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Chapter 6: Tartaros

Caracole Island

Large pillars of wood erupted from the sea, causing a violent shake. A dome-like defensive structure completely surrounded the island. It took the form of a dragon's face and it was split down the middle.

The Jutsu collided with the other, leaving a terrifying screech and another deadly shake as the two fused. The meteor completely shattered upon impact with the Wood Technique. The fragments that erupted from the crash instantly slid down the dome and fell into the sea.

Quiet then ensued for about a minute.

"W-who are you?!" Brandish asked, standing up after her shameful defeat. "And why did you save us? And this Island?" She asked, confused at his intensions with a hint of fear.

She was never one to be scared, but someone as powerful as the vigorous, muscular man in front of her was able to defeat two Spriggans without even trying, while even summoning multiple meteors. She had every right to fear him. But his actions confused her.

Madara turned to her with a look extremely different to the one he gave her a few minutes ago; it was neutral look. As though nothing had happened before this.

"I don't quite know." The Uchiha's tone was genuine for a while, "'God' Serena was suprisingly strong, the first one strong enough here for me to use my Susanoo..." His tone grew slightly darker, "And I shall not be wasting his power."

He picked up Serena easily with one hand and placed him on his shoulder. "And after you surrendered, there was no point in killing all these civilians." He turned to face Miss Brandish with a confused look, "As for you... I don't really know." A small smile appeared on his face, "I don't like to kill powerful people so I'll let you live." He turned and walked away before giving her one final message.

"You're a Spriggan, right? When you return to Alvarez, tell you 'Emperor' that a storm shall be arriving soon on your continent. And when it does..." He turned to her with a face of someone wanting power, "You'll need to be careful," Miss Brandish's eyes widened at his next statment, "especially you..." He warned her and Alvarez.

'What a powerful man...' She strangely noticed her magic power returning to her faster then it should, and more power then it should.

She watched as the Jutsu reversed and it fell back into the sea, revealing a large, noticable hole in the clouds.

'A very, very powerful man.' Her body returned to normal with an unusually powerful amount of magic.

'I'll not let your power go to waste either.' He walked with Serena on his shoulder and a smile on his face.

One Hour Later...

Madara was charging foward through the ocean with God Serena still on his shoulder. His hair flew behind him thanks to the breeze caused by his speed. He steadily held Serena while running, thinking of his plans while doing so.

'I have certain 'plans' for Serena.' He pondered, 'I shall-' He froze instantly as a large object cast a great shadow upon him. Looking up he noticed a strange Cube.

The Cube was a massive, buoyant cubed-island that harbors several rocky terrains spread about on its surface. It seemed to also, somehow, seemed to have large bodies of water covering the area between to rocky terrains.

"So... Tartaros." Madara spoke out loud.

'This is... Good.' He pondered the effects of this and possible benefits. 'They've been watching me it seems...'

Madara formed a single and seal.

"Summoning." A blue scroll with red outline appeared with a puff of smoke in his hand.

He placed his and on the scroll and then on Serena, causing Serena to disappear with another puff of smoke and the scroll to be filled with carvings of dragons.

'Well, that makes sense.' He chuckled slightly at the scroll as he then placed it in his pocket.

An extremely loud speaker that was strong enough to block out all other noises, suprisingly, called out.

"Halt!" It called out, Madara freezing. "The Underworld King wants to meet with you."

Madara scanned his memories to find out who this man was. 'Oh? Mard Geer, King of the Underworld, wants to talk with me?' He thought any possible reasons. 'A trap? No, too obvious. A fight? I doubt I would lose. An invitation to their guild? No, that's ridiculous.' He was suprised at the only possible explaination.

"You want to talk?" Madara called out, loud enough to be picked up by the broadcaster.

"Yes, he needs to ask something from you; inside the Cube.' Madara was forced to oblige, he was interested in this current prediciment.

Readying his legs as he crouched, he released a large amount of force just as he was about to jump.

Ten minutes later on the cube...

Madara, with his large amount of power, was able to leap accurately on to one of the land formations of the cube. It seemed to be the largest one on the floating shape.

Observing his location, he concluded that the area was a barron wasteland. Skeleton remains of many deceased people lay about, rotting under the sun. The smell was that of carcasses being picked clean by vultures while flies feasted. Silence was around every corner, as though nothing had been there for years. That silence was then broken.

"Oi! You there!" Madara sharply turned, readying himself. "Oops! Did I startle 'ya?" The casual voice came closer as it revealed the full figure.

The voice revealed a tall, well-built man who appeared to be in his thirties or forties. His eyes were black and so is his hair, which was kept short and styled into a number of spiky strands pointing backwards with some prominent spikes topping his forehead; his thin sideburns reached down to the stubble covering the majority of his chin.

He had a sharp face, marked facial features and slight wrinkles below his eyes, as well as a long scar extending from his hairline to his lower left ear. Both of his ears are adorned by silver-colored earrings, consisting of a ring with a little chain ending in a cross pendant.

He edged closer, revealing is clothes as Madara studied him further for any weaknesses.

He was seen wearing a black, closely fitted shirt, with a thick, gray fur collar, as well as light gray oversleeves reaching to his upper arm with hems secured by two sets of double stitching; the back of his shirt bears a light motif consisting of a circle with a segmented, upwards arc below it.

Hanging from the man's waist and covering his sides were two dark yellow, tasset-like cloths, he wore brown gloves over his hands and forearms and has his dark brown, baggy pants tucked inside brown boots.

Over his shirt, he doned a gray, segmented metal chestplate, bearing the writing "Absolute Zerø" that was on the left pectoral; secured to it by two round, golden clasps was a long, brownish white cape hanging over the man's shoulders.

The armor was completed by two blue, rounded pauldrons, possessing metal-colored edges and squared protrusions on the upper and lower edges, each adorned by a golden Tartaros symbol.

"Whoever you are, I'd advise you to leave me be, I don't have time to be concerned with you." Madara instantly replied, receiving a small unbothered chuckle from the man.

"That's why I'm here!" He playfully exclaimed, "I'm Deliora, one of the Nice Demon Gates of Tartaros and I've been sent to 'guide' you." He spoke out. He could feel the immense power from the man; lying to him would have its clear consequences.

'Is this a trap? No, this guy seems too idiotic for it.' Madara thought with a serious face.

"I don't need you to guide me." Madara starkly told him, not wanting anyone's help. "I already know where to go." The open wasteland made it easier to track.

"Too bad 'coz I'm already here." 'Deliora' turned around and walked, guilt-free and ignored Madara's denial.

'Well, he's walking in the direction of most of the power signatures, so that must the direction where the guild is.' Madura followed, few metres behind.

A few minutes of walking...

An eerie silence followed, "So, what's 'ya name?" 'Deliora' tried to break it.

Madara had no problem with the silence as he waited a few seconds, "Madara." He merely replied.

"No surname?" Silver wondered as he received no reply, "Oh well."

Madara closed the gap between the two, "You're different."

"Huh?" 'Deliora' gave a look as though some thing was about to be revealed.

"These other powers are demon. Yours is human." Madara noticed. "So you are not the famed Deliora."

The man first felt anger at his discovery but then stopped walking, wide eyed and surprised at what had happened, "Well..." He weakly said, "You're right." He brought his head down in shame, "My true name is Silver."

"Hmph." Madara blew out as he walked ahead of Silver. He hated liers.

In front of the Tartaros guild

Standin before Madara was the infamous Tartaros guild.

The Tartaros guild convened in a large building located in what appears to be a barren wasteland. Standing among the rocky landscape, the building took the form of a giant, slight ruined, castle. The structure itself was very big in size, containing at least three separate sections all atop one another.

The two main bodies of the castle were noticeably squarer in shape and decorated with numerous crenulations, whilst the turrets and roof of the castle were more curved, their balustrade lined with decorative machicolations and their spires topped with fancy ornaments. At the gate to the castle stand two large statues.

Surrounding the Tartaros headquarters and protruding from the rock were a number of spines, these appearing quite large in size.

Madara looked at it with disgust.

"I know..." Silver spoke, "It's a sickening piece of architecture isn't it?" Madara chose to ignore the fool as he walked to the large doors.

Pushing a part one door from the other with one hand, Madara was treated with darkness as he walked in.

"Follow me, I'll take you to main hall." Silver told him.

Just outside the Main Hall

A metal door with gold outlinings stood infront of Madara.

There were two pillars on either side of the door skulls on top. Behind Madara were two other pillars, made from what seemed like flesh. A red carpet a top the stone floor lead right into the hall. Breaches on the walls next to the door allowed candles to be placed.

'This is all... Interesting. I need to see the power of the 'man' as I'm able to feel his strong presence. It's not as strong as mine but that's to be expected.' The Uchiha grinned at his last thought.

"Well, I've got to go now." Silver turned around and raised his hand up. "See 'ya and... Good luck with Mard Geer the Underworld King." Madara took the last part as a possibe insult to his power; but then again, why would someone as weaker to him as Silver say such a thing.

Madara restrained himself from tearing the man's head off and merely grunted at his goodbye. Now turning to the door, he exhaled and opened it revealing a 'throne room'.

The room was large, large enough for it to be considered a hall. Various carvings dotted the walls and stairs lead to a menecing throne were a certain 'man' sat. The throne had skulls and faces carved upon it. Not only that, but orbs that varied in size and shape were dotted around.

The previously mentioned 'man' was lazily sitted with his face resting on his arm and his arm resting on the armrest of the throne.

He was tall, lean and had the appearance of a young man. Wearing a smirk, his black hair is long and wavy, reaching his shoulders even whilst the majority is tied up in a very large ponytail. Additionally, his messy bangs all but obscure his dark, slanted eyes.

He donned a long, black jacket trimmed with a light-colored flame pattern; the lapels were a matching lighter color as well. The cuffs of his jacket were rolled up, revealing a light-colored inside, which contrasted the black outside of his jacket, and have a black line cutting through the edge of the fabric.

The jacket itself is tattered and splits into four torn fabric segments at the tail.

Beneath the jacket, he wore a frilly black v-necked shirt, lined in a lighter color, that closed down the middle and is adorned with a buckle just below his clavicle; just below this is a piece of fabric that the man kept over this shirt but under his jacket, that circles the majority of the lower half of his torso.

The rest of his attire was simple, consisting of light-colored pants that lay lazily over the top of rather plain black boots and have, on each leg, a seam running down the middle, as well as two pairs of buckles that form an X on the thigh and lower calf.

He seemed to have a book title E.N.D in his hand.

"So... You are Mard Geer." Madara spoke with a smile as he climbed up the stairs.

"So... You are Madara." Mard smirked as Madara stopped in his tracks.

The former Sage was wondering how he knew his name, we was curtain that Silver and the others didn't know his name before hand. Then again, he did cause quite a ruckas in this world and his previous.

"So... What do you want?" He bluntly asked, unamazed at what he's currentally seen.

Madara then continued as Mard further spoke, "It's so interesting that you merely came he after out request. Then again, you have been taking on every challenge you've encountered. Twilight Ogre, The Rune Knight Army, Celestial Spirit King and, possibly the most intriguing, God Serena and Miss Brandish. Two Spriggans taken out as meteor after meteor was summoned only for Serena's body to be taken and for you to leave Miss Brandish alive."

'Well... They seem to know all about me. There can be only one conclusion as to why.' Madara kept walking with a smirk.

"And as you've come inside our guild just after us asking, " The Underworld King lowered his head, "I assume you were extremely bored and was looking for another challenge."

"So you've been watching me..." Madara lowered his head and clenched his fists as he stopped a mere four metres in fornt of Mard. Being watched was something he didn't approve of.

"Yes. We have." He stood up off his throne with his book still in hand. "After the request of the one who gave me this book." Madara was intriged even more and less infuriated. "He wanted me to bring you to him..."

"Why?" Madara spoke with a monotone. He was now interested in why people were interested in him. The feeling inside the room was... strange as the two powerful forces talked. He sensed great power inside the book. "Who gave you the book and wants to see me?"

"That would be The Black Wizard Zeref." Mard smiled.

Madara had now found a new target different to Acnologia.

"After feeling the shockwave of your power many times, I wanted to experiment on you and make you and addition to the Demon Gates as your power is so vast and different to magic, like us! I can see that just my standing here!" His tone signalled excitement.

"But I can't have that..." He calmed down and looked up, "The one who had requested me to watch you and bring you to him wants you for one thing..." Mard opened his eyes wider with excitement as the room began to shake under his power.

Madara was suprised at the sudden increase and answered with his own Chakra that made the room vibrate and rattle much stronger compared to Mard as he finished his previous statment. "He wants you to kill him."

Madara was surprised at that statment.

"Why?" Madara asked, removing his power presense.

"He is immortal, unkillable, and he does not want that. He needs someone to kill him. Someone like you." Mard said with a hint of jealousy. "But... from what I've seen... You don't have enough power; unlike myself. " He arrogantly boasted. "The trap that we were able to place was just a little test. To see if you were even viable to be considered 'strong'."

"Are you doubting my skills?" Madara unleashed a power that was unpresidented. The entire room shook as Mard lost him balance and needed to stablize him self to avoid falling.

"I guess I shall be testing your power too see whether you're powerful enough!" He gestured his hand forward as multiple holes in the ground were formed and roots appeared to come out.

These appeared to have thorns covering the sides as they raced toward Madara. The Uchiha stayed still and watched what they were doing.

They immediatly sped up as they intangled him. Desperatally trying to to penetrate the skin of the man standing still. They started to snap as with one move, Madara destroyed the thorns as he merely folded his arms.

"Is that it?" Madara puffed, "How weak." Mard cursed as he said that.

"Is that so?" He gestured a different direction.

The thorns then rapidly grew in size and they raced, once again, to Madara. They were able to cover him with a circular motion as Madara just stood.

"Is that it?" Mard mocked. "How weak." He raised his hand and then brought it down and pointed in Madara's direction.

"Prison Flower." A larger root appeared from the ground behind the throne. It was five metres in diameter and grew rapidly out of the ground. A top it seemed to be a large, monsterous un bloomed flower. It turned to the frozen Madara and charged.

It flew as an unreadable pace before stopping a mere ten centimeters from the dark haired man's face.

"Shinra Tensei (Almightly Push)." A white shockwave pushed out of Madara's core, evaporating all matter around him. The roots and plants around him completely disappeared only half a second after it was cast. The ground was being ripped a part as the guild was collapsing in upon itself.

Mard saw the white shockwave and was barely able to escape from it's vicinity.

A few seconds later the dust cleared to reveal nothing but rubble in the dark waste land. Bodies of irrelevant people lay about. Among the destroyed building stood nine large figures.

"Should we interfere?" A female voice called out.

"No, Kyôka." Mard commanded harshly.

She seems to be of average height and weight, yet possessed an exceptionally large chest and a curvaceous hourglass figure. Covering her form was a skin tight suit that further emphasized her chest. Her shoulders and arms were concealed by a long, striped jacket with flaring sleeves, a four-way split tail back and a tall and gaping collar that completely concealed Kyôka's neck.

Those same sleeves covered most of Kyôka's hands, which took the form of sharp and scaly talons, whilst a thick pair of bands wrap around the woman's thighs, stopping where a similar set of bird-like feet begin.

"Are you sure?" Another female said. "He seems to have destroyed out guild... And my books." She casually stated with a hint of annoyance.

"Yes, Seilah." The Underworld King repeated himself. "This is to test whether he is worthy enough for Zeref. So if anyone interferes," He aimed the speach to the nine, "I will kill you."

Seilah's appearance is that of a woman, with large breasts and a feature being the two large gold-looking horns that protruded from the sides of her head and pointed upwards. Upon her head is a white band which separated her hair, framing her bangs from her hair below the band. Worn upon her forehead is a small circular symbol with a small dot on the inside and surrounded by several dots around the top.

Tied around her neck is a small white-colored strap. Meanwhile, Seilah's attire consisted of a very revealing beige-colored leopard-printed kimono, bearing the decorative marks on her shoulders. The kimono was wrapped around her torso with a thick, decorative yellow ribbon that ties behind her back, and her outfit was complemented by thigh-high socks that revealed her heels and toes.

"If it is for Zeref... I won't." She revealed her loyalty to him.

"Just watch." He told them. With a simple swipe of his index and middle fingers, Mard created a rose composed of Curse Power directly ahead of him that completely engulfed its nearby vicinity in a destructive explosion.

The pale explostion incinerated the rubble from the building and vaporized after a few seconds.

"Mokuton: Hōbi no Jutsu (Wood Release: Hōbi Technique)." The same jutsu that was used against the meteor was now being used on the explosion.

After the dust wore off, the dragon face had no scars are visable damage. It then split in two to reveal Madara.

"Interesting defence." Mard complimented, "But sometime you might need to go on the offensive."

"Dea Yggdrasil."

Mard then placed his hands close together and created a massive spinning sphere from his where an immense wooden beam was fired at Madara.

"Summoning." Madara quickly performed a hand seal and in his hand appeared a Gunbai. It was brown with a black border, with red tomoe, and a chain was attached to the handle that appeared to have been connected to a Kama.

He placed it in line with the wooden beam heading his way. It instantly collided with the beam and manged to stop it's launch. Madara casually held the wooden bar with his strength before grabbing it with both hands.

Mard knew what was going to happen next and instantly stopped the connection with the beam, leaving it completely in Madara's hands. He grabbed it and manged to lift it vertically above his head, with a face of boredom.

"This is a waste of my time." Madara uttered.

He tensed his muscles and effortlessly threw the large pillar toward the nine individuals watching. It exploded in a brilliant fashion as Jackal did his best. It only slightly delayed it's speed. When it got too close to be countered, the simply jumped above it and watched it fly off in the distance.

Mard was able to here Madara's insult, "You seem to be starting to annoy me." Mard told him. "You haven't attacked once, and you're insulting us?"

"Of course." Madara simply stated. "After all, you are the only one who has attacked me. And from what I've seen, then 'offensive' abilities of yours are extremely weak. If Zeref is like this, I won't bother killing him."

The entire guild froze. He just insulted the man who they live for, and they grew angrier by the second.

"Did you just insult Master Zeref?" Seilah grew enraged as she entered her demon form. With her skin darkening and her horns becoming noticeably larger. Her hair became much wilder, and the clothes around her torso disappeared, revealing her bare chest to be covered in an intricate, symmetrical tattoo that began at the choker around her neck, and ends at her stomach and hips.

Tartaros' guild mark was printed onto her stomach, underneath a heart-shaped design in her tattoo. Her lower body significantly changed, with her legs changed into narrowed stilts that gradually widen up to her hips that now flared out into two wing-like protrusions and her feet changed into those of sharp blades.

Madara then looked straight at her with a cold, fearful glare with his eyes. The crimson eyes had changed like when he was fighting Serena. The three tomoe were now conjoined and connected to the outside of his pupils with three lines. This was the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. It was enough to frighten her for only a second but she overcame it as she though of her purpose to Zeref.

The rest of them also transformed into their demon forms, including Mard Geer.

"You have enraged not only I, but all of Tartaros." Mard gritted. "This hasn't happened in a long time.

His body became more muscular, and his skin darkened and gained the ragged pattern of his cloak. He gained long, dark horns on his forehead, jagged teeth, and retained his ponytail. Mard's fingers were replaced with claws and his ears became elongated and elf-like. He gained large, bat-like wings that wer both light and dark in color. Feathers also sprouted from his wrists and collar.

Their magic power grew and was now building up even more as they were going to cast their strongest spells.

'This guild... They think they are able to defeat me with them attacking at once.' Madara thought while he felt their power increase. 'I guess I'd better stop treating them like children and go stronger and on the offensive too.'

He closed his eyes and inhaled.


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