Chapter 16 Happily Ever After

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Also, I know the twins didn't invent the Extendable Ears yet, but hey… artistic license.


Harry, Luna, Neville all had a few sessions with the counselors. Harry was doing well, he only needed three sessions, and was told that he was very well rounded for what he had suffered.

Neville was still seeing his, his gran had done quite a number on him, and he needed more time to adjust to what the counselor was trying to impart.

Luna… well, Luna spent one hour with hers, and was immediately identified as a seer. So instead of counseling, she was sent to the Divination teacher. Who took her under her wing, and taught her how to focus.

All in all, everyone was doing well.

Neville's gran was still in the hospital, so he was staying with the Finch-Fletchleys. His parents were now awake, but still too confused to talk. They would ramble, but nothing coherent.

The Weasleys found a two-story farmhouse, with a little plot of land. Big enough for a garden, and a Quidditch field, albeit a small one. There was a small wooded area, and a trickling stream. It was so much like the Burrow that Arthur talked Molly into adding rooms to it instead of buying bigger. She was just happy to have a home for her children.

The Lovegoods acquired a house that was shaped like a tower. Not quite like the rook of their old house, but it could be shaped that way if they so desired. Luna told the others that they were thinking of making it a queen this time.

They didn't live close to the Weasleys as they were closer to town, and Xeno's new office building. His paper was taking off in Gobhan Caraidean, and he still had his old subscribers. He made it more newsworthy, yet still waxed on about unusual creatures. There were many hunts planned to find these creatures, and it was slotted as a summer excursion for those fifteen and over.

Many magical beings found their way to Gobhan Caraidean, or the forest and mountains surrounding it. There were more wards put up, folding ones like the town, but these were sanctuaries. The town had leave to come and go, but not to interfere with the animal/creature/being that was housed there.

Smaller beings, like fairies and pixies, were seen in town. It was a mess for a while, but the Department of Magical Creatures soon had it all sorted out. The little creatures were informed that if they didn't obey the law, they would have relocated to the forest. It took a lot of negotiating, but in the end the tiny beings agreed to behave.

Christmas came and went, with presents, and parties. Everyone was starting to relax, and it was good. They all settled in their new houses, or updated the old, and each child kept in close contact with their friends, via phone.

The wizard-raised loved the phone system. It was much easier than the Floo, though they had those as well. It was a new system that only linked to the inside of the town, and those led only to a certain hall. Only the mayor had a direct Floo. Those not inside Gobhan Caraidean didn't have the Floo, but they had a permanent portkey. So, they could meet in town.

School was back in session and the kids were all happy. It had been a great vacation, and they were all anticipating going back to class. Well, not all, but most. Harry and his friends spent all their time not in class, meeting and greeting others. They wanted to make sure that everyone was happy to be there, and that if they needed help, it was offered.

The whole school was much more relaxed that Hogwarts ever was and many just liked the fact that they could go home at night.

Teachers were extremely strict, they made sure that bullying was not tolerated, and pranks that fell into that category were treated justly. Ginny made sure the twins knew that, she wrote every time she heard rumor of a prankster get suspended. She loved her brothers and didn't want them caught unawares. They wrote back their thanks and schemed to make sure they were not seen thus. Except to other bullies.

Those in remedial classes were tested for learning disorders, and the staff was shocked at how many there were. Experts were called in to explain to the parents, and soon even those that were way behind were catching up to their peers.

A few months later, the adults were wondering what was happening in the wizard world, so Arthur and Molly volunteered to go and check up on friends they still had there. They tried to go to the Diggorys but found, via rumors in Diagon Alley, that they had moved to France, since they had family there.

Amos had moved the day the Burrow burned down. He couldn't get in touch with the Weasleys or Lovegoods and feared the worst. He had no idea why the Weasleys were targeted, but he wanted no part of a society that would harm such nice people. He packed up the next day, quit his job, getting a better one in France, and hopped to the continent. Cedric was put out at first, but soon adjusted to Beauxbatons, where he hooked up with Fleur Delacour.

Arthur and Molly spent the whole day in the Alley. Businesses were raising prices to make ends meet. And there were quite a few less shoppers than one would normally see. They chatted with a few people they knew and confirmed that they were fine and happy where they were.

At one point, Arthur left Molly at the Leaky Cauldron, so he could slip into the Ministry. There he found, after listening in on a few conversations, hidden by a disillusionment charm and using his twins' marvelous invention, the Extendable Ears, that there were plans on storming Downing Street.

Then, it was said, that once that was done, they would put all their efforts in finding Gobhan Caraidean's, not that they knew the name, just called it that blasted mudblood town.

With this knowledge, he snuck away and went to get his wife. They returned home and he called the PM. He was thanked for the heads up and asked if Arthur learned when it would happen. He hadn't.

The PM didn't sit idle on this information. Departments were called and a sting operation was set up. Every 'muggleborn' parent was informed to stay on alert, and those in town were told to keep an ear out for further information.

No one knew when, but they knew how, and many people took precautions.

It was close to the Spring Equinox, that it happened. Fifty Magical Ministry employees appeared in from of Downing Street. Mostly dept heads, and quite a few Aurors. They didn't even hide the fact that they Apparated in. They simply appeared, dressed in wizarding robes. Each had their wand drawn and were marching towards the building.

One by one they were taken. That Aurors first, since it was felt that most of them were just following orders. It started from behind, using tranquilizer. A dozen agents would tranq them and then levitate them out of the way. None of them had a chance to give warning. Soon it was just a few left, including, Fudge and Umbridge, who finally became aware that they were alone. However, they were filled with self-righteous indignation, so they continued on.

Right after they entered the building, many magical agents filled the streets. They were on camera cars holding video recorders, or mic booms, one was in a director's chair with a bullhorn calling out orders, and the rest were dressed like a film crew. They were all running around, moving things that looked like props, which had been set up a while ago.

They made everyone believe that it was all special effects and nothing weird was going on. A lot of people applauded, and then went about their day. It would get out, but it was explained as a publicity stunt. There was even a small news article, that wondered who was making such a realistic film. It petered out after a week or so, and it was speculated that it had run out of money.

The five that weren't taken were immediately relieved of their wands and hustled, none too gently, to the PM's office. They were then forced into chairs and handcuffed to the arms.

"You know, Fudge, I knew you were an idiot, but I didn't think you were this stupid. I warned you that if you brought your mess here, that we would destroy you. Well, congratulations, sir, you are now being destroyed. Right at this moment, the minute you showed up, my troops got the orders to infiltrate your Ministry. They will systematically take apart each department, and then install agents to run those needed to keep necessary ones running," Major said, clapping his hands in mock appreciation. "Any that protest, or fight back, will be arrested and tried by a jury of their peers."

"The Wizengamot will never allow it," blustered Fudge, sweating profusely.

"What Wizengamot?" Major said with a wicked grin, which made Fudge sweat more. "The Queen's men will rule now. There is no Wizengamot," he reiterated.

"You can't do that," Umbridge shrieked, trying to stand, but couldn't because of the handcuffs. She jerked her arm and then sprained her wrist trying to get out of the blasted things. "We have no peers," she screamed, still trying to free her arm.

"Oh, but we can. Didn't you read the treaty?" the PM asked, looking down on her like she was a squished bug on his shiny shoes. That made a happy picture.

"Of course not," the pink woman snapped. "It is muggle stuff." She finally gave up getting freed, and simply glared at everyone.

"Shut up, Dolores," Fudge muttered, realizing just what a mess they were in.

Major sighed. "Do you hire stupid people to make you look good?" he asked Fudge. "For your information, ma'am, that treaty was signed many years ago. A vow was made, it's been broken. You lost," he sneered, then waved his hand to the agents by the door.

They didn't need orders; they knew what to do. They uncuffed the five, recuffed their arms behind their backs and led them away. They were all tried and held for a few years, longer for those like Umbridge. They were then released, outside of Gobhan Caraidean to make their way as best they could. No one really cared what happened to them after that.

"What are the purebloods going to do now?" Patrick asked, slipping from under Harry's Invisibility Cloak. He was only there, because the PM thought since he was a major player in the new town, that he should be appraised on what was happening. While Patrick wasn't a government employee, he did have political stance. If the man wanted, he could be voted Mayor in the next election.

"Most of them won't be affected. Our agents will rule the government, get rid of old laws, and lay down new ones. The Aurors will be vetted, and those that truly uphold the law will stay. The others will be removed," the PM said, turning his chair to face the other man.

"Oh, so you're not going to drag them into this world?" Patrick wanted to know.

"No, we're simply going to let them go on about their business. If they step foot out of line, then we will put them in Gobhan Caraidean's prison," the other man stated, waving Patrick to a chair, which the took.

"Not Azkaban?" Mr. Finch-Fletchley wondered.

"No, I have people working on getting rid of the dementors, but it has stalled at the moment. There are talks of removing those in Azkaban, but some of our agents are not sure if it's a good idea. There are higher ups that are concerned about the mental stability of the prisoners. They worry that they are not trained for them," he explained, putting his head in his hands. This whole operation was a logistical nightmare. "We might have to create an insane asylum just for them."

"Well, I'll go inform the Mayor what's happened. Maybe he can set up people to help you with that," Patrick offered, then nodded to everyone and took his leave.

Patrick ported in and went to Town Hall. He met up with the Mayor. "Good afternoon, Mr. Bradstone. I have news," he said when he was showed in.

"Oh, did it happen today?" the Mayor asked, levitating a tea set to his desk.

"Yes, I was hoping it was today because I can't take any more time off work. That and it's really boring sitting in the PM's office just waiting." Patrick sighed then plucked the floating teacup out of the air and took a sip.

"Well, I thank you for your efforts. Tell me what happened, please?" Bradstone said, sitting back and listening to Mr. Finch-Fletchley's recount. When the other man was done, he asked, "So they are in the jailhouse?"

"Yup, waiting for trial. Oh, and the PM wants to know if you have anyone working on Azkaban?" Patrick asked, hoping it was so. "He did say something about an asylum for the inmates. You might want to call him," he added, putting down his cup.

"I'll make a note," the Mayor said, scribbling one right then.

"I need to go to the Magical MI5's. I have a question that I need answered," Patrick said as he stood.

"I hope you get something from them. They are pretty tightlipped," Bradstone said, turning to his paperwork.

"Me too," Patrick grumbled as he stepped on to the floating disk. He made his way up to the top of the building and asked the secretary if he could speak to someone in charge. She made a few phone calls and directed him to the boss's office. He knocked when he got there and entered when bid.

"Ah, Mr. Finch-Fletchley, what can I do for you today?" the man behind the desk asked, getting up to shake hands.

"I have a question that has been bugging me," he said, sitting after he shook the man's hand.

"Oh, well, I'll see if I can answer it," the still unnamed man said, also sitting.

"It's about what you took out of Harry, and the diary that the Weasley girl had," Patrick said as vaguely as he could and still get his point across.

"Ah yes. I can tell you that we have destroyed the self-proclaimed Dark Lord. I cannot tell you more that. Only that you don't have to worry about Tom Riddle ever again. He had been completely annihilated," the man said, sitting back in his chair and smiled smugly.

Patrick stared at the man's face for a few moments, then smiled as well. "Thank you, that's all I wanted to know," he said, standing and shaking the man's hand again. He then went home, kissed is wife and called Arthur to let him know as well. Yes, life was good.

It was only a little while after school let out, that Dobby and many other house elves were bought by Gobhan Caraidean and Dags and freed. Too many purebloods needed money, either because their Head of House was dead or in prison, Death Eaters mostly, or because they lost money when Gringotts moved. Either way it was an easy transaction.

Many of the elves took up cleaning positions in the school and government, while others hired themselves out to families, via a shop they had opened.

Dobby was, of course, hired by Patrick to serve the boys. He kept his housekeepers, maids and cooks, but the boys were happy to have Dobby around. The little guy was in heaven, he got to serve the Great Harry Potter, and his family. Patrick made sure to tell him it was in thanks for what he had tried to do.

A lot of the good purebloods still in the old world, protected their children. Either by moving or pulling them from Hogwarts, where they were getting bullied, and homeschooling them. In hopes that they could get in Dags next year. There was a list of tutors that could be gotten from Dags with a simple request to the new ministry.

There were also pamphlets sent to those who wanted to migrate to Gobhan Caraidean. It let them know all they needed to know about the laws, the magic, and the inventions. They were informed that they had to conform, or they could not join. There was no way that Gobhan Caraidean was going to have Dark Lords/Ladies popping up every ten years or so.

If those that read the pamphlets agreed, then they were made to take vows to do their best to uphold the laws. Only the children were excused. It was hoped that the schooling they received would curb those who wanted to rule the world, or just make problems. They knew there would be those that fell through the cracks, but the law officers were hopefully trained enough to catch them quickly.

The Bones' were one of these families. Susan had been attacked within a week of school and the offenders were not punished, because Snape had stopped anything nefarious from happening. That wasn't good enough for Amelia. She took Susan out of the school, quit her job, hid her house, and tutored her niece. She was slotted to join the Gobhan Caraidean police force but had to undergo training.

This was a scene that played many times, and Hogwarts was at a minimal occupancy. As it was, they were relying on the new Ministry to keep them open. They even sent out missives that tuition was cut in hopes that some would return. Only a few did.

Percy had been determined to get a Ministry job. He had been upset that his family had moved away from where he felt he needed to be. And had made plans to move to Diagon Alley the moment he graduated. This never happened. He had to take a job at the new town hall, and was regulated to clerk for a very long time.

The twins were not bullied the last year they were at Hogwarts, despite who their parents were and where their youngest siblings were being school. Only a fool would try, and when such a fool did… well, they never did it again. The twins didn't care if they were punished, as long as the idiots left them alone.

They had formed a study group, on the sly, that helped those who wanted to test into Dags. It had been easy for them to sneak away, but not quite as easy for those who didn't have a Marauder's map. Still, they did what they could, with judicious use of owl post to the teachers at Dags on what to study.

The next year many students went to Dags, and the twins fit right in. They were only reprimanded once and graduated at the top ten of their class. They would go on to opening their joke shop and marrying well, giving Molly many grandchildren.

The rest of the Weasleys did just as well. Bill stayed with Gringotts; Charlie stayed with his dragons. Ron grew to be a good cook and opened a restaurant. Ginny got to join the only Quidditch team in Gobhan Caraidean, and married Dean Thomas, who decided to join politics.

Justin took up his dad's business, banking. Patrick did run for Mayor and won. He was doing quite well. They still didn't live in town but were now connected via Floo.

Sirius lived with Remus, never quite fully recovering from Azkaban, and the werewolf's wife. They both had good jobs in town but could live off Sirius' savings if they wanted. They were a major part of Harry's life, but Harry stayed with the Finch-Fletchleys until he graduated.

Harry, well, he just wanted to get a job and settled down. He opened an orphanage, for those whose families were not happy at having a magical child. He married Hermione, who also went into politics, and had a few kids.

Neville took up herbology and botany and grew to teach at Dags. His gran and his parents fully recovered, and they all moved to town. It was a mansion, and quite big enough for everyone to live comfortably. He married well, and lived with his gran, and parents, like his family before him did, and the three children he had.

Time went on, and Gobhan Caraidean expanded. Soon there were only diehard purebloods left in the old world, and they were hermits. They never ventured out of their houses unless it was to get supplies. Some tried to revolt but were quickly shot down. The rest just hid in their manors and lived out their lives.

Diagon Alley had closed, the shops were torn down, and those that were smart moved to Gobhan Caraidean, taking the oaths that all the citizens did. Those that didn't moved to more 'amendable' communities, like Bulgaria.

Diagon Alley, after the magicals left, was taken over as a training ground for covert agencies. Magical and non-magical alike. It was in cooperation with the UK and Gobhan Caraidean, and they both benefited from it.

Knockturn Alley was still there, hidden under many wards, and could only be accessible if you had the right connections. They were reputed by many, but they still had enough business to certain clienteles that they did okay. The PM's agents raided the Alley a few times, but the stuff they sold wasn't exactly illegal, just frowned upon. So, they let it be.

Hogwarts stayed open for five more years, but with all the purebloods fleeing, and the 'muggleborn' and half-bloods getting into Dags, well it just couldn't afford to remain open. Dumbledore stayed until the very end.

He stood in the empty castle, a tear going down his face. This had been his home for many, many years, along with those professors that had just left. Many of them retiring, while other searched abroad for work. He looked at the bare walls and listened to the wind blowing through the hollow halls.

It was sad.

The government, that Albus knew, was gone. The ICW was still around, but he was not the representative of Britain anymore. He had been put to pasture.

As he stood there, he wondered where it all went wrong. He had such dreams of a leading a utopia, and now it was out of his hands. He heard of the one the 'muggleborns' had created with such little effort and contemplated where he failed.

It was an old man with a heavy heart that closed a school that had stood proudly for a thousand years. No one ever found out what happened to Albus Dumbledore, but rumor had it he joined his old friend, Gellert Grindlewald in Nurmengard to live his final days.

The castle was later purchased by Gobhan Caraidean and turned into a college. Hogsmeade stayed the same, though they did update a bit, still it was a nice cozy town the students could still enjoy.

And Gringotts, well they were happy to have such a wonderful society as clients. Yeah, the friendly smiling faces of the people who used their bank left them grinning.


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