it, after he has taken them down and once he has his back turned, they are nowhere to be seen. They must have covered from the brawl and disappeared during his talk with the leader of the clan.

"There is…one more thing."

The blue ninja looks over his shoulder and at the same time, Saki claps twice. Turning his whole body around, Leo sees one of the black ninjas approaching his master. In his grasp is a large pillow with lone katana resting on the soft cushion. The gauntlet of the sword was black with three red diamond-shape encrusted on the side with a silver chape that has a red diamond encrusted on it and wrapped around between where the second and third diamond is brown string. The handle was wrapped in bloody red bindings with silver diamond moulds and the protector is in the shape of the red foot. More brown string was tied through a hole on the tip of the handle.

The black ninja stops in front of his master and present the weapon to him. With care, Saki picks up the sword with both of his hands and examines it with great detail. "This sword has been in my family for 300 years. It was crafted by the master, Toshi Kurahara in the 16th century." Bringing it closer to his face, his eyes are still on locked with this ancient sword and his hands are gripping onto both the handle and the gauntlet. "It is said that, in the forging…"

Saki didn't bother to finish the sentence himself. Because the awe-stricken turtle has his eyes locked onto the sword with deference, has offered to finish the sentence. "…Kurahara folded the metal over 700 times…" Saki pulls the gauntlet a bit out to show a little preview of the magnificent blade to the admiration mutant. "…to remove any impurities." It is not just Musashi that he was a big fan of.

Pulling the gauntlet all the way out to let the rest of the blade breath in the air, Saki was once again impressed. Guess it was not just his skills that amaze him tonight. He knows his history all too well. He holds the blade out to show a pure view of the open weapon. Leo eyes the blade of it. It was much clearer and lighter than his swords. How much does he need one?

"Hmm, yes," Saki comments. Leo looks back up to the man. "You are impressive." Still holding the sword and the case in his grip, Saki takes a step forward to Leonardo. "It is for you to keep."

Wait, what? He is giving Leo…a sword? Oh, that's just great! That'll convince him to join the dark side. At least it ain't cookies if Mikey was in his place.

The blue ninja was now completely baffled. He has only met Master Saki for a few minutes and he has decided to give him a stunning sword for him to have. He holds up his hands in protest. "No, I—"

"Take it." Saki does not take no for an answer. Sliding the sword back into the gauntlet, he hands it into the hands of the surprised turtle. He then places his right hand on the green shoulder of the teenager. "I wish you to have it as a token of…my sincerity."

With nothing left to say or do, Saki decided to take his leave. Bowing to his possible new assistance, the Ninja Master then walks backwards until he was once again where he was before. Concealed in the shadows, like a ninja.

Leo and Sally (still in her hiding spot) were the only ones left in the warehouse. The turtle himself looks down on the sword in his hands. This was by far the weirdest thing that he ever happened to him before. But…after his talk with Master Saki, it would seem like joining up with his ninja clan to fight against the force of evil would seem like a good idea. It was all part of being a leader and growing up. Making the right choices in his life. He just hopes that his brothers, sister and Sensei would be all on the same page as he is.

Leo's brothers have just finished watching the entire scene. Despite not getting any sound from it, they did have a clear view of what is going on. Their own brother – their Fearless Leader – has just made a secret alliance with the leader of that ninja clan that has been busting their heads for a while now. And he was sure of a sucker for believing that guy's story from the start.

Mikey turns to his other siblings. "Gee, and I thought Master Splinter said never to take swords from strangers." Even if that being is very fond of swords in his entire life. If so, Leo juts broke that rule.

But this was no time to be joking. Not when their brother might have just walked right into the lion's den itself. Or in this case, the dragon's den.

Not wanting to stick around in the deserted place, Leo opens the front door and walks out. Looking from side to side for any people around,

Sally was not far behind him. Opening the door slightly, she watches her best friend disappear into the alleyway, with the tainted sword in tow. Man! If you look up for the word gullible, Leo's picture would be right next to it.

Disappointment was written all over her face. Sally couldn't believe Leo would believe Saki's falsehood. While in her hiding spot, she didn't sense any heart rate or breathing in that man. It is almost like…he wasn't human.

Once she catches up with her big brother, they are going to have one shell of a talk.

Looking through his high-tech glasses with a built-in scanner, the dark-skinned ninja and his companion was perch on top of a high skyscraper. The tech on their faces is something that a certain turtle would be interested in one for himself. His blue hair it tied up in a high ponytail with large sideburns. Wearing a large grey trench coat over their blue jumpsuit, he has a large gold chain necklace with an engraved picture of a strange head. His partner is wearing the same thing but his skin is white and his head is shaven with only a small portion of hair that is tied up in a high ponytail as well. Plus, his glasses were very different from the dark-skinned ones. Their clothing and hair were moving with the wind.

The dark-skinned has finished observing the scene. "He is leaving now." He turns to his partner. "We'd better report this back to the council."

Lifting his right hand up, the white-skinned fellow holds to chest level for his partner to see silver bracelet on him. A purple beam was shot up and then extended into the size of a small computer screen.

On the holo-screen, sitting from the left is the chubby, with the skinny one wearing the hat in the middle and the female on the right.


His three masters all spoke when the call was answered. His partner moves a bit closer to him as the dark-skinned warrior reports in.

"One of the turtles – Leonardo – has spoken with Saki. But we do not know the outcome. As for Young Salvadora, she has observed them without any presence at all."

One-by-one, they all spoke. Starting from the left side.

"Find out…"

"…what the Turtles and Young Salvadora…"

"…will do. If they…"

"…are with Saki,…"

"…we may forced…"

All three of them spoke together. "…to destroy them."

Turning off the communicator as the little screen disappears, the motion was carry. They went off to spy more on these fellow ninjas, to learn more on what they can. They just hope, for their sake, they have not teamed-up with Saki.

Especially for Miss Salvadora.

(The rooftops, Manhattan, NY – 8:10pm)

The night was not over and so much happened in such a short time.

A few moments ago, Leonardo was very furious about his failed training session of thinking that his katanas are the superior above all weapons. But after his talk with this great Ninja Master (in his terms) and receiving this wonderful gift, he was overcome with pride. Pride that Master Splinter has falsely overlooked while this Oroku Saki guy didn't. He thought that his skills and knowledge were the ideal intentions for a perfect student in martial arts. AMybe it was not just one teacher that he needs to hear it from. He knows Master Splinter all his life and the rat elder begins his doubts about it but Master Saki doesn't think so.

Climbing up the fire escape, he does a huge leap and lands gently on his feet. He returns to the same rooftops where he lets out most of his frustration out before receiving the message that could actually do something worth his while. And maybe for the rest of his family.

Before he heads for home, he decided to take the time to admire the new gift that what could possibly be a new ally into the mix, has given to the promise ninja. Musashi and Kurahara were ones of the many heroes that Leonardo looks up to. And here he is, holding in his grasp, is proof that he is holding a scared item that was crafted by one of the greats. Used in many battles and won. And now,…it was his.

"This…is beautiful," he utters with amazement. There were…no words to explain.

"You're really are the gullible type, aren't you?"

A sudden comment like that just made the turtle jumped out of his reptile skin and gives out a yelp. He almost drops the priceless artefact in his grip but managed to recollect it. As a ninja, he should have sense it. But instead, he was too bust drooling over his new sword. Turning to his right was absolutely the first person he wanted to see.

The blue leader puts on a smile to a familiar face. "Oh! Hey, Sal."

Rather than happy to see him, her arms were crossed over and has a stern look on her face. Mostly it was from his talk with Saki that she eavesdropped on.

The turtle was now confused as he raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"So,…this is how you go to cool down now," she speaks, "by going to talk to other maniac in abandoned warehouse."

Leo shakes his head. "H-hey, hold on. I was trying to figure out what I didn't learn from before while doing some more training to—"

"—to believe a word that this…Saki guy has to say when you have no clue of who he might really be!"

That is when Leo was now little hostile. "Wait. Di-did you follow me to the warehouse and spied on the whole meeting?"

It wasn't just her that followed him. So were their brothers. But Sally decided to save their shell and decided not to bring them into this whole mess. Arms are still crossed over, Sally turns onto her side that only Leo can see her right cheek but not making full eye contact at him. "Ok, so I did follow you to the place and spied on you." But then, her face begins to soften as she looks down. "But I only came out here so we can talk because I was concern about your behaviour from before."

Leo can actually note a little distress in her voice. Sally – his best friend, his little sister – was worried about him. She can't help it. But it only took a split second for the kunoichi to whip her head around to see him and becomes all spiteful again. "But right now, it feels like that you rather talk to this Oroku Saki person a lot more than your own family!"

Leo was starting to get a little angrier towards her. "Master Saki said he wants me to help combat this force of evil!"

Master Saki? You GOT to be kidding me? "Dude, you should have walked away! If I was in your place, I would do the same thing!"

"What have you got against him anyway?"

There was a short silent between them. It was because this was the first time in who knows how long that these two have been in an argument before. The leader and the kunoichi have never spat harsh words nor violence at each other before. They know it's very childish to do something like this and they were the most mature ones out of all their siblings. "I just…" she closes her eyes and gives out a frustrated "huff", "…I just don't trust him, Leo." She opens her eyes up once more while still trying not to let her anger get the best of her. "There something definitely off about him that I just quite put it."

Leo was now curious but still irate. "Well, how do you know? You never met the guy."

He does bring up a good point. She hasn't met the guy. Or has she? The tone of the man that Leo talked to made her spine chill. And very familiar to her as well. She was now in deep thought.

Was it time? Time to tell him about the visions? The red foot symbols that are the cause of it?

He is her best friend. And she hates to keep secrets from him. She does remember a while back that she was on a brig of having a serious meltdown. That is until she finally tells Leo of what she is feeling with her progress that she made with her powers so far in her life. With some encouraging words made from the turtle's lips, she was back to her old self. For many months now, she has not told anyone about the mysterious visions that she has been having. She thought that she could actually handle of finding the answer on her own. So far,…it has not been that easy.

This has been gone long enough. It was now…or never.

Leo was now waiting for an answer. Guess she can't get out of this one. "Well,…it's just that—"

"Oh, Leonardo?"

They were almost taken surprised (well, the turtle. Not the kunoichi) by the sudden voice added to the group.

It's either Ricky Ricardo knows Leo's name or it's someone all too familiar who loves to impersonate famous TV characters.

Leo and Sally looked up to see the rest of their siblings. The three ninja turtles all jumped down from one building and lands on the same rooftop as they are. First up was the comedic himself who walks up to them. Mostly to Leo. "You have some splainin' to do!"

With his other brothers right behind him, Mikey stops walking and crossed his arms while tapping his feet. Well, you can't blame a guy for watching too much TV for a living, especially from the I Love Lucy show. And by judging the look on their faces, they were none too satisfied with their brother's new…associates as Sally was. Particularly a certain red turtle who approaches his older brother.

"Nice letter opener! Is that the price of selling out these days?" he asked; adding a little venom to his voice.

Guess Sally lied on that part. She may have been inside the warehouse; listening the whole conversation, the others didn't get the best audio in town and were getting the wrong idea.

Leo shakes his head in defence. He would never sell his family out like that. Maybe once he clear things up, they'll understand. "It's not like you think! I was invited to—"

Raph cuts him off. "—to join up with them?"

Again, Leo shakes his head while waving his hand as well. "No!" But then, he quickly looks at Sally, hoping for her to jump in and come to his defences. With her arms crossed over and a frown on her face, the saying 'you're on your own' was on her face. He thennodded his head before turning back to his brothers. "I mean, yes. But it's different than we thought. They're not the enemy." He shakes his head before looking at the sword in his grasp. "At least I don't think they are." He turns back to the group. "Everything Master Saki said—" Oh, boy.

Furious, Raph places his fists on his hips. "Master Saki? What's up with that?" the rebel angrily snaps at his brother by lunging forward at him. Leo took a step back to avoid even the slightest of his rage. He would try the best he can to calm his brother down. Guess it was already lit when the talk began between him and Saki, not with him and his brothers. But once the flame has been set, there was no telling how they will try to hiss it out.

"I thought we already had a master," Donnie chimed in with his hands on his hips. "Master Splinter?" No-one can't really forget about the rat master himself. There is probably the only one in the entire universe.

Mikey unfolds his arms. "Remember him, Leo? Real hairy guy about this tall?" the youngest holds out a hand at a certain height. "I don't think we can just ditch him."

For Leo, it's quite the opposite. "I'm not talking about ditching anybody," he clarified. Never in a millions years that he would just abandon his role as leader and his family all together. It was more like expanding the team is what he is trying to explain to them.

He turns his shell at them and walks to the edge of the building. He holds his prized sword in his two green grasp. "I'm only talking about working with another group of ninjas in a fight against evil."

As he speaks, Sally looks at her other brothers. They are entirely convinced of this story. Besides, it's them who are fighting against evil. Not the black ninjas and their boss.

Still holding the sword in his hands, Leo turns back to them. Maybe one of them will concur with him; hopefully get the same idea. "Mikey, you're always going on about how we should do some good. Serve a greater purpose. Well,…" he extends the sword out in front, "…here's a greater purpose."

It does sound like a purpose, but not a good one. Unfortunately, this was not going to work on his siblings.

Mikey does raise a decent point on the words that he spoke for some time now since he has first read the comics. But this is the real world. Whatever the decisions that they make affects their future to come.

Don and Sally have their arms crossed over, Raph has his tight fists on the side and Mikey places one fist on his hip while the other scratches his head. "I don't know, Leo." He too was totally unconvinced of the whole idea. Sure that he and his family are meant to do some greater good but with the people that his brother has met, he wasn't so sure about it.

Not wanting his brother to fall to go to a whole new kind of low with probably the baddies of the Big Apple, Raph walks up to Leo. "What's this thing got? Some sort of mind control device in it?" he asked before snatching the weapon right out of the leader's grip. "Because you're losing it, Leo."

Just when he was about to walk away, the eldest grabs his brother by the shell. Raph has the nerves to take something that doesn't belong to the sword master and it was given to Leo as a gift by Saki. "Hey, g-give that back, Raph!" he demanded.

But the red turtle wouldn't listen. "Oh, you can just get one of your new pals to give you another one!" he sneered as he spins around and violently pushed the naïve ninja back, nearly sending him off the rooftop. But there wouldn't be another one. It was a one-of-a-kind crafted by one of the greatest sword master of all time. But that wasn't the case.

Something actually snapped inside of Leo. Raph has sadistically taken his sword away from him. And boy, he wasn't too happy about it. So, what does he do in a situation like this? Leo did something out of character. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he charges at Raph and tackle him to the guard. They then began to fight for the sword in Raph's grasp.

"GIVE IT BACK!" Leo shouted.

Normally, they would be somebody to break up the fight. But…there wasn't. The rest of the siblings just did nothing. They all just stand there, watching the two eldest going at it. This has always happened between them and how they always deal with their problems at each other.

If anyone that has joined the club, they would be totally off guard by Leo's strange attitude. But to those who have been here the longest, they were not completely surprised by this. This has happened for many years now ever since they were first mutated.

"Gee, a fight between Leo and Raph?" Mikey unsurprisingly spoke.

Don places a hand on his shaking head. "Oh, I didn't see that coming." Sally shakes her head in disbelief.

The brawl was still going and it was going to be only a matter of time before this match goes flying off the edge.


Managed to grab onto the sword with both his hands again, Leo was going to make sure that he doesn't let go of his new weapon. Ever again.

This fight was now turning into a tug-of-war match. And they were coming up the ledge of the building as Leo has his shell up against the brick wall.

Snarling that he is losing his grip on his sword from the strongest turtle around, that is when Leo did the unthinkable. Placing his feet by his brother's gut, Leo rolls a bit back before kicking him away and over him. Raphael then goes flying …off the building!

Leo flips up to his feet and horror has taken over his face. He just realized what he has just done. And it wasn't fear that has taken over his face, but the others as well. The scared leader gave out a gasp before dropping the sword on the ground and raced to the edge of the building. "Raph, no! RAPH!"

He was soon joined by the others and they all looked down. They were now expecting to see their brother alright. So, has Raphael become turtle paste on the sidewalk?

Not exactly. The hothead turtle managed to save his doom by lodging one of his Sais into a brick wall, just a metre away from his siblings who are looking down. Raphael has survived the fall to his certain death.

The turtle, just hanging off the wall, just laugh at the face of danger while looking down. He looks up to see his relieved siblings. "And you thought Katana were the best ninja weapons," he smugly said, recalling the lesson from earlier.

Their hearts were only racing when Raph goes flying off to the side of the building and out of their sights. But seeing him alive just only brought their heart rate down a little.

The disgraceful Leo was the first to grab his brother's hand. He and Mikey pull their brother up as Sally picks up the sword and gives it to Don. The leader felt very regretful that he is the one who almost cause his brother's death. And all this happened…over a sword. Leo felt very shameful. He didn't know what came over him like that.

"I am such an idiot," Leo admits by the time Raph planted his feet on the surface of the rooftops. Leo stills hold on to his brother's arm just in case it happens again. "You could have been really hurt."

Raph was no longer mad at Leo. He was just glad that fall of his was enough to bring his brother back from reality. After Leo lets his arm go, Raph puts his lone Sai away. "Yeah,…" he points his index finger at the susceptible fool himself and a hand on his hip, "…you really are an idiot," he agrees. "And I don't hurt that easily, sword boy." He shakes the same finger before lightly slapping him in the face in more of a brotherly way.

Sally smiles at this scene. She was just glad that best friend has finally come to his senses before it was too late. Weapons like this can be replaced but never someone's life. They can never equal the value of anyone's life, especially for family.

Now that the dust has been settled, what should the family do now? Don approaches the leader of the group with the sword in tow. "So what are we gonna do, Leo?" he asked, holding the sword up to him.

As always, Leo knows exactly what they all should do. "What I should have done in the first place. Talk to Master Splinter."

Out of the decisions that he has made today, this was probably the best one that he did.

(The Lair, Manhattan, NY – 8:35pm)

After a scorcher of a night, the teens have finally returned to the comfort of their own home. The first person or being that they run into was their rat father. The children of the elder rodent have told him the events of when Leo has retreated to the rooftops after the failed weapon sparring session. During his absence, he has received a surreptitious invitation, an encounter the same black ninjas that he and his siblings have been butting heads on a number of occasions and… his secret talk with Oroku Saki on the topic of joining forces to fight against evil.

Now sitting in their lotus position with their hands resting on their knees, the young ninjas have engaged in yet another meditation session. But after hearing about tonight's events, this wasn't going to be any other training session at all.

Kneeling on the higher platform was Master Splinter. In one hand was the dark sword that his eldest son received from Saki and in the other…was a black cloth that has the very familiar red foot symbol. It was the same black cloth that they took from them during their second brawl with them. The teens have all seen the insignia for some time now and they have no clue of what this symbol actually means. Only Splinter knows.

Looking down at the items in his grasp with the most difficult look on the rat's face, he never thought that he would live to see this day. Judging from seeing the symbol for the first time and right now, his children can actually tell from his face that he knows a thing or two about these mysterious adversaries and why it has bring great distress when they showed him the symbol and why he was against their wishes of going after them. The rat knows that he cannot keep this secret any longer. Not even from his own family.

Splinter lets out a trouble sign before facing his pupils. It was time.

"My children,…" he shuts his eyes before reopening them, "…I had hope this day would never come."

Now focusing on the cotton garb in his furry hand, he clutches it into a tight grip. For what he is about to tell the rest of his family is going to be more painful than any other stories that he has told them of his early days. By telling this story will not only learn the whole hidden truth and will help them understand but it would help ease the old rat's pain a bit.

"I know who these people are," he finally admits before drawing his eyes at them, "I have always known."

There was only one other person in the room who is somewhat aware about this confession. Salvadora had a feeling that her father was hiding and that he knew something about them. And now, she and her brothers were going to get the whole story.

Splinter shows the teens a good view of the red foot symbol on the garb from his hand. It wasn't the ninjas that they will learn, it also includes…their master.

"This is the symbol of the Foot Ninja. Their leader is Oroku Saki. But he has another name. He is…the Shredder."

The…Shredder?! Sally's heart was racing once more. It wasn't just the voice that sounded familiar, to Salvadora, so does the name.

But the story was not over yet as the rat presses onwards. "I have often told you of my beloved Master Yoshi. But now it is time that I tell you the whole truth…"

The whole truth? There's more?

(Manhattan, NY – 15 years ago)

One vertical punch was followed by another one as the young fighter himself was sitted in a horse stanch. He was located in the middle of his living room on a nice soft rug of his small apartment.

With short black hair and white skin, you know he is not from around here. The fit man himself was wearing a long sleeve Japanese tunic with a long sleeveless vest, a pair of baggy pants and his feet was all wrapped up. He looks to be in his thirties. And right now, he was engaged in his usual training which would explain his choice in clothing.

Not too far from him, a small rat was observing his owner from within his small cage that is placed on top of a long pole. The rat's name goes by the name of Splinter.

Before the whole incident with the Turtles and before finding baby Salvadora all alone in the sewers, Master Splinter was no more than a little pet rat. His mutant years was just around the corner when this faithful day occurred. As the human's pet rat, Splinter was known to have a smart brain and has gain the ability to watch his owner – his master – does his daily exercise.

Ad his name was Hamato Yoshi. But Splinter calls him either Master Yoshi, Sensei or Father.

The rat now begins to tell the life-changing chapter of his story.

As you already know, my master was a ninja of great power, one of the greatest practitioners of Ninjitsu in many centuries.

To his children, they too thought he was the greatest and the most honourable man that ever lived. Only if they have met him in person.

Yoshi delivers a few more punches before a mighty side kick to an invisible head. Not too far, Splinter has watched and was doing the same thing.

I was his pet rat.

Another punch was made by Yoshi, Splinter copies the move. A kick was made afterwards, Splinter does it as well. Splinter was indeed a very smart rat who has a very smart teacher.

And I learned Ninjitsu by mimicking his moves.

It is no wonder that Splinter has earned the title of Ninja Master by learning from one the greatest fighters of all time. Yoshi comes to a pose as Splinter does the same thing.

For many years, I was happy. We were… a family.

Unfortunately, those years…have come to a horrible conclusion. The one that the young rat will never forget.

Yoshi was expecting to finish his usual training with a spinning kick, but what he was not expecting was his front door to be forced open from the outside and smashed into a million pieces when came into contact. The cause of it appears to be made by a large hand. Yoshi was now on high alert and so was Splinter. He was expecting some company but not this kind. Not today.

The one who owns the large hand belongs to a giant who steps into the room; illuminates the entire room with a dark aura. Hun. Sling over his body was his choice of weapon – a Katana. The large monster now faces the small ninja in the room. For 15 long years, his appearance remains the same but he was not sporting three large scars that was supposed to be on his left cheek. Four black soldiers with a red foot symbol each on their chest were the second to enter the room.

It was the Foot Ninjas. They have found him.

But that life ended when the Shredder sent his Foot Ninja to attack my master.

As second in command, Hun thrusted his hand forward; letting out a battle cry. The first two of the Foot Ninja both charges at Yoshi. But the skilled warrior leaps over their heads and does a forward roll before ending up in a crouching position. He now has to deal with a few more.

The third one goes for an aerial kick but Yoshi was more than ready when he pushes him away. Spins on the spot, his back was facing the next Foot Ninja who comes in with a punch, but Yoshi cleverly use his elbow to block the move before kicking him away. He was still up against the same one form before who is then joined by another. Moving backwards, Yoshi tries his very best to protect himself from a few punches by one Foot Ninja while the other one was waiting for an opening. Yoshi was too watching the second ninja with a close eye. That is until the active ninja Foot Ninja manages to grab him by the arm. He moves right behind whilst still holding onto the arm and locks both arms in together with his gloved hands planted on top of Yoshi's head. The ninja was now defenceless. And this gives the second masked ninja to deal with some serious damage on him.

Still in his cage and on his hind paws, Splinter has not taken his eyes off the whole brawl. Rage was written all over his face as he snarls. His master was at a disadvantage. There were many of them and only one of him.

But Yoshi is such not such an easy opponent.

Just when the Foot Ninja was about to throw a punch into his face, Yoshi manages to do a small jump in the headlock to avoid the swing and kicks him away. That ninja was sent flying at a short distance; slamming into a wooden cage – Splinter's cage.

Upon impact, the feeble cage was now destroyed by the hefty body. The Foot Ninja picks himself up and resume the match. As for the rat,…he was left unscattered from the crash. He was beyond terrified as he continues to watch the fight.

My master battles honourably…

Once that ninja was gone, it was time to deal with the other one. Performing a back-kick into the chest, Yoshi pushes the ninja who held him in his headlock and bumps into one of his cabinet. It knocks a priceless vase off its shelf and smashes into pieces when it falls to the ground. But the brave warrior didn't care about that. All he cares about was the need to survive. He clearly knows who they are and now they have found him. There was no escape.

Whipping around and gets into a fighting stance, Yoshi faces his next opponent. Hun. But the giant Purple Dragon himself has other plans.

Fitted around his huge hand was a small handheld object with two small slots. Aiming at Yoshi, Hun grit his teeth as he pushes the little button. Popping out of the slots was two ropes and descends straight for the human ninja. Just before Yoshi can do anything to deflect the oncoming attack, in a blink of an eye, the white ropes managed wrapped Yoshi's other wrist. The young ninja tries with all his might to escape back his trap. But another similar trap was followed by another… and another. All eight ropes from four different angles as two each were wrapped around the captive's wrists and ankles.

Master Hamato Yoshi is trapped.

but through their dishonourable ways,…

Yoshi tries to struggle his way out of his fasten prison. But this proved to be no avail. There was no way out now. All he can do was suffer at the hands of his adversaries. He pictures his face our fury at Hun and the four Foot Ninjas, not showing any sign of weakness. He was a strong ninja.

the Foot Ninja overpowered him.

The second-in-commander stared down at the helpless warrior with an emotionless expression as he was about to do the unthinkable…and quite shocking.

Pressing the same button, electrical currents passes through the ropes and into…Yoshi. Enduring a new kind of pain, he was now screaming for his life. Hun and the Foot are torturing him.

The little rat could only look around from this in horror. He doesn't want to see his owner – his master – writhe in agony. Hun continues to watch the carnage; with a pleased look as he switches the device off. He steps towards Yoshi, now too weak to stand after the treatment that they gave him. He was being hold up by two of the black assassins.

As much as he wants to continue the entertainment, Hun was simply warming up for the main event as there was one more person who has yet to arrive. Yoshi was not prepared for what is about to happen.

Hun steps to the side for Yoshi to have a clear view of his front door. That is when his…demise enters through the damaged door all decked out in his silver armour.

Then,…the Shredder entered.

Walking away from his destroyed wooden cage, Splinter halts his tracks and looks up in horror. To him, this was his first time seeing the menace himself. In person. The metal monster approaches the overpowered ninja. Watching his master coming to his side, Hun was still smiling as he again focus his attention on his prisoner once more.

Two of his men hold the ninja up a little higher by the arms until he was on his knees. Without sensing his presence, Splinter runs off away from his cage and moves to different location to get a closer look.

They accursed my master of working for their enemies.

Demanding for more answers, the Shredder holds his hand up. This is his way to command Hun to "ask" Yoshi again. Hun sneers in agreement. Two of the Foot Ninjas removed themselves from behind Yoshi and were now standing right beside the thug himself.

They wanted information.

All eyes were now staring down on Yoshi. Still bound, the ninja could only crawl back for a few feet in terror. Hun lifted up his device by a bit. Yoshi knows exactly what he was about to do if he doesn't start talking. His eyes starts to quake. Here we go again.

Pressing the same button, the same torture was going through the ninja's veins once more. Yoshi screams a lot more as it was now more painful than the last one.

They were relentless.

Hopping from the cabinet to the paper Japanese screens, Splinter was now closer to the action. The little rat was now full of rage. They were hurting his master through merciless cruelty. They are not going to get away with this.

Once the second time around was over, Yoshi was thrown onto the floor. Despite weaken from the dealings that he was forced against his will, the warrior himself did find the strength to push his upper body off the ground with the help of his hands and arms.

But my master only said one thing.

Sweats were now dripping down from his face. Slowly lifting his head, the tired ninja looks directly at the monster standing before him.

"He…who lives without honour…will end...without honour…"

Exhausted, Yoshi's arms finally give out as he drops to the floor. His resistance of sharing any information or secrets about these so-called… enemies that the Shredder speaks of does not pleased the terrifying crime lord at all. He was getting impatient by the second.

"This is a waste of time! FINISH HIM!"

To which Hun will gladly do. Just as Yoshi was struggling to get up, the large brute grabs hold of his bladed weapon from behind and draws it out from its scabbard. From his hiding spot, the rat was about to witness the scene in shock. They were about to kill his owner. Splinter cannot let this happen. But…what can he do? He was just a little rodent and there were about six full-grown men against one. There's got to be something for the small animal like him to save Yoshi.

Seeing Hun raising his sword high above him that is when Splinter finally reveals himself.

I tried to save my master.

Charging at muscle-bound fool with the long blond ponytail, Splinter scurries up his body to the one place where he can do some actually damage. Without warning, the rat digs his sharp claws into the hulk's face. This has catches Hun off guard; causing him to drop his sword; halting the execution and begins to scream in pain. The Shredder and his men were surprised by this sudden attack that came out of nowhere. The little rat has got guts. Especially when someone tries to harm his owner.

Unfortunately his little bout didn't last very long. As soon Hun falls to his knees, still taking in the pain, he clutches his big hands onto his face. Grabbing hold of the small creature in his grasp, Hun violently rips him off his face and tosses him out through an open window. The rat goes soaring into the streets below.

My efforts were in vain,…

Hun shakes his head and pats his left stinging cheek now bearing three permanent scars. He tries to rub it to ease the pain.

though I did leave my mark.

And this "mark" was left on the giant for another 15 long years.

The Shredder was now getting very furious with the delayed execution. If you want done something right, you have to do it yourself. He steps a few steps forward, leaving Hun to cry in aching. "Bah! I will finish you myself!"

Despite thrown a good distance away, Splinter did managed to grab hold of the window still. It's a good thing too or else he would have taken a nose dive into the alleyway below. The strike that he delivered to Hun, Splinter hopes to do the same thing again, in order to by his master more freedom. Lifting his head up and look through the open window, there wouldn't be a second time.

Because the Shredder's bladed gauntlet is high above his master. There was no time to stop the Shredder. His face would have been made of metal unlike Hun's squishy face. Yoshi cowers in fear; preparing for the worst.

The light flashes across the two sharp steel blades as the rat was now the witness of the scene unfolding. Hamato Yoshi was about to meet his end.

Splinter needs to move. He has to. All he has to do was to move those tiny little legs of his and attacks the Shredder just like what he did to Hun. That was his plan,…then how come he is not moving? How come he is not attacking the monster that he sees?

No, no, no, no, no…

The Shredder brings his blades down and…


Splinter quickly closes his little beaded eyes and looks away from the horrifying sight. The sound of a heavy body makes an impact on the floor.

Hamato Yoshi…is gone.

All that remains alive in the warm apartment that has been disturbed forever is the forlorn rat. Dropping his head from the window, Splinter lets go of one claw on the wood and lets himself dangling. His eyes remained closed.

The Shredder had taken my Master Yoshi from me,…

Not wanting to hold on, his little arm gives out, losing his grip on the wood and falls towards the ground.

from the world.

Just before he makes ground impact, Splinter lands on a large garbage bag, cushioning his fall as he rebounds off it and lands gently in a small puddle.

All those years of happiness were quickly taken away in an instant. Splinter was now all alone and was now homeless. For the rest of the day, the heartbroken rat remains on the ground; motionless, mourning for his only family.

But…after a loss in one day, he has gain four more in the next. And another addition in the next month.

Not long after that, I found you, my children. And you all know the rest.

(The Lair, Manhattan, NY – 8:41pm)

The cloth bearing the evil symbol was now resting beside the elder rat but the sword remains in his lap. The take about his traumatise past was the one that he didn't want to share with anyone, especially to his new family and he would actually take it to his grave. But eventually, his children were going to find out sooner or later about Saki and the Foot Ninjas.

The teens have now fully absorbs the whole truth. About Oroku Saki, the Foot Ninjas, and of course, more on their father's past of how his life was happy and peaceful before it was all brutally take away. They were deeply horrified. Especially to Salvadora. She knew that her rat father was hiding something from them, but she and her brothers never knew it was that bad. His owner – his own master – was killed at the hands of a demon. It must have been very painful for someone to bring up a memory like that, let alone revisit it.

At least she was right about one thing. She knew that they were something malicious about this Oroku Saki guy. There were a number of heartless people in the world but it would take someone who is pure evil to do such a terrible act. It just made her sick.

All choked up, the young kunoichi sheds a tear but quickly wipes it away juts before anyone sees it. She resumes her position as her father continues to speak.

"I never told you all this because I did not want your training to be tainted by the poison of hatred." The rat then shakes his head. "I did not want you to feel the sorrow…," the master lowers his head and closes his eyes but not in shame but more in an understandable way, "…that is still in my heart."

He opens his eyes once more but his tone speaks a small hint of fury to it. "But now you need to know who Saki – The Shredder – really is. He serves no great purpose. He fights no great evil. He is great evil. Any endeavour he undertakes, he does for his own selfish gain," he finishes explaining before lifting his grip on the sword and slams it lightly on his lap.

Out of all of his siblings, Leo was by far the most speechless – and the most ashamed. After learning the whole story form his father of the kind of person that Oroku Saki was, he couldn't believe how idiotic he was for almost joining forces with that man and his clan. He felt like a complete fool for trusting the one person who caused the rat master so much pain many years ago. The others shouldn't blame for Leo for trusting someone else who claims to be an honourable man but he is not. He slayed Master Splinter's sensei for crying out loud and Master Yoshi was twice the warrior that Saki will ever be. His best friend was right after all. He should have listened to her. I mean, what kind of mutant is he for not listening to one of the closest friends ever and for having doubts about this mysterious being?

He shakes his head. "Man, I am such an idiot!" he exclaims, tightly his fist before hitting it on his knee. A gullible one that is. The blue turtle could only blame himself for his actions that almost tear this family apart.

The youngest ninja was on his naïve brother's left side. "I could have told you that," he teased, lightly nudging with his elbow while giving him a wink. Leo gives a sincere smile to him. Yeah. Please remind me the next time that something like this happens.

"You've been played, bro," Don said before pointing at him. "He saw you coming a mile away." Leo hates to admit it but Saki is one heck of a manipulator when it comes to good-hearted people.

"So what are we gonna do about it?" Raphael was more concern about the talk between Leo and Saki about the invitation. The ninja master still needs an answer by tomorrow night, right? Leo still remembers. And what better way to give him his final answer to Saki than to bring something else to the party.

He punches his fist into his open-palm. As always, he has a plan in motion. "Shredder wants an answer? I think we should give him one…" he punches once more, "…turtle style."

All the siblings looked to one another. Just by looking at each other, they have all come to an agreement. The four turtles and the human all looked back at their father whom they respectfully bow to. Master Splinter does the same thing to his decent children.

So many secrets have all been revealed tonight. And no doubt more will be on the way. With the full knowledge of the Shredder and his Foot Ninjas, Sally was slightly one step closer to unlocking her origins. And in order for her to unlock her concealed past, she needs to know how Shredder and her visions are all linked

…and she would go to the one being that might have all the answers. Possibly the ones that he has yet to tell to his children or her.

It has only been nearly one hour since he has shared another tale from his past from when he had a normal life as a pet rat before becoming a mutant ninja rat to his children. After story time, Master Splinter has retreated to his chambers. Right now, sitting all alone in his room with his eyes closed, the elder was now engaged in his usual meditation session.

Despite giving his children permission to deliver their answer to the Foot, the rat has asked them to wait patiently as he comes to a final decision. Deep down, for so many years, all he ever wanted to do was defeat the demon himself so his beloved master's spirit can finally rest in peace.

Opening his eyes, he looks down at his hands. Resting in his furry hands was the garb that one of his children retrieved the other night and again, he showed it to them. For 15 long years, he thought he would never see that devil's symbol again. The horror night that took many years ago keeps on replaying inside his mind. For 15 long years, they have lived in the shadows and so did he and his family.

Some weight has finally been lifted off the old rat's shoulder after he has told his tale, but it wasn't enough to actually move on. Saki is still out there. And the rat won't be at peace until he is wiped off the face of the planet.

But it wasn't the Shredder that is making him a bit nervous. It was the volume of his home. It was surprisingly…quiet. That makes the rat both exasperated and suspicious. He first thought that his children around at a younger age would be a challenge but that is until they have reached their adolescent years. That brings more struggles to the poor tired rat.

They must have left already. To give their answer to the Foot? He better hope not. But it cannot be helped. They are teenagers. With the rebellious streak in their veins, they do intend to break a few rules or go behind his back on a number of occasions, but this one of these times that he is strictly against. Hopefully as they grow older, so will their maturity.

Or maybe…they have taken the time to retire to their own room; initiating their usual downtimes. As they are becoming older, he completely trusts their wellbeing and the choices that they make to shaoe their future. As long as they don't get spotted by the authorities and be exposed to the public.

If they were in their father's place and he was in Yoshi's they would completely understand the situation and the feelings that have been boiling inside the rat's heart for a very long time.

All he can do now was to get through the rest of the night and face the danger tomorrow. Maybe a few more minutes of meditation, by himself, would ease the tension within his wounded soul.


Maybe not.

But he wasn't irritated. As always, he would be expecting any form of company. It could be either one of his sons or his daughter or one of their dear friends that they have made over the months of adventures within their fair city. If it was any of his children, they should know that just before he turns in for the night, he would use the time to have his bedtime meditation. They would not have the right to disturb him under any circumstances, unless it is an emergency, or else they would get a nasty bruise on their head after meeting his good friend, the walking stick. It was known to be one of the teens' punishments.

Only 5 seconds has gone by. The visitor still needs his permission. His eyes are still glued to the cloth. "Enter."

As soon the word was spoken, the door slides open. Footsteps were heard for a short distance as the guest slides the door shut. Once the gateway has closed off from the other side, the silence from before has returned. Who was it by the way? Why hasn't he or she has said a word yet? Was it Leonardo? Or was it—


The quiet tone of a young and feminie voice was made. It was not the sound of any of his sons, although one of them surprisingly screams like a ten year old girl. Splinter turns his head and looks over his left shoulder. The voice does indeed belong to another human that he knows in his entire life.

Gripping her upper right arm with her left, she looked…very troubled.

"You got a minute?"

For what she is going to ask, it would take more than a mere minute.

The caring father has his full attention on his distress daughter. Judging from her expression and her posture, he can tell that something is bothering her.

"Is something troubling you, Salvadora?" he asked the young kunoichi.

Either a simple "yes" or nod would be simple enough but her face has already answered that question. Something is up. For many months now, she never had the chance to get these questions that have been running through her mind around as she didn't know where to start to which she did vow to herself that she would start very soon.

This was it. She was going to tell him. Everything.

Taking a deep breath, Sally approaches her kneeling father. By the time she was a metre away, the teenager lowers herself to her knees and sits on her backside to sit in a lotus position. Splinter keeps a careful eye on her. Her shoulder was a bit tense and she isn't making full eye-contact with him. What is going on with her? Does it have to do something with his story that he told. Probably.

From the very moment that Splinter took a good look at the red foot symbol and was against the whole idea of getting involved with them, it was clear that Splinter might have some dealing with the Foot Ninjas. And just a while ago was the whole story about his past and his connection with them that made it very clear.

The death of Hamato Yoshi has taken a great toll on the old rat. No wonder he wanted to be alone after hearing one of his story from the past. It must have been really hard for him. Losing his only family member right in front of him.

All she needs was a moment to spare. Because she was ready to tell him…her secret.

"Actually,…" she finally spoke, not catching the rat off-guarded, and lifting her eyes at him, "…there is something…"

She reaches inside her tunic. This causes the rat to raise an eyebrow in perplexed. Finding what she is looking for, she pulls it out. In her hand was a black cloth that disbeliefs the rat, but that until she presented to him with the same red foot insignia that caught him by surprise.

"I don't think you're the only one who knows him."

The rat's eyes went completely wide. Salvadora…knows the Shredder? How?

He has the same cloth in his grip and there was another one in Sally's. How did she get her hands on it in the first place? And when?

With her permission, Splinter takes the fabric out of her hands before she drops them into her lap. He then examines it, along with the other one.

"When our first home was caved-in,…when we went up to the surface,…" Splinter darts his eyes onto her, "…that is when we first…them."

And she has kept this from him and her brothers for many months now. No wonder she felt a bit stressed ever since that faithful day. He though it was a secret stash of candy or pizza that the others didn't know about. But this…was completely unexpected. Why in the world would she has something like this in her possession? Was it because – like Splinter – has some acquaints with the Shredder?

No. She couldn't have. Splinter only found her when she was only a month old baby. And seeing the despicable symbol just a while ago was completely out of the blue. But maybe, just maybe,…it all happened before he found her.

Sally's eyes were still locked onto Splinter's. "I know I have seen this symbol somewhere before but… I just don't know where and when. So, all I'm asking is…" the desperate teenager leans a bit forward, "…do you know anything else about this?"

Her question and his eyes pleaded to the one adult that she knew her entire life for some answers, the ones that have been locked away and is having trouble to find the key to release them. Salvadora has been dying for some answers for too long now and she was not leaving until she gets what she wants.

(The rooftops, Manhattan, NY – 9:41pm)

The weather was getting pretty penetrating with every passing second. Something huge was about to go down. The sky has been cloaked with thick grey clouds. Lightning was about to form in the region and the rain was just about to pour down.

So much has changed in the last few hours.

It wasn't too long ago that Leo had his chat with Oroku Saki. He did promise to return at the same location on the next night to give his final answer to join him to fight this cause or not. But once he has heard the whole story behind this, Leo definitely knows that Saki will not like it one bit. But he doesn't care about that. He has made his decision and he is ready for the outcome of his choice.

But it was not the answer that he has brought along tonight.

Arriving at the location with him was his three younger brothers. Only his little sister was absent.

As much as she wants to come along, Sally has declined the invitation, which it is pretty strange for her. Before they left, the female of the ninja family told her brothers that she wasn't feeling too well and decided to turn in for an early night. Leo could actually tell that her face went a little pale during Splinter's story. So did he and the others but that wasn't going to hold them down.

So, what do they have to do to cure their sickness? Go straight to the bug himself. The kind of bug that merciless killed their father's kind-hearted soul warrior, whom they all looked up to even though they haven't met the man in person. Only their father as he was his pet in his earlier days.

Juat as the boys have arrived, so does a group of nasty Foot Ninjas. They were not expecting the extra company that one of them has brought. But they were trained for the unexpected. And so have Leo and his team.

Only the three turtles have brought out their weapons. Leo hasn't yet as his hands are occupied with the lone sword that was given to him as a lovely gift. Too bad it was tainted by a stone-cold killer.

The reptile ninjas all sneered down at the black foes. Rain has just arrived onto the scene as Leo steps forward. He was about to give his answer.

"Tell your boss the answer is no!" he exclaims. The confident turtle now holds the sword in one hand before tossing it to his other hand. "And he can have his sword back."

What he was about to do was his way of return to sender. Holding above his shoulder, Leo does a javelin throw in the air. The dark weapon continues to soar through the pouring rain. The Foot Ninjas all have their eyes on the flying sword before it was lodged into an active Roof Turbine. This causes the mechanism to stop spinning and stay motionless.

By delivering his answer and the way he tosses the sword over, it would be only a matter of time before the mother of all showdowns begins.

Knowing that he has brought his brothers into this deadly fight with no escape, Leo was not going to back down. There was no turning back. He brought his own swords out. The leader is going to need them for this bout. Lightning has just clashed with another as the blue turtle crosses his weapon out in front of him.

"Let's dance."

And so did the Foot. Drawing out their own swords or any other weapons that they have brought with them, they all charged at the Turtles.

(The Lair, Manhattan, NY – 9:41pm)

It felt like forever since Sally has asked the question to her rat father. The question that she asked him would hope for the trouble teenager to find the answers that she has been searching for. Ever since she obtained the fabric with the red Foot Ninja symbol on it, it has been a life mission for her. Splinter has already told and describe the description of the Shredder which turns out to be exactly like the one in Sally's vision which she has yet to decipher it. Not to mention the women in the vision as well. But Sally can speculate that that women is could possibly be…her mother. Ever since she has saw this symbol, she has never told anyone about it. Until now.

The eye contact between the two of them has not be dropped yet. She is still pleaded her master for some answers. Maybe the ones he hasn't told his children and only wants one of them to know. Unfortunately, for what he is about to say would not help the kunoichi at all.

Splinter does another sign, pretty much the same one that he produced when he was with his whole family before in the living room. "My dear,…as much as I wanted to tell you everything I know and the answers that you seek, but…" he regrettably shuts his eyes and shakes his head from one side to the other, "…I am afraid that I do not have all the answers that you are looking for." The apologetic rat stops the motion of his head and opens his eyes to see the human before him. "I am so sorry, my dear."

From eager to disappointment in a split second, Sally drops her head in sadness. "Oh…" was the one thing she mutter; the only answer that she can produced. She thought this would help. She thought that going to the one person that would know all the answers that has something to do with the Shredder and his ninja clan, doesn't have her side of the story. All her time of finding of how she ended up in the sewers or her powers' origins or the visions that she has been having have been shutout. She feels like she was back to square one with this massive search.

And that was the truth. He doesn't know where exactly that Salvadora came from. All that he knows that he found her in the sewers when she was only a baby. All alone in a small…

An idea just popped something inside the rodent's mind. Maybe…there is something that can actually help her even if he doesn't know the whole truth.

Sally didn't bother to look up as she was still disappointed with the task that she had at hand. The rat has stood up and made his way over to a small draw in the corner. Grabbing the handle, he slides the small drawer to reveal the contents inside. Back in their old home, he puts it something where it is out of reach for his nosey children. But ever since the indecent, he has moved it to a more secure place where it would not be damaged. And it was wrapped in a dirty grey cloth.

Once he has claim the item in his grip, he pulls it out and closes up the draw behind. He had this hidden for 15 long years. It was about time that he would give it back to her. He returns to his previous sitting spot to see his daughter has not made a move at all, nor her eyes didn't twitch or anything. He unwraps the cloth to reveal a surprise for his daughter.

"But maybe…this could be another solution."

Another…solution? Taking her eyes off the floor and looks straight ahead, she catches a new object now in her father's hands. In a shape of a baseball was a red oval orb that that is taller than its width. Wrapped around the sphere what appears to be gold metal that is in a shape of a scary lizard or a dragon of some sorts. Attached to the hard alloy is a brown leather string which seems unbreakable. It appears to be a necklace or a medallion but it is nothing like she has ever seen jewellery that it is worth its uniqueness and exquisiteness.

Salvadora was simply amazed by the beauty of it. "It's…beautiful."

Splinter nodded at the observation. When he first saw this, he thought so as well. "Yes…" he then holds the necklace to her, "…and it wasyours."

Sally's couldn't help juts then but her eyes went almost as wide as dinner plates. It only took a split second to look at her father with much astonishment. This beauty of the necklace in Splinter's hands…was mine? How did he hide it from her for the past fifteen years? And why?


It…it was mine?" She takes the necklace out of his hands with great gentleness. She looks at its beautiful details and back to Splinter. "But…how…" The rat better have a very good reason why. And he does.

"I have found it the day that you were discovered in the sewers," he shamefully admits. "I was normally going to give it to you on your birthday, but with everything that has happened to all of us for the past few months has proved to be…difficult."

No kidding there. Losing their home, finding a new one, battling ninjas, thugs and monsters that can reconstruct itself and fat landlord trying to build an empire made out of garbage for a number of days & nights and there doesn't seem to be the time to give one of your children a special gift.

That would explain it. She has kept the Foot's symbol for months because she was afraid of what the others would think, and Splinter has kept this necklace for years because maybe, he didn't know why she has this item in the first place. Maybe it would have to do with something with her previous life before she was sent down here. She has been asking number of questions over the years but not as much over the past few months.

Maybe having this necklace in her procession would be a step closer to solving the latest mystery in her life. Feeling the smooth texture from the back, it strangely has a rough touch. Sally flips the amulet over to see the back portion of the artefact has engraved words.

To my daughter, Salvadora. Never give up on hope.

So, thats how Splinter got the name. She remembers how her brothers got their fascinating names from a battered book that Splinter fished out. Sally got hers on this necklace. One mystery down, many more to go.

Sadly, that is all the rat master has for the human girl. "And that is all I can give you. I'm afraid you'll have to find the rest of the answers…on your own."

Sally was afraid of that. She had hoped to go to her father because she thought that every parent would know everything about the world before them and even something about themselves. But this is not one of them with Splinter. He has lived on this world a lot longer than she and her brothers so he would know a lot than she or any of the turtles combined. But…even a great ninja master like him does not have all of the answers in the entire world.

She lets out a defeated sign. Splinter did all that he could and gave her some information. Hopefully enough to put her on the path that would lead to more answers. She does a nod and was forced a smile on her face when she looks to Splinter.

"You're right."

She came to this peaceful sanctuary; looking for some answers, only to receive a special item and no new information. Well, at least she has tried. With nothing else to say, there was no reason for the human ninja to stick around. Dragging her feet underneath her buttocks, she pushes her knees and stands up with no difficult. With the necklace in her hand, she heads for the door.

Master Splinter also spins around, back to his original position from earlier. He places the black cloth; along with the extra one, on his small table right in front of him.

Sally has finally made it to the only passageway of her master's chambers. She grips her hand on the wooden plank of her father's door before sliding it across; opening up the other side to the Lair. She takes her first step into the living room but not before halting for a second and looks back to him.

"Just one more thing, Sensei?"

Splinter does not look over his shoulder. "Yes?"

As much she wants to give her father so peace and quiet, Sally wants to make sure before she leaves. "Is that all you know? Finding me, my name, the necklace, and nothing else?" Maybe there was something that he forgot to mention during their talk.

He hasn't move one inch. "That is...all I know from my point of view, Salvadora."

Guess not. Giving an understandable nod, Sally walks through the open door. Once she has step outside, she pulls the door towards the centre of the entrance.

The door finally slides to a close, once again leaving the old master alone in his room. What the teenager failed to notice was the remorsefully look on the rodent's face. It was mostly that he wished he knows a lot more about his daughter's past; hoping to help find what she has been looking and asking for so many years now.

That…and another secret that he has been keeping from her that she is not ready to know.

Guess that was a waste of time.

Well, not really. She did gain something after all.

The first place that the super powered human ninja goes to was the security of her own bedroom. The only place where she can be not judged for anything or where she can get away from things that proved to be confusing or too difficult for her to even figure out.

It has only been a few months since they have arrived to the new surround of the sewers and it feels like she has been living here forever now. Then again, she has been down in the sewers for almost her entire life.

Lying flat on her bed, Sally for no reason looks up to the dark ceiling. She didn't go to the trouble of to turn on the light source of the room as she didn't want to or she didn't care. She was a bit lost on thought. And she wouldn't bother to sense any presence coming her way or who enter the Lair.

Lying beside her was the gem necklace that her father gave to her. Although Splinter did say he kept this from her because he wasn't so sure of why it was in her possession in the first place, Sally still like to know why he kept it from her. So, why now instead of years ago that he decided to return the one thing that belong to her when he first found her? Maybe next time she will find out. Maybe not from Splinter, but maybe from a different source.

She kept thinking about the message on the back of the necklace. To my daughter, Salvadora. Never give up on hope. What does that possibly mean? Never give up on hope? It was more confusing than the visions themselves. Just when she has already figure out one thing, a lot more comes packing in. This brings a lot of stress into the young teenager's life. And most girls at her age would worry about their social life, school and boys. For Sally, social life? The only social connection that she will ever have is her family and few of her friends. School? Doesn't have the time or the finance to get herself the education that she needs. Boys? That…is another story…

Some energy has unknowingly left her body as her eyes began to droop. She has been through a bit tonight. For so long, she finally recognised the voice that plagued her mind for a while that she can't quite put her finger of its source. She knows where she heard the voice but where?

Her vision was getting a bit darker and a bit blurry as her eyelids were coming to a close. As much as she wants to fight it, they refuse to listen. Guess she was tired and definitely needed the early night after all. Turning onto her right side and placing her arm underneath the soft item, Sally was comfy enough to hit the hay.

She likes to sleep in the dark as she was used to it since she was a little girl. With no light to distract her from. The eyelids have drawn to a close and Salvadora was off to the dream world.

Unbeknownst to her, the gem beside the sleepy form suddenly begins to glow in a bright pink hue. But it wasn't bright enough to wake the young girl up from her slumber.

It felt like only a few minutes went passed and Sally was feeling rather refreshed from the sleep that she just had. She slowly opened her eyes up. Rather than in the dark, she was in the light. And rather than a black ceiling, she was looking at stars…and planets?

Eyes were shot open and so did the surprise teenager's upper body. "What th…whereamI?" Whipping her head around the surrounding area, Sally was getting every bit of detail of this unknown place. Just above her head, the blue sky was replaced with the blue-purplish shade of the cosmic sky. Like a Nebula in outer space. On the ground, the dirt and the grass was a mixture of colours that came from the brightest rainbow that Sally would have ever seen. Where she is standing is a huge island that is floating in the vacuum of space. If this was space, Sally would not be breathing at all.

From where she was lying on the ground and now standing, Sally finds herself standing at the edge of the cliff; looking out to the cosmic ocean itself. Such marvel exquisiteness. Sally was beyond confused but awestruck by its beauty. She has never seen this place before in her life. Both in reality and in any of the dreams that she had over the years. It must be a dream of some sorts. She may have powers but this was beyond her level of capabilities if she can travel to this kind of place. So, this is definitely a dream.

First, it was the necklace and now this. Can this get any stranger but in a good way? What kind of a dream is this? Why is she here? Does it have to do something with her powers? If so, they were getting more and more eccentric by the minute. Or maybe it was just a common dream that she is just having. But it does feel real.


"Beautiful, isn't it?"

The sudden voice causes the teen to jump out of her skin. Literally. Who was that?

Sally quickly spins around and gets into a fighting stance. A presence! Her father has taught his children to be ready for anything and for the unexpected. And this is definitely one of them. Once her tight fists were up, she sees the voiced character standing before her.

Dressed head-to-toe in a large purple hooded cloak was a tall figure, no taller than her friend Casey. Whoever he or she is, his or her face is concealed by the choice of clothing. Where did this person come from? Normally Salvadora would be able to sense any known presences nearby. How comes she didn't sense this one? Weird. Its arms were to the sides and this figure wearing…her necklace? What…the shell?

"Who are you?" she angrily demanded.

"Don't be afraid, child." Sounds like a women. "I can tell that you have been looking for some answers."

Okay. It was officially. Sally is completely baffled. How does this woman know that she was looking for answers. About this place or about her shadowy past? Either way, she might get both if she is lucky.

"Luckily, I am here to help." The cloaked figure removes the hood over its head before turning around to face its company. From Sally point of view, the figure itself appears to be a woman in her late thirties with long hair and darker skin.

Wait a minute…

Long brown hair?

Tan skin?

And…she has…hazel eyes?

Dropping her hands to her sides, the young teen's eyes went massive. The women standing right front of her…is the women from her vision.

"Good to see you again, my daughter," she spoke with the warmest smile that would light up the entire room, home or world. "What took you so long?"

Daughter? Did she say…daughter? Other than Splinter, there would only be one other person left who would call Salvadora by that term.

Tears were beginning to well up in her eyes, which is something that she has never done before in her life. She utters the one word that she has never said in her life before.


(The Rooftops, Manhattan, NY – 9:42pm)

Round 1 has already commences. Ninjas vs. Ninjas. It was 4 against who knows how many.

The black ninja clan was not too happy with one of the turtle's decision to join their cause. And now, battling against them is the penalty. As the Foot Ninjas all advances the green ninjas, so did the teens. Their chosen weapons are all out; ready to use them at will. They all let out a battle cry.

The weather doesn't change the mood of the bout. Leonardo was the first to attack head-on. He slashes his way through a number; blocking, cutting down or swiping a few katanas away in his path. Raphael manages to block two on-coming Katana attacks from two Foot Ninjas. He kicks the first one on his right before leaping in the air to do an aerial kick to the chest to the one on his left. With more of these black ninjas going down for the count, the victory for the green ninjas is drawing closer. They have been training non-stop since their last match and their results proved to be much effected.

A few more were now charging at the third member of the mutant squad; twirling his Nunchakus in the air. "Check it out!" he calls out to his brothers before meeting with a few Foot. "Nunchucks are not good for playing the drums." He did so by whacking the ones out in front of him; making a nice bass sound to it with every smack. One his group was defeated; Mikey turns around and spots his older brother heading his way with his Bo Staff at ready. The orange clan turtle has already read his mind before holding his two weapons together in each hand. He holds out in front of him; all ready for Donatello. "But they're also good for giving a leg up for a fellow turtle!"

By the time he was in front of his younger sibling at a good distance, Don put his feet up, place it on it, and with the help of Mikey and his trusted weapon, he was thrown into the air with great force. Still holding onto his long stick in both of his hands, Don does a forward flip; soaring over a number of Foot Soldiers and lands gently with bended knees. He has now found himself surrounded about eight of them whom are circling the trapped mutant. But Donnie was hoping for them to fall for his ruse. He holds his own weapon out in front of him.

"You said it, brother!" he exclaimed, ready to show he is pretty mean with his wooden pole. "But a Bo Staff certainly comes in handy when a teenage turtle finds himself in the middle of a circle of an angry, ugly enemy ninjas!"

Whirling his staff in a continuously upward strike, every strike that he makes knocks each and every one of the Foot that come across his path. No longer standing on their feet, they are all on the floor, groaning in pain.

During his brawl, Leo has taken the time to listen his brother's comments about their style of weapons and pros of them. It really reminds him and them about their earlier weapon sparring session.

"You guys still going on about weapons?" he wonders as a few Foot, all armed with a Katana each, approached the blue clan turtle. Leo crosses his sword to the opposite side. "Weren't you listening to Master Splinter?" He continues to speak while slicing the feeble swords in the air, one-by-one. All three of them went down, leaving Leo the winner of his match, just like the training session from before. "It's not the weapon that matters." He draws his resilient swords away back into their scabbards. "It's the ninja who wields it!"

The boys would agree so. The Fearless Leader has finally learnt the importance of weapons. Even if they didn't fight with other weapons tonight, they would end up being victorious, thanks to their ninja training and not relaying on their own weapons.

The only ones left standing are the four turtle brothers. They overshadow the beaten Foot Ninjas, lying on the wet concrete ground, groaning in agony. The three other teens all put their weapons away in their respective holds as soon Leo puts his away. They just wished that their sister was here to join in on the fun. Oh well, guess she miss out on the excitement.

Don looks over to his brothers. Mikey was the closest to him while Leo and Raph are standing next to each other. "Well, all in a day's work."

And what do the four teenage mutant ninja turtles do when they have achieved their win? Leo and Raph knocked their shells together and Mikey and Don does a separate high-five as they all scream out, "TURTLES RULES!"

But the night was not over yet. Because Round 2 is just about to commence.

Not too far from the heroes, there was an access that leads to the warehouse. The next second has just passed before the door itself was violently smashed open from the inside and broke into a number of pieces. The cause of it was the wrecking ball himself that is in the form of a giant, white man with a long blond ponytail and two very different tattoos.


He must have heard the news about the Turtles brawling on the roof of the warehouse with his Foot Ninjas or saw the whole thing through the skylight. Guess he wants to be part of the action and earn a little payback for the mess that they caused him and his master. And the way that he shattered through the door, they should change his name from Hun to the HULK. There was a doorknob for crying out loud. He should have turned it instead. Once the obstacle was out of the way, he walks through the open entrance; seeing his next set of targets to smash. This thug was not pleased to see some familiar faces and so were the Turtles.

The teens all steady themselves. This night is not over yet. Not until they are the ones still left standing.

"Not him again!" Don whined; shaking his head. He and the others remember the first time that they went head-to-toe with this giant. He proves to be toughest opponent that they have ever face off against, especially when Raph - who claims to be the strongest out of his brothers - not counting their sister who is actually the strongest female fighter there is. When they battle against each other at the thug's hideout, the five of them had a difficult time battle against him, one-by-one, but managed to win at the slimmest. Hopefully, this time, it will be 5 against 1 with the favour in their hands with no trouble whatsoever.

As the leader of his team, Leo was not going to let his team down. He knows that by working together, they can win. He turns to his younger siblings, holding up a tight fist. "We beat him before,…" he turns back to the brooding giant; slamming his fist into his open palm. "…we can do it again."

Raph thinks so too as he takes a step forward and holds both of his curled-up hand up, acting like a boxer. "Yeah." He was ready for any pounding that comes in his way.

Hun couldn't agree more. He has been waiting for a long time since their last encountered, he still has some of the bruises on his arms to show it; mostly the faded one on the side of his cheek that was made by baseball bat that previously owned by an old adversary of his. The Purple Dragon's leader cracks his knuckles in anticipation.

"I've been looking forward to this rematch," he assures them.

"Bring it,…" Once again, the Turtles all brought out their weapons. Something tells them that they are going to need more than just their fists and kicks. Hun will be using his own fists. Leo crosses the sword in front of him. "…if you got the guts!" Lightning clashes once more as the rain pours down even harder.

Round 2. Begin!

Hun takes up the first shot. Lifting his huge fists in the air, Hun lets out a battle cry; which is followed by another thunder clap. He then storms at the little turtles themselves as they do the same thing. As they come closer, the question now remains. Who will attack first?

The giant was the first to leap up into the air and thrusted his right arm back. The first turtle that he lays a powerful punch at was the ribcage of the purple ninja himself who goes flying away, doesn't let go of his Bo Staff in the process.

The red brute himself was the first on the good side to take the first turn for his team. With both of his Sais in his hands, Raph charges at Hun and tries to slash the giant in the chest. But Hun was skilful enough to leap in the air, dodging the first move. But Raph wasn't down yet. The red reptile then leaps up in the air and does a spinning kick to the head hoping to knock his block off but, again, Hun ducks the expected attack. The maroon ninja has missed both of the attack. Now it'd Hun's turn.

He takes a step forward…and sweep the turtle off his feet. Two were taken care of, only two more to go.

Leo was up next and decided to take a crack at it. He decided to kick the behemoth away but, just like what happened to his brother, Hun saw the moving coming and grabs the active leg. With little of his massive strength, he throws the blue ninja away at a great distance. With three desalted with, this leaves only one more turtle.

Mikey was the last to go up against Hun himself. He takes a running start and tries to whack the snarling grin on his face with his Nunchucks. Unfortunately, he leans a bit too far which gives the perfect time for Hun to…grab him by the shell. He picks up the teen over his head with ease (the turtle drops his weapons in the process) and gives a mighty throw. Mikey was now soaring through the air and ends up crashing into his big who was just about to pick up his Bo Staff. They both go tumbling and rolling nearly to the edge of the building.

With them getting creamed, they sure could use some help from their sister…wherever she is. Right now,…they are just getting pulverised.

Recovering from his hit, Raph decided to try this again, but from a different approach. He was already fuming from his last attack. Coming up behind Hun, Raph jumps up and locks his arm around the fat neck and starts pounding away. He was hoping to knock the lights out of him. Too bad it is not working.

The thug grabbing the tight grip around his neck and yanks if off. Just like a wrestler, he swings the trapped turtle over his head and slams him hard on the solid ground. Once he has the turtle securely in his grasp, Hun begins to do the same process over and over again like the mutant was a rag doll. A few more of them and Raph would be toast.

Not too far from them was the Fearless Leader who has just regain himself. Wanting to know what is happening in the match, he looks up to see the progress. And now,…he wishes he didn't.

Leo gasps in horror the see his younger brother taking a lot of damage. Right now, Hun has the mutant up high in one hand…and a fist at ready.

The lightning flashes once more. Hun was about to knock the lights out of the raging turtle…permanently.

No. Not on my watch!

The proactive brother kicks in inside of Leo as he gets onto his two feet. Letting out a battle cry, the older sibling leaps up in the air; with two of his swords in his hold, and kicks the moving mountain himself away and dropping the defenceless turtle in the process. Nobody tries to hurts or kill his brothers. Not when the leader is around. The fearless swordsman arms his weapons at Hun now. It was his turn to fight. His three brothers are now either tired or too bruised up to go on. Leonardo is now the only turtle left standing. If he fails…

Recovering from the surprise attack from the air, Hun was starting to get really ticked off about this. They was only five of them and one of him. Despite being bigger than them, this is proving to be an unfair fight for him. However, he has managed to done with the other three. Now, this just leaves him with the last one with the two Katanas in his grasp.

The weapons in the turtle's grip proved to be a problem. Hun needs something in his hands…and fast. Looking from his right and to his left, the devil's smile was picture on his face. To his luck, he has found exactly what he needs.

Lodged in the Roof Turbine was the Footsword in the black scabbard that belonged to his great master. He must have given to one of the freaks as a token or something. Why in the world would he do that? That special sword belongs to the Foot and no-one else

If the Turtles here can fight with weapons, then so can he.

He reaches for his chosen weapon, grabs it and takes it out of the contraption. The mechanism doesn't start up right away when the sword is removed. Holding the weapon in his hands, he was ready to fight back. With a firm grip on the handle, Hun swiftly whips out the sharp blade. Lightning flashes yet again when he made that motion. Dropping the scabbard for his other hand to be free to grab onto the handle, Hun holds up the deadly sword up high. He then charges towards the sword-wielding reptile. Two Katanas against 1. The battle between steels vs steel has just began.

Leo uses one to block the single attack. He tries to slice with two but that was blocked as well. Hun tries to slash the ninja's feet off but Leo manages to both jump the attack and duck an incoming kick to the head by a black boot. He finishes his series of dodges by stepping to the side for Hun's downward sword strike to miss its target.

Drops were now appearing on the giant's face and it wasn't from the rain. Striking again at the head, Leo once again blocks the attack from Hun. With one more sword in his palm, Leo should have this match in the bag. Hun does in for another swipe but Leo moves his chest back; missing the tip of the blade. Hun comes in for another…

The proficient ninja does a mighty flip into the air and right over the thug's head. By the time that Hun looks up, it was too late.

Leo extends his left leg and delivers fast kick into the back of the lard himself. He tumbles forward, still with the sword in his grip, but he doesn't fall down like a domino.

Hun was now furious. He was now full of rage. If only he could find an opening - just one opening - maybe a little one, he would be able to claim victory…and personally bring the shells to his boss as trophies.

Knowing that he was just warming up, Hun gains his footing and faces the turtle over the shoulder. Arming his sword, he charges straight for the mutant. Letting out a another battle cry, he does a vertical swipe. This time…

Leo was ready for the same attack again…


The two swords goes flying out of the baffled turtle's grip and slides across the wet floor. Hun has managed to disarmed the ninja! And now,…he was in trouble.

Leo looks over to where his weapons are now. It took a split second to look back in front to see Hun; just towering over the armed-less ninja. He is the one with the weapon now. And he aims it…at Leo. The turtle was now all scared in his shell.

Even his brothers all saw this from the sidelines and they too were petrified. "No! Leo!" If Sally wasn't here, the second eldest is always the first one to scream.

The grinning thug slowly advances on the scared mutant who is walking back; keeping a fair distance from him. Just by looking at the blade in the monster's hands, it could cut anyone by just by looking at it.

"Get back!" Don cries out. Leo repeats to halt his walking as Hun raises his sword right above his head. The lightning comes in perfect timing for the giant as he was more than ready to end the young turtle's life

Mikey was the last one to yelp for his oldest brother who was not moving an inch. At all. "Look out!

They are all just about to witness the horror unfolding. Where is their sister or master when they need them? Maybe they are already here, waiting in the shadows? Maybe once the time is right, they will pop out of nowhere and stop the execution, saving the blue turtle's sorry shell.

Waiting for the right moment is what Leo is doing at this very minute. What his brothers don't know that Hun has intentionally left himself…wide open.

Not waiting any longer for some help and desperate to save himself from his body becoming 50/50, Leo take a step forward before doing a front handspring and ends up doing a bicycle kick to the thug's chest on a continuous loop. Leo has gained the upper hand as he continues to kick Hun back who is still holding onto the sword in one hand. There was nothing he can't do to counter the attack now. Hun is helpless.

Leo completes the final kick - the one that sends Hun straight through a skylight…and falls a couple of stories. He was screaming at the top of his lungs until he hits back first on the rugged ground. Hard.

Broken glasses that were disconnected from the skylight were now scattered around the motionless hulk. As for the sword…

The sharp weapon too falls towards the giant. It then makes its impact by stabbing into the ground - just a mere inch away from the bungling neck of the Purple Dragon's leader! Hun gives out a groan before he was completely knocked out.

As the last warrior left standing, Leo looks through the broken skylight. Hun did prove himself to be a worthy opponent against the young warrior himself. But Leo…triumph tonight. He and his brothers can leave for another day.

The fight is over.

Turning away from the destroyed window, he heads towards his brothers, but not before he starts to wobble from exhaustion. Luckily, coming to his aid were the two youngest of his siblings. As they come closer, Leo lifted both his arms up to go over their shoulder as they put their chosen hand behind his shell.

Mikey gives a sign of relief. "Oh, I think we'll rest well tonight." Never has he work some much in one day. Well, there were a few times but that was years ago when they were kids. Back when they were troublemaking kids.

Leo nodded in agreement. After tonight, they all could use a good eight hour sleep or maybe even more. He then turns to his other brother.

"That was not easy," Don admits whilst shaking his head. Battling a number of Foot Ninjas was one thing easy but going up against Hun takes the cake. Don't think that there will be something that will top it off.

As the two brothers did attend to their tired brother, Raph has used the time to retrieve some special items. Walking towards the rest of the group, in the turtle's hands are Leo's swords, presented to the rightful owner.

"Hey, bro," Raph presented himself and his older brother's Katanas.

After getting his breath back, Leo removes himself from Don & Mikey, walks over to his other brother and gracefully takes his weapons out of his hands.

"Thanks, Raph," he acknowledges him; sliding his swords back into their caskets. For one thing, Leo was glad he didn't have to do this all on his own. He was very content to have his brothers with him as they were all looking out for one and another.

The two trench coat-wearing soldiers have just finished witnessing the outcome of the dual from their spot on another skyscraper. The Turtles somehow have not spotted them. This wasn't the first time around that they were observing the mutant ninjas for the night. Just a few hours, they were having a stakeout at the same warehouse, spying on the conversations despite not getting any audio. There was also the human girl at that same location. And she is nowhere to be seen.

After witnessing the entire dual from their building, they have now come to a conclusion.

The light-skinned warrior lifted his wrist at chest-level. He activates his silver communicator in which a small holo-screen appears. They have already spoken to their masters about one of the Turtles - to whom they find out is named Leonardo - had his talk with Oroku Saki and they were tasked to know the outcome. On the screens, the masters all remained in the same spot from last time.

The one on the far left was the first to speak, just like before. "Your report?"

The light-skinned ninja decide to give his message. "Councilmembers, it appears the Turtles are against him. And there is no sign of Young Salvadora."

As emotionless as their expressions put together, their perspective on the Turtles was expected. Internally, they at first would worry about having more adversaries than they already have with Saki would trouble enough, but after hearing their employees' answer, their opinions didn't change. The hope their opinion on Miss Salvadora remains the same.

The middle one decided to speak before going in a familiar pattern. "Good. Yet it remains…"

"…to be seen if the enemy…"

"…of our enemy is our friend. Monitor them further. And keep us informed. Especially on Young Salvadora."

The two mysterious warrior did what they are told, with no question. They decided to hand around to observe the Turtles a little bit longer. Maybe Salvadora might make her appearance…which would be sooner than later.

The danger has been done and dusted. And the four Turtles have no reason to stick around on the roof at the abandoned warehouse. All they could think of right now is how comfy that their pillows are going to be when they get home.

"Come on, guys,…" Leo was the first to start walking to the nearest fire escape, "…let's go home."

But the real danger hasn't came and shows it's ugly face. It was already here.

Leo looks forward, eager to see his father and best friend at the safety of their own home, only to see the worst has just arrived. His eyes were not playing tricks on him this time. Letting out a surprised gasp, it was followed by a sneer. "Oh, Shhh…el!"

The lightning still puts on a show when a few more Foot Ninjas decided to be fashionably late to the party. The kind of party that the Turtles would love to leave. He and his brothers have already taken care of the first batch of the Foot Ninjas. And a lot more has decided to show up just when the newbies were just about to leave. So much of getting that good night sleep now.

Arriving one-by-one, the Foot all leaped down from the closest rooftops and lands a few yards away from the teens. Just like before in their battle with the first set of the black clan ninjas and with Hun, the Turtles draw their weapons out and all armed themselves. Although they are completely wiped out, they still have enough energy for one more brawl. But what is about to saw his face would give the Turtles a very good reason on why they should have left earlier.

The Foot too pull out their own weapons, but…they all jumped to the sides. Why would they do that when they have jus

Another presence has entered the battle field. Leaping from out of nowhere, he lands with bended knees, not snapping his kneecaps off.

But he looks a lot different from his men. That is because…this man…is their leader.

The TMNT don't need an introduction from this guy. They all know who he is. Leo knows too. He has already met him once. Without his armour. Back when he almost trusted him and felt a good sense of honour within him.

Oroku Saki.

The Shredder.

He crosses his swords over his face, ready to face a familiar face in battle for the very first time. The thunder continues to clash when the young leader's blades makes contact with each other and when the metal monster takes a few steps towards them before he comes to a complete stop. The thunder does not stop.

He raise his bladed gauntlet in the air as they are the only weapons that he needs.

"Those who are not with me are against me!" he bellows out the booming pitch that is more louder than the lightning itself. "And I crush anyone who stands against me!"

Throwing his two fist in the air, the thunder comes at a perfect timing.

This was no longer a battle. The Turtles have already got themselves into a war zone. A war zone with only one winner as this definitely going to be the fight of their lives…

With Sally diving into her dreams and hoping to find the answers that she has been looking for, the Turtles are coming face-to-face with the Shredder for the very first time. Find out what happens next in:

The Saint's Hope: The Shredder Strikes Part 2

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