The God of Destruction of Universe Seven, Beerus, was deep in thought. His brother Champa and his attendant had just left to prepare for their upcoming tournament. It would be a battle between two teams, his, and his brother's. "Hmm, I'll need five men," Beerus said as he sat in the shade of a tree. He turned to look at Goku, one of the two Saiyans Whis had begun training on his planet, and said, "Goku, you're an obvious choice on the team-No one has yet given me as great a challenge as you. Now I just need to decide who else should fight."

"Why don't you hold a tournament?" Goku suggested with his ever-present grin.

Beerus shot him an annoyed look, and sniped, "We are holding a tournament you fool. I need to decide who to send!"

"No, I mean why don't you throw a tournament to scout out fighters? The Top 4 could be who you pick on the team with me."

"That sounds like a marvelous idea," Whis commented.

Beerus considered it for a moment, then spoke, "Yes, I do believe that will work out. I'll hold a tournament to decide the group."

"Sweet!" Goku shouted, giddy at the prospect of a good fight.

"Don't get ahead of yourself! You can't compete, you've already been chosen!"

Goku's jaw dropped, whilst Vegeta growled. "Why is he locked in and not me? I'm just as strong as he is!"

"Unlike you, Goku has managed to give me a serious fight. That's why he's already on the team," Beerus responded, before fixing a menacing glare on Vegeta, "Would you care to try and see if you make the cut?"

Vegeta looked away and said, "No sir, a Tournament sounds interesting."

"Thought so," Beerus grinned.

"Moving on, now we just need to find a stable amount of combatants to fill out this tournament," Whis interjected.

"Eh, I'll probably just tell the Supreme Kai of Time to grab some from the other Timelines," Beerus said, shrugging.

"Wait, doncha you need to pick fighters from this universe?" Goku asked, scratching the back of his head.

"There's a difference between a Universe and a Timeline," Whis explained, "Each pair of Twin Universes has a core timeline through which they both bud. Then, within that universe the resident God of Destruction selects a Timeline to live in, which becomes the Primary Timeline. From that point, the alternate timelines begin to emerge from deviations within the Primary Timeline. This grand timestream is managed by the Supreme Kai of Time. Beerus is the only Beerus in all of the timestream, but whatever he destroys in one timeline is destroyed in all timelines."

Goku's head tilted to the side, "I don't get it."

The other three planted their hands firmly into their faces.

Beyond time and space was a city-Tokitoki City. Under normal circumstances, Tokitoki City was peaceful and quiet. However, because of an unusual request, it was now a place of discord and agitation.

"You can't do this!" A short statured young woman exclaimed, waving her hands erratically. She was peculiar, with her bright pink skin, pressed red hair and her cute blue outfit. High above her head was a large scruffy bird named TokiToki. He had white and yellow feathers, and oddly enough, a long flowing beard. He was gliding around, watching the Supreme Kai of Time argue against the God of Destruction.

"Supreme Kai of Time, please calm down!" Her assistant, Trunks called out. He came into view, trying and failing, to bring the Supreme Kai of Time back from the brink of madness.

"No!" The Supreme Kai of Time said again, shaking her head. "You're talking about affecting time and space on multiple timestreams! Get off of me Trunks!" She pushed back as Trunks tried to place her waving hands down, the young man fell back as he was pushed to the ground with an 'oof.'

"Ah, the Hero of Time." Beerus said, eyeing the young man. Trunks dusted himself as he got up, while Beerus continued the conversation. "Trunks, a mere mortal, took it upon himself to change time, and you had to clean up the fallout from that: I'm not doing that. I just want strong fighters for my tournament, and when I'm done with them, they can go back. No time travel, no problem."

"And those fighters will go back to their timestream knowing they aren't the only themselves in the universe!" Supreme Kai of Time shouted. "What if one of them decides they want to create a machine to explore the infinite continuities? No! I won't allow it!"

"It seems she's sticking to her guns." Whis said, appearing out of nowhere, with what was two bowls of tapioca. Beerus looked to one of them, salivating, but remembered why he was there, looking back to the Supreme Kai of Time. At this moment Beerus dropped all decorum, a large aura of menace ( and energy) sprouting from his body. Trunks turned towards the very angry Cat God and wisely stepped away. In a moment Beerus was crouched in front of the Supreme Kai of Time. She gulped silently, his stare was threatening to devour her essence. But still, she held firm.

"I-I outrank you..." Supreme Kai started, her body quivering. "What are the p-powers of destruction to someone who can reverse its time?" Beerus said nothing, placing his index fingers to his mouth, licking them slowly. Trunks' eyes widened, and looked to Whis, who turned to him and only smiled serenely.

"And you can't destroy me!" Supreme Kai of Time whimpered as loud as she could. "I have no replacement, and even you have someone higher to answer to, someone above all Kais and Gods!" Beerus took his index fingers out of his mouth, drool everywhere. Supreme Kai of Time tried to step back, but was set in place. She turned her head-Whis was right behind her with a foot on her back-while still holding both bowls of tapioca, he was keeping the Supreme Kai of Time from escaping. She looked to Trunks, who was too surprised and disturbed that Whis could move so quickly to even offer any help. Her eyes crept towards Beerus, whose eyes were an evil shade of purple.

"So..." She started. "This is Aeeeeeeeeee-" The Supreme Kai of Time screamed sharply, as the God of Destruction proceeded to place his dirty wet fingers, into her huge elf-like ears.

"I don't need to destroy you to get what I want," Beerus said. "If I have to, I will bully you for the rest of eternity!"

"TRUNKS SAVE ME! Oh god it's so gross! Trunks! Truuuunks!" Supreme Kai squealed and screamed and grabbed her hair, threatening to tear it out as Beerus continued his quest for gold. Trunks, the poor soul, didn't know what a wet willie was, but knew he didn't want any part of it and stayed away.

"Give me what I want Chronoa!" Beerus roared. "If I lose my patience, there will be an atomic wedgie coming! Will you survive the embarrassment of your underclothes being seen by your assistant?" At this, The Supreme Kai of Time's eyes shrunk to the eyes of pinpricks, and her face blushed to the shade of beets.

"You win you win you win! Just stooooooooooop!" She cried out, her pitch reaching the depths of breaking glass. As soon as she said this, Beerus quickly took his fingers out of her ears. Whis slowly put his foot down, and allowed the Supreme Kai of Time to collapse, watching her whisper 'gross' again and again over and over. Beerus walked towards a near pond, and rinsed his hands, then he walked to Trunks and ignored his protests as Beerus dried his hands on his black coat. Finally, Beerus walked towards Whis, and casually grabbed one of the bowls of tapioca Whis was still holding. They slowly ate as the Supreme Kai of Time eventually recovered, with Trunks providing her a wipe for her ears. TokiToki slowly dropped down and lands on Trunks' shoulder, pitying his oldest friend. When Beerus and Whis finally finished their tapioca, The Supreme Kai of Time and Trunks walked towards them. Except for still looking quite flushed from the earlier madness, the Supreme Kai of Time seemed back to normal.

"Now that we are on the same page..." Beerus started. "Whis, go with the Supreme Kai of Time, help her find a planet in the timestream suitable for our game."

"As you wish, Lord Beerus." Whis said, nodding.

"Take care and good luck, Supreme Kai of Time." Trunks said. The Supreme Kai of Time smiled, saying nothing. Whis knelt down, placing a hand on her shoulder, and with a 'SFFHT' they were gone.

Beerus sighed. "Damn that Saiyan," Beerus exclaimed. Trunks turned his head at this.

"Saiyan? Do you mean my father or..."

"Goku." Beerus muttered. "Not too long ago I would have vaporized half of this city, or plucked a dozen feathers off of that oversized bird slowly, or just destroyed you, all for her insolence." Beerus said looking straight at Trunks who shifted uncomfortably. "Maybe even all three. That Saiyan is making me soft." He said nothing more, walking off to find more tapioca. Trunks rubbed the back of his head, waiting until Beerus is gone before saying:

"Well, thank Heaven for Son Goku."


Whis and the Supreme Kai of Time were on a barren planet. There were no mountains, or structures of any sort. There was even no vegetation, just the brownness of the ground at their feet.

"Where are we?" Whis queried.

"Welcome to Timeline 0." The Supreme Kai of Time stated. "This is a dead Earth." She knelt down, grabbing some of the soil. It was hard to the touch.

"What happened here?"

"Men playing God." The Supreme Kai of Time said. "It doesn't matter in the end-there is no life here, meaning your contestants can fight as hard as they want here with no worries about the planet or any inhabitants. She looked up at him, dropping the soil. "That's what matters right, a place for the tournament?"

"Good thinking." Whis complimented. Taking his staff, he waved it around multiple times. In a matter of moments, an entire coliseum was in front of them.

"Wow!" The Supreme Kai of Time whispered. She and Whis went into the place. "It's giant!" Indeed, it truly was. 1000 by 1000 meters, there were enough stands for over 100,000 spectators, 16 boxes for the all the fighters in their respective timelines, and what can be best described as a supermarket as it was a giant concession stand that only went by "FOOD!" There were Bathrooms for miles, and there was even a place for largest hotel in all of the timelines. And in the middle of it all was a white, pristine, flat tournament ring. It alone was huge-there would be no ring outs for sure.

"And finally one last thing..." Whis suddenly snapped one of his fingers, but nothing happened. The Supreme Kai of Time looked around.

"D...did you do anything?"

"I've added a citrus flavor to the air." Whis replied, smiling. The Surpreme Kai chuckled at this.

"You're an odd duck, Whis."

"Quack," Whis replied. At this, the two started to laugh for quite awhile.

It didn't take too long for Whis and the Supreme Kai of Time to find the fighters that would be participating. It became clear early on, the strongest fighters were usually on Earth, with some variation. After what would be half of a day, each of the fifteen timeline candidates were recorded, and after another day, all the spectators and employees who would be working in the coliseum were found. Then, after yet another day because Beerus would not wake up from his cat nap, everyone that was meant to be at the tournament, were finally taken to what would be their home away from home.

"Wow, that thing's pretty big," Goten said as he walked through the gateway to the tournament world, and saw the arena. He'd exchanged his old gi for one based on the one his father had worn in his latest battle against Freeza. While the entire gang did come to watch the fights, Only Vegeta, Trunks, Bulma, Gohan, Goten, Chi Chi and Piccolo were walking through the other crowds together.

"Yeah, I wonder how many people can fit inside?" Trunks asked. Like Goten, he was wearing a new outfit, but his was based on his father's old Saiyan armor.

"Don't concern yourself with pointless matters," Vegeta chided his son, "Stay focused on the fights to come."

"Lighten up Vegeta, let the kids have a little fun," Gohan said, dressed in the same version of the Saiyaman outfit he'd worn to the World Martial Arts Tournament.

"It's that sort of attitude that will guarantee your loss," Vegeta retorted.

"Don't count him out yet," Piccolo butted in, "Gohan and I have been training together since Freeza attacked: You shouldn't underestimate us."

"Hey guys!" came an exuberant shout from Goku as he ran up to the group, with Whis walking closely behind.

Goten met his father with a hug, prompting a warm smile from Gohan.

"This is a large group," Whis observed, "Who shall compete in the tournament?"

Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten stepped forward.

"Oh, I'm sorry, but only 4 fighters per universe may take part," Whis informed them.

"Dang it!" Trunks said, before turning to Goten, "So, which of us gets the spot?"

"I know, we'll Rock Paper Scissors for it!" Goten said with his ever present grin.

As the two began to play, and tie repeatedly, Goku said to Whis, "You know, they're pretty young. Why don't I just take that spot?"

Vegeta immediately appeared by Goku's side and smacked him on the back of the skull.

"Don't steal my son's spot you jackass!"

"Aw, but Vegeta, he might not even win the spot!" Goku complained, only for Chichi to grab his ear and shout into it:

"What about your son then? Are you just gonna steal his spot?!"

"I'm sorry Goku, but I'm afraid Lord Beerus would be very displeased if I were to let you compete." Whis said, not missing a beat and speaking before Goku could reply back.

"Darn it..." Goku said dejectedly.

"All this noise is giving me a headache," Piccolo complained, "So in the interest of shutting some of it up I'll make a suggestion: The kids can fuse and compete as Gotenks."

"That's a great idea Mr. Piccolo!" Goten cheered.

"Whatever, fine by me," Trunks said, trying to look cool and disinterested.

Whis snapped a finger, and headbands materialized on Gohan's, Piccolo's, and Vegeta's head. An extra large one appeared around both Goten and Trunks' heads, connecting them together. They were red headbands, and in gold was an inscription: "T1"

"Lord Beerus insisted that your timeline be Timeline 1, so I saved that one for when you got here," Whis explained, "Now if you'll excuse me I must get back to the gateway. The doors to the arena will open once everyone has arrived. In the meantime you can mingle out here. I understand some of the other spectators have set up food stalls nearby."

"Really? Awesome!" Goten shouted, over Trunks complaints, "Let's go get some, Dad!"

"Sure thing!" Goku said, picking up Goten and Trunks and running off with them on his shoulders.

"I'll go along with them, make sure they don't get into to much trouble," Gohan said to the others before running off after them.

As they ran, Goku said to Gohan, "By the way, why are you wearing that?"

Gohan rubbed the back of his head "Oh, I just still can't find my gi."

Back with the group, Piccolo's eyes narrowed. 'You're deceiving your father, Gohan?' he thought to himself.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the group began to disperse through the crowd. Chi Chi and Bulma met up with Ox King and Oolong, and decided to watch the crowds for a moment.

"There are so many familiar faces here," Chichi commented, as she looked around.

"That's right honey," her father said, before catching sight of something, "Look over there, Chichi."

Chichi looked to where her father was pointing, and saw an elderly man wearing a headband with 'T4' printed on it. But what caught her attention was that...

"He looks almost exactly like Goku!" she exclaimed, "A bit older, and the mustache is new, but they've gotta be related!"

"He's wearing Saiyan armor...Do you think that could be Goku's father?" Ox King speculated.

The Saiyan that Chi Chi and Ox King were speaking of was in fact Goku's father, Bardock. Accompanying him were his crewmates-Celipa and Nappa-and his loved ones-Gine and Raditz. They watched the various people from different timelines, snorting in disapproval or nodding in approval depending. Out of the entire group, only two wore the headbands signifying 'T4:' Celipa, and Bardock himself. Gine and Raditz still looked the same, Saiyan genetics being quite good to them. Nappa however was looking quite unbecoming. Even older than Bardock, Nappa has reached the end of Saiyan longevity: His once hulking body shrunk to someone unrecognizable, and his withered tail was a dirty grey and just like his beard, it crazy scruffy and unkempt. He was frail, and weak, and though he could still muster a strong blast like from his youth, it's possible that he'd break something during-The years have finally caught up with him. And as for Celipa, the years were especially unkind. A warrior all the same, but she is now missing her left arm, and a robotic eye had long ago replaced her organic right. And finally Bardock, except for the missing tail, (still a sore spot) he's not worst for wear.

"Nappa, check your nines." Bardock said, noticing something he knew Nappa would be surprised to see. At this, Nappa turned left, flabbergasted. Saibamen. Four of them. None of them green, and he could tell-having learned to sense energy decades ago-all four of them were stronger than Nappa himself in his prime. They wore headbands titled 'T8.' At first glance, Bardock had sensed the giant, physically imposing blue one was the strongest, but upon focusing his senses he could sense the average-sized red one was suppressing his power.

"What the heck happened to create those guys? Where are their masters?" Nappa wondered aloud. He scratched his neck slowly, whilst the others ignored him. Bardock peered through the crowds, when he sensed her-their eyes locked.

"Bardock, is something wrong?" Gine asked, seeing a look of annoyance build on her lover's face.

"We have another Seer." Bardock muttered. She was a human. He couldn't feel a twinge of her power level, but as she wore a 'T2' headband, Bardock knew she was competing. Her pink hair was long and flowing. She was tall, and curvy. Her smirk was exasperating as she walked as she owned the place. She was obviously a spoiled and pampered princess where she's from. She wore a black high cut Qipao with matching heels. And she walked right up to Bardock, hands on her hips, ignoring the dagger glares the Saiyan women were giving her.

"Hello, Uranai Baba." Bardock muttered.

"Hello, Bardock. How-

"-it is not as peculiar as you think. The universe is filled with psychics. Now-"

"-I'm not leaving quite yet." Baba tilted her head to the side. "Don't you-"

"If you insist." Gine and Raditz looked at each other utterly confused. Celipa stood alert for anything. Nappa was still deep in thought, and hadn't noticed Baba was before them. Baba and Bardock stood and stared at each other for a few moments, and then-

"You are-"

"-Earth. And you-"

"-75 years old. Saiyans-"

"Peter out around 80, so-"

"-Yes, I suppose this is as you say 'my last hurrah'. And you are-"

"-Over five centuries, but-"

"-Perhaps we can strike a deal-"

"-If you win the tournament, yes, I'll give you the Eternal Ambrosia. But if you lose-"

"-What would you even do with my soul?"

"Show it off at parties, duh."

"Tempting, but only one woman owns my soul." At this, Bardock's arms wrapped around a confused, but blushing, Gine. "No deal."

"Such a romantic." Baba said smirking, as she strutted off, giggling.

"So annoying." Bardock said, not giving her another thought.

"Vegeta is missing out." Raditz said, seeing an alternate version of his former prince. He looked exactly and nothing alike his former prince at the same time, and he seemed to have a son. He wore the armor, but he was no pureblood. "He would have wanted to see this." Raditz continued.

"I frankly don't give a darn what the darling ex-prince should see." Bardock said, his eyes looking towards a Freeza in the crowd, a fire starting to burn within his heart. "I have been looking towards the future all this time, I don't need a pedantic infant who's trapped in the past." Raditz turned to his father at this, but said nothing.

"Where are the other two?" Celipa muttered.

"Something about meeting their alternates." As he said this, he noticed Gine gripping his arm tightly. Bardock looked where she was looking, seeing their son. He had a headband titled "T9" and he was speaking quite animatedly with a Namekian, and what looked to be two other demons, also wearing "T9" headbands. It seemed he is telling a joke, but even in such a relaxed state, Gine and Bardock could tell:

Kakarot was brimming with power.

"It is nice to know that in some timelines, Kakarot grew up strong." Gine said softly, the shame of giving birth to a son as weak and soft as her still gnawed on her mind after all this time. But Bardock embraced her tightly, and placed a hand on her cheek softly.

"Strong fighters are nice, but I prefer our Kakarot." Bardock said, looking into his beloved's eyes. "He reminds me of you."

"I can't believe there are so many strong guys out in the universe-and plenty of them look like me!" A familiar voice said.

"Be quiet, Kakarot." Piccolo muttered, but he had a smug look on his face. "You're not the only one with doubles." Both Kakarot and Piccolo had headbands titled 'T9.' and they wore robes cloaked in white with the seal of Kami on the back. Hearing this, Kakarot playfully punched Piccolo's arm. As the two started to mock bicker, Garlic Jr, also of T9, watched the landscape of people. He received all kinds of looks, mainly ones of disgust, but it didn't bother him none. Whoever those other Garlics in other timelines were, he was not them. Gazing towards his brothers, with Piccolo now having Kakarot in a headlock, he turned to the newest member of their family: A Cell Jr, the last one wearing a 'T9' headband and as well as a small Kami Cloak nervously shifted uncomfortably and tried to look as small as possible. A towering hulk, Garlic Jr knelt towards the little guy, placing a hand on Cell Jr's scaly shoulder.

"Something the matter little guy?" He questioned, a smile on his face. But the little Cell Jr said nothing, looking away.

"You're not a mute, stop pretending you brat." Garlic Jr retorted.

"..." Cell Jr. Looked away, averting his eyes. Garlic Jr huffed at this, but continued.

"Don't let their looks upset you. You are who you are. I am who I am. We are not whoever they"-at this he points at the contestants and spectators- "think we are." Cell Jr, while still looking away, started muttering some words-Garlic Jr. Looked at him quizzically.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"It's not that." Cell Jr. Said, slightly louder.

"What's the problem?" Garlic Jr asked.

"Everyone is so strong." Cell Jr said gently "a lot of them are suppressing their powers. I'm scared."

"Plenty of these guys are full of hot air." Garlic said. You'll do fine." But saying this did not improve Cell Jr's disposition. Garlic Jr said nothing at first, but then stated: "You don't have to fight." Cell Jr turned to look towards his adopted older brother.


"No one is forcing you to do anything you want to do," Garlic Jr replied. "If you get on the tournament grounds and you don't think you can take your opponent on, then give up."

"Y-you guys won't be ashamed of me if I did that?" At this Garlic Jr nodded his head.

"We may not be related, but you are our family-we'll never be ashamed of you, and to prove it-" Garlic Jr pulled Cell Jr into a hug, at which Cell Jr hugged him back, knowing resistance would be futile, and a tighter hug would be imminent. a lot more looks tuned to two, their view changed from hatred to utter confusion. Garlic Jr...and a Cell Jr...hugging?

"B-brother. People are staring." Cell Jr whispered. But Garlic Jr. only held on tighter. Having let go of Kakarot awhile back, Piccolo studied the two. What Kami had done for them should not have been possible. These brothers should not be the pure hearted heroes that they are right now.

Looking back towards Kakarot, he noticed him paying attention to someone else: Android 16, and Dr. Gero. They wore headbands signifying 'T6'

"I'm glad that at least one version of 16 is alive." Kakarot said, looking to Piccolo, who just stared at the two grimly.

"Gero is with him Kakarot," Piccolo said. "Just like in our timeline and in others, Gero's hatred of humanity will poison everything he touches, and in Timeline 6, apparently he succeeded."

"Hey now, he is who he is, " Kakarot said smiling.

'tch' Piccolo clicked his tongue. "I was hoping you didn't hear that paltry drivel," his words were harsh, but his face held a smile.

"Father, do you think Lord Beerus would add a Parakeet exhibit if we asked?" Android 16 asked, not noticing that he, his father, and his cyborg siblings were being watched.

"I don't know if that's a good idea-he is a cat after all. Let's ask his attendant instead," Dr. Gero replied.

A ways away from the tournament grounds, two figures stood. They were the only natives of this planet: androids who could not be detected by normal means. They were 17 and 18, and they had the blood of billions on their hands. They walked through the crowds as if they were normal people, instead of the cybernetic demons they truly were.

"Well now, this is a treat," 17 said to his sister, "Dunno how it happened, but with all those people here, we get to have some more fun."

"I see some familiar faces down there," 18 said with a smile, which disappeared a moment later, "Do you think that creepy bug guy's down there?"

"If he is we'll kick his ass just like last time," 17 said dismissively, before his eyes caught sight of something. himself. And his sister.

"18, look over there!" 17 said, pointing at their doppelgangers.

After a moment, 18 responded, "What the hell am I wearing?"

17 looked at his sister incredulously, though he did have to admit she had a point. Their counterparts were wearing clothes similar to what Gero had worn the day he woke them up, except their versions lacked the baggy shoulders and the hat. They were in various shades of blue. The outfits weren't identical either. 17's had light shades of blue where 18 had dark, and vice versa. Nearby to their counterparts was a tall bastard in similar clothes, just in shades of green (And with baggy shoulders.) And next to that guy was...

"Sis?" 17 said, his voice hard. He pointed to the man, and 18's eyes narrowed when she saw him. Dr. Gero.

"Well, I guess we know who we're gonna kill first," 18 said, before taking off at high speed. 17 followed behind her.

Their approach drew the crowd's attention, but they didn't care. All they cared about was ending Gero, there and then.

Just before she reached the edge of the crowd, 18's counterpart appeared directly in front of her, and planted her elbow in 18's face. The wicked android went down instantly.

"Sis!" 17 shouted, before his own counterpart appeared in front of him. He hadn't aged a day, but he carried himself with more maturity now, and there was a tinge of sadness on his face.

17 growled, "Don't look down on me, bastard!" and threw a punch. It impacted his counterpart's face, but he didn't move an inch. Then, faster than 17 could track, his counterpart socked him in the jaw, knocking him out cold.

The counterpart, Lapis, sighed, and walked back over to his sister Lazuli.

"You okay, bro?" Lazuli asked

"Yeah, it's just, I can't help but pity the guy. He's what I could have been," replied Lapis.

"No," Gero said, stepping forward. The man looked the same as he always had, and was dressed in a full version of the outfits the fighters of Timeline 6 wore. In his case, the colors were in shades of grey. "These two are what I would have made you into, had I not been rescued from the path of vengeance."

There was an old, weary guilt in his voice. Sixteen placed a comforting hand on Gero's shoulder.

"Man, those guys were slower than molasses. I almost thought I was drifting off to sleep!" Recoome chuckled. The hulking mutant wore on his head a headband labeled 'T14' like the rest of his squad. He looked towards Jeice and Burter, expecting them to join in the mocking of 17 and 18, but they had looks of stone.

"The other two...they were as fast as me." Burtur lied-they were far faster. He didn't even see the heroes take action-The murderous cyborgs were first flying at Gero, and then they were on the ground. "T...this won't be an easy win for us."

"Burtur my boy, I find your lack of faith disturbing." Burter, Jeice, and Recoome looked to their Captain-nay, Emperor. Having discarded the top of his Tokusentai uniform a long time ago, his tapioca toned skin was accented by his heaving biceps, rippling arms and shoulders perfect pecs, and taut tummy. His humanoid face had a mischievous grin permanently etched on his lips, and above his head were large tufts of hair that went in just about every direction, with a blue scouter covering his eyes like they were some futuristic goggles.

"Those freaks were slower than frozen toothpaste being squeezed out in a hailstorm," Ginyu said in Broly's voice. "Don't you ever lump me in with the rest of you. I'm in a class of my own." His eyes flickered towards Burter, who was suddenly flush in a cold sweat.

"Yes Capta-Emperor! I did not mean to-"

Yes, yes, stop groveling." Ginyu said, slightly disappointed. "Anyways, with me, inhabiting the body of the Legendary Super Saiyan, there is no one who who will be able to stop me." At this he started to laugh, and was pleased to see Recoome and Burtur laughing with him, but noticed how unusually silence Jeice was being.

"Lord, look." Jeice pointed forward. Ginyu was still chuckling a bit, but when he looked towards where Jeice was pointing, his laugh died in his throat, along with the rest of the Ginyu Force, now all stone faced: It was Broly, the actual Broly, and he had a headband labled 'T3.'

As for the aforementioned Saiyan, he was deep in thought, until he was jolted out of his ruminations by a question.

"What's got you so tense?"

Broly turned to look at the speaker, though he already knew who it was. His oldest friend, Cell. Cell, for his part, looked like how he had those years ago, when they'd fought nearly to the death, with the exception that he now sported a pair of pauldrons and an armored battle skirt, not unlike a set of Saiyan armor. Broly knew these changes were cosmetic, they didn't made a difference in regards to his strength. But his friend liked to change up his look now and then, so Broly let it be. Broly for his part wore a pair of purple pants and no shirt, though his did have a set of partial chest armor that was popular on the planet Yardrat.

Broly chose not to to answer his friend verbally, but instead glanced toward the object of his discomfort. A man who, to all obvious appearances, looked identical to Son Goku, with one exception. He bore a pair of cold, inhuman eyes. The inscription on his headband was 'T15'

Cell sighed. "I thought you were over this."

"I know I was foolish to blame my ills on him, but even so. Being around Kakarot still puts me in a bad mood. "

"Oh well," Cell replied, "Nobody's perfect."

The phrase brought a smile to Broly's face, for they reminded him of his history with his friend, and that always put him in a good mood.

The smell of delicious food wafted into Broly's nose, and he turned. Walking up with large drumsticks in their hands were Cell and Broly's two co-workers, Ledgic and the former demon king Dabura.

"Where did you get that?" Broly asked, licking his lips. Wordlessly, Dabura pointed. Broly turned in the indicated direction, and saw a food stand. However, to the Saiyan's dismay, the man running it was yet another Kakarot. Cell let out a hearty laugh.

"My son, it is good to see you, it has been so long." King Kold's voice boomed. The large hulking figure of mauve, known in many timelines as a terror and a blight on the universe, had eyes of caring and a twinge of sadness for his son, Freeza, who gave a modest semblance of respect, while showing a sense of superiority to his father. They both wore headbands, but displayed different lettering. For Kold, he had "T7" and for Freeza, he had "T5."

"Father, It is good to see you, but I must say this: I am going to win this tournament." His tail slowly swished on the ground lightly to and 'fro. "If we meet on the tournament grounds I'll give you a chance to surrender, but that's all the mercy I have to show."

King Kold gave off a hearty genuine laugh at this. "You're very confident in yourself, but still I am glad to have seen you again."

"Yes, I am curious-I don't see my double by your side." Freeza noticed. "I assume in your timeline I perished?" King Kold nodded at this slowly. Freeza smirked at this. "Well, you're dead in my timeline as well. It's unfortunate, but when we have our universes grinding under our heels, we will know all of our sacrifices were worth it in the end."

"Spoken like my true flesh and blood," King Kold replied.

"You are both making me quite sick to my stomachs," A voice called out from behind King Kold-It was none other than the prodigal son, with a headband titled 'T4.' You could barely see a hint of irritation upon Cooler's face, as par for the course of the Frost Demons, a sense of affability must always be seen. Behind him was Sauza, who kept a respectable distance, just in case civility was dropped. "Why are you looking at me like that, father? Are you not pleased to see your firstborn?"

"I doubt you were ever thought of again in my timeline, or Father's," Freeza interjected. "If I was to guess, you fell to the same fate in both..." Freeza slowly walked up to his older brother, a menacing smile curving from his earlier smirk. Sauza slowly gulped inwardly, he could feel a horrifying darkness radiating from his master's brother. Though shorter and only a foot away, Freeza stood up towards his brother like he was the hulking behemoth. "When we were still children, I could not take it anymore. Your incessant whining, your snide remarks. I challenged you to a duel, and when I had you begging for mercy, when I had utterly destroyed you, when you weeped for Father to save you, I tore out your throat with my teeth, and left your corpse to rot in the sun."

He turned to the King. "Am I right Father? Did I do the same in your timeline?" King Kold's smile said it all. Freeza turned back to his blood. "But normally, I could only do such a delicious sin once, until now. I do hope we meet again, in the tournament. Until then, you should scoot off, and have your maid prepare you some warm milk before your nap." Freeza looked to Sauza and nodded, who submissively bowed, causing Freeza to emit a chuckle. But to his credit, Cooler showed no outward emotion to this disrespect, except for his eyes, they had the look of fire, and a thirst for blood.

"If I meet either of you in the tournament." Cooler's eyes strayed from Freeza, to look straight at King Kold, whose smile started to slack as he felt the jaws of a tiger threatening to devour him. "I will destroy you." Suddenly a throat was cleared. Cooler looked behind him, it was Sauza, who looked away, coughing again. Cooler looked back towards his family. "F-for justice, of course." At this, he turned around swiftly, letting his tail slap Freeza's chest as he walked away. Freeza started to suck in his breath, and walk forward, a ball of energy starting to form in his hand, but one of Kold's hands found its place on Freeza's shoulder.

"It would be better to humiliate him in front of the other inferior creatures, and in front of the God Beerus, would it not?" The accumulated energy slowly left Freeza's hand, though the rage remained.

"Yes, Father. Unlike before, I will show his weakness in all of the timelines." Smiling ruefully, King Kold and Freeza walked away together.

"Who were those two Frost Demons speaking to that Despot Kold?" a voice queried. It was Jaco, a short and thin alien with a blue face, yellow eyes, and a purple body. He wore a breastplate with alien lettering on the front, and to the side, a holster for his firearm. Just like King Kold, he wore a headband on his head, titled "T7" He looked to the one he was speaking to, Bulma, though not one you would know. Wearing the "T7" headband as well, she wore an orange high tech jumpsuit with white boots and gauntlets. Surprisingly youthful looking, her head was adorned with teal cornrows.

"I don't know," Bulma muttered. "They wore a T5 and T4 headband-perhaps they are alternate versions of him?"

"Close but not quite," A voice called out, chilling Jaco and Bulma to the core. They turned around quickly, Jaco of fear, Bulma of hatred. He was surprisingly a couple inches shorter than Jaco. His skin was olive colored, with red hair, and he wore what looked like armor best suited to a space marine: It was silver, and looked heavy, and adorned his entire body, with a helmet and visor.

"Bebi!" Jaco and Bulma roared, with Jaco pulling out his gun, and Bulma aiming her arms out, gauntlets starting to glow.

"Ah Ah Ahhhh..." Bebi stated, pointing at his headband. "This is a wonderful opportunity for the Tuffle Empire to show its strength to Lord Beerus-I'm not here to squander this moment fighting small fries, at least outside of the bounds of the tournament." Jaco and Bulma, slowly brought their weapons down. "The smaller creature that Kold was speaking too was his son, Freeza. He was my Empire's first meeting on the galactic scale, and the first enemy we destroyed. The other must likely have been an older brother, both from different timelines."

"Thank you for the history lesson Bebi but we didn't ask you." Jaco responded, acting tough.

"So why don't you see your way out of our conversation." Bulma said, being tough. Bebi smiled at this, his gaze falling towards Bulma's graceful physique.

"Such insolence from such a pathetic Earth wench, who understood her own scientists were so inferior to our own she must use our own weapons to face us, among other things." The way he bit his lip disgusted Bulma to no end. "It has been almost thirty Earth years since we last met-you should be an old maid by now, but you're still fresh-It seems Tuffle tech does a body good."

"Leave now Princeling!" Bulma shouted. "Before I embarrass you in front of your beloved Beerus!" Jaco too intended to do the same, his hand hovering over his holster. Bebi chuckled softly, curtsied mockingly, and casually walked away.

"I will liberate my planet." Bulma said to herself, fists clenched, as she gritted her teeth. "And I will bring the Tuffle Empire to its knees, this I swear."

"I swear too, Bulma." Jaco said. "First the Tuffle Empire, and then the Planet Trade Organization. The Galactic Federation will crush them all.

"We got lucky." Piccolo said, keeping eyes on Freeza and Kold as they continued their conversation away from prying eyes and ears. "If Whis had not arrived when he did, Freeza would have annihilated us, followed by everyone on Earth." He, along with Gohan, wore a T5 headband on their heads.

"In our timeline, we've been celebrating Bulma's 28th birthday for sixteen years now." Gohan said, looking to T7 Bulma, still stomping around, angry while Jaco is trying to cool her down. "Was time travel involved-

"Gohan you need to focus!" Piccolo interrupted, irritated. "We are the only ones left strong enough to even leave a dent, as small as it would be."

"Our backs have always been against the wall before, Mr. Piccolo." Gohan said, replying back to his former instructor. "And when it wasn't my father who pulled us through those dark times, it was me. You don't need to worry:I have a new trick I've been waiting to use-Freeza is living on borrowed time." Unlike his less battle hardened counterpart from another timeline, Gohan wore his customary gi. It looked exactly like Goku's except for some noticeable differences: It was a purple gi with a white undershirt, white wristbands, white belt, and white boots. On the back were the kanji of the Demon Clan, and on the front on his left breast was the Son family Kanji, Thus, he signified respect to both of his fathers.

"Well, don't play your card too early." Piccolo said. "This tournament is nothing but a distraction. When our battle against Freeza resumes, the element of surprise will be all we have, and unlike you, I'm fresh out of new skills-I think I may have finally reached my limits."

"There you go," Whis said, after giving out headbands bearing 'T16' to the latest group.

"Wowwee!" One of the combatants marveled as she scanned the crowd. She was a young girl, around twelve. She wore a loose fitting red Kame Gi, and had an orange neckerchief around her neck. She was the daughter of Son Gohan, Son Pan.

"Be careful Pan," warned the boy next to her, who was around fourteen, and dressed in a teal Kame Gi. Aside from it's color, his gi differed from hers in two other respects. One was that his had a belt, whereas hers did not. The other was that his gi bore the Kanji of his sensei, Son Goku. Meanwhile, her gi bore the Kanji of the planet Earth. He was Uub, the reincarnation of Buu. "There are a lotta of strong Auras here, and they aren't all good guys. One of them might try something sneaky."

"Don't worry yourself," said the third of their combatants, the former Saiyan prince Vegeta. This Vegeta wore human clothing, in this case a pair of blue jeans, rawhide boots, a black tank top, a denim halfjacket, and fingerless gloves. This Vegeta also bore a mustache. "You and Pan are both strong warriors. You can take care of yourselves," Vegeta finished.

The final combatant in their group was a draconian man with purple skin, covered nearly head to toe in natural golden armor. Behind him floated 6 Dragonballs, the seventh embedded in his body

"Hey, look at that guy!" Pan called out, pointing at a man in black Saiyan armor. "He looks just like Grandpa did before he got old and wrinkly!"

It was true, he bore a remarkable resemblance to the Saiyan Son Goku. However, there noticeable differences. This man's muscles were far bulkier than Goku's, and his skin was pale, almost ashen grey.

"That's one of our old enemies," Gohan said, "His name is Tullece. He's a Saiyan pirate who sucks planets dry with a special tree known as the tree of might."

"I don't think he noticed us," Uub said to Pan, "but he does keep looking in different directions every few seconds."

"Huh, you're right," Pan said. She craned her neck to try and see where Tullece was looking. She saw a tall man with teal skin and orange hair.

"That's Bojack," Vegeta replied, "A warrior from the distant past who went on a rampage years ago. He was slain by your father, Pan."

"Really? That's so cool daddy!" Pan said happily.

"Aw, it was nothing," Gohan said, rubbing the back of his head.

"So, who's that?" Uub said, pointing to another figure that Tullece was watching. He was a tall Namekian with a broad, powerful chin.

"That's Lord Slug," Gohan informed them, "Years ago he tried to freeze the planet Earth solid, so his men could live on it. Never did find out why a Namekian liked the cold so much."

"He was looking in three places, meaning there's one more..." Uub figured, as both he an Pan scanned the crowd. They found him at the same time, and he was a figure that they both recognized.

General Rildo, commander of the machine mutants.

Uub gulped.

"Have you forgotten what I told you earlier?" Vegeta said, "You're both powerful. Any one of us could go up against him and defeat him without any problems."

"Yeah, you're right!" Pan said with a laugh, "That doofus is no match for us!"

Suddenly the sound of large trumpets started sounding off, and the gates of the arena started to open. All the spectators went towards their seats. The ones who decided they would earn a little cash at the concessions, and the hotel turned on their TVs-flatscreen. The contestants of all sixteen timelines went into the gates of the arena, and into the contestant boxes that matched their headbands. The only ones who were not at the arena were 17 and 18, still knocked out from before, and were now dirty as thousands of spectators walked on them as they moved towards their seating. 17 and 18 were adorned in footprints.

Beerus and Whis flew into the sky above the ring, making a spectacle as they flew around and around the perimeter of the ring, getting everyone's attention. After a few laps around, Whis forfeited, allowing Beerus to smugly puff out his chest, and start the speech that would start the tournament.

"Welcome, one and all." Beerus started. "You are the only warriors in all of time that will ever have this opportunity. Ladies and boys, if I were you, I would be proud of the fact that I showed up at all, because this is not going to be easy. They..." As Beerus slowed a bit, he slowly started tilted his right arm, where he'd written down his lines. "...Your opponents obviously, are going to try and hit you and you are just going to take it out to them." He kept reading, quite pleased with himself. "Just hit, just run, just block and just shoot better than the one you're fighting. You do that and there is no question who is going to win. Keep your wits. There is nothing that they can show you out there you haven't faced a number of times. Right?" At this Beerus stopped reading off of his arm, and shot it up above his head, fist clenched as a salute. "RIGHT!" Beerus shouted this at loud as he could, but did not receive the large amount of applauds and cheers he was expecting. Except for Whis, the spectators and fighters were silent.

"Lord Beerus that was an EXCELLENT rehearsal." Whis said, clapping with a sincere smile on his face. "Five Stars. I think you're ready for the real thing." With the wave of his staff, a microphone appeared in front of Beerus' face. Angry, Beerus curses aloud and grabs the mic.

"DON'T YOU DARE WASTE MY TIME YOU IDIOTS!" Beerus shouted as loud as he could. The audience and fighters grabbed their ears in pain. "IT'S TIME TO START!" Beerus then chucked the Mic into the air and blew it up, and then teleported to his VIP Box, where Supreme Kai of Time, her attendant Trunks, and Son Goku were, watching and waiting. Disappointed. Whis waved his staff again to construct a new microphone, and spoke into it, before joining Beerus at the VIP Box.

"Match One: Son Gohan of Timeline Five. Yamcha of Timeline Ten, please move to the ring. I repeat, Match One: Son Gohan of Timeline Five. Yamcha of Timeline Ten, please move to the ring.

To Be Continued.

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