Hurricane Star - D.M.P.Z: Trails of virtue
Chapter 1 - The Release of Onyx Zero

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Opening Theme: Mami Kawada – Triangle (From Shakugan no Shana II)

-NOTE: The Following story is set in Hurricane Star Universe 2, the D.M.P.Z Continuity-


(BGM: Fate/Stay-Night Realta-Nua Reproduction - Into the night "2012 Version")

-Two Years ago in in Gravity Falls, Oregon Twins Dipper and his sister Mabel now 13 years old have waved goodbye to their friends and left on the bus heading back home, Little did the two know the Rogue Gem Black Pearl is watching as the bus is on its way back to California. Later that night Black Pearl held a large orb of energy that was gathered during Weirdmageddon triggered by Bill Cipher-

"My master I have gathered the energy need to break the Seal the Home world Gems places upon you long ago."

The energy Orb is sent right into the seal upon doing this the seal begun to crack and in the burst of dark light a humanoid male with long black hair and a Onyx Gem on the Center of his chest appeared out of the smoke

(BGM: Fate/Stay-Night Realta-Nua Reproduction - Kono Yo Subete no Aku "2012 Version")

"I have waited years for this moment, I finally be able to walk the Earth, to feel the ground belated my feet once more."

"Master Onyx I am honored to be in your presence once again."

Onyx-Zero look to his left "Black Pearl so you have allured capture this whole time, I'm impression that you last this long. So tell me how you were able to break that accursed seal those damn Diamonds places upon me and my brethren all those years ago?"

Black Pearl explains "It wasn't easy to location the seals, I was able to found the cave where you are sealed in, since then I have been as work learning how to undo the seal, when I notice a Demon who calls himself Bill Cipher who triggered something what he called Weirdmageddon. However someone managed to cancel his plans little that the in the town and Bill Himself realize that I have been gathering the energy from Bill's little stunt in order to free you Master."

Onyx-Zero began to grin evilly "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha I wish this Demon stood around long enough to realize that whatever his plan has been a contributing factor of my liberation. He has his chance to take over this planet but failed. Now it's my turn to resume my war on the Home World and take my revenge on those who would imprison me and brethren."

Just then a group of grunts appeared before Onyx-Zero "Master we sense you been freed and return to your side."

Onyx-Zero raise his middle finger and fires a Death beam at the wall "The seal have zip most of my power, I lack my full power, Before I can resume my campaign I need to be at Full Power in the meantime my Obsidian Soldiers go fourth and search this planet, fine the Seals and free my brethren!"


"I have preparing the rite to replenish your power in two years' time you'll be a full power once again." Black Pearl said

Two years later in ND Age 2015 one of the Obsidian Soldiers return to Onyx-Zero with what he found "Master we have found your brother Onyx-1 he's seal is inside a cave in what is now Beach City

Onyx Zero gets up from his throne "So my has been locked away inside what is now Beach City, I'll go there personally."

"By yourself sir?" Black-Pearl asked

"I sense that 3 of the Rebel Leader's allies are in this Beach City."

To Be Continued
Ending Theme: Set Free by Ryohei Yamamoto